Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: The World Cup Soccer Belly

Before the World Cup escapes me, I just thought I'd share these soccer bellies found around the net:

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celeb Update: Alicia Keys Bump Watch and other updates

This photo of superstar songstress Alicia Keys' baby bump was taken during a concert in Bangor, North Wales this past May. Cute.

Keys donned a white romper at her Good Morning America performance this past Friday, June 25.

A five months preggers Keys at the BET Awards this past Sunday. Very Classy. But I will advise pregnant women to avoid oversized shoes (that she was wearing at the Good Morning America performance but not pictured) and from climbing ontop of baby Grande pianos! ha!  photo source.
Above performing in South Africa during opening ceremonies of the World Cup. While there, Keys and her fiance Swizz Beatz has their unborn baby blessed in a traditional Zulu ceremony while in South Africa for the World Cup. Alicia and her baby were given Zulu names in a ritual performed by female elders.

Designer and actress Georgina Chapman is due in August, seen here at the screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclpise in New York on June 28  source

Kelly Preston was also in South Africa this past June 10 at an event for the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund. Seen her showing off her bump with hubby John Travolta.

Singer Ne-yo and his His girlfriend, actress Monyetta Shaw, is due to give birth in early 2011. The singer songwriter and mega hits maker told Ebony  in a June 24th article that the baby will be a New Year's baby.

Designer Stella McCartney (Beatles Paul McCartney's daughter) is expecting her 4th child. She and British publisher Alasdhair Willis are already parents to two sons: Miller, 5, and Beckett, 2, and a daughter, Bailey, 3. I admire large families. Congrats to one of my fav designers. source

In an NPR interview recently with long-lost and much adored R&B singer Lauryn Hill, seen above with her 4 children, Zion David, Selah Louise, Joshua, John, she has with Bob Marley's son Rohan. She explained that she will be ready to make a comeback after her youngest, now 2, is old enough to be left alone. Good for her for putting her family first. I anxiously await the comeback CD and concert for sure!  source photo source

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Signs of Labor Car Decals scream "Get out of my Way! Baby on the way"

Here's a cute idea that takes off where the old "Baby on Board" back seat car window sign left off.

When mom and photographer Ingrid Franz Moriarty was pregnant with her first child, she came up with the idea of these neat decals that you place on your side windows near the rear to signal to drivers around you that you're pregnant and to take it easy with the road rage. The innovative mom is president of Signs of Labor.

And at that moment, when you and your partner have to make that late night mad rush to the hospital after your water is broken, there is a decal that tells drivers "GET OUT THE WAY....BABY IS ON THE WAY!" ( well, it really says "in labor")  If only  the decal came with a police siren and lights, this would be ideal! ha!

But they don't come with all that stuff, but are a good deal at $6 per decal with free shipping for US orders and 15% off for ordering three or more. They could be great baby shower gifts! You know, something to toss in the bag with the other stuff. The car flag is $20.

On a serious note though, in these recent times with documented cases of psychos out there that stalk pregnant moms and instances of a few being attacked for their babies, I am a little wary about advertising to the world this way, just as I am of baby birth announcement lawn signs, as I blogged about before. I may be a little on the paranoid side though!

It's still a cute concept, nonetheless.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Guest Post: Tutu cute! Little Girl Fashion Gets Frilly

Tutus have long been a favorite play costume for little girls. The ultra-frilly, extra cute skirts made from tulle make any girl feel like a dancer in training. Now tutus are coming out of the dress-up box and into the closet.

When the fashion designer Stella McCartney created her new line of children's clothes for GAPKids, she made sure not to forget about sweet tulle tutus for little girls. She isn't alone. More and more fashion designers for kids are adding tutus to their collections. Parents can find sweet and simple, or bold and bright, tutus for any age group imaginable.

Celebrity kids are also getting in on the tutu action. A February 2010 edition of “In Touch Weekly” featured a number of celebrity babies and toddlers that have been seem sporting tutus. Many famous little girls such as Heidi Klum and Seal’s daughter, Leni (age 5); Madonna’s daughter, Mercy (age 4); Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sadie (age 3); and Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla (age 2) have all been out on the town in tutus.

There are many things to love about this new fashion trend, both for parents and kids. Little girls seem to be hooked by how fun, silly, and outright girly wearing a tutu is. No matter what else they are wearing, slipping a tutu on suddenly makes everything seem brighter and more cheerful. Weather worn over jeans and sneakers, or paired with a fun shirt and tights, the tutu picks everything up.

Many parents are seeing the tutu trend as a welcome relief from the recent trend of toddler and children clothing that was too "adult". Parents who worried about the overly-mature themes that clothing was taking felt better returning to the simple fun that tutus bring. Even when worn in unusual colors and styles, there is still something timeless and innocent about a frilly tutu on a little girl.

No longer confined to just dress-up and special occasions, tutus are becoming an every day fashion accessory for little girls. Wear them to the park, out to eat, or just hanging out at home. Hopefully, tutus are here to stay.

