Wednesday, December 5, 2012


How Kate Middleton's pregnancy could give maternity wear business a "bump"

UK's maternity Designer Seraphine has a collection of clothing that is already tailored to Middleton's style aesthetics 

A new Forbes article says that baby and maternity products manufacturers, designers and retailers can expect to see a bump [pun intended] in sales from Kate Middleton's pregnancy.

The darling Duchess of Cambridge did the traditional fashion industry a favor by waiting 18 months to get pregnant, giving it a chance to profit off of buzz from her selection of clothing.  Middleton’s mother in law and grandmother-in law Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth both got pregnant within 3 months of marrying.

Now maternity designers like Bellyitch faves Seraphine, Isabella Oliver and Tiffany Rose, all UK-based, have a chance to experience the “Kate Middleton effect”.  The term refers to the fact that each time she wears an item, the retailer’s sells out of it within hours. For example, according to Forbes, a Prabal Gurung designer dress that retailed for $1,995 sold out in an hour after Kate wore it as did a $60 off the rack dress from Hobbs department store in London. Similarly, a $450 Rebecca Taylor coat sold out in 30 minutes after she was photographed in it.

British label Reiss’ profits soared from $6.7 million in 2010 to $13.2 in 2011 after Kate wore their dress in her official engagement photo and again during the couple’s post-nuptial tour of Canada.  Alexander McQueen, which designed Kate’s wedding dress, saw their sales leap from 2010 to 2011 by 27%.
Thanks to Duchess Kate!

And today, came recent news that there will no longer be discrimination in succession to the thrown so regardless if Kate’s first born is a girl or boy, she or he will be the next Queen or King of England.

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