Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guest Post: Cinderella and Her Baby’s Glass Slipper

Enjoy this delightful Guest Post by Shannon Henrici of

Cinderella is a classic fairytale that easily charms little girls. So what exactly happens when that little girl grows up to be a woman? Well, that glass slipper turns into a pair of Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Manolo Blahniks, Yves Saint Laurents, Stuart Weitzmans, or a delish pair of Giuseppe Zanottis; she finds and marries her own prince, and then has a little prince or princess of her own. She lives happily-ever-after as she balances career, marriage and motherhood. End of the story, right? Wrong. She might have it all, but she still wants more – glass slippers, that is.
Just because a fashionista has a baby and her coveted “happily-ever-after,” that doesn’t mean she’s done pursuing the fairytale magic that comes with slipping her foot into a beautiful shoe. However, she’s no longer on the shoe prowl for just herself; she’s now shoe shopping for her own little prince or princess too. When she was pregnant, she ate for two. Now, she shops for two. Naturally, mothers always want their children to have the best of everything, whether it’s love, education, clothes, nourishment, or even shoes. Fashionista mommies love to transfer the promise of “happily-ever-after” to their little one by finding the very cutest shoes to slip their little piggies into. Besides, shopping for her baby can be just as fun as shopping for herself.
While Christian Louboutin doesn’t make little baby Louboutins – yet – there are still several stylish shoes available for babies. If you’re a mom who loves designer then consider the Ralph Lauren Pink Corduroy Jayde Flats for your princess, or the Ralph Lauren Ricki Low Tan Shoes for your prince. These designer shoes are both preppy and precious. For the mom who prefers a chic style, there’s the Black Patent Leather Shoes. Timeless, this little black shoe is waiting for you to pair it with the perfect lbd. The Brown Monkey Booties or the Red Lady Bug Baby Booties are the perfect choice for trendy mommies who delight in fun footwear and sweet endearments for their baby, like celebrity mom Tori Spelling (who dresses her daughter Stella in ladybug fashion and her son Liam in monkey themed clothes after their given nicknames). Mothers who prefer sporty and preppy can spruce up their little princes with White and Blue Cotton Oxford Shoes. However, if you’re a mom with a mini fashion maven, then the Vintage Cream and Green Damask Linen Booties or Bellarisa Ballet Booties are sure to complement her feminine style and the chic collection in her closet. Whatever fashion you favor, there is a stylish shoe to match to the any adorable little outfit. There is a perfect glass slipper for every baby; you just have to try them on to see if they fit.
You can find any of these designer baby shoes at My Baby Clothes Boutique. They also offer adorable baby hats and cute hair bows.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: Pregnant Mexican Beauties

This bump day features famous actresses from Mexico or of Mexican descent when they were pregnant....

Itatí Cantoral
Jessica Alba (her dad is Mexican American)

Susanna Gonzalez

You know I have a hard time leaving politics alone. I posted these beauties as I thought of the new Arizona immigration law which would possibly oust many Mexican immigrants from the country who are living in the United States, possibly illegally. I am utterly shocked at the new law because it authorizes the police to ask for immigration status of persons they stop, even for routine traffic stops. I want to believe that all cops are good and honest, but I certainly understand that there are enough crooked officials out there who will raciallyprofile and stop persons based on pretextual reasons for the sole purpose of inquiring on their immigrant status.

I was thinking that if the police wanted, they could legally start stopping and questioning pregnant women who may be Mexican or of Mexican decent, whether or not in this country legally. Wouldn't it be considered harassment if all of a sudden you Josephina Mexican American is questioned every other day because there is a presumption you are an illegal immigrant based solely on your looks? If you do not look brown or Mexican, you can go about your business freely and not worry about being stopped by the police even if you are engaging in legal activity. What a major inconvenience for the legal or American citizen of Mexican descent!

