Saturday, January 16, 2010


What's GG Up to? Wearing Natural Biodegradable Diapers

Getting ready to be potty trained! We tested out the organic diapers sent us. She sampled a couple of the Nature Babycare disposable diapers which are eco friendly and consist of 99% compostable material. Because of this, these diapers are a great biodegradable option to traditional disposable diapers.

I know a couple of you guys are considering using natural cloth diapers as an alternative to landfill producing regular diapers.

I tried to go that route when I had my first, but just couldn't fathom the idea of having wash away poopy diapers all the time. I tried. Really I did.

I was born in Africa, so you know my mom used natural diapers on me and I have a smooth bottom I suppose because I didn't have to sit in poop combined with the chemicals they put in diapers to make them absorbent for too long. TMI! I know! I know!

Anyway, these puppies worked just fine and were just as absorbent as conventional diapers. They were thinner so I didn't think they'd work well, but to my surprise, it did the trick. So there you have it, if you can't go the all natural route, this could be a cool alternative. Again, a little pricier than conventional. I was sent two to sample, but they run $11.99 for 44 ct.

But GG is soooo smart that she knows very well how to use the potty but does not want to. With the price of diapers going up and this recession looking like it isn't subsiding too soon, homegirl is about to go to Potty Boot Camp starting NEXT WEEK!!!

With us luck!!

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