Sunday, May 30, 2010

Upcoming Reviews on Deck...

Going to take a look around a Toys And Games Online site for the family. We're planning for summer and also searching for twin beds from our two youngest children...

Also on deck, a review for a new organic cook book for babies and toddlers, a review of a sound system for the incubating baby growing in mommy's tummy and a revolutionary system for dealing with the trauma of postpartum incontinence


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Friday, May 28, 2010

11 Crazy Inventions made for Babies and Toddlers

It is true that moms and parents, in general, come up with the best inventions out of practical experience and frustration from products on the market not meeting their needs.  Many of the coolest and most widely used parenting products for babies have been invented by innovative moms and dads. But then every now and then, someone takes it a little tooo far...behold my top 11 list of wacky inventions for babies. First up...

I am not sure if this product, called a "Peekaru", exists in real life or is a prank because I don't know what mom would like to walk around looking like a TeleTubbie. This get-up looks like a cross between a blanket and a turtleneck with a separate hole for the baby's head. And  it's made of fleece.  Kind of like Kangaroo meets Turtle meets Bizaro Humans sort of way! It takes the concept of mom and me Snuggie to a whole different level.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bellyitch New Blog Design & Winner of Bounce Back Fast Contest

Have you noticed anything different today?

This new redesigned Bellyitch template is cleaner, navigable and aggregates the most popular content in one location on the sidebar to the right.


Also, Congratulations to

Jamie Carr

for winning the

Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD (retail: $21.95 ) and
accompanying book (retail: $17.95 ).
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

$10 off Zulily for Bellyitch Readers

This one couldn't wait until Marketplace Sunday because this offer is good only through May 31. $10 off a purchase of $50 or more at Zulily, a new online boutique online that offers daily sales on top-quality apparel, gear and other goodies for moms, babies and kids. Members can enjoy savings of up to 70% off retail prices. Only members can shop the sales, but membership is free and to sign up is fast and easy.

Celeb Update: Reality TV Show Babies

I was watching the very adorable Hank Jr. on Kendra's reality show the other day and thought about the other cutie patooties that came into this world the star of their own reality show
I think Brandy started it all in 2002 when she starred in a special edition of MTV's Diary series called "Diary Presents: Brandy - Special Delivery." The show chronicled the then 23-year old R&B singer's last weeks before giving birth to her daughter Sy'rai. I was intrigued and watched multiple showings of the show because I was pregnant with and delivered my first son that same year also. Brandy and now 8 year old Sy'rai are pictured here with her mom and grandmom Sonya, who stars with her daughter and son Ray J on their VH1 show "Brandy & RayJ: A Family Business." Watch the show on YouTube

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Check out a few offers for free, discounted and complimentary shipping being offered EXCLUSIVELY for Bellyitch Readers...HENCE, so long as I get offers, I will pass them along each Sunday. Maybe I'll call the weekly feature 'MARKETPLACE SUNDAY' - sounds catchy, no?

The Canvas People offers EVERY Bellyitch Reader a FREE $55.00 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a FREE 8X10 canvas! Sign up by Clicking THIS LINK ONLY
or the image to the right of the website.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Cutesy Pregnant Cartoon

I am in the process of working with a new blog developer (my last dude went awol) and was scanning the websphere for images and thought about making my finds the subject of this week's Bump Day! Aren't they cute and creative and so Diverse!!?


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TLC Casting for Obese Pregnant Women

I was asked to pass this notice along to Bellyitch Readers...

Network Casting Call for New TLC Show

If you are currently pregnant and struggle with obesity or are at-risk due to your weight, the producers of TLC's 'Big Medicine' want to hear from you. Please email for more information on the project.

Celebrity Update: Soca Babies!

My mother-in-law was in town from Trinidad for our son's First Communion. Now that she is gone, I will miss her delicious bread and cooking... oh and also the pounds of fat I've accumulated since eating so well these past two weeks. It is with that, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase Trinidad soca queens pregnant and with their new babies!

First Up, the latest baby maker....
Soca Queen Destra Garcia Pregnant


Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review & GIVEAWAY: Firehouse!

My 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed us reading award-winning author & illustrator Mark Teague's newest book, Firehouse!, (value $16.99) which I was sent to review. My middle boy loves firetrucks, trains and all things moving and transportation related. The animal characters in the book starting with a Boxer Edward who visits and tours a firehouse with his sister Judy, a golden retriever ( I guess it's an adopted or blended family :D) are very endearing!