I am for legal immigration and for enforcement of the law, but as I am a product two immigrants and am an immigrant myself, I also have deep sympathies for those who come to America in search of a better life. I certainly understand that many risk their lives trying to cross the border so their babies can be born in a safe and secure hospital and have more opportunities than they may have in their native Mexico. Up until now, many of those, even if here illegally have been contributing to the economy, paying taxes, and being beneficial members of society in that state. I wonder what will become of Arizona the round up is done or as folks start packing up and moving to other states or going back home.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Product Review: The Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits

The BashfulBump
Maternity BodySuits

I swear Moms come up with the very best inventions. Mom designer Amy Naylor contacted me to share her innovative design of comfortable bodysuits for the pregnant mom-to-be, The Bashful Bump. She came up with the concept herself when she was newly pregnant and scouting for clothing options for layering. She wanted to avoid exposing her back and belly unwillingly, a problem that many pregnant women face, especially in their third trimester.

So, after looking around and noticing that such a product didn't exist, this creative mom decided to create it herself! The outcome is a super comfortable and secure bodysuit. The bodysuit would be a perfect solution for us short and petite women can get overwhelmed in some maternity clothes and also for women of taller stature who can get uncomfortable having to pull down tops or get nervous about having their bellies protrude out below tops.

This is what the site says about the product:

Bashful Bump Maternity Bodysuits are made of an ultra soft, knit fabric that won't fade, pill, or lose its shape. Subtle side ruching flatters your figure and allows for belly growth. Built-in shelf bra provides light support. The snaps are moved forward for easy reach and maximum comfort. Available in both full-seat and thong styles.

I see there is a tank, cap sleeve, camisole and three-quarter length sleeve option.

My only concern about this fantastic concept is that it appears you'd have to figure out how to get this leotard over and above your tummy in later months. This would require you to bend over and do a little bit of balance gymnastics it looks like. There appears to be enough fabric to accommodate a growing belly, but still. The mental image I'm getting of the bulbous mom working this for the first time makes me giggle. I didn't get a sample to check out so I can't tell you if there is a side zipper that I am certain would make the job less daunting. I hear mention of a snap, so it may be that you pull it over your head and snap it underneath.

Oh and it's a bit on the pricey side starting at $88.00! Not recession friendly at all, but I guess there's a price for comfort and it may be constructed well enough to last through your entire pregnancy and for subsequent ones, thus well worth the investment.

Overall, though, I love the idea! Kudos Amy! You get two belly bumps up!

Get yours On The Bashful Bump Maternity website.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Celebrity Update: Pregnancy Denials & Revelations

Reps for all three of these women (Pink, Angelina Jolie & Beyonce Knowles) denied that rumors each of them were pregnant are TRUE! Whatever, I am still going to hold out verdict on Bey until further proof.

The Biggest Loser trainer and TV personality, Jillian Michaels is catching heat for an interview with Women's Health mag where she said she plans to adopt because she worked too hard on her body to damage it with a baby! She said:

“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body,” she says, adding, “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

WTH? My thoughts when I read that, not to be a bandwagoner or anything, was um....aren't you the one supposed to be helping women with their body image and encouraging moms to bounce back and believe in themselves. And news flash has she seen the number of amazing women on EARTH who have gotten their bodies back into super shape after having a baby? I guess she doesn't follow Bellyitch and hasn't seen my last celebrity update where I counted down the top 7 fit moms!

I know she came a long way to get her body, but Jillian needs to buy a clue. I guess she knows herself and her body, but I can't imagine someone in her shape and line of work wouldn't be able to do what she needs to do to get back in shape. But good news that some deserving kid out there will get a great home! :D

edited to add: While I agree this is her personal choice on what she feels is right for her body, some private things are better left private especially when she knows she makes her money off of motivating millions of women, many of them who have had their bodies "destroyed" (according to her) by having a baby. I hope there's not an anorexic woman out there whose marriage is already strained because her husband wants a baby but she is afraid of what it will do to her body that is validated by reading Michaels' comment. I understand those saying they appreciate her honesty, but she can be honest about what she thinks about the economy and just keep some things private.

In sum, I think Michaels needs to go back to P.R. 101 training STAT, if you ask me. There are so many ways of avoiding a question and some things you dont NEED to divulge. It may be another sign of a celeb forgetting their market and getting carried away living in their own self-absorbed world, forgetting that their words and actions can affect their own careers. Ask John Mayer or Wizards B-Ball star Gilbert Arenas!

