Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bump Watch: Jessica Alba at Lucky Mag cover event

Jessica Alba tweeted about heading to the Lucky Mag event, held July 20, asking followers to help her pick what type of lip and eye to go in. Alba is on the August 2011 cover of the magazine wearing an awesome Dolce & Gabbana dress.  

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Man gets $1000 speeding to save pregnant wife

Rushing to save his baby's life, David Weber was issued a huge speeding ticket (JOE BRYKSA / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS).

A man in Manitoba, Canada has been given a whopping $1,000 ticket and a suspended driver's license  as punishment for speeding to the hospital in order to save the life of his pregnant wife and his unborn child, reported the Winnipeg Free Press.

David Weber and his wife Genevieve one day last March were on their way home from a day of shopping when she began to have contractions. Genevieve was 38 weeks pregnant and the couple knew, because of complications she incurred while giving birth to their first child, they had very little time to get her to the hospital for a Caesarean section.

In what is described as an adrenaline-filled panic, Mr. Weber mashed the gas pedal of his Honda Civic, and began speeding towards the hospital on "lightly trafficked roads," the newspaper reported, at more than 105 MPH.

Unfortunately, the couple flew right by a police officer.The couple's first reaction was that of relief, thinking the officer would hear their situation and offer them an escort to the hospital. Forget it."[The officer] said, 'If you go to [the hospital], I don't want to see you guys speeding,'" David told the Winnipeg Free Press. "I was half-crying... I said, 'We don't have time for a lecture.' (I was) trying to save my wife and baby's life."

After a 15-minute delay, the Weber's were back on the road, but with a baby-gift of a $1,000 speeding ticket, and time running out.


How to give a pregnancy massage (VIDEO)

Pregnancy Massage Techniques -- powered by ehow

During a massage, a pregnant woman should lie on her side with a pillow under her head as the massage therapist concentrates on the aches in the hips and the cramping in the legs. 

The above video from eHow is tailored to massage therapist but partners may find some of this useful for quick massages while home AND not everyone can afford to get a professional massage. 
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Runners: How Pregnancy Can Change your Training

Runner and mom-to-be Katie Key shared how she had to change her running after becoming pregnant.  Her OB/GYN gave her these final recommendations. She wrote:

Finally my first appointment with my OB/GYN came around. I gave him my history of running, and he gave me the thumbs up to keep up with my training, with a few rules:
  • NO marathons. I am allowed to run up to the half marathon distance only.
  • NO open water swims. He knew I wanted to get into triathlons and he made me promise to only swim in clear pool water. That reduces the chance of my getting accidentally kicked.
  • Drink AT LEAST a gallon of water a day. Yes, a GALLON. That’s a lot of water.
  • Monitor my heart rate religiously. I used to only monitor my HR when I was training or concerned with staying in a certain zone, but now I wear it during all exercise … no matter what.
  • Always be mindful of the heat and use common sense. If I feel light-headed, woozy, weak, or feel anything abnormal whatsoever, stop and walk/rest immediately.
Read the complete account at NOLA

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to Prevent Leg Cramps during pregnancy (VIDEO)

To prevent leg cramps during pregnancy, increase the circulation in the legs through exercise, heat application and massage. Prevent pregnancy-related leg cramps with tips from a gynecologist and obstetrician in this video on pregnancy from eHow.

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Bump Watch: Lily Allen at Reebok & Wallpaper party

Lily Allen posed for pics while attending the  Reebok and Wallpaper party.  What a stylish and well put together look. You can barely see her belly but that is okay because this look totally makes up for it. Woot.  Rooting for her! After several highly publicized miscarriages including a recent still born at 6 months gestation, I think everyone is praying she has a healthy full term delivery later this year.  Go Lily! 
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Study: Pregnancy related stroke on the rise

The numbers of US women having a stroke during pregnancy has surged, according to doctors.
The incidents increased from 4,085 in 1994-5 to 6,293 in 2006-7, the journal Stroke suggests.
It is thought other risk factors such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes may be to blame.
The Stroke Association said it was concerned by the sharp increase. Pregnancy is a known - if small - risk factor for stroke.
This study compared data from more than 1,000 hospitals in 1994-5 with 2006-7.
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Bump Watch: Nia Long and boyfriend Udoka on a stroll

Nia Long and her NBA star boyfriend Ime Udoka of the San Antonia Spurs. Looking radiant there, mama.  The couple are expecting their first child in the fall. It will be Nia's second. She has a  10-year old son   Massai Z. Dorsey  II from a previous relationship with actor Massai Zhivago Dorsey I

Since I was born in Africa, I am loving the African connection Udoka's dad is part Nigerian and Udoka has played for the Nigerian National Team in the past. Africa Oh yeah! 

