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7 celebrities who cheated on their pregnant wives or How not to get cheated on while pregnant

Kristen Steward and director Rupert Sanders at an LA Screening for Snow White & the Hunstman

Based on site traffic, it looks like the recent Twilight series cheating scandal is  making a post I did from 2010 popular once again. It was titled How not to get cheated on when pregnant. In it, I summarized a few celebrities who cheated on their spouses or girlfriends while expecting a child and spun my thoughts on what a pregnant woman can do to avoid that result.

Most recently, another cheating scandal, though not involving a pregnancy [that we know for sure of] is rocking Hollywood. Actress Kristen Stewart was photographed canoodling with with her married with kids Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders while still having live-in boyfriend and co-star Rob Pattinson  at home.

Interesting enough, current Bellyitch Bumpwatch babes, Claire Danes and Tori Spelling, have cheating related history. Danes cheated with her Stage Beauty  co-star Billy Crudup who left his then 7-months pregnant wife Mary Louise Parker for her before eventually splitting up. Danes and hubby Hugh Dancy are expecting their first child together. Spelling started seeing current husband Dean McDermott while she was still married to Charlie Shanian and he was married to Mary Jo Eustace. Spelling and McDermott are now expecting their 4th child after a very long and successful marriage.

In true Bellyitch Rewind style, here is that post again updated to include at least 7 cheaters, with the relevant instructional portion following. It seems to be relevant once again:

In 2010,  Former NFL great and Today show Sports commentator Tiki Barber cheated on his pregnant wife Ginny Barber with 23-year old intern Traci Lynn Johnson. He has, in fact, left his wife for Traci Lynn.

The news caused me to think of other high profile cases of men who cheated on their pregnant wives or steadies: Kevin Federline cheated on actress Shar Jackson with Britney Spears while Shar was pregnant with their third child.

Lil Wayne had two women, singer Nivea and actress Black Hollywood "It" girl Lauren London pregnant at the same time. So obviously somebody was getting cheated on at some point.

Salma Hayek & ex Fran├žois-Henri Pinault
Salma Hayek broke up with her French billionaire fiance Fran├žois-Henri Pinault 11 months after the couple had their first child. There was speculation he may have started an affair while she was still pregnant.

Bones Star David Boreanaz cheated on his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, while she was pregnant, reportedly -- and of all people with Rachel Uchitel, the same NYC events planner who boned a married Tiger Woods!

So how do you avoid getting cheated on while you are carrying his child? Hmm...

...try to be interested in sex and please your partner in other ways if you're not feeling up to doing the actual deed...

...try not to be irritable and let the raging pregnancy hormones drive you to bark commands at him...

...try not to find him annoying and incompetent cause you're only carrying around 5-7lbs in your stomach, have stressed joints and ligaments, swollen feet, an achy back, peeing non stop and uncomfortable in your clothes. What's stopping you from being nice to your S.O. too?...

...if all else fails run an anti-cheating diagnostic urine test on him before getting pregnant. Oh wait, something like that doesn't exist? Dang!

David Boreanaz  & ex wife Jaime Bergman
I read somewhere that the lack of regular action and the pressure of dealing with a woman who is nothing like the woman he married leads some men to break and find comfort in the arms of another woman --- maybe one who laughs at his jokes at work and totally understands his pain.

Um, okay. I call bullshit. Real men are able to curb their libido for 10 months and understand that what their wives are going through is nothing but a miracle and suck it up. Actually, the literature says some women actually get hornier during pregnancy and want it more but their husbands either are fearful of hurting the baby or aren't as attracted to their wife while she is pregnant. I wonder if the weight gain or pregnancy acne have anything to do with the "turn off" factor.

Anyway, REAL MEAN are also mature enough to know that "this too shall" pass and in no time not only will they get their sweet endearing wife back, but they'll also be blessed with a new baby.

So I am not going to condone or advocate going out your way to try to please your guy while you are pregnant because having been there three times, I know that being pregnant brings a whole heap of aches and new pains. By all means, exercise and stay fab looking. But the added pressure of trying to make sure your dude is satisfied sexually is a bit much. I'm just saying. It's just a risk a woman has to take, I guess. I mean if he is too weak to stay faithful while you are pregnant of all times, what is going to stop him from stepping out on another less stressful occasion?
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Bump Watch: Actress/Singer Tiffany Evans tweets belly photo

Actress and Singer Tiffany Evans Instagramed and tweeted this super cute photo of herself showing off her perfectly round bulbous pregnant belly! Lovely!  The young rising R&B star and her husband are expecting their first child together this year.