And for the record, this is the same woman who is vying to replace Oprah, when the big O leaves network television next year! Dream on chick!

Singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton had a healthy baby boy, Julian Fuego, born on April 6th 2010. Before giving birth to Julian, actress Paula Patton posed for two very revealing Ebony magazine covers. I got a chance to peruse the magazine's inside photos, out this month, and all I can say is "WOW!" Source

Lauren London opened up to Access Hollywood's Quduus and addressed some of the hurtful comments about her and the fact she had a baby for rapper Lil Wayne the same time his long time girlfriend R&B singer Nivea also was pregnant for him (the two game birth within months of each other). She's catching a lot of flack about her choices, but from a pro-lifer stand point, I give her credit for not aborting a baby that could have negatively affected her career. Good for London! I love her even more for realizing that she is privileged enough to be able to take care of a blessing. Check out the interview below:
On the negative comments concerning her pregnancy, she said:
I’m not going to lie, it hurt. Because when a woman is pregnant (to me) is when she is her most beautiful and as pure as she can be and there was a lot of people that said something negative about what I was doing. And at some point it did hurt my feelings and I had to let it go, because it was not going to distract me from what God had me doing. Point blank period, I love my baby.

Lauren and Lil’ Wayne’s baby(his name has yet to be released, but is rumored to be Cameron) is now six months old.

American Idol season one finalist Tamyra Gray is pregnant with her first child, reports EW. The singer and her husband Sam Watters, a former member of ’90s group Color Me Badd, are expecting their first child together in July.

“I’m just trying to take care of myself and enjoy it,” Tamyra reveals. “This is way harder than Idol.” The couple wed in 2006 and do not wish to know the gender of the baby. Source: BlackCelebKids

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Today! Specials, Tips & Pointers to Save Mother Earth

The above message was brought to you from the folks at EcoMom which has tremendous savings on the various organic and Earth friendly products it sells on its site! Check them out!

Also, take a gander at the tips left by celebrity moms who are serving as guest editors each day this week on The Mini Social's website as it celebrates Eco Week. Here is what Ethiopian Model and actress Liya Kebede's , mom to 9 year old Suhul and 4 year old Raee, has to share:
TMS: What is your favorite “green” discovery?

LK: I love Seventh Generation paper goods and laundry detergent. I discovered that I feel my best wearing natural cottons so a few years ago I created my own clothing line for women and children called lemlem ( where the clothes are made by hand in Africa using traditional weaving methods by local artisans therefore eliminating the use of machines and reducing the waste of energy.
Check out the The Mini Social's EcoWeek page to read the rest of Liya Kebede's contribution and find out what other celebrity moms, Keisha Whitaker, Rhea Durham Wahlberg, Karolina Kurkova & Marisol Nichols, are doing to keep their family and home eco-friendly. And 10% of purchases on that site this weekwill go toward TransFair USA which enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.

The makers and designers of MUU children's furniture reminds consumers that everyday is Earthday for them.
Their furniture and products e made from locally sourced certified sustainable wood and non-toxic finishes.
  • The products are Made in the USA because local manufacturing ensures quality and safety, reduces the impact on the environment, and means less energy is consumed transporting our furniture to you.
  • Their stuff is made to grow with you. The interchangeable MuuPanel system allows parents to update their furniture without buying new stuff.
Muu is available at retailers across the North America including Juvenile Shop in Los Angeles, CA; Style Child in San Diego, CA; Sprout in San Francisco, CA; Grow Modern Kids in Chicago, IL; Giggle in Chevy Chase, MD; Babesta and Giggle in New York, NY; Ella & Elliott, Toronto, Canada and online at

It's not too late to go enter your favorite photo in the iVillage/Cafe Press photo contest! I entered last Thursday with my favorite photo of my daughter which is in the running to win a 4 day/3 night trip to St. Thomas, USVI.

EVERYONE WHO VOTES get a FREE TOTE! I entered last Thursday and got my Tote this Monday! I only had to pay a small $1.50 shipping fee.

