Friday, September 30, 2011

Bump Watch: Beyonce, out and about in NYC

Beyonce was spotted today in New York city, out and about. She's been giving lots of interviews, telling E!News she's happy being a woman and being pregnant, and revealing to Access Hollywood that she dreamt her big pregnancy reveal during MTV's VMAs before she actually orchestrated it. She's really looking quite smitten with being pregnant and very happy. She glows in each photograph as if she's in second trimester bliss.  I wonder if she had morning sickness.... Hmmm, I think I'll ask! Let's see if I get an answer.

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Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman - Who did we Bumpwatch the most?

Babyrazzi Photo of Celebs in Isabella Oliver 

TODAY is the LAST DAY to Enter the Bellyitch Bumpwatch Contest to win a celeb favorite maternity  Isabella Oliver designer dress, books, DVDs and other prizes featured on THIS LINK! Simple go HERE to Enter.



If you're not a FAN of the blog, you're missing out on some great EXCLUSIVES!


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TV show THE DOCTORS to have 3 parenting episodes next week

The Doctors cast: Dr Jim Sears, Wendy Walsh, Ph.D, Dr Travis Stork,
Jillian Michaels, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Andrew Ordon
Next week, the Emmy-Award winning syndicated series, THE DOCTORS, will feature three back-to-back episodes featuring must-have tips and advice for parents.  

From the womb to adolescence, THE DOCTORS starts the week off on Monday, October 3 with F words you can’t ignore—Fantasy, Fast Food, Feeding, Fetus, Fear and Flab. The co-hosts lead a discussion on the benefits of breast feeding and the challenges women face when they do it in public. Then Dr. Lisa Masterson—through touch—helps a blind woman “see” her unborn fetus and learn the sex of her baby for the first time, thanks to new technology that creates a physical 3D model from an ultrasound. (wow! Get a sneak peak in the video below, courtesy of CBS TV Distribution/Stage 29 Productions)

On Tuesday, October 4, THE DOCTORS asks viewers Are You Making The Right Choice?  The debate to spank or not to spank has waged on for decades. The co-hosts tackle the subject and offer parents alternatives to punish a misbehaving child.

To close the three-day block of essential information for parents, THE DOCTORS explores Secrets to Understanding Your Body and speaks with Paul Kramer, controversial author of the children’s book Maggie Goes on a Diet. The epidemic of childhood obesity is real, but the co-hosts weigh in on whether a diet book is really the answer to the problem.

Sounds like a wonderful week to watch and/or DVR and catch later!


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unBumpwatch: Hilary Duff, still stylish, still no real bump

I spotted this photo taken on Hilary Duff's birthday this week on Posh24 which says it can finally see Hilary Duffy's barely there pregnant bump. I can't see it, can you? Head on over to Posh24 to check out its other pics and let me know if you see what they are talking about.

She is still holding it down and looking ultra sytlish, sleek and chic still. She pulls off this casual look effortlessly. Kudos, mama!

xOnline has a video and photos of the papps giving Hilary flowers for her birthday. In the video below, you see how the behind the scenes hype over the baby bump phenomenon. it shows how stars who may not be at the peak of their career or may ordinarily be uber stalked by papps will all of a sudden become the object of many a photogs in search of that elusive baby bum to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the public to monitor celebrity pregnancies and of the gossip rags (and blogs) that make money off of that appetite.

Lights! Camera! Hollywood!

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Eco Friday: Facebook's new Eco-Game

Trash Tycoon is a green-themed game for Facebook from social gaming startup Guerillapps. The game, which launched this week, teaches players about environmental issues and sustainability while they compete.
Trash Tycoon highlights upcycling, the concept of converting trash into new products. Users take on the role of a recycling entrepreneur, collecting trash and finding new environmentally friendly uses for discarded items such as plastic bags or building material. As you complete upcycling tasks, you earn points, money and ultimately the title of “garbage tycoon.”
The game’s creators believe social play has the ability to affect real-life behaviors. “Something as simple as a social game where players earn points for recycling in the real world is capable of changing people’s behavior for the better,” says Raviv Turner, cofounder and CEO of Guerillapps.
In addition to teaching sustainable behaviors, Trash Tycoon will donate 10% of its in-game purchases, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting climate change.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parents pay hundreds for baby name consultants

Some viewers of the BravoTV show Pregnant in Heels  cringed when watching a high-powered couple hire a team of experts to help them decide what name their child. It seemed so much "extra" of an expense considering how much information is available in books and on the internet to help parents figure out a name for their child. A 2010 Wall Street Journal article pointed out that there are about 80 baby name books that have been published over the past 3 years, according to Bowker, a publishing database.  Compare that to the mere 50 titles published  between 1990 and 1996. It also points out the over 100 specialty websites that are available that deal solely with what to name your baby.
The information overload is also helping parents determine what NOT to name their kid. It quoted one mother who had settled on a name only to Google it and discover that it was also the name of a very famous porn star.
Still, others aren't taking chances and are paying hundreds of dollars to hire consulants to help them name their child.
One parent spent $475, the WSJ article pointed out, on a numerologist to test the moms favorite name to make sure it had positive associations with it. Another set of parents paid a team of baby-name book authors to come up with a list of suggestions for $50.

