Friday, October 30, 2009

What's GG Up to Now?: Pumpkin' Patching & Halloweening

Check out Miss GG and her brother in their Wild Things Halloween costumes which are purrrrfect for their mischievous and cunning personalities, the both of them!

As usual, she is climbing higher and jumping farther than ever! Her vocabulary is soaring into the stratosphere and she has a very commanding understanding of synonyms and word associations. Like eat, hungry, food, stomach, tummy are words she associates with eating. Etc Etc. That's my Smart Girl!
And she had a ball at her nursery school pumpkin patch trip
And getting lost in the hay maze on our family pumpkin patch/fall festival trip last weekend
And climbing hay bales with her big brothers who are on top of the world!


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pregnant Women & the Fear of the H1N1 Vaccine

Pregnant women top the list of the most at-risk group for contracting the H1N1 flu but many are scared witless to get the vaccine that recently became available this October in the United States. (as evidenced in the below CNN video)

Wow, what can I say about the H1N1? That pesky virulent strain of seasonal flu is kicking butt, and Pregnant women, children, the elderly and others with weak or compromised immune systems have been falling prey to this deadly virus. Everywhere these days, there are reports about this rather stubborn and ultra dangerous strain of the flu virus, nicknamed Swine Flu because initial testing showed many of the genes in the virus were similar to influenza viruses normally occurring in North American swine.

The Washington Post reported this month, that "since the pandemic began, at least 3,873 Americans have died from complications associated with the flu, primarily the H1N1 virus, including at least 28 pregnant women."

Pregnant woman are urged to get the new vaccine pronto and so are other members of the population that may have compromised or fragile immune systems or in high risk situations: children, the elderly and health care workers.

Meanwhile, many in the population have been lining up in droves to get vaccinated. Still some (like me, admittedly) are staying away fearful that the unknown side-effects of this new untested vaccine may be worse than the actual virus. As the Washington Post reported, "several national surveys have found that only about 40 percent of Americans are sure they will get it, with those who are reluctant citing doubts about the severity of the virus and concerns about side effects." See, I am not alone!

And if you are really freaked about this virus, do NOT WATCH, the National Geographic Channel's series, "Swine Flu: The Science of Pandemics" because it will scare the bejeevies out of you.

A recent study found racial disparity among families opinions of the Swine Flu vaccine. People from minority communities, African Americans, I know for sure are hesitant and I believe part of it is cultural and comes from not trusting "the government". Many of them are aware of controversial unethical studies like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments where between 1932 and 1972, the US government knowingly injected healthy black males with the Syphilis virus in Tuskegee, Alabama and withheld treatment to some in order to study the effects of the disease. Similarly, books and movies like The Constant Gardner, which tackles the controversial practice of pharmaceutical companies testing drugs on poor people in third world countries in Africa without their knowing consent, further fuels the fear of vaccines.

Not just minority populations are skeptical, the entire controversy over immunization shots for infants and children, in particular the MMR vaccine, is incubated from the unknown. In particular, many have linked a negative side effect of certain ingredients in some vaccines as leading to autism. At this point, there has been no definitive link but notwithstanding with celebrities like actress Jenny McCarthy who has been outspoken and is convinced there is a link based on their experiences (her now 7-year old son has autism), the fear is certainly there and festering and is not going away.

Thus, brings be back to my point, to vaccinate or no? Pregnant women and children are dying left and right from H1N1. At the same time, with the unknown effects of the disease, several pregnant women and parents I know are very quite concerned and hesitant about getting the new vaccine. Their time is running out as the supply of the H1N1 vaccine is critically low in many parts of the States, according to reports You have to take your chances and pick an option one way or the other.

The fear of the "unknown" is driving people to do some crazy things. I read in BabyCenter yesterday, how some parents are actually taking their children to "Swine Flu" parties to expose their kids to the virus while it is still in its somewhat mild stage. All evidence points to the strain still being conquerable until the flu season passes next February 2010, but some parents are not taking their chances. Health practitioners are calling this practice dangerous, and are discouraging parents from doing this. But all of the fear mongering in the media and from other sources have led people to take desperate measures.

Still, just this July, officials in Japan confirmed a mutation of H1N1 that is resistant to Tamiflu! EEk! So could this thing get any worse?