Go VOTE for my entry if you don't feel to enter! :D She has a looong way to go to catch up with the top vote getter you can see HERE!

Yahoo! Green has a page today which lists GREAT EARTH DAY DEALS and even FREE stuff you can get this week! Take a PEEK!

Follow Yahoo!Green on Twitter too!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Professional Photo Shoot Part II

I saw this photographer's service being pitched to me on Facebook because its wicked web bug and spies figured this is something that interests me...sneaky Facebook. Anyway, if you are in Virginia, lucky you can book this phenomenal photographer

Artistic Photographer, Dawn M. Miller specializes in

Creative Maternity Portraits and Pregnancy Photography as well as Newborn, Infant, Baby and Children...

...transforming Timeless Images into Heirloom Works of Art.

Maternity Photography ~ Pregnancy Portraits:

You’re pregnant! Pregnancy is such an incredibly joyful and exciting time in your life...the changes that take place in your body are truly wondrous. Maternity photography captures the expectation of the growing life within so that this time can be cherished always. Dawn is a maternity photographer who is recognized by her creative photography of the expected new life that is beautifully artistic yet modestly & tastefully posed - "your bump as art" ™. In her professional portrait studio, she manipulates light to create fine art portraits in vivid color or stunning black and white photography that are chic, unique and full of emotion. Dandelion Wishes Photography® has become known in the Northern Virginia area as one of the top portrait studios providing an upscale experience and the best in maternity photography.

It is advisable to schedule your session for maternity portraits to take place in your third trimester, between 32-34 weeks gestation. As you are viewing our “Expected Ones” gallery, keep in mind that most of these pregnancy portraits were taken during this period and show the fullness and beauty of a woman's body as she is nearing the end of her pregnancy. Your baby bump is beautiful! Dawn considers the images captured in those final weeks of pregnancy to be your baby's first portraits! Parents return just a few short weeks later for their newborn session.

Because Dawn's calendar books up months in advance, it is suggested to schedule your maternity portrait session as early as possible. To inquire about appointment availability, call the studio at 540.428.8772.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Service Review: Broadcaster2.0 Live Streaming Baby's First Steps

An aspiring media honcho who goes by the name of Michael Chavez Booth recently contacted me to share that his company Dyyno recently launched Broadcaster 2.0, a personal live-streaming service that would enable anyone to stream images and videos. It was pitched to me as a wonderful alternative to YouTube, but better because it would be live, for parents who want to stream their baby taking its first steps or tasting baby food for the first time and sharing it with family far away. Neat. I instantly thought of the military dad living in a foreign country missing out on those precious moments of the grandparents residing in Asia or Africa somewhere and unable to watch their grandchildren grow up.

What a wonderful and novel concept and best of all, the service is free! It reminds me of UStream but a simpler easier version. You can password protect the stream so only friends and family can see and you don't have to worry about stalkers and weirdos on the net.

When you sign up, you have to download software. When it loads, you drag the icon to your desktop to start broadcasting or into the webcam or software on your computer that is hooked to your camcorder. You simply email the url to family and give them your password, if you elect to use one. It even has a chat feature so all those viewing can chime in and comment on what they are seeing. It's perfect for non-techie folks. It took me only 5 minutes to set up and I was ready to go!

The creators tout that the service has telemedicine aspects in that doctors and experts can consult with a mom miles away using this "Universal Viewing Feature."

That is the best and coolest as I currently have a client that works on telehealth and telemedicine and for parents who live in rural areas of far from medical facilities with the latest high tech diagnostic resources, this would be an ideal way to get a remote appointment to check out symptoms or to monitor a potentially ailing child suffering from a yet to be diagnosed condition.

As a blogger and author, I also dug the EZ Broadcaster feature which lets you host your own show. It looks like the service was originally pitched to businesses for webinars, but someone must've come up with the bright idea to expand their focus and reach out to families and everyday individuals interesting in streaming personal videos.

