Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beyonce's pregnancy breaks Twitter record & boosts her album sales

News of Beyonce's pregnancy during the MTV VMAs this Sunday shattered the Twitter record for tweets per second. "A staggering 8,868 Tweets were sent per second about Beyonce and her growing baby bump,' a spokesman for the  social networking site said. "Before B, the highest number of Tweets posted per second was during the women’s soccer World Cup earlier this summer between Japan and America this summer, during which an average 7,196 Tweets were posted per second."

Not only did the news give Twitter a bump, it also gave sales of her single "Love on Top". of her latest album "4"  a bump.  Christian post reports
Before the big announcement, Beyoncé's album, “4”, which was released on June 24, sold less than 700,000 units according to Nielsen. This seemed disappointing for some, who watched the singer’s 2003 solo debut “Dangerously in Love” sell 3.3 million.

Beyoncé's 2006 release, “B’Day” pulled in 3 million units while the 2008 release “I Am...Sasha Fierce” sold 5 million. After two months on the shelves, the singer’s latest album seemed to be under-performing in comparison to her other efforts.

After Beyoncé performed the song “Love on Top” from the album “4”, Rolling Stone reports that her record sales were boosted. Before she performed the song, the singer told fans that she would like them “to feel the love that’s growing inside”

Days later, “Love on Top” made its way into iTunes Top 10 song charts, where it is currently number six. The album “4,” currently sits at number 10.
As The Hollywood Gossip which followed the Twitter buzz after the announcement  reported, several people tweeted that they thought the entire pregnancy reveal was a publicity stunt to get increased sales.  First, a fake bump and now a publicity stunt. Wow! This woman's detractors never cease to amaze me.

Personally, I had never heard that song she performed on the show beofre, but after seeing her perform it and hearing it, I grew an affinity for it.  I had not been too crazy with her recent stuff, but something about the old school rhythm and blues feel to "Love on Top" reminds me of one of my favorite all time artists, Michael Jackson.  So as to the bump, I'd say it has to do with people like me who liked what they heard not necessarily folks simply going out and buying a song because Beyonce told everyone she is pregnant and said "I want you to feel the love that is growing inside of me."

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Trendy Maternity: Colored Denims

Well just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you can't get in on the recent colored denim trend. Lookey, Asos makes a colored denim in a skinny variety that it sells for a mere $63! 

True not everyone has the fashion bravado nor body type to pull this off, but God bless you if you can! Awesome!

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Bump Watch: Tori Spelling out with Liam and Stella, Style Check

Tori Spelling was spotted out and about with her kids Liam and Stella wearing an electric blue button frock, paired with her favorite funky gladiator sandals.  I'm not too crazy about the accessories. The owl pendant seems too heavy and that tried and true over-sized tan leather tote she's always seen carrying around needs a rest.  

Vanessa Hudgens w/JJ Winters bag

To update this look and be current with the latest fashion trends, I would've gone with a fringe bag with a long strap.  The long strap would give her the flexibility and freedom to move around with kids and a mini fringe like the one JJ Winters makes would complement the light and feminine dress she is wearing better than that big bulky bag.

I love Tori's candidness and openness.  She recently tweeted about being frustrated over not being able to see her "lady parts" any longer because her belly is getting so much bigger.  TMI? Maybe. Funny? Yes!
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How Can You Help Your Toddler Talk?

by Eirian Hallinan -Babies, even before they are born have an inbuilt curiosity and interest in human voices. They instinctively want to listen to and concentrate on sounds especially human voices. When you are thinking about how you can encourage your toddler to develop his speech remember this in-built instinct he naturally has.

Talk directly to your toddler as often as you can. Look at him when you are talking so he can see your facial expressions and your gestures. He will get more repetition and explanation when he is alone with you rather than when you are reading to him and another sibling for example.

Talk through the things you are about to do and actions you are making. “OK, let’s go and make lunch, we are going to have carrots and peas and some pie, would you like that?” or when you are taking your toddler for a bath or dressing him say things like, “right, let’s take your jumper off, over your head!” as you take it off and “one sock off, two socks off, wiggle those toes!” By matching your words with your actions your toddler will begin to understand what things mean.