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Does putting rice cereal in the baby's milk help him sleep longer or feel more full?

So I finally caught up on my latest Reality TV show fascination Tia and Tamera on the Style network and saw how overprotective Tia was over her first son, Cree. I could totally relate as I was the same with my first kid. I wouldn't leave him alone with any relative or even my mom for the first few months of his life. I even shunned much of my mom's advice, including one about putting cereal in my baby's milk to help him sleep longer. 

NannyPro recently addressed this very issue in a piece it wanted us to share with our readers, who may want to know, "Should I put rice cereal in my baby's milk?"

In short, the answer is no. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against routinely adding cereal to a baby’s bottle.

While many moms believe that adding rice cereal to their baby’s bottle can help them to sleep longer and will better satisfy their growing baby’s appetite, putting rice cereal into your baby’s bottle is generally a bad idea.

There is one exception to this steadfast rule: If your child has reflux. For babies with reflux, many pediatricians recommend adding rice cereal to thicken formula, which can help reduce reflux symptoms. This practice, however, should only be done under your pediatrician’s watchful eye as adding cereal to bottles otherwise could cause more harm than good.

Bump Watch: Drew Barrymore out and about in LA

Drew Barrymore and hubby Will Kopelman were spotted out and about yesterday, July 30 in Lost Angeles, California. They are expecting their first child this year.

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Hair Trend Alert: The Center Part-10 Celebrities

Kimora Lee Simmons
One of the Spring/Summer 2012 hair trends that pregnant woman should be able to easily rock with style and little effort is the center part. Simply wear your hair as natural and comb a tiny part in the middle. Pretty simple. You can do it with all types of lengths, styles and texture of hair, even with cornrows or braids. 

Brandy shows the relaxed part with individual braids

Lucy Liu lets her flowing mane part in the middle

Jordin Sparks does center part with playful tossled curls

Katie Holmes with red carpet center part


Monday, July 30, 2012

Elizabeth Berkley welcomes son, Sky Cole

Congratulations to actress and author Elizabeth Berkley on the birth of her first child, a son, last Friday, July 20th in Los Angeles, California, whom she and hubby Greg Lauren have named Sky Cole.

“The moment we both saw him it was love at first sight,” the couple said in a statement to People. “We are over the moon and grateful to start this amazing adventure together as a family.”

What a great birthday present as mom just turned 40 this past Saturday, July 28. Congrats!

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Study: Couples "shacking up" more likely to have unintended pregnancies

Couples who are living together have more unplanned pregnancies than those who are married, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Researchers found that about half of all births to cohabiting women are "accidental and unwanted."

The survey revealed only about 25 percent of births to married couples are unintended.

Among single women not living with a mate, about 33 percent of pregnancies are unplanned.

The health statistics center, which is an arm of the Centers for Disease Control, also found an increase in births overall to cohabiting women.

The number of births to women who live with their boyfriends increased from 14 percent in 2002 to 23 percent in 2010.

Continue reading

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Bump Watch: Camila Alves McConaughey in New York City with fam

Camila Alves looked great in that above belly-belted red button-down shirt dress last Friday, July 27 while in New York city with her family. Her husband Magic Mike actor Matthew McConaughey looked quite svelte. He apparently lost 30lbs for a future role. The couple was also with their two kids:  4-year old Levi and 2-year old Vida.

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The Working Mom Dilemma: Can they have it all?

The working moms’ debate isn’t a new one or even a unique one. Since women began entering the workforce, figuring out how to balance kids, career, and home has been a gender-wide dilemma. While there has been a steady rise of women entering the workforce, no universal solution to this pressing dilemma has been secured.

Whenever it’s announced that a newly selected high ranking CEO or government official is “with child”, the media focus ultimately becomes “Can working moms have it all?” Perhaps the real question and focus of attention should be “Can working moms have what they want?”

If you think about it, maybe the reason this question isn’t asked is because the media and the public are afraid of the answer. Perhaps the reality is that moms want different things. Or digging even deeper, perhaps moms are willing to sacrifice or forgo different things to get what they ultimately want.