I know in my home, having a child recently diagnosed with the Swine Flu, we are taking extra steps to keep the rest of the household healthy. We've immunized the middle boy with the seasonal shot (because we fall on the side of the fence of fearing the unknown from the H1N1 vaccine) and are spraying Lysol on all door knobs and surfaces. We are also each taking daily doses of Sambucol, the natural virulogist developed serum that boosts your immunity and has been successful in my family in keeping away the sickies. My husband's homeopathy-crazed cousin hipped us to this product years ago and I even blogged about it on my Other blog a while back.

There are doctor-prescribed preventive non-homeopathic remedies. The most popular prescribed: Tamiflu and Relenza. Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir, and Relenza, known generically as zanamivir, can be used to prevent infection if given early enough. Both can treat flu but Tamiflu is often preferred because it is a tablet, while Relenza must be delivered using an inhaler.

I am curious at seeing how this plays itself out because all the evidence points to this strain of the flu not getting better, but rather mutating itself in the future into a more violent and deadlier strain. Eeek! What is a worried mom or preggers woman to do?

From Baby Center

What symptoms should I watch for?

Swine flu symptoms in children and adults are pretty much the same as those for seasonal flu:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Chills and fatigue
  • Sometimes, diarrhea and vomiting

If you develop the flu, you probably won't have all those symptoms, but you're likely to have some combination of them. Ruth Parker, a professor of medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, says that if you have a fever, cough, and sore throat, it''s likely you have swine flu. If you don't have all three symptoms (or a recent history of those symptoms), you probably don't have swine flu.

Your thoughts readers? I would love to hear how others feel about this.

Check out this CNN video about the skepticism of the vaccine:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebrity Update: Bumps, WannabeBumps and Controversy

One of the original soca queens, Destra Garcia, is pregnant and will soon join fellow female soca super stars Fay Ann Lyons who gave birth this year and Allison Hinds into motherhood.Despite reports, Kim Kardashian is Not PREGNANT. Rather, she is reportedly jealous that her pregnant sister Kourtney has been getting all the attention. She announced in an edition of Life & Style, "I always had a vision I'd be married with one kid by the time I'm 30. Before, I was strictly all about my work. Now I make it a priority to go see him (boyfriend Reggie Bush) instead. It's all about the commitment you choose to make." Kim even says that she wants lots of kids, maybe five or six!

Bellyitch Says: Wow baby bump watch fever can and has catelpulted D and C listers a notch up or two!
Singer Erica Campbell, the other half of gospel group Mary Mary, is pregnant with her second child. The expectant mom is three months pregnant, reports columnist Jawn Murray.
Erica and her husband, music producer Warryn Campbell, are already parents to daughter Krista, 5.
Erica’s sister, Tina Campbell, gave birth to her third child just recently.

Mary Mary’s hit single, ‘God in Me,’ is currently being played on the airwaves.
Congrats to the Campbell sisters!

It’s a boy for BET’s Sunday Best judge, Tina Campbell(R) of gospel singing group Mary Mary. Tina welcomed her son Tj, short for Teddy Jr, on October 20th, 2009. TJ weighed in at 7 lbs and was 18 1/2 inches in length.
Tina’s sister, Erica Campbell, announced her nephew’s birth on twitter.

One of my favorite TV actresses Jenna Elfman (loved her in Dharma and Greg) and her husband Bodhi are expecting their second child this March, who will have Story Elias for a big sister.

Pregnant model Jourdan Dunn, who is due in December, is featured on the November issue of Teen Vogue.According to MSNBC, Jourdan’s Teen Vogue cover has sparked a controversy of some sort.
There’s nothing about the cover that would indicate that Jourdan Dunn, who is the first black model to walk a Prada show since Naomi Campbell in the 1990s, is pregnant. She looks no different than Chanel Iman, who is also pictured, and the accompanying cover line says simply, “Teen Supermodels Jourdan and Chanel on their rise to the top.”
Not until you read the accompanying piece does the subject of Dunn’s pregnancy come into play. Toward the end of the interview, Dunn says her unplanned pregnancy was “really hard,” and “all I could think about was what my mom was going to say, my agency, my boyfriend.”
From all indications in the piece, all parties are supportive of Dunn, who is due in December.
A representative for Teen Vogue said that they didn’t know Dunn was pregnant until after the photo shoot, and production schedules, among other factors, led to the decision to keep the cover in place.
…If [Jamie Lynn] Spears and [Bristol] Palin weren’t enough to spawn a dialogue about teen pregnancy, Teen Vogue will certainly advance the conversation, whether we’re ready for it or not.