Indeed, the baby naming business can be big business indeed. It's not as simple as just giving a child a family name anymore.

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Fall Color Trends in Maternity Styles: PURPLE!


ABS's 3/4 dress at A Pea in the Pod on sale at $139.99 in Grape

This fall, pregnant women can wear the trendy colors too. While many women may want to stay away from this season's orange trend, many designers are presenting lines with varying shades of purple: magenta, burgundy, grape, plum and wine. It's a great color that complements many women's complexion. Here are a few styles by various designers in a variety of price points.


GAP Maternity Kimono sweater at $49.95


Isabella Oliver's Ruffle Wrap Dress for $175


Maternal America Blooming Dress


Empire waist hoodie by Olian
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Top 10 Hispanic Baby Names

BabyCenter's Spanish language site surveyed the names submitted by parents on its databases and came up with a list of the top 10 names that US Latinos and Hispanic people gave their children compared to what those in Hispanic and Latin American countries  named their children in 2010. Here is the list:

Top 10 Hispanic baby names

Hispanics in the United States:
Favorite boys' names
1. Alexander
2. Sebastián
3. Daniel
4. Ángel
5. Santiago
6. Diego
7. Alejandro
8. Christopher
9. David
10. Anthony
Hispanics in 20+ Spanish-speaking countries: Favorite boys' names
1. Santiago
2. Sebastián
3. Matías
4. Nicolás
5. Samuel
6. Alejandro
7. Mateo
8. Diego
9. Benjamín
10. Daniel
Hispanics in the United States:
Favorite girls' names
1. Sophia
2. Camila
3. Isabella
4. Valeria
5. Mia
6. Allison
7. Gabriela
8. Emily
9. Ashley
10. Nicole
Hispanics in 20+ Spanish-speaking countries: Favorite girls' names
1. Sofía
2. Valentina
3. Isabella
4. Camila
5. Valeria
6. Mariana
7. Gabriela
8. Sara
9. Daniella
10. María José

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Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner, relaxed style at LAX

A very relaxed and down-to-earth looking Jennifer Garner made her way through LAX airport Sunday. Garner is great because she embodies that comfortable-in-her-skin refreshing attitude. Go mama! Garner and actor hubby Ben Affleck are expecting their third baby.

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1st time Pregnant moms & New Moms -Get paid $150 for survey

A survey and focus group research company wants to pay $150 to first time pregnant moms and new moms to babies under 6 months old for filling out a survey, completing a few blog entries and upload videos and photos for a survey project it is doing on behalf of the company that makes Diaper Genies, Playtex Bottles and a breast pump.

If you are interested, go to this BELLYITCH LINK to fill out the survey and you could have $150 pocket change in  your pocket in no time to splurge on something fun, if you want!


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Study: People react negatively to odd-sounding baby names

Albert Mehrabian, a professor emeritus of psychology at UCLA and author of "The Baby Name Report Card," has conducted surveys of how people react to different names. He found that more common names elicited positive reactions, while unusual names typically brought negative responses. To him, giving children names that stand out may ultimately be no different than sending them to school with their hair dyed blue. "Yes, you can have someone stand out by being bizarre, but that doesn't mean it's going to be good," he says.

Read more about Mehrabian and other considerations related to naming a baby in this 2010 Wall Street Journal piece about the psychology of naming a baby. 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bump Watch: Lindsay Price, maxi-dressed out!

Lipstick Jungle's Lindsay Price was seen out and about recently wearing a flowy maxi dress and looking perky and chatty with the photogs snapping her as she walked to her car! What a good sport! Looking good, lady!
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Bump Watch: Huma Abedin, SoHo strolling with hubby

Huma Abedin, a Hillary Clinton senior aide,was seen strolling hand in hand with her hubby Anthony Weiner through the streets of SoHo recently.  I don't think I've ever seen this woman smile. She seems to be all business all the time. I know hubby did some shady online flirting but still.  I saw a commenter on another site say negative things about Huma because she opted to stay with her husband despite the fact he had to forgo his plans to run for Mayor of New York next year when Mayor Bloomberg steps down after he was busted sexting other women. Sexting is bad, but not as bad as actual cheating. I mean, if he has sought and gotten recovery for his addiction,  is it better that they stay together than throw away an otherwise perfectly good marriage on account of those indiscretions?  Who are we to judge? I know that was a lot of rambling right there, but what are your thoughts?
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Baby Bash & Bling Expo coming to DC

Moms-to-be in the Washington, DC metropolitan area have a chance to attend an interactive lifestyle expo celebrating expecting moms this October 22 from 1 to 4pm at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Silver Spring.  In its second installment this year, the Baby Bash and Bling Expo  show will give preggers ladies and their partners a chance to discover new products, check out the latest maternity fashion trends, get some nutrition tips and even get some ideas for decorating the nursery while watching a "Bump the Runway" maternity fashion show.