If they have a boy, the kid will likely be gorgeous AND tall and could possibly be one of the few Basketball players who can actually act - that is if he gets all of his parents' genes! ha!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bump Watch: January Jones set to return to "Mad Men" tapings

January Jones, who plays Betty Draper in the hit series Mad Men, is set to return to the set to start taping the next season.  As can be seen here during a recent outing in LA, California, clearly she cannot hide this growing belly.  Perhaps there will be above bump shots or will Betty be taken over by aliens who invade her body which rapidly grows an alien baby? We'll have to wait and see...

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EcoFriday: 10 Suprising Tips for a Green Pregnancy

HuffPost's Miss Eco Etiquette and Editor of The Red, White and Green offered a slideshow of 10 Surprising Tips for a Green Pregnancy over at Huffington post. Simple things like Learn to Cook, Walk more and Ask for services rather than stuff. Some of it I agree with, others, eh, not so much. I seems to be geared towards people who are DEFINITELY NOT TREE HUGGERS but who still want to do their small part to be less wasteful while pregnant.  Oh okay. Sure. I get it. I like the tips because they save you money and the more money you have saved, the more you can splurge on children's clothes! ---Or be responsible and save it, I guess. It is still a tough economy out there for most people.  Have a look and judge for yourself.
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Woman does pull-ups all 9months of pregnancy (VIDEO)

Jennie's Pregnancy Progression Video from Jennie Yundt on Vimeo.

A fitness buff Jennie Yundt filmed herself doing pull-ups throughout her pregnancy. Wow! What an amazing pregnancy progression video! Watch!
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Facebook now lets you add you are expecting a child

Facebook users may now display that they have an “Expected: Child” within the family section of their profile beneath their profile picture. The option is available in the Friends & Family section of the profile editor, and users may also set a due date and name for their unborn child, though no actual profile or Page is created for the child.

How to Add an Expected Child
Now, alongside the option to list a Facebook friend as one’s brother, cousin, or other family member, users can add list an expected child. To do so, users visit their profile, click “Edit Profile”, enter the Family & Friends tab, and under Family select to “Add another family member”. They can then select “Expected: Child” from the drop down, and then choose to enter a due date and name.

A blank profile picture labeled “Expected: Child” along with the name and due date if applicable are then shown in the Family section of the user’s profile. Unlike other listed family members, clicking the expected child’s panel just reload’s the parent’s profile. Listing an expected child also generates an activity feed story on the parent’s wall and the news feed of their friends.

Previously, parents on Facebook often used profile pictures of ultrasound scans, as well as status updates to announce they were expecting a child, but there wasn’t a good way to persistently display this information without making it the focus of one’s profile. In some cases, parents would create a profile for their unborn child, which violates Facebook’s terms of service, or alternatively create an official Page for them. This new option lets users to prominently display the momentous news of having a baby on the way without creating a separate presence for the child.

Read more at Inside Facebook

A funny glitch is that it also permits you to tag a friend as that expected child who is NOT yet born. 

 It has been fodder and the subject of many a practical jokes recently.  What happens is you can send a tag request to someone you don't know.  It's great for those Maury Povich jokes. "Melissa is here with 5 men and she wants our show to take tests on all of them to determine which man she had unprotected sex with within a 2 week span is the father of her 2 year old Kelly..." 

Ha! That's two...count em...TWO Maury Povich jokes in ONE week!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew is pregnant

Grey's anatomy Actress Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner  on the hit show, is pregnant with her and husband Peter Lanfer's child, according to People.
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11 Wacky Birth & Pregnancy Announcement Cards

 Baby and pregnancy announcement cards don't have to be all sentimental. Funny works. Here are 11 (including the one above) fun cards and where to get yours!