From BlackCelebKids
Actress Paula Patton and her husband, singer Robin Thicke, are expecting their first child, reveals
Paula and Robin began dating in high school and married in 2005.
“She could make a marriage work with a chair,” Robin said of his wife. “She’s an incredible woman, and she’s very beautiful, so I’m just lucky to be with her.”
Paula, who was rumored have been pregnant last year(2008), is currently shooting movie Just Wright with Queen Latifah
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Bellyitch Bump Day: The 3D Baby Belly

It doesn't get any better than this huh? This photo, by an unknown photographer, has appeared across the blogsphere/www for a few years now, but it is a very vivid and beautiful account of the miracle of birth and life, wouldn't you say?

ps. The Sunday Spotlight and Celebrity Post was missed this week because I have a sick kid diagnosed with H1N1 so that is consuming my every thought and mind much so that even didn't even notice when I did hit the 100,000 hits threshold. *sigh* He's holding up well and is seemingly recovering fine but I can't help myself and won't really be "rest assured" until I see a full week of normalcy as I have read too many times about people who are seemingly recovering and then relapse into something horrible and unthinkable! *sigh* Keep us/me in your thoughts and prayers please folks. Thanks.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Product Review & Giveaway: Bebe Au Lait Hooter Hiders

Nursing covers sure have come a long way since the day of just throwing a blanket over your shoulders and hoping it doesn't slip off to reveal your boobies to everyone within peeking distance!

I was sent a sample and given an opportunity to get an up close look at Bebe Au Lait's Hooter Hiders nursing covers. First off, Bebe Au Lait claims to the be the originator of the Nursing cover in the first place dating back to 2003, so God Bless em for that. I've always felt that nursing covers were a great invention for whether you are trying to be modest or avoid indecent exposure laws, (because we all know of those ridiculous cases of people harassing nursing moms in the past for nursing their babies in public and the subsequent legal inquires into the issue). Since then, many companies have hopped on the bandwagon to make nursing covers as I shared a list of some back in February 2008. In general, they are way more functional than blankets because most come with a contraption that goes over your neck to prevent the cover from falling off.

Off the bat, what I liked and noticed about Hooter Hiders was the material. It's light weight which is key because the other brand I used with my children was made of a little heavier material which made it hot for the babies. Hooter Hiders however is made of 100% breathable cotton and is machine washable. Aah Nice! Great because a sweaty hot baby = a cranky one. My babies, when they got a little older, would always try to pull my cover off because they were hot.

Hooter Hiders comes with a neck ring that is easy to slip over your head even while cradling the baby in one hand and messing around fishing for a burp cloth in the diaper bag all whilst unbuttoning your top and trying to release your boobies from around your nursing top. Many times, you may be out in the mall, park or at some other public place and it just gets down right stressful worrying about a cover slipping off. I know plenty of moms who avoid nursing their children in public ever because of the very fear of others watching and knowing what they are doing and more so over the risk of accidentally exposing a nipple! I say with all the smut on TV and oversexed images in magazines and on the net, a little nipple here and there shouldn't shock and surprise anyone, but I do understand the anxiety and concern.

Apparently, this newer version of Hooter Hiders includes a patented rigid neckline so you can easily peer down at the baby to check in on her nursing progress. It's great for those uber conscious folks who don't even bother messing with the cover to check in on baby in fear of accidental exposure or drawing attention to themselves from passerbys. This thing eases that concern cause it holds open the area right below mommy's head at the neckline. (see photo).

I see somebody's R&D department was working over time. After you invent an original anything, it's so key to listen to concerns of users and then adjust your model to keep one pace ahead of your competition! That is the marker of a quality brand in my book. Kudos to Bebe Au Lait for innovation eh?

When I got the one I was sent, I was impressed (and I am NOT that easily impressed) to see it came with a carry cover made of the same material which was folded all neat, perfect size for just dropping in your diaper bag and going!(see image above) I like designer brands so I was also digging and loving the embossed silver D-ring signifying the authenticity of the product. Sweet!