Mirror what you are saying with your facial expressions. When you want a hug from your toddler look at him when you smile and say, “Come here gorgeous boy, Mummy wants to give you a cuddle”. It does not matter that your toddler does not understand every word you say, he will soon associate your overall communication with certain things and actions. If you are about to have dinner, let him see you putting the plates and cups on the table and say “It is dinner time now”. He will soon know what this means and will head to his high chair. Putting tasks, activities and things in context for him will aid him to understand the meanings of things.

The way you express things by your emphasis on words and sentences can make learning to talk more exciting for your child. Certainly your excited expression about seeing a boat or a plane will catch his attention as will your soft, caring expression do when you are stroking a pet. Lots of expression and enthusiasm will motivate your toddler to speak himself and understand what you are saying.


20 year anniversary of "The Bump Watch" - Bellyitch's 4 year Blogaversary

This month marks the 20th anniversary of The Celebrity Bump Watch, the practically obsessive fanatical interest in watching the growing belly of a pregnant celebrity. It all started 20 years ago  when Demi Moore graced the cover of Vanity Fair nude in an iconic photograph.

Coincidentally, today also mark's the 4th anniversary of the launch of Bellyitch. It has grown, changed and evolved over the years from a personal blog documenting my own personal pregnancy to a mom blog that did regular product reviews and give-a-ways to what it is now, a celebrity watch, advice, tips, news and information source.

Bellyitch has had at least three header pages and blog buttons and several different layouts, designs and colors.

Each year, I like to commemorate the blog's anniversary with a special project. 

In year's past, I've posted updates of very popular and often searched "The Most Expensive Baby" items listings and other years  have shared "rewind" versions of the most popular past posts.  

This year, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Celebrity Bump Watch, and Bellyitch's own history of bump watch, we present slideshows and "yearbooks" of celebrities who were pregnant each year that Bellyitch has been existence.  

Today, we start with the Bellyitch Bumpwatch Class of 2007.  ENJOY!

 CLASS OF 2007
Jenna Elfman, Christina Alguilera, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Nicole Richie & Garcelle Beauvais

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sandra Rose claims Beyonce's bump is fake based on these recent PHOTOS

Notorious celebrity gossip blogger Sandra Rose is claiming that Beyonce sported a fake baby bump and announced a pregnancy just to get attention at Sunday's MTV VMAs.  Rose bases her assumption on the above photo of Beyonce taken nearly two weeks ago at a concert in  New York. In this photo, Beyonce's tummy looks noticeably smaller than the bump as the one sported on Sunday.  However, check out the photos BELOW THE FOLD which clearly reveal that a tiny bump was indeed hidden under Bey's outfit. 

Further, if Sandra Rose, a bonafide and well-known Beyonce hater,  doesn't know ( not sure if she has kids or when she last had a baby) but many women "pop" in their 4th month of pregnancy, meaning their tummies get exponentially larger as they enter their 2nd trimester and the baby grows.  You can be virtually bump free one week and then all of a sudden develop a very noticeable bump the next.

But I guess, Sandra Rose will have to eat crow soon as a growing belly and an ultimate delivery are very hard to fake! I remember when Usher Raymond's ex-wife Tameka Raymond was pregnant with his first child, people used to say she was faking her pregnancy too because she didn't look pregnant in an Ebony magazine shoot.  However, for all those wishing she wasn't really pregnant, sure as day, Tameka eventually delivered a baby. So an actual delivery squelched that rumor good. 

Women Googling "Early Signs of Pregnancy" proves Hurricane Irene baby boom imminent

Elizabeth Flock at The Washington Post did a story today indicating that following Hurricane Irene's swarm through the east coast of the United States, there was a surge of online searches for "early signs of pregnancy."  The story hypothesizes that these searches may be an early indicator that the east coast may be in for a baby boom around 9 months from now.

This morning the term “early signs of pregnancy” was among the top 20 on Google Trends.

Flock cites which says there is a pattern of post- storm baby booms. "Baby births increased nine months after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, after Hurricane Ike in September 2008, and after 'snowmageddon' in 2010," the Post notes.

And it seems all the hype surrounding a storm has something to do with it also.  Anyone watching nightly news knows there was lots of hype over Irene.

 A 2010 paper published in the Journal of Population Economics found that birth rates depend not on the storm itself but on the severity of the advisory associated with it.