To make it more attractive and less intimidating to families, however, I would suggest the company spend some time on a version of the platform for families that features family-friendly images to make it more user friendly. I don't mind the simple sterile low graphics looks, but I do know that many are attractive to sites that features shiny happy smiling people and easy buttons and colorful graphics to capture the attention.

Very neat! Check it out folks. I wish them luck and hope Mr. Booth becomes the next Ev "Twitter" or Tom "MySpace"!

photocredit: *Pnutt**'s Flickr Stream
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Designer and Celebrity Favorite Children's Clothes & Products

For those of you who love outfitting your lovlies in the fab designer clothes that the rich and celebrities love, you'd be geeked to check out some of these great finds!

Ruffles and Cream is a new online boutique which features all of the trendy new boutique baby clothing from My Vintage Baby, Baby Nay, Cachcach, Tralala, Budzie, Kate Mack, Mollie & Millie and Peaches n Cream for girls and boys, flower hats and headbands, baby shoes and other accessories. It also carryiesluxury baby bedding and kids bedding, baby furniture, bassinets and cradles, magical chandeliers and decor!

The MiniSocial an online boutique, provides private access to the most hip and modern designer clothing and accessories for mom, baby and child, all at up to 60% off. The invitation only site features clean, simple design, paired with a super easy shopping experience, and will host two or more designer socials each week. The site has some EcoWeek specials in the following brands:
April 12-Eberjey -Masala Baby-Dr Robin Sunscreen
April 13-Zoochini-SunBusters-P’kolino-Crocs
April 14-Petite Miette-Floatimini
April 15-Ondade Mar-Munster
April 16-Melissa & Doug-Primigi
April 19-Kate Quinn Organics-American Terry Co
April 20-Love is Organic Denim
April 21-Under The Nile-Isa Booties
April 22-June Plum
April 23-Tiny Revolutionary
April 26-Rachel Hudgins
April 27-Sophie Catalou

If you own an online boutique that features children, baby and maternity fashions and furniture, send me your info and I'll feature your site here on Bellyitch!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

This mom didn't expect to Catch on Fire during her C Section procedure

I got word recently from a friend that when she went to check on her friend who had just given birth, she sensed something was wrong. The baby was fine, in the nursery. She said something about the usually jovial friend lead her to believe all was NOT well. When she pressed further, her friend revealed to her that the baby was doing well but she wasn't. Apparently, the friend was set ablaze during her C-section procedure to deliver the baby!!

No, not the doing of a psycho deranged and desperate dad denying paternity. On the contrary, the fire was a result of Dura Prep solution rubbed on her abdomen to prep her for surgery. The solution is used to cut down the time needed for surgical prepping which you would expect would be a great alternative to the traditional painting solution which can take lots of time to apply and dry. I suppose doctors use this solution in emergency C-section situations. However, the solution is HIGHLY flammable until completely dry. So what probably happened is in the rush to start the C-section procedure, the staff didn't let it completely dry and perhaps the heat from the overhead lights set the solution afire!! How scary!

According to the ECRI Institute, a nonprofit research organization focused on medical procedures, devices, drugs, and processes, there are about 10 cases of patients being set afire during surgeries each year!

Fortunately, these incidences are rare however still tragic for the victims like my friend's friend. I was told a significant patch of her skin on her thigh was singed and she sustained third degree burns there. She had to have skin grafts to replace the burnt skin and will have extensive reconstructive surgery.

That is totally NOT the type of post natal surgery any woman would expect to have to endure after this procedure.

Needless to say, she is suing the hospital and doctors because as the ECRI Institute's website shows, there are lots of ways to avoid these types of fires if the proper precautionary steps are taken.

Perhaps this is another dangerous by-product of C-section that would make the operation such a scary thing when all else fails and you cannot birth your baby vaginally.

I suppose the only thing a pregnant women who finds herself having to have an emergency C-section to do is speak up and 1. Ask that DuraPrep or any similar solution NOT BE USED. or 2.
INSIST THAT THE DOCTORS and surgical staff take the time to allow all solutions to dry!

Aren't you glad you follow this blog and get educated on things like this? I promise. I don't mean to be sensational, incendiary, controversial or dramatic, but it took a lot of digging to find out stories like this and I am a firm believer that an educated pregnant woman is better than an uneducated one.