Free Hugs Blanket! Get Yours (VALUED $29.00)

So this company, Medical Safety Solutions, invented this new blanket, called The First Hug, that, from the looks of it, is supposed to help your goofball friends who aren't used to holding a baby hold your baby safely! Isn't that interesting? So the baby feels snug and you don't have to worry about your friend, the klutz, dropping your kid?

Anyway, the company is GIVING AWAY (YES FOR FREE) 1 MILLION (1,000,000) First Hug® blankets along with a MOM2B Savings Guide.

If you want yours, go to the FIRST HUG site, sign up and wait to get yours in the mail!
From the website: Medical Safety Solutions is a developer and marketer of innovative, cost-effective safety products for consumers and industry.
Enjoy! HURRY!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrity Update: Houston, we have Babies! & Revelations!

People reports:

Just in time for Mother's Day, Bethenny Frankel is a new mom!

The Real Housewives of New York City star and her husband Jason Hoppy welcomed a baby girl Saturday, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

"Bethenny and Jason are proud to welcome their new baby girl, Bryn Hoppy, born at 8 a.m. . . . in New York City," the rep says. "She is a 4 lb. 12 oz., healthy baby. Bryn, mom, dad and [their dog] Cookie are all very happy."

Monday, May 10, 2010

Product Review & Giveaway: Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD & Book

At any given day during the month as you check out your groceries in the supermarket, you are bound to see a weekly magazine with a new mom starlet on the covering announcing how she bounced back FAST from pregnancy and got her body in shape in no time flat! Of course you are aware it is all a lie, but you are still hopeful that it isn't. If only there was a book or DVD or something that could really get you a flat tummy in no time flat after having your kid.

National perinatal exercise specialist Helene Byrne sent me her Bounce Back Fast! Post Natal Core Conditioning DVD (retail: $21.95 ) and accompanying book (retail: $17.95 ).

According to Helene, her DVD and accompanying book, are "guaranteed to re-flatten the abdominal wall, FAST!"

Okay now! In fact, the focus, she says is to help post-partum get rid of the dreaded "still pregnant looking" belly pooch. Alright now. Music to a new mom's ears.

While I can't test out the claim for myself obviously being so far past post-partum, I was able to check out the DVD and book nonetheless to see how the information flows and check out the techniques on the DVD. The entire program, if you will, is based on getting the core, the abdominal area and pelvic region back in shape.

This part instructional/part exercise video is indeed a resource tool for several reasons. The first half of the video (about 30 minutes) features bonus material which essentially Helene explaining common conditions that women experience post natal that affect their core and abdominal region such as abdominal separation or diastasis recti.

In these introductory sections, in a wonderfully paced tone and speech, Helene enunciates clearly as she explains these common problems new moms and the benefits of postpartum exercises, pelvic floor reconditioning and post natal abdominal training. She mentions the medical terms but is careful to explain in layman's terms clearly and succinctly the various conditions. Using her model, a woman post-partum, she demonstrates some of the basic moves.

Helene does a nice job explaining distinctions and warnings for women depending on whether they had a vaginal or c-section birth and or other conditions. Very thoughtful.

The actual exercise routine is divided into two sections. In the Gentle First Moves, recommended for women who just had a baby as early as 2 weeks prior, she goes through some very gentle exercises that are aimed to speed recovery from the labor and delivery trauma and to relieve aches and pains. Within the 30 minutes section, Helene outlined routines which were simple and perfect for the mom who is anxious to start getting back in the game. It was just enough to have her getting active again, but not too stressful where she could injure herself or stress her scar tissue, if she had a c-section.

The Bounce Back Fast features more advanced pilates moves and she shares various levels of each workout for the woman who is more advanced or father along in her post-partum recovery. There is a bonus feature specially for those women like me who experienced abdominal separation. These women have unique situation and cannot partake in some activities and exercises until their abdominal muscles retract back in line.

I practice pilates and ran through the routine and could tell that it includes many modified and standard postures for strengthening the core, pulling in the mid-section region and conditioning the body for more aerobic exercises maybe. Though the moves seem slight, if done right and often enough, I could see how one would see results.

The DVD includes a latex exercise band which is used in several of the exercises.

Helene also authors an accompanying book which has several dozen of the common pilates and yoga exercises and postures that can be used to explain. There are photographs of models showing the exercises at various stages. What I liked most about the book that it is practical and targets practical tips based on the stresses and activity that a new mom. For example, there is a section that shows how a new mom most likely will carry her baby on her hip and the correct way which is best for the core and healing.

If you do this 3 to 5 times a week while the baby is sleeping, you'd be good to go. It's about taking time for yourself and "improving your physical and mental health so you are better able to take care of your baby," Helene narrates in the DVD.