By Summer Minor a writer for a baby clothes boutique.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Eco Friday:

For this week's Eco Friday,

One thing that signals a commitment to the environment, earth and our ecology is a garden and growing your own fruits and vegetables is you contributing to and being an active part of the ecosytem. I know in my family we try to support our local farmers and growers by shopping farmer's markets for our produce. But there are things we can do at home too to help the earth. The US is so bad when it comes to reusing biodegradable food waste. In Toronto, it is mandatory that residents compost food waste! It is wonderful food for a garden. I have made several attempts to garden with our boys but the soil in our backyard is so full of clay and minerals that it's hard to grow anything back there. We have had success with growing potatoes (see my son's plant) in a pot and with windowsill herbs. All that being said, I was excited to get an email this week from the folks at which is a new online social network of expert and novice gardeners. 

Through it, gardeners can share the experience of watching gardens grow and it is an excellent opportunity to teach children about produce and where they come from. I agree that it is a great way to get picky eaters to eat veggies. I mean if they grow it, they should EAT it too, right? I know when we grow stuff, we love watching those first buds. The look of wonderment in their eyes to see something they curated produce fruit is wonderful.  I know I myself have always had a brown thumb and can't seem to concentrate long enough to keep a plant alive, but kids, on the other hand can be excellent plant caregivers.

As you grow your baby and think of new ways to expose her or him to the world, I do hope you can consider gardening and isn't it great that the Internet can bring you such great tools as I love the ideas shared on the site's blog too.

From the website:, an interactive online experience where gardeners of all levels can share videos, photos, ideas and inspiration. With individual and group pages, how-to videos, garden planners and a rapidly growing audience for new garden bloggers, brings gardeners together in a rewarding, fun way that can be used as a powerful tool in promoting green living. features an extensive 6,000 vegetable database developed by Cornell University (778 varieties of tomatoes!) and a 5,900 ornamental database powered by Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the U.S.A. Uniting the 25,000 square miles of America’s gardens and beyond, encourages passionate gardeners to "show and tell.”  Maintaining local roots in California, Iowa, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Italy, the team includes "Groundskeeper" Mark Kane, the former Executive Garden Editor of Better Homes and Gardens.
"Creating a resource and network of global 'neighbors' trading tips and spreading green thumb wisdom is a fantastic tool for the growing worldwide gardening community," says Mark. 
"Gardeners visit over the virtual garden gate -- with one click of a finger you can be transported from an Italian Grand Garden to a vertical window garden in downtown New York -- everyone's got something to share," say husband and wife co-founders Tom Finerty (Emmy-Award winning producer) and Lisa Marini Finerty (Master Gardener).

Now get out there and start being agrarian! LOL!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Bling: How Much Would you Pay for a Pacifier?

I've seen extravagance and I've seen EXTRAVAGANCE and this is definitely the latter.

This pacifier, made by high end luxury brand and celeb favorite Aristabrat, features over 520 aquamarine Swarovski crystals and is embedded with 2 large emerald cuts. It is priced at $120! The folks over at Fashion Junkee that sells it says it is a celebrity favorite. I believe them! The pacifier which comes in pink, white and a funky smiley face variety has been featured in  OK! Magazine!InStyle MagazineVogue GenLux  Metro Baby and  Atlanta PeachGood luck getting your hands on one. It is OUT OF STOCK. at Fashion Junkee!

And if you can afford that, I suppose you wouldn't think twice of picking up this $300 3 piece gift set that comes with a onesie that is also embellished with Swarovski crystals and stylish graphics, and a rattle and pacifier made of sterling silver and covered with crystals. It is THE perfect gift for that rich pregnant person in your life who has everything!
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Major Network Casting for Pregnant Couples having their 1st Child

Cornwell Casting, a successful and well known casting agency, is searching for pregnant couples of all ages having theFIRST child (any trimester) to be featured on a new reality TV pilot for a major cable network. The ideal couple love being in the spotlight, are up for an adventure, speak their minds no matter what and are willing to share their pregnancy stories on camera!

Are you or someone you know experiencing the ups and downs of

Feel like no one understands how hard it is to be pregnant?

Are you an explosive personality naturally?

Or perhaps just experiencing pregnancy-related mood
Do you feel your hormones are taking over your life?

Or have you noticed loved ones complaining about how
difficult you’ve become?!

If you are pregnant, live in Southern California and would like to be
considered please fill out our application online at:

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
Accepting submissions IMMEDIATELY!

Please mention you saw this notice on I'd love if one of my readers get cast!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Post: Ways You Can Pamper Your Pregnant Wife

A woman likes to be spoiled – period. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or just Tuesday, she loves feeling special.  So you can count on the fact that if she’s pregnant, she wants and needs to be pampered. If you’re looking to earn some brownie points, this pamper list has got you covered. Below are some great ways that you can let her know that you love her:

The Power of the Spa
What girl doesn’t love to spa? Spas are the epitome of being pampered. These days, many spas are catering to pregnant women. Now she can get a specially designed massage that addresses her body’s needs. A spa is a lot like a fancy restaurant; it has a menu full of delicious choices. Feel free to select an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert for your lady. Get her a facial, a massage, and a pedicure. She’ll leave feeling relaxed, pampered, pretty – and appreciated.