Imagine if my friend's friend been armed with this knowledge BEFORE she went into the surgery room!

Wow! I am praying she has a healthy recovery...oh and that she gets paid a healthy settlement to maybe pay for that baby's college and then some!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bellyitch Bump Day: Eco Belly & CafePress/iVillage Contest

Eco Week starts next week and Earth day is creeping up this April 22. In light of this, several companies are promoting Green initiatives and have been sending me loads of wonderful information about eco living to pass on to Bellyitch readers.

I thought today on this Bump day would be a great time to share the Cafe Press and contest
called "Picture Your World"

They are asking people to tell them "Why on earth are you
saving the planet?"

All you have to do is submit a photo of why you're going green, tell them why in a caption, and submit. Simple!! Go to to enter!
Users will vote on their favorite entries and the winner gets a 5 day/4 night eco vacation to St. Thomas USVI!

Woo hoo! But the kicker is entrant gets a free special edition Eco Tote!!

I love contests where EVERY ONE IS A WINNER...well, I'm off to enter my photo.
But not this one above. It is "gestational art" created by Christina Davison who owns AmaDazzle Faces and specializes in pregnant belly art, among other things.
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celeb Update: Top 7 Ridiculously FIT Moms in their 30s & 40s

I think I am through with seeing photos of emaciated women on magazine covers showing off their post baby bodies that lack muscle tone. Put aside the fact that wealthy celebs push an unrealistic body standard because many of them can afford surgery, personal chefs and trainers or simply starve themselves thin to maintain their super svelt figures. We should be celebrating those who obviously work hard at the gym to look fit and tone, and as a by product promote a healthier body ideal. The following are my top 7 celeb moms, some of whose bodies look even hotter AFTER HAVING THEIR BABIES! Say what!?! ha! Besides, it was sooo hard to find a celeb mom that wasn't on THIS Celebrity Plastic Surgery List! Though I wonder if the fact that this list includes 3 Dancing with the Stars contestants (including one winner) that maybe the trick to having a fab post-baby bod is competing in that competition!

And after racking my brain on those that came to my head as the best and fittest, I was more than happy when I realized all of these women are in their 30s and 40s! Too cool!

7. Felicity Huffman
The mother of two daughters, Sofia, 10, and Georgia, 8, who suffered from anorexia and bulimia in her teens and early twenties stays super fit these days by running and lifting weights, obvious by her killer ripped arms on the red carpet! Wow for a woman aged 47!

6. Jennifer Lopez

After having her twins Max & Emme in March 2008, J. Lo hit the training circuit and ran a marathon, partially to help drop the weight fast (though she hasn't admitted that). The 41-year old is on the comeback and was rocking this sheer catsuit during the ABC New Year's eve special this year. Fab bod, though, I am left wondering what happened to her "Ass"ets?

5. Toni Braxton

This mom of two is a favorite of mine. She suffered with microvascular angina (small vessel disease) but still managed to kill during her stint on 7th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2008. The 42-year old has survived a breast cancer scare, bankruptcy, and is undergoing a divorce from her husband Keri Lewis from the group Mint Condition , while caring for her two sons Denham and Deisel, who is autistic. She is a spokeswoman for Autism Speaks and the American Heart Association. Fit and fab advocate!

4. Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke is one of my fav mompreneurs for pushing her post-baby body wraps to help moms get their tummies back in shape postpartum. She too looked fab during her Dancing with the Stars stint and actually went on to win the entire competition in 2008, the same year as Toni. This 38 year old mom of 4 (Neriah Shae, Sierra Sky, Heaven Rain and Shaya Braven) is a bonafide she-ro. I will suspend belief that she got this body using her wraps, eating sensibly and working out, but I'm no fool! On principal, (because they are gimmes and always on the top of hot moms lists) I was going to leave off ex-models from this list (for the same reason I left off Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie), but I couldn't help myself.

