Friday, January 11, 2013


Mary Mary Season 2: Tina Campbell pregnancy majors big (VIDEO)

Last weekend and this week, I got a chance to catch up on season 2 of the WE TV series Mary Mary which chronicles the daily lives of Gospel duo of the same name that features sisters Tina Atkins-Campbell and Erica Atkins-Campbell (Yes the two of them married men, not related to one another, each with the last name Campell)

This season has been much more explosive and exciting than the last, that's for sure. Coming off a #1Gospel Billboard hit "Go Get It", the ladies have to promote the single and their upcoming next album by going on a series of promotional events. However, their sister and nanny Alana has turned into a Bridezilla, their other sister and stylist Goo Goo has been caught in the middle of planning Alan's wedding and being their for the family stars. Needless to say, temperatures flare.

And meanwhile, Tina is pregnant and is quite emotional, short-tempered and has little patience - yup classic pregnant woman. But the problem is the also tries to remain superwoman, being there for all her children's milestones, being a wife and pop singer. She overdoes it and scares her hubby Teddy and family.

Get a glimpse of the season's shenanigans and ups and downs in these series of clips from the Mary Mary YouTube channel: Enjoy!

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