Organizers are prepped to serve a brew of Pregginista punch with hors d'oeurves, and have set up a Pickles & Ice Cream Station and Healthy Snacks Bar to "satisfy your baby bump."

Attendees can anticipate lavish exhibits set up by vendors. Guests will leave with swag bags, and the VIP attendees will get a mini-makeover from the Glam Squad. 

For the ticket price, Baby Bash and Bling Expo & Show get access to: 

·         Sampling of treats at Pickles & Ice Cream Station
The 1st Baby Bling held in May at the Westin at National Harbor

·         Live music

·         Door prizes

·         Style sessions

·         “Bump the Runway™” maternity fashion show

·         Signature Pregginista Punch™

·         Raffle giveaways

·         Educational seminars with top experts and doctors

·         Sessions about parenting, moms in business, child proofing your residence and how to save for your baby’s college fund.

·         Discover the physical and mental benefits of prenatal yoga.

·         Complimentary samples and coupons

·         Baby inspired games, giveaways and raffles.

·         A hint of light shopping

·         Networking with other Pregginistas

Sounds like fun. Bellyitch contributors will be on hand to document the fun. Look for us wearing the Bellyitch buttons! See you at the Expo!

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Happy 24th Birthday, Hilary Duff!

Happy Birthday to Hilary Duff  who turns 24 today!!

She was spotted out and about with her husband Mike Comrie last week, conspicuously carrying a shoe box, in what looks like a ploy to conceal her growing bump from roving papps! Loving her preggers style which is shaping up to be one of the tops of all American celebs of late!  The distressed jeans, that soft gray pashmina scarf, and the striped cape top. Great job Lizzie McGuire! 

Here's hoping you're enjoying  your last few months as a DINK (dual income no kids) and get in some Babymoons soon because it all changes after this year! And doesn't she know it. Duff tweeted yesterday, "just laying in bed with mike&some of the pups. Enjoying how quite (sic) it is  Don't think it will last long with this little bambino on the way." 

She looked cute yesterday coming out of a business meeting in Beverly Hills too. 

Enjoy today, Hilary! Cheers!
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Study: Chemotherapy safe during pregnancy

Treating pregnant cancer patients with powerful chemotherapy drugs appears not to harm their unborn children, but pre-term delivery to avoid subjecting them to chemotherapy does, according to a study by cancer experts on Tuesday.

Scientists who studied the health and mental development of children born to mothers treated for cancer in pregnancy found they were not affected by chemotherapy, but were harmed if they were born prematurely, either naturally or by induction.

"The data suggest the children suffer more from prematurity than from prenatal chemotherapy," said Dr. Frederic Amant, a gynecological oncologist at the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium, who led the research and presented his findings at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress (EMCC) in Stockholm.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things to do for your pregnant wife

Be a Good Dad had a great post with a long listing of things dads-to-be can and should do for their pregnant wives. I loved the suggestions. Here is a sampling:

Stop telling her to rest. First and foremost, quit telling her to sit down and rest or take a nap. She has stopped trying to keep the baby in. She is tired of resting and waiting. The best way to get the baby out seems to be moving. Let her move and hope gravity helps speed up the process.

Stop telling her she looks tired. She’s always tired and therefore will always look tired. Reminding her of this will only remind her that she has a few things to say to you and that scruffy hair growing on your face.

Buy her stuff. Little stuff. Magazines, videos, crossword puzzle books. Anything that can help an hour or so pass as quickly as possible.

Buy the baby stuff. Diapers are good. Cute baby pajamas are better. I recommend only getting one thing at a time. Just seeing a cute baby something is enough to get a smile. Would you rather have a smile every couple of days or just once when you buy a whole new wardrobe at one time?

Take care of low stuff. Pick up stuff off the floor before she gets around to it. Move the laundry so she doesn’t have to bend over. BeAGoodMom likes to remind us that she only can bend over a handful of times a day. Don’t make her waste those bend overs doing chores.

Take charge once in a while. Instead of saying, “I’ll help with dinner. What should I make?” just make a decision and run with it. Sure she might get sick of Mac & Cheese and frozen pizza but she’ll be happy to not have to make the ever stressful what’s-for-dinner decision every night.