While a majority of the women featured in media pieces can afford to have what they want, either because of their expertise, because they’re so high in demand they can set their own schedule, or because they have the finances to outsource anything they’d like, which frees up more time to focus on what they want to, the majority of working moms in the American public can’t. And for those who can, it’s often because of the conscious choices and sacrifices they’re making to achieve what they want – to stay home and care for their children. And for those moms in the middle, who can’t afford to stay home, but can’t afford to go to work because the cost of childcare is more than their paycheck, they too have choices and decisions to make, which most always will result in sacrificing things or going without for both themselves and their children.

Working mom, stay-at-home mom, or any hybrid of the two, the bottom line is that all moms, working or not, are faced with choices that they must make and sacrifices that they must be willing accept. While the working mom may choose to hire a full-time nanny so she can return to work, the stay-at-home mom may choose not to send her child to summer camp so she can financially afford to stay home. While the working mom may sacrifice seeing her child’s first steps, the stay-at-home mom may sacrifice her career and the income generated from it.

So as the focus shifts from having it all to having what you want, how do working moms get what they want and find a home-work balance that suits them?

First, they accept that mommy guilt is mommyversial. Whether you’re a working mom who has to say no to chaperoning your child’s first fieldtrip, or you’re a stay-at-home mom whose son took a nosedive off the bed while you were right there watching, guilt is mommyversial.

Second, these moms also understand that just because they feel guilty, doesn’t mean they are guilty. Regardless of the pressures that extended family, friends, and society put on you, if you know you’re making the right decisions and sacrifices for the best interest of your family, you have to rest in that knowledge. Remember, you and your spouse understand your family’s unique situation best and are best suited to make decisions that are in the best interest of your family.

Third, they utilize their momtourage: the people, places and things that make it easier to do more of what they want to do and to achieve their goals. The dry cleaner that picks up and delivers, the grocery store that allows you to shop online, a mom’s group that does weekly meal swaps, the housecleaner that keeps the house neat and tidy, and most importantly, a supportive spouse who is committed to sharing home and childcare responsibilities and a childcare provider you explicitly trust are all members of a working mom’s momtourage. When those in her momtourage do their jobs well, a working mom is able to do her job well and carve out more time to spend with her family.

For some moms, staying home full-time with their children is most important. For others, providing for their children’s needs and wants is paramount. For still others, doing a combination of both is the best of both worlds. Regardless of what anyone else thinks is the best practice, it’s safe to assume that all mothers make the choices they make and accept the sacrifices they do because they believe that they are doing so in the best interest of their family.

In the end, it’s not about having it all. It’s about having what you want and figuring out how to make your wants become your reality.

Written by Michelle LaRowe, Editor in Chief, Nanny.net.  You can read more tips for working moms in Michelle’s book, Working Moms 411: How to Manage Kids, Career and Home, available wherever books are sold.
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Bump Watch: Vanessa Lachey attends ABC Press Tour

Look how pretty Vanessa Lachey looked while attending the Disney ABC Press tour at the upfronts hosted by the Television Critics Association. "Upfronts", a casual term, describes the annual presentations networks give to the press announcing their fall line ups and giving stars of their top rated or most-anticipated series and shows a chance to shine and take questions from the press. 

Like her husband's ex wife, Jessica Simpson, Lachey is living in Maxi-dresses for these last weeks of her pregnancy. She wears them well!


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tamera Mowry-Housley talks with a hoarse voice on stage at NBC upfronts (AUDIO)

Image Source: Eurweb

Tamera Mowry-Housley spoke with the cutest hoarse voice on stage at the NBC Universal upfronts last week, Wednesday, July 25, at the Television Critics Association press tour. She was nursing a bad cold she tweeted about having earlier in the week. During the event, she and sister Tia Mowry Hardrict had the audience laughing when they finished each others' sentences - not once but at least twice - in true twinsies style.

When asked about whether their show may be popular because it is unlike the other reality shows out there that have heavy cursing, fighting and unruly behavior they replied:

TIA: “It’s funny that you say that because we see a lot of that on our…

BOTH: Twitter page.


TIA: A lot of fans were just saying, “Oh, my gosh, you guys are such” “you’re fresh air and”

TAMERA: Breath of fresh air.

TIA: Yeah, breath of fresh air and

TAMERA: Your kids can watch our show with them.

TIA: And they’re very grateful that there is a show out there like that that’s positive. And we do see ourselves as positive role models.

