Monday, October 31, 2011

Bump Watch: Hilary Duff, maxi dressed out, hanging with her pooch

Hilary Duff was snapped taking her little dog out for a walk and as usual looking very chic in a comfy black maxi dress underneath a tie dyed button down resort-top, with a veggie-fruit-smoothie-in-a-bottle in hand. Love the cascading layered necklaces and the over-the-hip belt accents to a very laid-back outfit. That print orange hobo bag on her shoulders adds that pop of color and is perfectly sized for a stroll with the pooch (not seen in this photo above).  Nice to see it all matched with a pair of flip flops! check out Celebrity Baby Scoop for more pics!
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About those sexy Halloween costumes for Tweens...

A questionably age-inappropriate costume for tween girls
My fellow Washington Times Communities columnist, Rebekah Kuschmider, had a thing or two to say about the trend of sexy Halloween costumes for tween girls on her "So Here's the Thing" blog recently:
So here’s the thing: kids aren’t sexy.
We’re nearing the peak of the Halloween revelry and little kids everywhere are strutting their stuff in costumes. My son is dressing as an astronaut. Because I suck at all things crafty, I got his costume at one of those temporary Halloween stores that spring up like orange toadstools on Rockville Pike every fall.
The costume is surprisingly awesome and comes complete with a NASA badge on it. (It did not come with a helmet but Amazon remedied that!) When my little boy appeared at Boo at the Zoo in his astronaut gear, complete with his snow boots to simulate space boots, he got lots of positive attention from other Zoo Booers.
A three-year old being an astronaut is cute, age-appropriate, consistent with my son’s current set of life-goals and non-commercial. Not that I would have minded much if he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear, but it was nice to escape the bonds of Disney and pay homage to real astronauts instead of the Space Rangers. And it was REALLY nice that nothing in the boys aisle of that costume superstore would have looked at home on a stripper pole.
Sure, the girl’s section had the requisite witches, princesses, and superheroes but there were also “flirty” costumes which were just tweened-down versions of the “sexy” genre so popular among women who are old enough to make informed choices. I don’t know about you, but putting a ten-year-old in a “flirty” cop’s outfit doesn’t make me want to smile with pride that this child aspires to be a law enforcement office. It makes me cringe that her parents are sending out of the house dressed like the entertainment for a bachelor party.
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Bump Watch: Nia Long at the Pumpkin Patch

Nia Long was looking tres cute while at the Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in West Hollywood with her son Massai and boyfriend and dad to her impending baby boy, Ime Udoka.  The pretty mom-to-be cups a nice baby sized pumpkin perfect for the newest member of the family.

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Win a celeb favorite designer sarong from CoolChange & Bellyitch

Resort wear line CoolChange sells a versatile collection of loose fitting, fashionable clothes that women can wear even while pregnant.  The breathable fabrics are well made and unstructured so they grow with a mom-to-be as her belly expands.  They are a favorite of celebrities, many of whom have been photographed at various events and outings in CoolChange clothing.

One of the line's best selling item is its maxi dress and as we have seen on various celebrities of late, the maxi dress is a staple in their pregnancy wardrobe. They're easy to throw on and are non-confining as other clothes. Granted, however, these items fit best for those who live in warm weather climates.

The creators of the line are giving away a sarong to one Bellyitch reader in one of its newest prints. The sarong can be worn in different ways, on the beach, as a dress, a cover up or a skirt, and are flexible enough that they can last throughout a pregnancy and afterwards as a woman goes back down to her original size. 

The collection can be found in major retailers, including Calypso, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Ron Herman and boutiques in London, Paris, Greece, Dubai, the Caribbean and throughout the United States.

All you have to do win the sarong is follow the blog on Facebook if you don't already do and indicate so in the form below! That's it! One lucky reader will be selected using integer finder. Contest ends November 15 at midnight. Open to US and Canadian readers only. 

Good luck! 

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unBump Watch: Jessica Simpson looking fab with growing belly

Jessica Simpson was seen last Tuesday, October 25 looking quite preggers.

Our favorite celebrity who is refusing to confirm that she is pregnant is keeping is sexy and chic with her choice of outfits, opting to go with belly hugging tops that reveal an ever growing belly. Jessica Simpson is sticking with a grey, black and dark colored palette. To keep it hip and current, she accessorizes with fab handbags, cool and varying shades and shawls, scarves, jackets and shoes to accentuate the polished look. Alright now, Jessica. We see you, girl. 

