Monday, January 9, 2012


Illuminati conspiracy theories about Beyonce & Jay's baby's name DEBUNKED

Beyonce's baby is not even a week old yet and the "Illuminati" conspiracy theorists, of which many exist in the African American community, are spreading rumors about Beyonce's baby's alleged name.  [Edited to Add Russell Simmon's Global Grind did an excellent treatment on the Illuminati and black community obession with it recently: HERE]
Beyonce's BFF Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the correct name this weekend after confusion about the order of the name. There had been conflicting reports on whether it was Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy.
Blue Ivy, they say is "Lucifer's daughter" spelled backwards in Latin. HOWEVER,   they are WRONG. The Latin word for "daughter" is "Fillia" and the word for Satan is "Diabolus."
Also, there is no letter "Y" in the archaic Latin alphabet. The letter Y was introduced later and actually borrowed from the Greek alphabet. 
They are also saying that IVY stands for the couple's dedication to the number 4 (iv in Roman numerals) and/or it stands for Illuminati's Very Youngest and Blue for Born Living Under  Evil. Whatever. Anyone can make up an acronym out of any name.
The only buzz that has some legs is that Jay Z once dated R&B singer Blu Cantrell (Real name Tiffany Cobb). Folks are questioning whether the name is a homage to her and why a wife would permit her child to bear the name of her husband's ex.
So many psycho conspiracy theories. I'm surprised people have so much time on their hands to make up so many wild ridiculous stories. 
The price of fame in a society full of gullible people who cannot believe it is possible for people of color to rise to the top without help from the devil. Total utter foolishness!

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