The Little Things
Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Those small but thoughtful gestures can have the biggest impact. Sometimes just asking if needs or wants anything can earn you big brownie points (even getting her real brownies can get you brownie points). Her hormones are a lot like a roller coaster. It’s important that you are sensitive to her feelings, and that you simply let her know that you are there for her. Give her a little foot rub, do the dishes, make dinner, or give her a card. These may seem like small gestures, but they’re ones that will make her feel pampered and loved.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper sang it well: “Girls just want to have fun.” Plan a special little get together for her and her friends. Organize a spa day or an intimate girl dinner at the house. Whatever you decide, just make sure it thoughtful. Don’t microwave a couple some popcorn or hotdogs and think that makes a special girls’ night. If you do it, do it well. If you succeed, you’ll be a big hit with Ms. Preggers and her friends. Warning: Fellow husbands might have a bone to pick with you.

Your Love is like a Rock
Your love is like a rock, and this baby solidifies that fact. What better way to show her that you love and appreciate her than with a rock? Diamonds, baby. Getting her some jewelry, whether it’s with diamonds or not, is a great way to symbolize your love and this special event in your lives. You can give her this luxe little gift before or after the birth of your baby. What woman doesn’t love jewelry? She’ll love it, and unlike her clothes, jewelry is a perfect fit. If possible, stick to necklaces or earrings. Fingers can swell during pregnancy. Jewelry will make her feel like a princess, and make her see you as her prince.

Date Night
Women love romance, which is why they’ll even see a romantic comedy that’s received bad reviews. Like shoes, a woman can never have too much romance. Try planning a romantic date or getaway.  Dinner at her favorite restaurant, a romantic candle-lit dinner in the backyard, a movie night on the sofa snuggling, or a mini weekend getaway at a luxurious hotel. Any of these ideas will make her feel pampered. For an extra dose of appreciation, feel free to indulge her with more than one of these fab ideas.

Scarlett Jewel writes for an online baby clothes boutique, where you can find the best quality baby clothes, baby headbands and so much more.  Show off your little angel’s style with clothes from My Baby Clothes Boutiqe.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day from Bellyitch

I'd like to dedicate this post to my husband who is the best father to our children and a phenomenal husband. I must say I am extremely blessed!

For the rest of the Dads and Dads-to-be - Here  is Creed's amazing song about becoming a Father,
 Arms Wide Open -- ENJOY!

"With Arms Wide Open"

Well I just heard the news today 
It seems my life is going to change 
I closed my eyes, begin to pray 
Then tears of joy stream down my face 

With arms wide open 
Under the sunlight 
Welcome to this place 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
With arms wide open 

Well I don't know if I'm ready 
To be the man I have to be
I'll take a breath, I'll take her by my side 
We stand in awe, we've created life 

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight 
Welcome to this place 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
Now everything has changed 
I'll show you love 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
With arms wide open 
I'll show you everything ...oh yeah
With arms wide open..wide open 

[Guitar Break]

If I had just one wish 
Only one demand
I hope he's not like me 
I hope he understands 
That he can take this life 
And hold it by the hand 
And he can greet the world 
With arms wide open... 

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight 
Welcome to this place 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
Now everything has changed 
I'll show you love 
I'll show you everything 
With arms wide open 
With arms wide open 
I'll show you everything..oh yeah
With arms wide open....wide open 

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celeb Update: New Celeb Fathers for Father's Day

Congratulations to Xzibit. The rapper/actor, whose real name is Alvin Nathaniel Joiner IV, is the proud new father of a baby boy named Gatlyn, born on June 16th, 2010 at 7:59 a.m. and weighing 6 lbs,6 oz. Such great news since he lost his last baby in 2008 who was born premature and died after 11 days, as reported here.

 and here are my other favorite celeb dads...

Ricky Martin and his twin boys

Adam Sandler and his kid

Diddy with his children

Brandon Frasier and his boys (and ex)

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

The pres!

Ben Affleck and Violet

Bruce Willis and his girls (with their step dad Ashton Kutcher)

Gabriel Aubrey with Nahla

Jamie Foxx with his daughter

Chris Rock and his girls

Rodney Peete and fam - such a great advocate for austism

Love Love Lenny Kravitz, seen here with Zoe, 21 - she looks just like Lisa Boney

One of my fav dads Wayne Brady and kids

Brad Pitt with Shiloh

Terrance Howard and Son Hunter, Daughters Aubrey and Heaven

Usher with Son Usher Raymond

Don Cheadle and Fam

one of my fav comedians Cedric the Entertainer and fam

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