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Diagram to the hypochondriatic first time new mom & the underresponsive dad

Click to enlarge

How To Be A Dad published two very funny diagrams of the brain of the first time mom who over reacts to minor cuts, bumps and bruises on her child (see above) and then followed up with one about the dad who does the opposite and reacts mildly to stuff gone wrong (see below) ! HILARIOUS. Had to share!

Click to Enlarge

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Celebrity Parents & Kids Halloween Photos

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon & their twins Mo & Roc as The Incredibles
Celebrity parents and their kids had fun dressing up for Halloween. Here are my favorites from over the years.
Honor Warren, daughter of Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Kaseem Jr., son of Moshonda and Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys' hubby poses for a shoot for Vibe Vixen


Cute baby Halloween costumes

Check up these cute photos of babies dressed up for Halloween floating on the net. I couldn't decide which one was the cutest. Which is your favorite?


Happy Birthday, today, Nia Long!

Happy Birthday Nia Long!! This simply stunning and very talented Boiler Room, Love Jones, Big Momma's House, Soul Food actress turns 41 today.  Long and her boyfriend ex San Antonio Spurs NBA player Ime Udoka, are expecting their first child, a baby boy, together. This will be long's second son. Her boy Massai II, whose dad is actor Massai Dorsey, is 10.  Have a fanatabulous day today mama!

Deadline has confirmed that  she and her castmate will soon be filming the sequel to one of my favorite all time movies, The Best Man which has turned into a black cinema cult classic. I can't wait to catch up on the exploits of Jordan Armstrong, Long's character in the 1999 film.  Now if Love Jones gets remade, that would be icing on the cake.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner black out sophisticate

Jennifer Garner looked polished and sophisticated when she hit the streets this Tuesday, wearing another black business look capped off with an Isabella Oliver Everyday Blazer in caviar black. It retails for $269.00.


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New Digital tool for natural birth control

Practicing that natural birth control which involves charting (taking an internal basal temperature, monitoring mucous discharge and chronicling it in a calendar) can be a daunting task. The outcome can be hit or miss.  In this digital age, it didn't take long for someone to invent a tool to make it easier. 

 Lady-Comp is a fertility computer that takes a woman's temperature each morning and based on that reading, knows whether she is ovulating. The company that makes it claims to have a 99.3% effective rate. It's a bit steep at $485 but could have an additional usage of helping couples trying to conceive actually achieve their results.  

Interesting find. Would you use something like Lady Comp to avoid the side effects of birth control pills and other hormone-based or invasive forms of birth control?

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Top 50 Mobile Apps for Kids, Pregnancy and New moms

This afternoon, I'm digging Australian's list of its top 50 favorite app for kids, pregnant women, new moms and dads and others as I search for new and fun applications to keep my little brood busy during trips and on weekends. Check it out.

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Mothers who have babies in their 50s

The article features the likes of Ann Maloney, who gave birth to her first baby at ate 50.  She conceived her baby using a donor egg. Now at age 60, she admitted she was undergoing menopause and had to take hormonal treatment to slow it down in order to carry her second daughter.
John Ross, 60 & Ann Maloney 66 and their twins 

Those who criticize women who have babies this late say they are selfish for burdening their children with having to take care of them and their old age issues when their children are in their teens and twenties. And they say these women would not have the same level of energy as younger moms to keep up with children. 

Another mother featured in the piece is Kate Garros who conceived twins at ate 53 using donor eggs and at age 61 is suffering arthritis like many women her age.

However, the women featured in the piece did not find their mates until later and some say they were not financially secure or prepared to have a baby in their 20s, 30s or 40s even. 

It's an interesting read. The UK Daily Mail did a follow up piece on it.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Disposable diaper saves toddler's life after crash into lake

Deputies helped save a Florida woman and her child after a domestic argument led the woman to crash into a lake. (Photo credit: Jim Donnelly)

A buoyant disposable diaper may have saved the life of a Florida toddler after an accident that killed the girl's father, police say.  The 3-year old's parents had just left a gas station fighting and arguing, with the father punching the mom, who was in the driver's seat in the face.  The constant blows forced 33-year old Catherine Copeland to lose control of the car, crashing it off an embankment and landing them in a nearby lake.

Luckily, gas station attendees had already called police after witnessing the domestic violence incident while the couple drove off and a deputy was able to jump in the water to save the mom.  Shortly thereafter, he said he saw this diaper bop up in the water

“All of a sudden, this little thing popped up like a cork,” Deputy Cazi Navarro told the Sun Sentinel.

“As soon as she got to the shore, they took her from [Navarro's] arms and someone started doing CPR,” said Keyla Concepcion, the public information officer for the Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue. “People were there on standby to whisk her away to the hospital.”