3. Jada Pinkett Smith 

Not only is Jada an author, investor, businesswoman and actress, but she balances life married to Hunky Actor Will Smith with helping raise the couple's three children Trey, 16 [from Will Smith's first marriage], Jaden, 11, and Willow, 8. I think this 38 year old is blessed with good genes and super fast metabolism though she admits to eating superfoods to stay healthy. I can't help but think she is also an avid gym rat given those triceps and muscular and toned arms she's always showing off.

2. Kelly Ripa

This 39 year old mom of three to Michael Joseph, 12, Lola Grace, 9, , and Joaquin Antonio, 7 is tiny but toned. She is an avid runner and I think her tiny frame makes her rigorous exercise routine which includes some pilates and stretches to reveal muscles faster and even more than it would on a heavier woman. Love her and her hunky hubby actor Mark Consuelos too. Check out her biceps!

1. Mel B
Mel B's body has become even more sicker than when she was a Spice Girl. I think it was after her stint on Dancing with the Stars shortly after her 3-year old daughter Angel Iris (to Eddie Murphy) was born that she really catapulted her physical fitness routine. I say that because I've never seen this 35-year old knock out looking this cut before having that little ever! wow! I was so motivated that I actually went out and ordered here work out DVD! ha! She is number one because she has curves AND tone.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

How NOT to get cheated on when Pregnant

So the buzz is out that Former NFL great and Today show Sports commentator Tiki Barber cheated on his pregnant wife Ginny Barber with 23-year old intern Traci Lynn Johnson. He has, in fact, left his wife for Traci Lynn.

The news caused me to think of other high profile cases of men who cheated on their pregnant wives or steadies: Kevin Federline cheated on actress Shar Jackson with Britney Spears while Shar was pregnant with their third child.

Lil Wayne had two women, singer Nivea and actress Black Hollywood "It" girl Lauren London pregnant at the same time. So obviously somebody was getting cheated on at some point.

Salma Hayek broke up with her French billionaire fiance François-Henri Pinault 11 months after the couple had their first child. There was speculation he may have started an affair while she was still pregnant.

Bones Star David Boreanaz cheated on his wife of eight years, Jaime Bergman, while she was pregnant, reportedly -- and of all people with Rachel Uchitel, the same NYC events planner who boned a married Tiger Woods!

So how do you avoid getting cheated on while you are carrying his child? Hmm...

...try to be interested in sex and please your partner in other ways if you're not feeling up to doing the actual deed...

...try not to be irritable and let the raging pregnancy hormones drive you to bark commands at him...

...try not to find him annoying and incompetent cause you're only carrying around 5-7lbs in your stomach, have stressed joints and ligaments, swollen feet, an achy back, peeing non stop and uncomfortable in your clothes. What's stopping you from being nice to your S.O. too?...

...if all else fails run an anti-cheating diagnostic urine test on him before getting pregnant. Oh wait, something like that doesn't exist? Dang!

I read somewhere that the lack of regular action and the pressure of dealing with a woman who is nothing like the woman he married leads some men to break and find comfort in the arms of another woman --- maybe one who laughs at his jokes at work and totally understands his pain.

Um, okay. I call bullshit. Real men are able to curb their libido for 10 months and understand that what their wives are going through is nothing but a miracle and suck it up. Actually, the literature says some women actually get hornier during pregnancy and want it more but their husbands either are fearful of hurting the baby or aren't as attracted to their wife while she is pregnant. I wonder if the weight gain or pregnancy acne have anything to do with the "turn off" factor.

Anyway, REAL MEAN are also mature enough to know that "this too shall" pass and in no time not only will they get their sweet endearing wife back, but they'll also be blessed with a new baby.

So I am not going to condone or advocate going out your way to try to please your guy while you are pregnant because having been there three times, I know that being pregnant brings a whole heap of aches and new pains. By all means, exercise and stay fab looking. But the added pressure of trying to make sure your dude is satisfied sexually is a bit much. I'm just saying. It's just a risk a woman has to take, I guess. I mean if he is too weak to stay faithful while you are pregnant of all times, what is going to stop him from stepping out on another less stressful occasion?

Check out this Slideshow with other famous high profile cheating
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