This DVD gets the Bellyitch stamp of approval. I plan to donate my copy to a nursery school auction program.

Helene will give away at least one copy of the DVD and book to Bellyitch Readers (I will let you know if I can give away additional copies). Open to US residents. Contest Deadline is May 24 at midnight.

Fill out the form below and you get an additional entry for 1. Tweeting the contest 2. Posting it on your Facebook Wall and 3 additional entries for writing a blog post about it. Please send a link to the entry in the form.

Helene is also the founder of BeFit-Mom.

BeFit-Mom provides free, in depth, expert information on all aspects of prenatal and postpartum fitness and exercise to help women have healthier pregnancies and babies. My mission is to support, motivate, and inspire women to lead their entire families to better health and wellness.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

GAP 1969 Maternity Jeans Give-away WINNERS Announced!


Melissa Fogerty

Jennifer Johnson

Stefanie Ritz

Jennifer Savage

Shelly [no last name given]

on being one of FIVE correct and verifiable entries RANDOMLY SELECTED (via

to win their own pair of


(VALUED $79)

just in time for MOTHER'S DAY!

Thanks much to all who entered and for promoting the contest.


If you did not win, stay tuned as Bellyitch has lots of more great give-aways coming up very very soon!

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Happy Mother's Day from Bellyitch

and Thank you all for entering into the GAP contest for the maternity jeans. I plan to announce the winners sometime today, Mother's Day 2010. Good Luck in the drawing all!
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Friday, May 7, 2010

5 Ways to Soothe Your Inner Pregnant Bitch

You have a lot of hormones flowing through your body. You are dealing with a host of pregnancy related ills: bloating, constipation, nausea, swelling, back pain, ligament stretching, joint pain, and for some reason, you can't stand the smell of your significant other. You may be a okay... a lot BITCHY to those around you. But it's not all your fault. There's a lot going inside and outside your body and unfortunately for those who have to live around you, they may have to suffer through 9 months of PMS-like hate darts you will be throwing.

Just the other day, one of the pop radio stations in my city had women call in and recount the evil thoughts and things they did to their spouses and boyfriends while pregnant. Some of them had pure sinister actions and thoughts that normally would have anyone else admitted to an insane asylum. Alas, with pregnancy you get an excuse and free pass. You may be can't help yourself. Again, I blame all of the hormones going crazy in your body as it deals with this new being that is trying to grow inside you.

My husband told me he thought it was maybe him that I didn't like until he noticed how evil I treated my baby sister who was staying with us when I was pregnant with my first child. That gave him the reassurance that maybe we were NOT on the brink of divorce! after all !He said he thought I hated him. ha! too funny.

But in any event, since you can't do much about the causes that bring out THE BITCH, I thought I'd offer a few suggestions to soothe or at least suppress (maybe temporarily) the monster. within. Those you live and work with will thank me for these:

1. Take a very long soothing shower. Since many doctors advise against taking baths, which you may ordinarily do in any other state, a shower may be the next best thing. Feeling shower beads massage the back of your neck and back can do wonders to de-stress and take your mind off of things for sure.

2. Get a manicure and/or pedicure (weekly or bi-weekly if you can afford it). Just because you've been told to stay away from acetone and nail polish doesn't mean you need to stay clear from the pampering touch and feeling you get with a fresh manicure or pedicure. You can opt for a polish free treatment. I am a big pamper freak and believe the time you spend in the salon chair is time well spent away from the worries of the day.

3. Go out for lunch, brunch or coffee with a friend or friends at least once a week. What a great way to catch up with old pals, get advice and tips from been-there-done-that moms and disconnect. You can talk about your anticipation, baby names or whatever, just avoid talk of the pangs of pregnancy. You get a chance to celebrate your pregnancy with someone hearing about it for the first time, by all means concentrate on the positive and blessing you are about to deliver. Whenever I used to complain about a pregnancy symptom, my mother in law would always be quick to remind me that there were many women out there who could not get or stay pregnant who would gladly trade in her lack of symptoms for mine. Essentially, she was telling me to buck up, be appreciative and quit complaining. ha!

4. A good book and a cup of chamomile or your favorite tea or beverage. Find a cozy corner and time a day each week (or each day if possible) to put up your feet and dig into a good novel or your favorite gossip rag (not any of the dozens of baby, infant and pregnancy books in your library though. Got to give that a rest at some point). It's a much needed disconnect from the reality of life and you can escape and pretend to someone else's for a change.

