Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is pregnant

It's not just us! Reputable news outlets, People, E!Online, Gawker, Examiner, San Francisco Examiner, LA Times, Access Hollywood, and even The Washington Post and are reporting that MTV's Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki"Polizzi is pregnant with her and boyfriend Jionni LaVAlle's first child. 

TMZ reports that she expressly denied being pregnant about a month ago because she was aware of the 3-month rule and didn't want to reveal the news in her first trimester. There are other reports that she is shopping around different media outlets to reveal the big news and that she is hoping to become a celebrity mommy like Kourtney Kardashian. 

The currently 4-month pregnant reality star's pregnancy news will be revealed in an upcoming cover of US Weekly, sources say.

The pregnancy reportedly threw MTV off because they were hoping that her Jersey spinoff  with Jenni "JWoww" Farley. would focus on her wild partying and drinking. 

Isn't this interesting? Congrats to her if true, and good luck!

I must say, in nearly 5 years of celebrity bump watch coverage, she is getting one of the most reports about her pregnancy, falling behind the frenzy Beyonce and Victoria Beckham's 4th pregnancy received in media outlets that do not generally report on celebrity pregnancy.

I had no idea!
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All Airline Pregnant Travel Policies (INFOGRAPHIC) shared with us an excellent article on flying while pregnant that offers loads of information including tips, advice on choosing the right seat and the best times to fly. One of the best grouping of information in it is this awesome chart detailing and summarizing the flying policies for all major airlines! What an excellent resource! Enlarge it, Clip it. Save it!


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Behind Scenes Photos of Molly Sims on Oscar Night (PHOTOS)

Molly Sims, Brooke Burke, Carson Kressley and Katie Lee get together on Hollywood’s biggest night to host Toast to the Red Carpet LIVE! presented by I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!(R) on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 in Los Angeles. 

This Sunday, Molly Sims joined fellow celebrities Brook Burke, Carson Kressley and Katie Lee and dished on the various fashions walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards. They all looked absolutely fabulous. Check out some of the behind the scenes posed shots from that event:

Molly Sims, Carson Kressley and Brooke Burke dish on red carpet fashion during
Toast to the Red Carpet LIVE! presented by
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!(R) on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 in Los Angeles.

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17 Things to do this leap year to advance your life & career

It's Leap year!!

If you are pregnant and deliver your baby this day, you will have to determine whether to celebrate that baby's birthday on February 28 or March 1 on off years. Not all moms-to-be want to have a leap year baby, but some cultures find they are lucky! When leap year babies start to age and get up there in years, they can always start counting only their actual birth days towards their real age! There is a bonus! 

For the rest of us, the leap year represents an EXTRA day to do something. Here is a list of activities assembled as part of a larger article about career resolutions. You can consider doing one or more of these today. Note that none of these activities require a full day, but that is the beauty of it. You can feel accomplished without being overwhelmed from the pressure to maximize the entire day! Take a look and pick something fun to do today.


One-day projects, to make use of your extra day:

-- write your resume

-- sketch out a business plan

-- tour a college

-- find out how many credits you need to finish your degree

-- outline a talk to give or a class to teach

-- put up a website

-- build your LinkedIn profile

-- figure out what Twitter is all about

-- write an editorial or letter to the editor

-- start a blog

-- buy an interview outfit

-- get an image makeover

-- have a professional business photo taken

-- work through the tutorial on your computer software

-- set up your email to sort incoming correspondence better

-- paint your home office

-- read a business book

-- subscribe to online publications you should be reading; then read them

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Jennifer Garner welcomes baby boy!

Power A-list couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed third child, a son, reports US Weekly and People. Baby boy Affleck joins his big sisters Violet Anne and Seraphina Rose. No word on the baby's name yet! Congrats! 
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Uma Thurman is pregnant with third child

American actress Uma Thurman has confirmed that she is pregnant with her and her French-born boyfriend Arpad Busson's first child. This will be her third child. She has a 13-year old daughter Maya and a 10-year old son, Levon with ex husband Ethan Hawke who she divorced after discovering Hawke was cheating on her with their nanny Ryan Shawhughes. He and Shawhughes later married and have two daughter together. Busson also has two sons with his first wife supermodel Elle Macpherson.