There's more. Head on over to Be A Good Dad and while you're there, bookmark it for future reference!
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Bump Watch: Beyonce in Purple, chats with AP

Associated Press
While wearing a flowy purple goddess dress, Beyonce sat down with the Associated Press last week and dished about having a heightened sense of smell while pregnant, wanting to start her own label and maybe launching a boy band. How fun! Read the entire interview.
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10 Things Kids Tattle on Each other for

Oh em gee! This post from the BabysittingJobs folks couldn't come quicker. My three children are in that ripe season of their lives that all they do is tattle on each other! Here are 10 reasons kids tattle.
Tattling has been around since the beginning of time. Usually kids tattle in order to get attention for themselves, and negative attention for the other sibling or playmate. Listed below are ten things kids tattle on each other for.
  1. Hitting. This is the one that we usually tell children to tattle about. The general rule for most parents has always been that unless someone is getting hurt, then don’t tattle.
  2. Coloring on Walls. This one tends to be for younger children and again is a form of tattling you may not want to discourage. If one child is being destructive, then an adult should be notified not only to clean the mess, but to discourage the behavior as well.
  3. Not Sharing. Probably the most common tale to be tattled is a complaint about not sharing. Try to encourage the children to resolve this issue on their own by helping them to see the others point of view.
  4. Inappropriate Words. While this type of behavior should be discouraged, you may wish to encourage the tattler to try a different response to the language. Instead of tattling,  suggest that they share their feelings by telling the other child that they don’t think they should be using those words.
  5. Sticking Out Their Tongue. More often than not, this one will likely be a repeat offense. Usually the one tattling is the older child who taught the younger one this offense to begin with.
You can check out the other 5 at BabysittingJobs.

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Will Beyonce's pregnancy be the end of her reign as a sex symbol?

1970s actress & sex symbol Pam Grier as Foxy Brown & now
Beyonce was barely into her second trimester when celeb watchers began to hypothesize that her first baby may spell the end to her career as a sex symbol.  To bring home the point, one notable entertainment reporter told Bellyitch he believes Beyonce may follow the footsteps of black pop sex symbols of  yesteryear who lost their sex symbol status and appeal after having a baby or gaining a significant amount of weight.  

This particular reporter, who requested to remain anonymous, mentioned 1970s Blaxploitation Film Megastar Pam Grier of the Foxy Brown fame, 1980s object of all Black men's fascination Jayne Kennedy, the model/actress turned first black woman to commentate for the NFL, and 1980s actress Jackee Harry.

1980s Actress/Model Jayne Kennedy before & after having children 

Pam Grier, who Quentin Tarantino once called the first female action hero, still acts though once she gained some weight over time as many women do, she was no longer offered coveted sex symbol roles. She never gave birth and took a hiatus from acting but has a number of roles and productions she is set to star in this year and next. 

Meanwhile, Jayne Kennedy resigned to the role of mom and wife after having her first child Savannah in 1985.  She has two other children Kopper Joi (born May 17, 1989) and Zaire Ollyea (born September 15, 1995).  Before then, Kennedy, a former pageant queen, was the first black woman to grace the cover of Playboy magazine.

Jackee Harry also never had a child, but played opposite Marla Gibbs (Florence in the 1970s sitcom, The Jeffersons) in the long running 1980s NBC sitcom 227, which launched the career of acclaimed actress Regina King (Ray, Jerry McGuire, Miss Congeniality, Southland) who played the part of Gibbs' daughter, Brenda on that show. Harry played an adopted mom to one of the twins on ABC/WB's Sister, Sister  with Tia  and Tamera Mowry and now can be seen performing in various cameo roles. This once curvacious bombshell was the object of many male fans and admirers.

Jackee Harry was a 1980s sex symbol & later played a mom in Sister Sister
It may be too soon to be prognosticating such an end for Beyonce.  Certainly, she will be empowered with an army of personal chefs and trainers to get her body back after delivering her baby this winter 2012.  

Also, there is a host of female entertainers who have been able to bounce back. For example, former Spice Girl and current Australian X-Factor judge Melanlie "Mel B" Brown looked her best and sexiest in 2010 while being a spokesperson for a lingerie line and performing in a burlesque show. By that time, she had already given birth to daughters in 1999 (Phoenix) and 2006 (Angel Iris).  Many other A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry have managed to bounce back and retake their spots as sex symbols after delivering their babies.  
After having 2 kids, Mel B bounced back, appearing in an Ultimo lingerie campaign

Also, this writer pointed out Beyonce's resemblance to her mom Tina Knowles, who is still quite stunning for a mature woman. Still, does he have a point? What are your thoughts?

Beyonce during her pregnancy reveal on 2011 MTVs VMAs & her momager/business partner Tina Knowles

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