Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bump Watch: Alanis Morissette

 Canadian singer songwriter Alanis Morissette was caught by papps out and about in Los Angeles last week. 

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Friday, October 29, 2010

EcoFriday: How to Have a GREEN pregnancy

Hey, Check out The Cradle's Section on having a Green Pregnancy! It covers everything from skin care, to maternity clothes to having a GREEN baby shower! Very cool!

I love its section on Eco Friendly Maternity clothes!

Eco-Friendly Maternity Clothes

With the plethora of cozy fabrics and vibrant colors, eco-friendly maternity fashion is on the cutting edge. Here are a few of our favorite finds...
pure t
Made from modal, a sustainable fabric, and colored with natural vegetable dyes, these graphic tees are great to throw on when you’re having a casual jeans day but want just a touch of edginess. In addition, pure t makes organic nursing tops that come with their own “cover,” which actually looks like part of the shirt. Genius! And this company is so green, even their tags are 100% recycled.
Where to Find It
Schone (meaning “clean beauty” in Dutch) is cutting edge in so many ways, the most impressive one being how “non-maternity” their clothes are. Who wouldn’t wear these adorable pieces on an every day basis, pregnant or otherwise? And even better news for eco-mamas... all the clothes are hand-sewn using eco fabrics (bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton, to name a few) in a fair labor, family-owned-and-operated facility. And when your pregnancy is over, you can send your gently worn clothes back to Schone, where they will clean and repair them before donating them to Momma's House, a nonprofit that helps young mothers. Wow, talk about putting your money where your mouth is!
Where to Find It
Belly Bandit
We at The Cradle consider the Belly Bandit a postpartum wardrobe staple. While it may just look like a simple band, it multitasks like nobody’s business! Just a few of its functions - helps lose inches faster, aids in minimizing stretch marks, accelerates the healing process for C-sections, improves posture, and provides support for breastfeeding. And the Bandit girls have recently gone green, introducing this awesome bamboo version of the original.
Where to Find It
This Swedish company, which based on their name, clearly has a great sense of humor, has created the greatest thing ever - a flattering, comfortable, 98% organic, skinny jean for pregnant gals. Featuring a great dark wash and adjustable elastic inside the waistband, you’ll find yourself never wanting to wear anything else... except one of Boob’s organic cotton tees, of course!
Bravado Design
The new essential nursing tank with Bamboo from the already fabulous Bravado line is a real find. Besides the fact that Bamboo is the greenest material around (no pesticides are used to grow it), it is also soft as can be, antibacterial, and a great moisture wicker. Though this cami is meant for nursing, it’s also great during pregnancy, as it has a built-in bra (sizes go all the way up to G). Bravo for Bravado!
Where to Find It

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mariah Carey Confirms she is Pregnant!

Is this deja vu? I feel I was just posting this about Beyonce last week! Just saw this on Lillux's Twitter stream. But this report is the real thing coming from the horse's mouth and everything...

US Weekly reports:

After months of speculation, Mariah Carey has confirmed that she is pregnant.
"Yes, we are pregnant. It is true," she said Thursday morning on NBC's Today show as part of a sneak peek at a three-part Access Hollywood interview. "It's been a long journey. It's been tough because I've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy."
In the Access interview, she revealed that she miscarried right after she and Nick Cannon wed in 2008. "It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult," she said. "When that happened... I wasn't able to even talk to anybody about it. That was not easy."
Cannon, 30, said "it definitely brought us closer together. It strengthened our relationship so much... She handled it so well."
She said she is due in spring but didn't want to say the exact date.
She said they have no plans to find out the baby's sex.
Carey, 41, first fueled pregnancy rumors in May when it was announced that she dropped out of Tyler Perry's drama For Colored Girls "because her doctor advised her not to," her rep told at the time.
Around the same time, she stepped out in Sao Paulo, Brazil, wearing a $140 Pea in the Pod Spaghetti Strap Halter Maternity Maxi Dress.
Ever since, she and Cannon -- who renewed their vows this past May to mark their second wedding anniversary -- have spent months carefully dodging pregnancy questions.
"I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again -- when my wife feels like talking about whatever she wants to talk about, you will hear it directly from her," Cannon said on his radio show NYC radio show in August. "Honestly ... I say this to you so you can tell whoever it is you've got to tell, we all know it's extremely personal, and it is for a woman to deal with things with her body, and especially when dealing with the idea of childbirth and all that stuff."

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Your Five Maternity Fashion Essentials

Guest post from MyBabyClothesBoutique

You are pregnant, and starting to show.  The urge to run off to buy those adorable baby clothes, that have been beckoning you since the day you thought about starting your family, is hitting you.  But before you pick up that beautiful little baby hat, it is time to think about you and your new figure.  Which means that now is the right time to begin buying your maternity wardrobe.  UGH! The thought of buying elastic waist bands and oversized shirts and pants does not seem very exciting.  I remember putting on my first pair of maternity pants when I was only 4 months along.  At that time I thought, "These are Huge!  I will never be this BIG!"  Oh how I was wrong, when 7 months rolled around, I wasn't able to even fit in those pants that were supposedly too BIG.  

