Tuesday, December 4, 2012


You’ve heard of Millennials & Yuppies but what about “Yemmies”?

We’ve heard of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials or Gen Y. You might have heard of the term Yuppie (Young Urban Professional) or Buppie (Black Urban Professional)
But have you hear of the new term, Yemmie?

The term stands for Young Educated Millennial Mothers.  It is a marketing category too for the new slew of young moms who are quite selective about buying unprocessed and natural foods for their families. Millennials are traditionally categorized as those born between 1984 and 2004.

Most likely, Millenials of child-bearing age and who are young parents, are the type to make their own baby food, shop at places like Whole Foods, YES Organic markets and My Organic Markets (MOM’s). They look up food labels and search for items that have no GMO, are gluten free, organic and  eco-safe. They frequent local farmers’ markets. 

For  investment purposes, Barrons, in an article this summer,  recommended investors consider putting their money into publicly traded companies like Whole Foods because the Yemmie population is apparently growing. 

Yemmies are also apparently a pain for marketers.  They are among the group that spends the most money on food, $50 billion annually.  But they are also not loyal to brands as generations like baby boomers are Ad Age reports in a recent piece last month.  They don’t stick to known brands, will switch it up, and shop anywhere, anytime in a constant search for variety. They eat ethnic foods and will purchase an item from a small, up and coming brand.   

They like foods like quinoa. “To them, yesterday’s chop suiety is today’s ‘sofrito’, a trendy mix of Latin herbs, vegetables and spices,” Ad Age writes.

This group is forcing brands to alter the ingredients in their products to make them simpler, remove preservatives, food coloring, additives and cheaper ingredients that make the products cost less.  They are also forcing brands to change their packaging to highlight the fact they have less salt, or less ingredients. 

I would be a Yemmie but for the fact I am an old generation x’er and do not qualify. How about you? Are you a Yemmie? What do you think about how your demands for basic ingredients and clear labeling are forcing brands to change their predictable ways?

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