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Banning babies from airplanes?

courtesy Wash.Times/Lance McCord
Mom to twin boys Nancy Sathre-Vogel from the blog Family on Bikes blog at The Communities at The Washington Times wrote a  great piece on banning babies from public places.

Malaysia Airlines banned babies from many of their first class cabins last month, and other airlines are considering a similar ban. Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil said their ban is in response to complaints from first class passengers about being unable to sleep due to crying infants.

It’s not only airlines that are banning kids. Restaurants, movie theatres and even grocery stores are considering limiting the number of hours parents with children can shop.

Continue reading at the Washington Times Communities. And also read it to get the link to the the Other less polite version of the story she wanted to write before self-censoring herself. 
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Lauryn Hill addresses rumors in a statement

Lauryn Hill released a statement via Twitter addressing the various rumors being circulated  in the media and blogsphere. about her relationship with her children's father Rohan Marley:

Mr. Marley and I have a long, complex history in which MANY inaccuracies have been reported since the beginning. To speculate without the facts can only cause people to form WRONG conclusions. We both value privacy and for that reason defend and preserve our right to it. Contrary to the numerous reports, Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us. Thank you for your concern and I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of my new son. Until next time,
 -Ms. Hill

Well there you have it! So that clears it up. In the words of the great Maury Povich, "Rohan the father of Lauryn Hill's 6th baby!" 

Well Lauryn, you know lady, this only opens up more speculation about who IS the 6th baby's dad.

Sorry mama, thus is the life of a celeb who has an eager fan base and prying public who can't get enough details of your intimate private life. Never enough. 
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7 tips for dealing with a child who whines

Pre-verbal children use crying to get what they need. After learning to talk, many children have trouble breaking this habit. In fact, some develop a rather complex system of sounds and gestures that sometimes includes crying, sometimes pouting, sometimes tantrums, and sometimes a loud, whiny voice. For parents, as much as we love our children, these behaviors can be infuriating, not to mention embarrassing when they happen in public.

There are many ways to deal with children who whine, but the most important thing is not to give in. When you hear that distressed voice, every instinct will make you want to do whatever you can to make your child happy. But this is one of those cases where tough love is better in the long run. By refusing to give in to your child’s whining and tantrums, you demonstrate that those are not legitimate methods for getting what we want. It may take some time, but the lesson will sink in eventually.

If merely ignoring your child’s whining has not stopped the behavior, here are some additional things you can do:

1. Acknowledge your child’s feelings. In many cases, whining is simply a way to get attention. Make sure your child knows that you appreciate her feelings and that she does not need to resort to harsh tones of voice to get your attention.

2. Learn the patterns. If there are certain things that regularly cause your child to go into a whining fit, learn to recognize the signs before it happens. For example, if your child is more likely to whine when it is near bedtime or when he has been playing with other kids, take actions to prevent the typical whining triggers that come up at these times.

3. Speak your child’s language. Express your frustration in ways that your child will understand. Use short “I” statements that describe easily identifiable feelings-for example, “I do not like it when you whine,” or “I like it better when you ask nicely for things.” Make these statements in a calm, rational voice that models how you would like your child to speak.

4. Be a model of good behavior. A child’s whining may make you feel tempted to raise your voice, but it is usually best to stay calm. There are times when a firm tone and even a loud voice are necessary to get a child to behave, but there is no need to use these routinely. Instead, demonstrate that big people communicate with calm voices.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bump Watch Bonanza: Ali, Mel B, Tori at Denise Richard's shower (PHOTOS)

Dealing wih the shenanagins of her ex Charlie Sheen must be grueling,  but Denise Richards has new joy in her life, a recently adopted daughter Eloise who joins Richard's daughters she has with Sheen, Lola and Sam! This past weekend, she hosted a baby shower to welcome Eloise that was attended by some current bump watch babes, Tori Spelling, Ali Landry and Mel B!  Richards tweeted before the event "So excited for Eloise's shower today. Gonna be amazing!" 

Mel B looking at the photographers wearing a colorful print

Ali Landry arrives with gift in hand and tip for the valet in other hand? LOL!