What a big old happy Brady Bunch  blended family like situation, huh?

Reminds me a bit of Kristin Cavallari's situation. She and her fiance Jay Cutler had broken up shortly before the couple got pregnant. Similarly Thurman and Busson split up and make back regularly. 

A baby isn't always able to keep a rocky relationship together. Ask Christina Milian  and the Dream, or rapper Nas  and R&B singer Kelis or Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore all who broke up before baby was born. 

Hopefully, these two make it through! Congrats!
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Bump Watch: Kourtney Kardashian's Oscar Grecian Glam

Kourtney Kardashashian opted for a Grecian style dress by Raoul when she attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party at the City of West Hollywood Park on Sunday, February 26 in Beverly Hills, California. Lovely!

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What do Surrogacy organizations look for in an ideal surrogate?

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick have twins via surrogacy

Since the  in vitro fertilization or IVF baby, Louise Brown was born in 1978, the infertility and assisted reproductive technology industry in the United States has expanded tremendously. 

IVF, just one of many medical services offered to infertile couples, has skyrocketed since the  Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) began tracking the industry in 1998. The CDC states that the  IVF  births per year have more than doubled in  over a decade since the agency started tracking them. They exceeded 57,000 in 2007.

Other fertility services include egg and sperm donation, hormonal therapy, artificial insemination, and  emerging technologies like gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT) and zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT). 

Surrogacy has exploded in recent years. The number of babies born to gestational surrogates grew 89% percent in just four years, from 2004 to 2008. 
This rate far exceeds growth in the number of IVF babies generally.  

Dozens of companies have cropped up in recent decades matching couples who are unable to conceive a child through traditional means with women who want to gift a baby to a childless couple in need. Ever wonder what criteria most surrogate organizations look for in an ideal candidate? Here are the common factors that these organizations often consider:
  • A permanent resident currently living in the United States -Out of country surrogacy has a load of issues of its own, including rampant fraud. However, surrogacy scams are limited to foreign nations. The FBI has a file about American surrogacy scams too. The centers usually don't require you to be a US citizen.
  • Do not reside in the following states: AZ, DE, DC, IN, LA, MI, NE, NY, OK, WA - These states have immensely tough restrictions and barriers that make it challenging for these organizations. Check out this document from the Council on Responsible Genetics which details all the states restrictions toward the end. (Warning: Most of this document is anti-surrogacy, which it considers an abomination of sorts.) 
  • Non-smoker - Agencies want a mother who will deliver a healthy baby and perhaps since they cannot assure that a current smoker would be able to adequately quit, and they will have limited opportunities to monitor the mom, it's best if the surrogate is not a smoker to begin with.
  • Between the age of 22 and 43, although the age limit is flexible for repeat surrogates - Obviously, younger mothers with fresh supply of ample eggs are ideal, but there is nothing stopping older mothers who have successfully completed their family from being a surrogate. See yesterday's story about the 48-year-old surrogate mother on her 8th and 9th surrogate pregnancy.
  • Given birth to a child without any complications - The odds are if you have successfully had a complications-free pregnancy, labor and delivery, more likely you and your body are capable of doing it again with similar success!
  • Not currently receiving any form of government assistance - Here, it seems like discrimination from the poor, but ethically, the organization may be wary of women who may be electing to become a surrogate thinking there will be steep financial rewards for doing so. It would be as if they are making babies to sell.  A recent Forbes article indicated that surrogates can be paid anywhere between $12,000 and $25,000 per pregnancy, though the cost to intended parents can be much greater, running from $40,000 to $120,000 when medical and legal bills are included. It's not that much money if you break down this figure by hour, surrogates are paid below the minimum wage.
Isn't that all interesting? If anyone has any input or disagrees, would love your comments and corrections.

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Bump Watch: Molly Sims Oscar glam

Molly Sims, who is 5 and a half months pregnant, looked fabulous in an Azzaro dress accented with gorgeous jewels and gunmetal Louboutins on Sunday. She co-hosted the Toast to the Red Carpet LIVE! event and then headed over to Vanity Fair's annual Oscar event. Very glam.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

New mom Viola Davis' Oscar style (MOTIONS Naturally You Contest)

Academy Award-nominee and new adoptive mom Viola Davis didn't take home an Oscar last night for her leading role in The Help, but she did take home the adoration and love of many women, especially African American women, who adored the fact that she opted to go natural on the red carpet.