“If you’re likely to get hit by something that’s life-threatening, you’re not making babies,” co-author of the study Richard W. Evans writes. But in a tropical storm like Irene, “you’ve got nothing better to do [than engage in sexual activity].”

That may go to show you that people may not really thought Hurricane Irene was the end of the world after all! 

Can't wait till all the Taurus babies arrive next Spring! It's a population control freak's worst nightmare! LOL!

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Bump Watch: January Jones, fashionable in stripes


I'm so happy January Jones has stepped up her maternity fashion game. This past Saturday while lunching in Los Feliz, California, she was spotted wearing a nice fitted, sleeveless striped maxi dress, a comfortable hip length cardigan, a fab oversized leather hobo bag and brown tinted aviator glasses. Keeping it simple and chic, I see. Nice too that she's shed the frown we usually saw her wearing in photos earlier on.  

Jones, who has not shared who is the father of her soon to be born child, is in her third trimester.  An earlier photo of her checking out blue onesies at Target leads many to believe she is expecting a baby boy though Jones has not confirmed that news.
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"Speed Dating" to find the perfect Midwife or OB in Virgina

Star-Telegram / Jon P. Uzzel

Well, I'll be! Who knew there was such a thing!?! A Virginia hospital is hosting an event, called Stork Express, which will essentially be speed rapid-fire dating types of events where newly pregnant women can interview several different midwives and OB?GYNs on one day in hopes of finding the perfect practitioner! How novel and efficient! 

The process of finding just the right OB or midwife can be daunting and take a lot of time. This seems like a wonderful way to get a lot of information, compare and contrast professionals on the spot and ask a lot of questions at one time. You get a one-on-one meet with the doc, get the chat with the staff and mingle with other expecting parents.
And as ABC News reported last year about a Texas hospital doing the same thing, Speed Dating is beneficial for doctors as well. One doctor with a foreign name said she feared patients would've been hesitant signing up with her based on seeing her name in the insurance directory and attending the speed dating session have patients to meet her up front and relieve their concerns.

It's not only about pregnant couples either. You can meet with Infertility specialists and high-risk pregnancy physicians (Perinatologists).
Physicians and staff from Inova Fair Oaks and Loudoun hospitals will be participating at the event in Reston. Physicians and staff from Inova Alexandria and Fairfax hospitals will be participating at the event in Arlington.

For those in the Northern Virginia area, Stork Express is offering two sessions in September and October: 

Thursday, September 22
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.Hyatt Regency Reston

Thursday, October 6
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.Westin Arlington Gatew

Seating is limited so you'd have to register pretty quickly by calling 

Inova Women's Services
8110 Gatehouse Road, Suite 500
Falls Church, VA 22042
(571) 423-5578

Each parent gets a gift and is registered to win a Babymoon! Nice!

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Casting Call: Expectant mothers in LA for Documentary

Got another casting call announcement in my inbox. Check it out ladies:

Doron Ofir Casting is looking for expectant mothers in their second trimester for a new documentary series about the journey to motherhood in the city of Los Angeles.
This new series celebrates the adventure from your point of view. Take us on your journey through the sometimes irrational, decidedly demanding, high maintenance wonderment of pregnancy. Share the miracle of your body taking you to places you never thought it would; the lower back pains, mood swings, cravings, exhaustion and new-found appetites.
If you are at the end of your first or into your second trimester and within 40 miles of the greater Los Angeles area, you could be eligible to star in a new exciting series that celebrates the roller coaster ride of pregnancy.
This is your time and opportunity to express yourself and everything that you’re going through. A chance to vent and share your experiences or show off, and not to mention get the ultimate travelogue of your journey to motherhood in Los Angeles and everything that comes along with it. If selected, you will receive an episodic stipend.

To apply for the casting call, email your name, age, complete contact information including phone number and a recent picture to:

Good Luck and let me know if any of you submit and get cast! And do tell them Bellyitch sent you! Thanks!

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Beyonce's pregnancy forces delay of her next film project

Since Beyonce announced  that she is pregnant with her first child Sunday on the MTV Video Music Awards, it has been reported that veteran actor/filmmaker Clint Eastwood will have to push back filming of a remake of the classic "A Star is Born."  Eastwood had decided to pair Beyonce with a Will Smith caliber actor in the remake.  Deadline reports that the pregnancy news will give Eastwood a chance to shop for the best male lead to play opposite Beyonce.