TAMERA: And we’re just so grateful to the Style Network for allowing us to be who we are. We didn’t have to change ourselves to fit into what everyone else is doing. And my grandmother always said dare to be different. And Tia and I have been different positive…

BOTH: All our lives.


Take a listen to the two discuss how audiences the good and bad parts of being a twin:

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How to execute a D.I.Y. fashion shoot in 10 steps

Now that I've successfully navigated through and executed my first ever fashion shoot, you’d think I’m an expert all of a sudden. Well actually, not really but having that experience, I’m happy to pass along what I learned along the way so if there are others out there that want a hand at pulling one off, they’d know what to do. While conducting some research on items to take along to our location, dealing with shoot staff, models, the photographer and location permitting and other details, I discovered that there isn't really much out there on Google.  If you wanted to, you could piece together all the info you need by finding photographer and model communities like Model Mayhem and learn from the various advice people leave on bulletin board topics. That could take a long time and a lot of effort. 

To avoid future folks having to go through what I did, I’ve assembled a top 10 list of things to do to execute a fashion shoot on your own without a large team, a mega budget and an army of experts behind you.

  1. Solicit Fashion Labels: If this is a shoot for your fashion blog, like mine was, you can reach out to brands that you have covered gratuitously or as part of your blogging in the past to ask them if they would be willing to loan you clothes for your shoot.  Most will oblige because it is excellent ongoing promotion for them if you provide credit, and they could use the images in their own promotional efforts later.
  2. Find a Photographer: Ideally, you'd love to have an experienced photographer with an already existing phenomenal portfolio for your shoot. However, those types come for a pretty high price. You could reach out to photographing communities and pitch to see if anyone would be willing to do it for free or for a very low cost in exchange for co-sharing the image rights. They would be happy to use the final images in their own portfolios as well. 
  3.  Model Call: Advertise a model call on your blog or website, or put in an ad in Model Mahem or some other online freelance modeling community. Model Mayhem is the largest one. There is a registration and verification process that takes a few days but once you're allowed in the community, you can post up your ad for a model call. You will get tons of folks answering the ad if you price it right, and have a great description of all the benefits of modeling in your shoot.
  4. Hire a Stylist - Again, you may be able to find one at Model Mayhem or a fashion school in your town or a nearby city. Many designers and Fashion Institute students are also stylists or have worked as a stylist assistant or interned at a fashion house and may be looking for an opportunity to expand their portfolio. Some schools have online communities where outsiders seeking a student designer or a rising stylist/designer can put in an ad for one for free. Alternatively, if you, yourself feel you can style a shoot, you can do it yourself.
  5. Book a Make Up Artist - You can get a decent one from a Craigs List ad or by visiting your local make up counter, beauty boutique or spa and inquire if anyone there does work on the outside. Many times, you can get one with a great rate and a wonderful portfolio book so you can see a sample of their work. Go with a makeup artist who has background and experience doing make up for people who are on camera or for TV personalities. They usually know the best products for use under hot lights. They will also know how to apply make up in a way that is dramatic in person, but will photograph well. Get a MUA that can come to you on location to save time.
  6. Book a Hair Stylist  - Again you can go with one  you know, find one at your local shop or get a referral for a stylist that will travel.  They usually tack on between $25 to 55 for the fee to come to the shoot location in addition to the cost to style the hair. A stylist is great if you have one uniform look you want to maintain. Alternatively, to save money, have the models arrive with their hair washed, clean, brushed and curled at the edges or pinned up in a bun. Bring a variety of clip on pony tails and hair pieces to change up looks.
  7. Assemble Shoot Assistants - Hopefully, the photographer has an assistant or intern. Otherwise, if you have enough time, you can advertise for someone at the film, theater, design or Career services  offices or on Craigslist or the local paper. Word of mouth helps big time. You will need folks on hand to help carry items, run errands, and be around for the shoot.

Happy Belated Birthday: Anna Paquin & Elizabeth Berkley reach milestones

Happy Belated Birthday to our Bellyitch Bumpwatch mamas-to-be who hit big milestones recently:

Anna Paquin who turned 30 on July 24th and  Elizabeth Berkley to turned the fabulous 40 yesterday, July 28!

Only getting hotter and better with age, mamas! Stay fab!
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10 Things you may never have known about Homeschooling

I've always admired parents who have the patience to homeschool their children and in life have found some of the most brilliant people I've met were homeschooled. There are a lot of misconceptions about homeschooling. Want to learn more about homeschooling too? Here is a top ten list from AupairJobs of some of some of the common things you many never have known about homeschoolers. 