I found this advice later in my pregnancy and now I am going to pass along the tried and true methods of maternity fashion of all the celebrity moms.  First off before you start piecing together your maternity fashion finds, begin with these five essentials -

Dark Wash Jeans

Maternity jeans have come a long way from the baggy, bulky things of the past. Today’s jeans are made with shape and style to get you through your pregnancy. Look for jeans with a dark wash and a straight leg or bootcut to help minimize your widening hips. Skip the mom jeans that come up over your entire stomach, instead find jeans that will hit you just above your hips for a flattering look. Remember, you will also wear these jeans after your baby is born while your body readjusts, so choose a pair or two that will look great no matter what.

Long Dress

A long, maxi dress looks great on pregnancy curves and is so comfortable to wear. Choose a long dress in a neutral, solid color that will look good no matter what. You can mix it up with a bold sweater, bright jewelry, or a funky diaper bag to get lots of wear out of your dress. A flowing maxi dress will also be very forgiving to your shape post-baby.

Empire Waist Tops

The empire waist top is perfect for pregnancy. The flowing look of these tops show off a growing pregnant belly at all the stages. You can wear them with basic jeans or more dressy maternity slacks for a look that fits in any occasion. The shape of these tops also makes them very flattering on the bust as it grows and changes during pregnancy.  One of the great benefits of the empire waist is that it stays in style and is very flattering for your recovering post-baby figure.

Elastic Waist Skirts

Skirts with stretchy elastic bands are a definite must-have for pregnancy. They are comfortable to wear no matter how big you feel, and the stretchy waist means no need to buy new skirts every other month. Grab a few skirts in various colors that will work well with any top.  

Nursing Bras

Pregnancy can do a number on your breasts, making them feel uncomfortable in regular bras. Nursing bras are designed to be softer, stretchier,weight bearing with comfortable straps and much easier for tender and growing breasts. Even if you are not yet sure about breastfeeding, stocking up on nursing bras is still an essential for your maternity wardrobe. These will help reduce your back strain from the increasing load on the front.  This bra will be your mainstay of your wardrobe throughout your nine months and even beyond, so consider the quality that can last for at least two years for each pregnancy.

Now that your maternity wardrobe is planned and ready, you can go back to thinking about the world of flowered baby headbands, layettes, and nursery decor.

By Summer Minor an experienced mom and fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.
note: All clothes featured except the photo above of American Idol Contestant Lakesia Jones above are from Isabella Oliver. I just wanted to include some diversity in the models given my previous stance about that.

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Pregnant Pumpkin Bellies (Photos)

In the continuing spirit of celebrating the blog's 3rd anniversary, check out last year's post featuring women who painted their pregnant bellies for Halloween! Enjoy!

Just in case you were thinking of decorating your pregnant belly like a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern this year, here's a sampling of folks who have done the same that I found in the web-sphere!

And if you aren't too keen on exposing your belly, some companies sell shirts!
And if you want to expand your horizon, beyond pumpkins, here are some more
And Check out these VERY FUN other ideas for Halloween! Send me some photos please for a future post! Thanks

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bump Watch: Mariah Carey with a DEFINITE BUMP!

I think MediaTakeOut may be right about this one, this time! What do you think?
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Bump Watch: Penelope Cruz out to dinner

6months preggers Penelope Cruz was seen going out to dinner with her sis and hubby at London's Groucho club this week. The all black looks suits the mom-to-be! source

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Midterm Election Guide for Parents