I guess Star power will allow Hollywood filmmakers to wait for you to give birth and recover.  Too bad Hilary Duff cannot command that type of perk.  But she isn't doing too badly.  I last heard she was given a $100,000 severance package for getting cut from a remake of "Bonnie and Clyde".  Producers of that film opted to move on without Duff.  I think many of us will take a $100K package for doing nothing, although had the film done well, she may be better off had the filmmakers waited.  I guess not everyone can make people wait like Beyonce.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Bump Watch: Alyssa Milano, still baking baby

Alyssa Milano shared a photo of her near term bump this weekend while she sat on the couch with her pooch! Cute look. She rocks the maxi dress well. She also recently tweeted to Rose McGowan about her son's impending birth,  "He isn't baked yet! He just emailed me and told me he needs some more time. :)".

Take your time, baby boy! No need to rush!Who wants to take bets though that Milano is definitely up next?

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Bates family expecting their 19th baby, trying to outseat Duggars

A couple who have 18 children have announced they are expecting number 19.

Kelly and Gil Bates, who are evangelical Christians and do not believe in using birth control, are over the moon to be expecting another baby, who is due on Valentine's Day 2012.

The announcement came as the family, who range from 22-year-old Zach to 11-month-old Judson were filmed for ABC news. The couple from Tennessee were shown on camera having an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

Kelly, who home schools her younger children, had been taking hormones to help her carry a baby to full term after suffering three miscarriages, and is now over the moon to be expecting another baby:

'It feels more normal to me to be pregnant than not be pregnant. I'm happy holding a baby.' Kelly, 44, has spent almost her entire adult life pregnant, but looks remarkably youthful.

Their massive brood includes Zach, 22, Michaela, 21, Erin, 19, Lawson, 18, Nathan, 17, Alyssa, 16, Tori, 15, Trace, 14, Carlin, 13, Josie, 12, Katie, 11, Jackson, nine, Warden, eight, Isaiah, six, Addallee, five, Ellie, four, Callie-Anna, two, and baby Judson.

The couple also told the program they ultimately would like to have an even 10 girls and 10 boys, which would make them the largest American family, a title currently held by the Duggars, a reality TV family who Kelly, Gil and their children are good friends with...

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Study: US Unintended pregnancy among poor on the rise

Unintended pregnancies make up almost half of all pregnancies in the U.S. But a new study shows that rates are rising among poor women and declining  among women with adequate economic resources.

The report, released Wednesday by researchers at the Guttmacher Institute, reviews data from 1994 through 2006. The unintended pregnancy rate among women with incomes below the poverty line rose 50% in that time period. Among higher-income women, the rate fell 29%

Researchers found that poor women have higher unintended pregnancy rates regardless of their education, race, ethnicity, marital status or age.

The statistics "show that marriage is not, in and of itself, a solution to the problems women have in controlling their fertility: In fact, poor women who are married have unintended pregnancy rates more than twice as high as those of higher-income women who are unmarried or cohabiting," the authors wrote.About 43% of unintended pregnancies end in abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

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Bump Watch: Nia Long, behind the scenes EBONY mag shoot

Celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright shared the above photo of herself and Nia Long before Long was  to pose in a shoot for an upcoming Ebony magazine cover last week. "Nia Long and I behind the scenes at the Eony cover shoot," Wright wrote. "Pregnancy suits her - absolutely beautiful!" 

Nia is glowing and certainly Wright worked her magic. Wright has worked with such big names as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Tyra Banks, Iman, Brandy, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson and her hair designs have been prominently featured on the pages of Vanity Fair, Elle, Essence,Vogue, Glamour, among others and is displayed on hit television shows like The Tyra Show, America's Next Top Model, and America’s Got Talent.

Can't wait to see the final product!
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Behind the scenes after Beyonce's bump revealing VMA performance (VIDEO)

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music, Beyoncé

After Beyonce broke the news that she was pregnant on the Black Carpet of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards yesterday, she let the rest of the world know later that evening on stage.  

