Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Celebrity Update: Gay Celebrities with Children

When Ricky Martin announced he was gay on his blog yesterday, I was clueless he had done so. Not until I settled in for the night and checked my blog stats and realized I had gotten hundreds of hits via Google images for people looking for photos of Ricky Martin's twin boys (which I had in a past post) did I realize something was up. As usual these days, my initial response, was "oh No, Did Ricky Martin die?" Then I went the only place on earth where you can get the most up-to-the-minute news: TWITTER!! Sure enough, Ricky Martin was one of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter! That is when I discovered the news! AAaaah! Well good for him for being true to himself and sharing tho I think most of us knew when he refused to confirm his sexuality to Barbara Walters back in 2000 that our chances of getting with him were over at that point! lol!

Well, I thought is was just only fitting then to have this week's edition of celebrity spotlight focus on other gay celebrities that have had children (either via surrogate, donor or adoption). Hey hey! I can be trendy too! Ha!

Clay Aiken

Singer Clay Aiken confirmed rumors that he was gay after his son was born. “I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things,” he told People magazine. His son was conceived through artificial insemination with his close friend Jaymes Foster.

Wanda Sykes

Sykes and her wife Alex have fraternal twins: daughter Olivia Lou and son Lucas Claude.

Cynthia Nixon

The Sex and the City star has two children and has been in relationship with a woman for several years after splitting with her husband.

Sara Gilbert

Gilbert and her partner Allison Adler have two children together. Both were conceived with the aid of a sperm donor.

Melissa Etheridge
Etheridge has been a gay rights activist since the early 1990s. She has children from two different lesbian relationships: Bailey Jean, 11, Beckett, 9 ½, and twins Johnnie Rose and Miller Steven, 22 months,

B.D. Wong

Wong, an openly gay actor, has three children, one of whom died shortly after birth. Wong wrote a book about the experience called Following Foo: the electronic adventures of The Chestnut Man.

Mary Cheney,

Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, has a child with her partner Heather Poe. (baby is seen with her grand parents)

Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell and her ex partner are parents to three adopted children and one child who was conceived through artificial insemination. The kids are pictured from left: daughter Chelsea, born in 1997; son Parker, born in 1995; son Blake, born in 1999; and daughter Vivienne, a biological child born to Carpenter in 2002.

Cat Cora

Celebrity chef Cora and her partner, Jennifer Cora, were pregnant at the same time with their third and fourth children. The same sperm donor was used in all four pregnancies and each woman was implanted with the other’s fertilized egg.
And these are just the openly gay ones! I would imagine there are a lot of closeted celebs raising their blessings too. ha! I crack myself up!
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