5. Get a pregnancy massage. If you can afford to, go (or have someone gift you) a trip to a day spa that does pregnancy massages. These massage experts are skilled and trained in treating pregnant women and avoid hitting a pressure point that will send you into labor. I know I personally did not like the feeling of laying on my tummy with my belly hanging out of this hole cut out, so I used to opt for side massages; and/or hand, feet and shoulder express massages instead. These treatments can be experienced at any stage of your pregnancy if you do not have any complications. I would recommend getting them closer to the end of our second or third time when you may have accumulated a lot of pressure and stress that would need de-knotting.

I do hope these tips help relieve your inner pregnancy bitch! --For your sake and sake of those living with you during this very challenging, emotional and sensitive time!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Celebrity Red Carpet Twin Belly

For this week's Bellyitch Bump Day, I bring you the red carpet looks these celebrities rocked while pregnant with their TWINS!Jennifer Lopez (with Marc Anthony)

Angelina Jolie (with Brad Pitt)

Garcelle Beuvais-Nilon

Molly Ringwald

Marcia Cross

Comedienne/Actress/Academy Award winner (i love that I can say that about her) Mo'nique
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Book Review: Eat Sleep Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year

I got a chance to dig into a new book by Beverly-Hills based pediatrician and new dad, Scott W. Cohen, Eat Sleep Poop, a Common Sense Guide to Your Baby's First Year.

Having read more than my fair share of pregnancy, infant, child and baby care and guide books in my time, I can tell you I am not too fond of the overly preachy ones that lecture new parents to the point of making them neurotic and anxious about how good or bad a job they would do as parents.

What I like about this book is that it is told in a no-nonsense refreshing and casual tone. Dr. Cohen seems very aware of all the clinical and strict messages out there that new parents are constantly bombarded with all the time. He addresses them and essentially says, "don't sweat the small stuff" and "s*%#$ happens". In 11 comprehensive and informative chapters, the book goes through and tackles many of the common issues new parents encounter from the day after birth through the first year. To be honest, some of the information in there can benefit not-so-new parents who are having their 2nd or 3rd child. It updates some of the common wisdom from earlier years.

The book also contains several side bar nuggets called "Common Sense Bottom Line" where he dissects some of the common medical and clinical wisdom. Many first time parents get consumed with trying to make decisions and want so much to do the right thing that they lose themselves and forget trying a common sense solution for whatever conundrum they are facing. I love the common sense about the variety of splotches and marks you see on your baby and may get worried about and to those, Dr. Cohen writes:
Whiteheads. Ignore them;
Mongolian Spots: They're not bruises ignore them.

Love it!! I was a new parent once and I recall getting all anxious and nutty about everything. By my third child, I realized how psycho I was a bit trying to live and raise my child by the book, so I can appreciate that this book attempts to head off the crazies at the root.

The book also contains several checklists, like "what to ask your pediatrician," and a "new born must- haves checklist". It has a very useful reference section with my favorite being "Medications safe for use by Breastfeeding Mothers". As a matter of a fact ,I love the chapter that contains answers to breastfeeding questions like "shall I 'pump and dump' milk after having a glass of wine at dinner?" and other common questions new moms have.

Another favorite part of this book are the visual flow charts to solving common first year problems that are located in the back because some people are better retaining information visually. I know I am and loved flow charts while studying for law school exams.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed going through this book because I honestly believe it is a good practical, non-judgmental, quick read that can be part of a new parent's reference shelf.

I plan to pass it on the complimentary review copy I received (value $16.00 paperback) to a some new parents I know.

You can pick up a copy at local bookstores, the publishers Simon & Schuster or

And lookey here, the folks at Dreamworks studios loved the Daddy v. Doctor sidebars so much, they purchased the film rights to the book! Neat.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Breastfeeding: How Long is Too Long? Stories from the UK of women breastfeeding 7+ year olds

A friend brought this story to my attention of a mother who breastfeeds her 5-year old child. Of course it is from the UK Mirror which has some of the most sensational stories out there, I find. The article states:

A mother who breastfeeds her five-year-old son as well as other people's babies has today insisted that she is 'doing nothing wrong'.
Amanda Hurst says she still feeds Jonathan and is convinced she is doing 'the right thing', despite facing criticism.
The 29-year-old said she had intended to stop when her son reached six months – like most mothers do - but continuing became the 'natural thing’.
There was a similar story about a woman who breastfed her almost 8 year old in the UK. Here is the video:

As a mom who supports breastfeeding, I still believe there is a time to stop and that too long past "toddlerhood" is not normal. But whom am I to say that? Am I a product of society. Your thoughts?

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