They come in different prints and designs from floral to paisley to interweaving patterns. My sample was the Camden Lock in navy blue (on the images) which would've been perfect for me (if I was still nursing) because I prefer more conservative darker colors. (I donated my sample to a contest that encouraged people to donate to the March of dimes.)

But lucky for you, Bebe Au Lait has decided to reward a Bellyitch Reader with her or his own cover or choice! Yipee!!

All you have to do is enter below so I can know your entry AND do at least one of the following and leave a comment indicating which one you elected. Each additional method equals another entry, but remember, you have to share in at least one comment all the different ways you entered so I know to add another entry for you on my spreadsheet.

1. Tweet this contest
2. Become a Bellyitch Follower (see right column)
3. Follow Bebe Au Lait on Twitter (
4. Go to and join their email list (bottom right of screen)
5. Become a fan of Bebe Au Lait on Facebook

The Contest is open to US Residents only and you have to have a real street address for the item to be shipped to so no P.O. Boxes. The product is valued at $35.00.

contest ends November 15, 2009 at midnight

Just so you know, Bebe Au Lait also makes reversible double bibs, hooded towels, and burp cloths.

Good Luck Guys!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Making Babies Book Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the following 5 (FIVE) Entrants in the Bellyitch "Making Babies: A 3-Month Proven Program for Maximum Fertility" Book:


Anna Milot

Carrie Burgan

Lisa K

Mey Walker

Thanks for entering! This contest set the record for the most entrants of any of past Bellyitch contests to date at 30 entrants. This tells me if I put some real effort in promoting the contest (as I sort of did with this one), I could actually get some contestants and have a competitive give-away! Well Fancy That!

Next up, We're giving away a Hooter Hiders this MONDAY!!! Look for the review and contest deets then!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Review of My Experiences with Hypnobirthing

I promised past Bellyitch Pregnancy Spotlight Blogger, Emily, from Baby Dickey, to give a review of my experience using Hypnobirthing to prepare for a "natural" labor and delivery, so here it is:

For me, I had an excellent experience using a hypnobirthing CD that was recommended to me by someone years ago and I ordered on the Internet. I was hoping it would help me cope with and manage the expected pain. (Little did I know I would end up getting a c-section, which would be one of a series of three total in my life). I used it with tremendous success and would highly recommend it.

I began listening to the two CD set about 3 months from my due date and would listen to them before bed, when I'd have a spare moment in the afternoon on weekends and sometimes while in the car though in hindsight, I wouldn't recommend doing that just in case you get lulled to sleep. Um not a great idea. In any event, CD 1, if I remember it correctly, introduced me and the listeners to the idea of using your mind and brain to escape to a place other than the physical here and now. A woman narrator with a calm assuring voice walked you through the process. After a few lessons in "visualization", the sessions went on to managing and controlling the pain by taking your brain to a new, less painful place in you brain. It teaches you how to internalize and "ride" the crescendo of pain that comes with each contraction, like a wave, almost until it peaks and eases you down again in preparation for the next one. The goal is to not focus so much on the pain but on the exercise for coping.

The second CD were tracks of simple relaxation music set for you to practice your newly learned "visualization" skills. During this second set, the woman guided you to a different location and had you focus on visualizing this location and being there in your mind. My favorite which I remembered was laying on a beach with the warm sun beaming down on me, the cool breeze from a nearby coconut tree blowing, the sound of the water calmly coming onto the shore and falling back, the sound of seagulls honking overhead, the horn of a faraway passing cruise ship. Man, I tell ya, I was so into my "peaceful place" when I was able to "go there" that it would take a fleet of firetrucks and a herd of stampeding elephants to yank me back. Seriously!

And I can honestly say those techniques totally worked for me to manage my pain and take me away. And I use them today. I am a crybaby and fear needles and use those techniques whenever I have to get a shot at the doctors for a physical. And in other situations, If I am experiencing some other temporary sharp but prolonged pain from stumping my toe on a bed post to experiencing menstrual cramping to getting a "stitch" while running, I let my mind take me away in a similar fashion to the way I learned using hypnobirthing. The benefits go beyond the labor and childbirth process.

All of this rambling to say I highly recommend giving hypnobirthing techniques a try. I must admit it may not be for everyone. Not all people are "mental" like that and are able to suspend their existence in this world. You have to be the type of person who is able to sit still and clear the mind for even a 10 minute span of time. I dare say in this world of "hurry up" and instant gratification, not that many people may have the patience to learn and actually give the techniques a chance to work.
It may be great for dreamers like myself who have their heads in the clouds most of the time anyway!

