Sunday, January 8, 2012


Photoshopped FAKE image of Beyonce post-birth goes viral

An obviously Photoshopped fake photo that is supposed to be an image of Beyonce after delivering her baby hits the Twittersphere. 

My friend sent me the above photo. Notice the sharp lines on the chin, and along the hair, which are marks of a digital alteration. Clearly, someone put this photo together.

Check out the inaccurate proportions of the mother to baby. 

Further,the baby's head size looks eerily "off" and discolored and its eyes and features are blurred, as is the bottom area where the chin is which just looks like a mish mash of distorted greens. The rest of the photo is not as distorted and blurred. Beyonce's face also has shade variations that aren't natural and the shadows under the chin don't look reasonable.

Further, if the suite where Bey delivered really did recently undergo a renovation as ABC News reported, would it really have such a dated looking end table? 

Finally, would a couple which did a tremendous job at shielding any and all photos of their wedding for 4 years really be so sloppy all of a sudden to let an image of their baby escape and so soon after delivery? I think not. Try again. LOL!

Now there are rumors that the Ivy is an ode to the couple's favorite number, 4 (roman numerals "iv") and the Blue has to do with Jay Z's blueprint album which was a homage to his favorite team, the Yankees and/or the baby is a blue print of the couple.

Come to think of it, as I type this,  this news about the name could also be WRONG and made up just like the several hoax tips about the delivery and this photo.

If it is wrong, you read it here first! 

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