The Bellyitch fave wowed viewers with her fiery auburn dyed short fro which complemented her striking features, knock-out body and gorgeous Vera Wang gown. As per usual, the break-away star showed off her chiseled arms and shoulders, evidence of hours of time spent in the gym, obviously.

The entire look totally inspired many women who struggle with the decision on whether to go chemical-free and ditch their hair processors and relaxers. 

It reminded me of the new Motions Naturally You campaign that someone recently told me about. It kicked off during African American history month with a contest for girls.  The Motions Salon Haircare is searching for 3 girls with natural style to introduce this new line. Enter HERE.  Those selected will win a trip to New York City for a full make over and will appear in online and print campaigns including one in Essence  magazine, a premiere fashion and beauty magazine for African Americans. Entrants can upload a video or photos and explain why they'd make a great Motions girl! Contest ends March 21 at 11:59pm! Good luck!

The new line of products, which retail for about $6 each at most drug stores and beauty supply stores, features a special blend of shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, to deeply moisturize the hair, provide curl definition, promote soft and manageable hair and help women own and rock their natural curls! Ow!  

Great! So every girl can own their look as great as Viola did last night! Fabulous!

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Review: Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-be

I swear everyday I discover something or someone new on Pinterest while toiling hours of critical time on that site that should be spent in my bed sleeping. 

Natalie Bovis-Nelsen
Last night, I discovered a relatively dated book (2008-released) put together by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen who authors the website The Liquid Muse, called Preggatinis: The Mixology for the Mom-to-be.  

Bovis-Nelsen , a recognized beverage consultant and mixologist (fancy word for bartender), has over 20 years experience working bars, clubs, nightclubs and serving as a consultant to several spirits and beverage companies.  In her award winning book, she shows moms-to-be, who are restricted from ingesting alcohol while pregnant, how to whip up a bevy of yummy booze-free drinks! Fab!

They come up with all the best stuff after I'm done having kids! oy! Looks like a great book! It is currently going for about $11 on I think it would probably make a great addition to a shower gift. What mom-to-be wouldn't want their guy to whip up a Berry Cherry Blossom" or a "Hot Buttered Mum's Rum" or a"Pomegranate Cooler" for 'em after a hard day at work? Fun!

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Bump Watch: Alessandra Ambrosio at Oscar viewing party

Just Jared reports:

"Alessandra Ambrosio attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party at the City of West Hollywood Park on Sunday (February 26) in Beverly Hills, Calif.
The 30-year-old Brazilian model covered up her baby bump in a blush one shoulder Roberto Cavalli gown and met up with Kourtney Kardashian, who’s also pregnant!
Alessandra, who’s expecting her second child with fiance Jamie Mazur, finished off her look with Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and bag and Martin Katz jewels."

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Addicted to Surrogacy: 48-year old Brit carries 9th and 10th surrogate baby

Jill Hawkins is a surrogate queen

After serious complications while expecting her eighth child, Jill Hawkins vowed to stop being a  surrogate mother.

But her addiction to pregnancy proved too strong to resist.

Miss Hawkins is due to give birth to twins – her ninth and tenth surrogate babies – three weeks before her 48th birthday.
And she is not planning to stop there.

Ignoring the potentially life-threatening health risks, the legal secretary is determined to squeeze in two more pregnancies before she reaches 50.

During her previous pregnancy  in 2010 Miss Hawkins, who is single and has no children of  her own, spent most of the year on sick leave, confined to bed  for days at a time with nausea and headaches.

After the baby, a boy, was induced, Miss Hawkins promised her worried family that she would call time on her career as a surrogate mother.

But yesterday she spoke of her pride at the prospect of taking her total of babies into double figures. 