To this day, I have not managed to scrounge up the precise CD series I used, but I did find some CDs on that looks close to it:

Heartstrings: Visualizations for Prpregnancy: a program of music-evoked visualizations specifically created for use during the prenatal period. Each visualization and spoken affirmation was carefully created by Board Certified Music Therapists to induce a peaceful and relaxed body/mind/spirit connection. When used in conjunction with regular prenatal medical care, a woman can feel confident she is providing the optimal environment for her baby's health and development. It's starts at $16.99 on and it's gotten RAVE customer reviews with 15 5 star ratings!

I also found Rainbow Relaxation, which unfortunately is NOT available currently on Amazon.

Editorial Reviews: is a key part of the Hypnobirthing program! The hypnosis pattern on this disk is specially designed to help you teach your body and mind to drift smoothly and swiftly into the kind of relaxation you will call upon during your birthing. Through listening to the repetition of thoughts that dwell on the beautiful colors of the rainbow every day, you will soon find that you can effortlessly dismiss stress and other distractions from your environment and drift into a state of calm, confidence and peace. The language of the subconscious, like that of a child, is fantasy and imagery. For that reason, these can be very important factors in your daily preparation for you baby's birthing.

Maybe you can find it on Ebay or some other source.

And Good Luck to Emily who's got 9 weeks and counting until meeting Baby Dickey himself!!
Please come back here to share your experiences, Emily!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrity Round Up: Announcements, Bump Watch, Births & New Babies

Pregnancy Announcements

The mother of all non-announcements is that several sources are quoting which claimed it had confirmed that Mariah Carey is pregnant with her first child with her husband Nick Cannon. As many knew and suspected, the couple has been trying for nearly a year to have a child and they’ve finally made it work, according to MediaTakeOut's source. Since she's still early, she's probably going to withhold making an announcement, probably until the requisite 3 month period when most pregnancies will be sustained. Good move though it's too bad the stalker celeb bump trend just won't give A-listers a chance. I feel ashamed of myself for contributing... really I do *halo glistens*

Well I'll be praying it does! Bless em!

Source: Media Take Out

Bump watch

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her belly — she’s expecting a boy! — in a white fitted dress as she arrives at sister Kim Kardashian’s 29th birthday bash, held Friday evening at the TAO Nightclub at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Kourtney, 30, will welcome her son in December.


Back in September former Girls Next Door co-stars Bridget Marquard and Holly Madison threw co-star Kendra Wilkinson a baby shower for her son, Hank Baskett IV, who is due on Christmas Day.

The party, themed Pickles and Candyland, was at longtime Playboy mansion secretary Mary O’Connor’s house just outside L.A.

A pregnant Jourdan Dunn walked the runway at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show during the Paris Womenswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 on October 3, 2009 in Paris, France.

The mom-to-be, who is due in December, is also featured on the cover of Teen Vogue’s November issue.

FIERCE!! <---i say with a little bit of trepidation and indignation about a pregnant Teen being on the cover of Teen Vogue. EEK!

Source: BlackCelebKids

Two weekends ago, Producer "The Dream" and his reported wife singer Christina Milian attended the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards. The mom-to-be, who is nearly five months pregnant, wore a tight fitting black dress that revealed her growing baby bump.

Very Sexy!


Grey's Anatomy Ellen Pompeo, 39, and husband Chris Ivery welcomed a daughter, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, on Sept. 15 in Los Angeles, her rep confirmed to PEOPLE.

But right before, Grey's alum Katherine Heigl announced and shared photos of herself, her husband and their new a 10-month old baby adopted from Korea. The NY Post speculated that Heigl's announcement about their daughter, Naleigh, on Sept. 15 — which just happened to be the same day that Pompeo gave birth to a daughter ofher own - was done to somehow "upstage" Pompeo. I hope not, because if so, that is downright SILLY!

Naleigh is a cutie pie!

source: CoolWebGossip

Reality star Monica "Danger" Leon from Vh1's For the Love of Ray J ’s gave birth to a baby girl. she named Mayara on October 18th. Wow congrats! I wonder if it is Ray J's baby. hmmm inquiring minds...