  1. You can hire a governess to homeschool your kids.  A governess is an educationally qualified woman that is hired to teach school aged children and is put in charge of their education. With families choosing to live part of the year in one country and part of the year in another, there has been an increase in hiring governesses to maintain a consistent education for the children.
  2. Homeschooled kids are required to take standardized tests.  While states vary on whether children need to be taken to a testing site for standardized tests, if a certified test administer is required, or if the parent can give the test to their children, strict guidelines are given as to how the tests must be given in most areas.
  3. Over 2 million students are being homeschooled in 2012.  The number of students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade has grown at a rate of 15% estimates Dr. Brian Ray, one of the leading homeschool researchers, over the last few years.
  4. Homeschooled children tend to score higher on standardized tests.  Research by NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) has shown that home schooled students score higher on SAT and other college entrance exams as well. 
  5. Students who are homeschooled spend significantly less time in “school”.  In traditional schools a lot of time is wasted on managing unruly children, moving from one place to another in an orderly fashion, and waiting for other students to catch up to the rest of the class.  Homeschooled students can cover the same material faster and often throughout the day as learning moments present themselves.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Does Amber Rose look pregnant to you in these pics?

Rumors are circulating again.  Amber Rose, the video vixen and hip hop mag model turned Kanye West's styling experiment/girlfriend turned TV host, singer and spokesperson, looked quite preggers when appearing at a bottle signing event on behalf of Smirnoff last July 12.

Given that flowy A-line dresses are the best thing to wear when you want to hide a growing bump and pregnancy related weight-gain, all bets are on that she is pregnant with fiance rapper Wiz Khalifa's child. The couple told US Weekly back in June that they both want children.

Photogs caught her later lounging by the pool as she slipped on a sweatshirt, over her "puffier" than usual mid-section.

What do you think? Preggers? Not Preggers?

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5 ridiculous ways websites describe the pregnant celebrity belly

Just peeped this photo of a 9 months pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio, the day before she was to give birth to her son Noah, on May 7.   Photographer Boo George shot the model  while she was chilling in a t-shirt and cutoffs at the beach near her Brazilian hometown, Florianopolis. In the piece, the author said she was "sporting a pregnant stomach."

Oh yeah, you can sport your pregnant stomach now? 

I'm going to pick at my fellow bump-watch industry for a moment and point out the other awkward phrases that some sites use to describe the pregnant belly of a celebrity:

1. "Celeb X is wearing/sporting that belly so well." It's not like she has an option of "wearing" someone else's now is it? It's quite attached. I guess if babies and lap dogs can be considered accessories, why not bellies? At least in Hollywood, right?

2. "She was seen  taking her bump to the movies." Well, again, it's not like she has the option to leave it at home, right? And it's as if the bump is a date escort or something. So weird.

3."Celeb X, who is due any day now, was seen with her bump..."  By 9 months, a bump is no longer a bump and is a full out belly.  Let's say we can stop calling a pregnant belly a bump after the first trimester, shall we?

4. Using flowering adjectives  like "Burgeoning",  "Blossoming", "Blooming"  to refer to a "growing" belly. I know we have to mix it up a bit, but it still sounds quite silly, all those gardening terms. Or is it just me?

5. Celeb X is going to pop! - This has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. I am not sure how a site that is sympathetic to, highlights and elevates the  pregnant woman would refer to her child as if its a balloon and  liken the birthing process to a balloon popping. It's just grotesque, crass and crude to me. I'd like to think the guilty parties are men writers or young interns who have never been pregnant, because I cannot imagine a woman who has given birth using that term.

I know I may be guilty of #1 but definitely not the others. Okay. Off the soapboax now!
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Daya Vaidya still pregnant with her identical twin boys

From the April edition of Life and Style
Actress Daya Vaidya is still waiting for her identical twin boys to be born into this world.  As of her last Twitter post, she seemed to be anxious for the boys' arrival but had expressed wanting them to come into the world when they are ready and not force it with an induction.

"Still baking these babies. 36 weeks and going strong. Doc wants them out by nxt week, but I believe in babies choosing their bdays!" she tweeted on July 18. Good for her. Traditionally, twins usually arrive earlier than their due date, compared to singletons so she is quite fortunate to be able to carry them to term.