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Bumpwatch: Kristin Cavallari in Oscar gown

Edited: Kristin Cavallari looked great when heading to the Academy Awards Show. She had a presenting role with E! Entertainment's pre-Oscar show. Love that Goddess dress, the color, the draping - fits perfectly over her bump. The hair! Everything!
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watch the Oscars LIVE! on Bellyitch

If you don't have a television but an online connection or have work to do but still want to follow along with the Academy Award presentation going on tonight, you can watch it here LIVE compliments of Popsugar's UStream channel! You can even download the Academy Award app, HERE, if you are not near the computer but still want to keep up. 

There is a pre-Oscar show on now but the actual show starts at 8:45pm ET.

Have fun!

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Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner and Violet at The Grove

Wearing a sheer black belly revealing top, Jennifer Garner was spotted with daughter Violet Affleck leaving a toy store at The Grove near Los Angeles, California Friday.
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Brit Doc: Doctors regularly selectively abort based on baby's gender

Dr. Vincent Argent says selective abortion is common

A former medical director of Britain's largest abortion provider said it was "well known" that women were terminating pregnancies because of the gender of the child, and that he had been asked by women to arrange the procedure for this reason.

Dr. Vincent Argent, who is now in practice as an obstetrician/gynecologist, said he had "no doubt" that women were terminating pregnancies because of the sex of the baby and that he believed the practice was "fairly widespread" in Britain.

This week the Daily Telegraph disclosed that many doctors are agreeing to requests from women seeking illegal abortions on the basis of the gender of the fetus.

Argent said there were "an awful lot of covert abortions for sex selection going on" where women would have a scan or blood test to find out the sex, then ask for a termination without telling the doctor the real reason.

However, he said there were also "ones where the patient actually says that it is the reason she wants the termination of the pregnancy." He said he had been asked to arrange abortions for this reason but had told the patients it was unethical and refused. But he said he believed some colleagues had arranged terminations relating to the sex of the fetus and they felt it was reasonable to do so.

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Bump Watch: Alessandra Ambrosio at pre-Oscar party

Alessandra Ambrosio glammed it up when she attended a pre-Oscar party last night. Thoughts? I'm NOT loving this dress at all and neither the animal coat. I highly doubt its faux fur.
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Knowing when it's time to call the doctor for baby

As a parent, you can feel helpless when your child is sick, especially an infant.  You want nothing more than to make your little one feel better, and not knowing what is wrong or what you can do leads to unease.

Since babies do not have the anti-bodies to all the common diseases and viruses that we come into contact with everyday, they are particularly vulnerable to illness.  When babies are born, they receive an initial boost of protection from the mother’s immune system, but after approximately 6 months, this benefit wears off.   While breastfeeding provides an added boost to a baby’s immune system, it is not enough to prevent all illness.
Don’t panic!

This is the first rule to caring for a sick person, especially a baby.  When you have a baby who’s screaming uncontrollably while you’re tying to place a thermometer, staying calm is easier said than done, but it’s important. Panicking can cloud your thinking. It can make you over react, or get you so worked up you miss either a symptom or overlook a simple treatment. 

Know who to call

Sure, you call your pediatrician.  But what happens if your child starts running a high fever at 6 am on Saturday?  What about a baby who starts wheezing at 10pm on a weeknight?  Find out about after hours and weekend care.  Some pediatrician offices have one or two nights a week when they are open, or maybe a half day on Saturday.  Others have a number that you can call to get answers to questions during off hours.

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– Online Preschool Games – First Month Free – Click here!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bump Watch: Molly Sims red carpet style

Bauer Griffin/Zimbio

Molly Sims glowed on the QVC Red Carpet Style Event in Beverly Hills this week, Thursday, February 23. Very nice look. Those turquoise earrings with the side swept locks look great!

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10 Rock-n-Roll Gear for your Rockstar Newborn

You don't have to be a rock star to have a rock star baby! Lovers of rock and roll can outfit their newborns in these super cute and rockin' gear made just for  pint-sized rockers!

Born Cool Baby's Aerosmith Walk This Way Onesie $18.99

Angel pacifier at $5.95 from Kiditude

StellaBaby's  The King Elvis Presely for $19.95

AB/CD Rocker Hat for $13.50 by JBD

Stella Blue Old School Onesie for $23

Kids Amplified Rolling Stone Bib for $12

Bob Marley Roots Rock Baby Onesie at $16.99

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