New Babies

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga did a photoshoot with People magazine where they will show off their 8-week old new baby, David Jr. What a cute family. source: BlackCelebKids

Actress Golden Brooks ("Girlfriends") and actor D.B. Woodside ("24") are the proud parents of a brand-new little girl, according to The couple welcomed Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside on September 1, weighing in at 9 lbs., 2 oz., and measuring 23 inches long.

I bet Dakota is a looker just like her parents!

Hip-hop super star, Lil Wayne, onfirmed in an interview with BBC’s Tim Westwood that he and R ‘n’ B singer Nivea are indeed expecting a baby boy. He, however, didn’t share further detail of the impending birth. Up until now, he'd been pretty quiet about it considering he had another woman, the gorgeous Lauren London knocked up with his kid at the same time!

The forthcoming baby boy will be Wayne’s third child born in just over a year. He and actress Lauren London welcomed a baby boy earlier last month. And back in October last year, he announced on-stage at the annual BET Hip-Hop Awards that he was expecting his first son in just a “couple of days.” Mother of the infant, who is named Dwayne Carter III, has never been identified though.

The baby that Nivea is carrying, meanwhile, will be Wayne’s fourth child. He has an older daughter, Reginae Carter, with his ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter. Wayne and Antonia were married 2004 to 2006. As for Nivea, she was previously married to The-Dream, who fathers her 4-year-old daughter Navy Talia. whew! I'm out of breath reading all that! Source: BinsideTV


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Pea in The Podcast

Because I am a BIG believer that not everyone learns, takes in information and digests data the same way, I was excited to hear from the folks at Pea in The Podcast. In a nutshell, they are a series of podcasts, 1/2 hour to 1 hour audio shows that can be downloaded on your computer at home, iPod or other digital mP3 device or accessed via iTunes. A transcript comes with each episode so you can read along, if you're interested though I don't know why, or go back to the transcript as a reference point for something you hear during the podcast.

In this day and age when even the best intentioned mom or dad-to-be may not have time to read up on various topics related to pregnancy, birthing and preparing for a baby in advance, sometimes a podcast may be the solution. Pea in the podcast covers a range of topics and each episode features an expert, interviews with pregnant women and their partners; new moms or dads; and a good bit of informative statistics, lists and other research information about the topic. Most of it is pretty general stuff and nothing very groundbreaking, and it seems best suited for first time moms. Even so, the topics are still pretty comprehensive enough so that even second or third timer who may need a refresher could probably benefit.

I think who'd best benefit probably is the dads who many times, unfortunately, are just not THAT interested in consuming every pregnancy book as the moms voila! Sentence them to listening to podcasts like The Pea in the Podcast! Problem solved! ha!

You can download each podcast and listen in the car while running errands or traveling on a road trip, or during the commute on the train or bus into work. It's a novel idea! The brains and experts behind it are impressive as well, though I would have loved for the website to feature some of the moms featured in some episodes. Because "been there done that" moms are the true experts in many cases and feature them from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities as well to represent the diversity that is America. Anyway, I enjoyed listening to a few of the podcasts and found them informative and thoughtful. Reading is so overrated anyway eh? ha!

Some of the topics included:

Take a Listen today, if you can!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Bellyitch News!

Check out my feature on Baby Makin(G) Machine today! And while you're there, donate to the March of Dimes and enter to win one of hundreds of really cool prizes!

Also, in the quest to get to the 100,000 visit for Bellyitch, I accidentally knocked off 7 of the top 8 blogs and helped Bellyitch gain the #2 spot!! Woo Hoo!!! Who says persistence (um and a little annoyance) doesn't pay? ha!

Check out the PostRank Ranking! Check it out quick, because who knows how long Bellyitch is going to be there! ha!

Go Bellyitch!

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What's GG Up to Now? In a Photo Contest

I did not have the cohones to suffer through another GAP CASTING CALL rejection so I entered GG in Baby Making Machine's 2nd Cutest Baby Contest which is linked to an awesome fund raising cause for March of Dimes.

If you have a moment and aren't philosophically opposed to Cute Baby contests, go HERE and vote for GG Contestant # 43 and please ignore all the other gorgeous babies in the contest while you're at it! Thanks! And while you are over there, why don't you consider donating to help babies born with birth defects? You can be entered to win one of dozens of fabulous prizes for each dollar donated!

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