I wrote a piece for the Washington Times online Communities/Family Today section in my blog, Politics of Raising Children, that seeks to educate parents on the type of issues they should be thinking about when deciding on which candidate to vote for in the mid term elections this November 2. Check it out:
This week, I witnessed a very touching and effective campaign video featuring Florida Republican Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio's children saying very cute lines about their dad's platform generally and that he is hard on the issues in their household, like the strict bedtime rule.  It does an excellent job of painting him as a family man with very smart kids.  In the past, various candidates have included images of their spouses and children in campaign materials no doubt to pull at heart strings and maybe sway parents, families and those who care about family values.  Rubio’s Democratic challenger Kendrick Meek’s  twitter handle is MyDad4Senate and his bio on his official Twitter page starts "husband and father of two great kids!"
Photo credit: Jeff Davidson
By now, savvy and sophisticated voters should know that it is never a good idea to assume the candidate on the campaign leaflets pictured with his wife and children will be the one that will vote with the interest of working families and parents in mind when in office. They also should not necessarily believe the campaign flier.  For example, Dan Quayle’s son Ben Quayle, who is running for Arizona's 3rd congressional district, released a campaign leaflet with him, his wife and two children featured on it stating they plan to raise their family in Arizona.   The problem is that Ben Quayle has no children. The two girls in the flier were his nieces.  The lesson: you can never trust what is packaged by a public relations firm and presented to you, the voter. 
As a matter of fact, I just got a leaflet today in the mail for Charles Lollar who is running to fill the Maryland's 5th congressional district seat against longtime Democratic congressman Steny Hoyer.  The leaflet starts out by mentioning that Lollar is a husband and father of four daughters. There is a photo of him which is striking as he looks like a family member of mine. Nowhere in all four pages does it mention that Lollar is a Republican. Perhaps this is because he is seeking office in a heavily democratic state of Maryland.
Here is where parents, an important voting block, have to do  their  homework.  With less than a week to go until midterm elections next Tuesday, November 2, it is not too late for parents and working families  to make one last effort to learn about candidates up for office and to discover what issues they say they will promote if elected.
In 2000, the Center for Work/Life Policy did a series of reports on the “Parent Vote” and found that “50% percent of fathers and 54% of mothers – 52% of all parents – say that being a parent is one of the top two factors they consider when they vote, compared to only 13% who said gender and 6% who said race.”  They found that “issues that could galvanize parents include easing work-family time pressures, stemming the violence threatening their kids, and improving public education.”
Across the country, family advocacy groups and faith-based groups often times assemble information packets about candidates and how they stand on issues that matter most to families.  Catholic churches traditionally advise parishioners about their decision to vote for candidates that may support abortion or stem cell research.  In New York, the Working Families Party “fights to hold politicians accountable on the issues working- and middle-class families care about, like good jobs, fair taxes, good schools, reliable public transportation, affordable housing, and universal healthcare.”  Taking a page from this party’s book, here are some key issues that parents may want to consider as they make their final decisions about which candidate to vote for next week.
Good jobs /Living Wages- Working families should be mindful of candidates proposing to scale back the minimum wage.  They should look into candidates’ stance regarding outsourcing and find out how incumbents have voted on measures that would discourage shipping of American jobs overseas.  Candidates that have proven or pledged a commitment to creating work opportunities in your jurisdiction deserve the parent vote.  There is a growing hostility towards government workers that is tied into nationwide anti-big government sentiments. The frustration with government is compounded by several states that are having difficulty mainting their budgets while having to meet their government payrolls.  A recent poll revealed that 52% of Americans believe government workers do not work as hard as private sector workers and are overpaid.  The anger and frustration towards federal workers of late is troubling because an assault on them is also assault on millions of working families as well that work for the government.

Affordable Housing - In recent years while the nation was amidst a boom, the real estate industry was successful in getting local and state governments to support their efforts to build new retail, residential and housing developments.  The problem is in the process the industry priced many working families out of neighborhoods and contributed to the housing crisis in many cities and suburban counties. In urban epicenters, gentrifiers squeezed low income residents out of crème de la crème areas in cities.  This November, working families may want to vote for candidates that will provide real solutions to creating affordable housing options. Families may want to look for the candidate and/or the party that will  assist families facing foreclosure or who are struggling to pay for or find affordable housing.

edited to add, thanks for reading this post and making it the #1 post on Alltop today!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Tote w Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Now thru November 8, makers of exquisite, soft and nicely designed nursing covers Bebe au Lait is giving away a tote with the purchase of a nursing cover. Nice

Check out the promo HERE!

Thanks to Sommer for tipping me off to this special to share.

Just for that I promise her to hurry up on the nationwide maternity shoot giveaway I've been working on for like 8 months now! *sigh* I do hope to run it before her baby is born. doh!

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New Book explores longterm effects of Mom's pregnant life to her unborn baby

PBS sat down with science writer Annie Murphy Paul about her latest book, "Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives,"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
In the book, which Paul wrote while pregnant with her second child, she explores new research about how what a mother experiences, eats, drinks and even feels during the nine months of her pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on her child.
Paul says that she doesn't want the book to add to the anxiety many pregnant women feel, surrounded by conflicting advice over what to do or not do during their pregnancy.
"The book was actually an effort to combat that, not to add to it in any way. Because my feeling was that women are getting these messages in dribs and drabs, a headline here, a news report there, from their friends or their mothers -- and they're not able to put it into any kind of perspective of what's really risky, and what do you not need to worry about."
Hari Sreenivasan spoke to Paul about the book, and the emerging science of fetal origins.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bump Watch:UK Model Myleene Klass at UK Baby Show

Myleene Klass cuts the ribbon to open the UK's Baby Show in London's Earls Court last week, October 22,  in an Isabella Oliver’s Ruched One Shoulder Dress in scarlet.
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Moody Mamas Nightgown & Dress Giveaway

Friends at Moody Mamas are letting one Bellyitch reader win a set of its favorite and best selling items: the Lavender Captivating Sleeve Nightgown or the Fancy Sweetheart Dress.

Both are available at

To enter, simply enter below with your name  below AND go to the Moody Mama's blog and leave a comment letting them know you learned of the giveaway at Bellyitch. That's it. Contest ends November1!

open to US only.

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