As she she took the stage to begin an energetic performance of her song "Love on Top" (above) from her latest album "4", Beyonce ad libed "I want you all to feel the love that is growing inside of me." As she wrapped up the number, she ended it by dropping the mic, opening her sequined jacket to reveal her bump that she then rubbed signaling to millions of people in the audience and watching that she was indeed pregnant! 
She was glowing and seemed so happy.  Her husband, Jay-Z, in the audience, was seen bouncing up and down and clearly ecstatic that his wife of 3 years (the couple married on April 4, 2008) had let the news out to the world.  Kanye West, who was seated next to Jay,  patted Jay on the back and it appeared as if Jay-Z didn't know his wife was planning to share the news that way and it was a surprise to him too!

It was a fitting reveal for a couple that is so private.  I was so happy to see them go the non-conventional route and not just release a statement to People magazine as everyone else does. Instead, they  made the announcement on their own terms, especially after years of speculation, rumor, and false reporting.  They certainly raised the bar for over-the-top announcement. It will be hard to top that!

After the performance, MTV revealed:

When Beyoncé returned backstage to her dressing room, she was greeted by a team of people who enveloped the visibly happy star with hugs, cheers and congratulations. 

"I'm free!" she said to one of the well-wishers, indicating that she and Jay are thrilled to not have to keep such a big secret any longer. "We're all free!" she said to the group. 

A few minutes after her arrival backstage, she was joined by her husband, a very excited West (whose first words upon entering the dressing-room area were "Where is Beyoncé?" as if he could not wait to give B a huge hug) and her former Destiny's Child ladies, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Even with the doors to their dressing rooms closed, the applause and whoops of joy could be heard everywhere backstage.'

"That was an eventful night, to say the least," Jay, still smiling, said to some of the revelers in the hallway, who continued to shower him with congratulations and hugs.
What a night indeed!  Before yesterday's announcement, Beyonce was among that cadre of female celebrities who fans wanted to see pregnant for a long time.  The reaction from fans was over the top and many reported breaking into tears over the news.
Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Khloe Kardashian and Giuliana Rancic are still on that list unless one or more of them is already pregnant and waiting to share the news.

Before they finally got pregnant and had children, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman were tops on that list of stars who fans desperately wanted to see pregnant.

Today is the beginning of endless Beyonce bump watch stories and photos among many non-bump watch sites and news outlets.  I also predict that the buzz and frenzy around Beyonce's pregnancy may linger longer and coverage of it may be larger than coverage of Victoria Beckman, who finally delivered a baby girl earlier this year after having three boys for her soccer star husband David Beckman.

If the Carters thought the paparazzi were a bother before, I do hope they're ready for what's next! It's going to be a paparazzi frenzy and a test to their security team and close circle of friends.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

VMA Shocker! Beyonce is pregnant! (PHOTOS)


On the Black carpet of this evening's 2011 MTV Music Video Awards, Beyonce cupped her belly in an obvious indication to fans that she is pregnant. If this isn't a subtle announcement, I don't know what is!

MTV tweeted the below photo and Beyonce herself confirmed the pregnancy with paparazzi.

She and rapper/mogul Sean "Jay-Z" Carter have been married since April 4, 2008.

Congratulations Beyonce and Jay Z! Well, this is one time we can DEFINITELY say you saw it HERE first (well before any other celebrity bump watch blog anyway!)

 Bump watch is SOOOO ON!!!!! WOOT!!!

source: MTV via Twitter

Beyonce receives congratulations from veteran actress Cloris Leachman during MTV VMAs credit: MTV

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Bump Watch: Tori Spelling at the docs

Tori Spelling was spotted out and about and heading to the docs this week as well, looking healthy and happy. Love the dress!
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Top 20 "whitest" and "blackest" kids names

The  listed the top 20 Whitest names and Top 20 Blackest names on its site.  In pop culture, we joke about things like this, but could there be more to it than a joke? I don't know. Take a look at the list. What do you think? Think it's based on stereotypes? Don't get mad at me. Blame it on ha!

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Lindsay Sloane is pregnant

credit: PacificCoastNews

US Weekly revealed this Thursday (August 25) that "Horrible Bosses" and Showtime's "Weeds" star, Lindsay Sloane, is pregnant.  This will be her and her husband Dar Rollin's first child. Congrats!
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