Bellyitch is a cut above all other pregnancy and celebrity gossip blogs in that it caters to and presents advice to a wide arrange of demographics from hipsters to hip hoppers, from working class to  professionals within the 24 to 35 age group, including men and women. Currently, it receives a quarter million page views a month, on average. 

Opinion without the Arrogance:
Readers enjoy the advice and reviews dispensed on this site because it comes from a non-preachy or judgmental point of view and is down to earth. The reviews are straight forward and real, not always positive and favorable simply because a product was given or provided in return for the review. For that reason, readers value the advice given as being honest and credible.

Colorful and Diverse Offering of Celebrity Gossip
Equally, the imagery and celebrity photos, gossip and features are diverse and beyond the same 100 or so A-list celebrities that are featured on other celebrity blogs. The market for fans of underground, underexposed and under-appreciated television, African American, Latino,  Asian American, and other celebrities that are not featured on the mainstream cites is expansive. Thus, the blog gets several hundred thousands of visitors each week for surfers searching for news, gossip and information on people that can't be found on other sites.

Readership and Market
Bellyitch readers come from the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, the U.K. Japan, Korea, Eastern Europe, and other areas of the world. Bellyitch delivers 5 times a day updated content and has developed a strong and loyal following.

Bellyitch draws visitors that include would-be fathers and mothers. The typical visitor is a first time parent or expecting parent who reads and researches information about pregnancy. Bellyitch includes features and expose on topics that hip, image conscious, fashionable and celebrity-obsessed want to see including its very popular searched topic: "Most expensive stroller" and "How to look like old money."

The Blog is a top searched site on Google for baby, infant, maternity and parenting products and services. It also tops sites that aggregate the best content on the web. It is constantly among the top 10 blogs on PostRank and is the second listed blog in Alltop Pregnancy.  It was awarded a Babble 2011 Top Pregnancy blog and stood out and got the #4 Best Style category in the contest as well. Each week at least one Bellyitch story is listed among Alltop's Top Stories. It is a top pregnancy related site on The Daily Reviewer.

It is also a Top 50 Pregnancy Blog, a Top 100 Blog for Expecting Mothers and Pregnancy Weekly included it in its listing of top pregnancy blogs for expectant women as well.

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