Monday, March 12, 2012


Tina Campbell of Mary Mary is pregnant with her 5th baby!

Tina Campbell (l) is pregnant, seen with sister Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

A mere weeks after her sister Erica Campbell of the gospel duo Mary Mary gave birth to her third child, daughter Zaya MoniqueTina Campbell announced to Essence that she too is now expecting -- her fifth child, unexpectedly.

“Initially we felt overwhelmed at the thought, but then my hubby and I reflected on how rewarding it is to love and be loved by another baby," Tina Campbell told the magazine. "After thinking that our last child was our last child, we’ve been surprised with an unexpected blessing almost four months and growing. We thought our home was exciting and busy now — it’s about to be even more exciting and busy. We are looking forward to it.”

What a tag team duo these two are? They have had back to back pregnancies on more than one occasion. Congrats to Tina and her husband Teddy Campbell. 

Erica and Tina each married men with the last name Campbell. Erica's husband is Waryn Campbell, no relation to Teddy.  So they both have the same maiden and married names. How intimate is that? ha!

Tina has a 17-year old step-daughter Cierra from a previous relationship who lives with her birth mom, and an 8-year old daughter, Laiah Simon, 4-year old daughter, Meela Jane  and 2-year old son Ted Jr. with Teddy Campbell. 

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