But just because she's letting them take their time coming out doesn't mean she's not anxious to see them. This Monday, she tweeted, "Babies still not here yet. Sigh. Headed to dr to see where we're at. Hope 2 go into labor soon."

Vaidya herself confirmed that she and several of her castmates will not be returning to the struggling CBS drama Unforgettable  and TV and film trade industry magazine Deadline confirmed that the series, which only had one season and then went on hiatus, was renewed for 13 weeks with a major cast overhaul. 

Too bad. Hope she gets something soon, but in the meantime, she will have her hands full for a short spell anyway.  Her twins will be her third child. She already has a daughter, Leela Grace, with husband Don Wallace.

I also see she made a recent post on People.com's Celebrity baby blog which sparked several commenters questioning who she is. Apparently, some only care to see the top A-list stars in People mag.*rolls eyes* But good thing, People, is stepping up and covering a wider variety of pregnant celebs from all areas of Hollywood.
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Most Pregnant Olympian ever, air rifle shooter, fails to qualify to next round

Well usually doctors do not recommend a mom travels more than an hour away from her delivery hospital after her 30th week of pregnancy. Also, it is usually recommended for the safety of baby that you avoid being around excessively loud places with high sound decibel levels -- Like shooting ranges.

But if your name is Nur Suryani Mohammad Taibi and your 47th world rank  in 10-meter air rifle shooting earned you a spot on your Malaysian Olympic team, you find a way around those barriers. You're getting a special maternity shooting suit made and you're heading to the London 2012 Olympics.

Today, Taibi became the most pregnant person ever to compete in an Olympic game. Over the past few days, the Twittervers and Blogosphere were abuzz with people criticizing her for what they felt was a woman putting herself and baby in harms way, given the aforementioned risks to travel and shooting. 

There were those who feel a gun and a pregnant woman don't mix. 

But through her not-so-perfect English, Taibi revealed that she would never let anyone tell her she couldn't do what she wanted to do just because she was pregnant. Oh no.

"I think that I can do whatever I want to because I'm quite stubborn," Yahoo!Sports reports her saying. "Anything I want to do, I will do."

Sadly, though the dream came to an end today at 10am when she came in 34th place in the qualifying round and ended her Olympic run.

Now, the best prize, even better than a gold medal is to come, a baby girl, to be born in the next five weeks. Taibi and her husband Marhazli B. Mhotar have named her Dayana Widyan
Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi and husband Marhazli Mhotar after 10m air rifle shooting finals at the 36th Southeast Asian Shooting Championship 2012 in Subang outside Kuala Lumpur June 5, 2012 -Reuters

She's bound to be a firecracker and will be born a well known Olympic record holder herself: the youngest child to compete in the Olympics...albeit in utero!

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Bump Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar out and about this week


A pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted shopping at the Trader Joes in Westwood, California on  Wednesday, July 25.  Loving that white feminine baby doll dress she was rocking and are those maternity skinny jeans too? Cayoot. Great a sensible look, rounded off with a pair of ballet flats.

Earlier, papps spotted her running errands this Monday, July 23 in an equally fly cas get up!

US Weekly has reported that she and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr. are expecting a son this fall! How perfect! To give daughter Charlotte a baby brother. 

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The winner of the Bellyitch Blog Relaunch Logo Contest is....

....Look Up!!

Thanks to all those who took the time to vote!! We appreciate your input! Now step one is complete in the blog relaunch project that is actually taking an entire year to implement because we are doing it bit by bit, step by step, with your help and input!

From models recruited from a blog-only model call to reader-selected logo design, we credit readers and followers for helping build a better more user friendly and helpful website. With a small design and technical staff, we are pulling together a new look that will make the blog easier to navigate and give users easy access to all the most sought after features: Active and past contests, maternity fashion tips and advice, summary of the latest pregnancy-related studies and research, and of course CELEBRITY BUMP WATCH PICS!!!!

Congratulations to Erica Marros for submitting the highest vote getter on the website and Facebook page!! Erica's design is bright, colorful, creative, innovative, expressive and very modern. The sleek 'B" reflects a pregnant bump and the design is versatile enough to be used as part of various other upcoming blog projects in the works! 

Also congrats to Dina Prezioso     

for coming up with the second-highest vote getter which is also quite creative, well designed and adequately relays what the blog is about with style and sophistication.

How about lady power too huh? The best designs came from two women! Perfect since only women can get pregnant after all! ha!

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