Tori Spelling and Ali Landry

Tori Spelling arrives

Oww! Mel B LIVES in her 3 inch Louboutins

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Study: IVF kids smarter than unplanned ones


Children who were conceived through infertility treatment start school with speech skills up to eight months more advanced than those born after unplanned pregnancies, research suggests. 

A study has found that pupils whose parents did not intend to have a baby lagged five months behind planned babies at age five, when their vocabulary was tested, and a further three to four months behind those born after IVF. 

However experts say the findings are just down to the developmental gap between rich and poor in Britain. The differences in scores “almost entirely disappear” when family background is taken into account, since children born following assisted reproduction tend to have older, better educated and richer parents. 

The paper, published online at on Wednesday, concludes: “Unadjusted analyses show that children born after unplanned pregnancy score poorly in cognitive tests compared with their planned counterparts, while children conceived after assisted reproduction do significantly better in tests of verbal ability.

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Maternity clinic on wheels delivers prenatal care to New Orleans women

It’s not your average commuter coach.

The conspicuous bright baby blue and pink bus that will be traveling through parts of New Orleans is the new Mom & Baby mobile health center and looks exactly like a doctor’s office.

The mobile health center is part of an initiative between the Interim LSU Public Hospital and the March of Dimes to provide prenatal and gynecological care in Mid-City, Bayou District (the former St. Bernard housing development) and the Upper 9th Ward.

At a ribbon-cutting Tuesday, health officials announced that the mobile center will visit each area once a week for two-day periods and will provide services to women, mothers and children up to 2  years old. Services include screenings, prenatal and postpartum care, gynecological exams and immunizations.

Dr. Roxane Townsend, CEO of Interim LSU Public Hospital, said it’s important that women start their prenatal care the “right way” to ensure better outcomes for their children. Townsend said moving closer to the neighborhoods where services are needed is a part of helping women reach that goal.

“We want people to get the right kind of care as close to home as possible,” Townsend said. “We’re going to make sure the next generation of Louisianians have a better start.”

The mobile center costs $350,000 a year to operate and is financed through a 50/50 partnership between LSU and March of Dimes, said Jeannine Hinton, project coordinator for LSU healthcare division. Center operators said they expect to see 50 to 100 clients at each of the three sites. Medicaid, Medicare and major health insurance plans will be accepted but clients who are unable to pay will not be turned away.

The mobile health center is staffed by a nurse practitioner midwife, clinical nurse specialist and medical assistant under the supervision of a board-certified obstetrician. New moms will also receive postpartum care at two and six weeks after birth.

Amy Young, professor and chair of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the LSU School of Medicine, said the initiative is more than an opportunity to provide care to women and their babies. It’s a chance to provide more personal and sustained care for women who don’t have access, she said, and as the city continues to rebuild its healthcare services, the mobile unit gives providers flexibility to go to areas as they are needed.

The center has all the furnishings of a doctor’s office. There are two exam rooms with fetal monitors and ultrasound machines, a small waiting area and a nursing station for bloodwork and other testing. Young said they can also communicate with hospitals in a timely manner because they have computers that can access patient records.

Once a month at an onsite conference center, women with similar due dates will meet in groups throughout the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. They will meet twice a week during weeks 28 to 40 of pregnancy, officials said. The center also offers counseling before pregnancy and other education and health support services

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10 Provocative Pregnancy-related Ad Campaigns

In an ode to the Bellyitch Bump Day posts of yesteryear, here are TEN ad campaigns that are about pregnancy, nursing, or feature pregnant women in them.

Italian ad campaign to prevent drinking alcohol while pregnant translates to read: 
"When Mum drinks, baby drinks too"

 The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia runs a Mother’s Day appeal in April/May each year. In 2004, the campaign was promoted with a magazine advertisement featuring a baby at its mother’s breast, with the tagline, “Please Give Generously”.

 "This doesn't really stink but the consequences of teen pregnancy do."
 Greater Milwaukee's United Way campaign.

Brazilian beer company, Nova Schin, introduced a non-alcoholic beer in this ad campaign featuring sexy pregnant women.  

This ad is part of a series of posters in  a 2001 The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy campaign. Seems a bit harsh? 

 Kingfisher beer ad to discourage drinking while pregnant

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