The mom and baby survived though the little girl is in critical but stable condition. Dad Sandro Michael, 27, died.

There was apparently a restraining order against the dad.  Now some people, who normally criticize a parent for not being able to potty train a three year old and wonder if the girl was floating in the water she may not have been in a car seat like the law requires.  However, in this case, all of those things may have saved this little girl's life.

Thank God for small blessings, eh?

Read more about this story at ABC News

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Bump Watch: Rose Cordero bikini bump

Friends of pregnant model Rose Cordero kissed her tiny bump while hanging out on the beach earlier this month. One friend posted the photo on Facebook, leaking the news to the world that the 19-year old model was pregnant.  Below, Cordero, looking like the average girl next door, down notes to herself during some down time in between shoots.

From the Rose Cordero Tumblr

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Pregnant Pumpkin delivers her baby (Funny Carving Photo)

This photo of a pumpkin delivering her baby cracked me up. What intricate detailing as you can see the little pumpkin baby's head coming out. The pregnant pumpkin didn't even need he help of the delivery nurse near by. That's how pumpkins do it! Medical assistance FREE! LOL!
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Bump Watch: Hilary Duff & sister do pilates

Four months pregnant Hilary Duff and her sister Hailey Duff were spotted coming out of a pilates studio near Duff's home in Toluca Lake community near Los Angeles, California yesterday. The mama-to-be is doing her thing staying fit while pregnant. Good job!

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Eco Friday: Aidah Collection's eco-friendly maternity clothes that grow with you

Designer Aidah Fontenot (r) with a model in one of her maternity designs for Aidah's Collection

I discovered Aidah Fontenot showing off her versatile collection of eco-friendly designs made up of 95% all natural materials during the "Bump the Runway" show at the Baby Bash & Bling Expo and Show in the DC area last weekend.

Fontenot, who has been sewing her own clothes since junior high, started her line in 2008.  What unifies it is her designer signature emblem that appears on each piece. The DC-area based designer said she decided to make maternity clothes out of necessity. 

"It started out of a personal need," Fontenot told Bellyitch. "I had a son about 16 months ago and I was wearing my collection as I always do and as my belly grew, I was able to keep wearing my collection.

"The designs are loose fitting and wrap around with a belt or tie and some of the material folds."

Gabrielle Union in an Aidah gown
After the models paraded her designs on the runway, Aidah explained that the clothes are meant to grow with you as your belly grows and can be worn after the pregnancy.  Now that is versatility. She said eventually her collection will be 100% organic.

 “Aidah Collection’s ethical mission is to empower women and protect the environment through the support of charitable organizations and artists,” Fontenot writes on her site.

Since launch, Fontenot has gotten tremendous amount of positive feedback including from actress Gabrielle Union who chose to wear one of Fontenot's dresses to a red carpet event benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation in 2010.

The clothes are made to order and can be found on the Aidah website: 

You can catch much of the collection from the finale to the Bump the Runway show below:

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bump Watch: Nia Long on a Starbucks Run

Near term Nia Long was spotted in Los Angeles day going out for a Starbucks run. Contrary to popular belief, pregnant women ARE allowed to have at least one cup of coffee a day. Look it up! lol!
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Bump Watch: Beyonce, getting pampered in East Village

Beyonce was spotted leaving the Sakura Nail Spa in New York's East Village yesterday, October 26, wearing a  vibrant print top with her mainstays, a pair of snug black bottoms and platform heels. Keeping it grown and sexy still, I see! Beyonce is about 5 months pregnant and is due this January. 
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Learn how to play music, Win a Free Ear Training App!

Ever want to learn how to play an instrument?  One of the best ways to learn the fundamentals of music is via ear training applications and software. One of the best times to learn ear training is while on bedrest or during your maternity leave, before the baby comes and after.  You'll have lots of down time laying around and before baby comes anyway, you might as well learn music while you're at it. Or maybe you have a kid at home who is struggling with his or her music lessons. These apps could be the solution.

Easy Ear Traininga UK-based software development company that specializes in music education, is giving away to Bellyitch readers a free iphone or ipod application that teaches fundamentals of musical ear training to students, young and old. Check out the Easy Ear Training website or Facebook page for more information. 

To Enter to win one of four available apps ( RelativePitch, Step and a Half, Chordelia: Triad Tutor, or Chordelia: Seventh Heaven), simply enter below and indicate which of the four apps you'd like to download.

EASY! Contest Ends November 5, 2011. Open to all areas.

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