Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Art of the Belly

From Photographer J Michael Sullivan's Flickr Stream: A photograph of my sister when she was pregnant with her daughter a few years back. Shot in the beautiful Vermont countryside on a glorious summer day. The film was unfortunately stolen in Africa, so all that remains is this meager scan.

I love the perspective. So beautiful...

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Heir to Blair

In the vein of the saying, "if you cant' beat em, join em", I am spotlighting a very popular pregnancy blog this week: Heir to Blair, which would be Bellyitch's competition. Wait, I'll explain...

At some point last week, I got an email inviting me to nominate myself and post a badge encouraging my readers to also nominate me for one of The Bump's first annual Blog Awards. I scanned all the categories (Fertility, Pregnancy, Baby Journal, Adoption, Daddy, Multiples, Working Mom, Stay-at-home, Special needs, Local, Designer, Fashion, Eco-Friendly, Crafty and Baby Bargains) and figure I'd best fit into the Pregnancy category even though that seemed to be aimed at currently pregnant women who are documenting their actual experience as they go through it. Bellyitch doesn't fit in any other category really.

I was excited, but having had a very busy week was only able to actually dig into the nomination page late in the week. At that point, I realized that it was a wrap for Heir to Blair. Like every other commenter was nominating this very funny blog by a soon-to-be mommy with the pen name Blair.

She is very witty, snarky and is an amazingly HI-LA-RI-OUS story teller!

Her posts are pure comic relief and she offers a very refreshing and entertaining take on pregnancy. She doesn't hold back but is careful not to overindulge down the "T.M.I" zone (too much information) so says her very clever Blog header (see above). Though watch out, currently the first page features a photo (similar to one I've posted in the past) of a swollen foot! Her post about this 'foot' is a very funny one nonetheless.

I won't spoil the fun, check out Heir to Blair and if you like what you read compared to other pregnancy blogs you've seen, nominate her blog, or any one of the past Bellyitch Pregnancy Blog Spotlights who are still pregnant.

I think I'm going to still nominate Bellyitch for good measure anyway! I believe in miracles! ha!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling all Kind of Sidewiki Today

Must be the copious amount of self-promotion going on on this blog (combined with my honest reviews and fabulous content of course) because people are noticing and sharing new products with me more and more these days. All this introductory puffery to say that I was sent a very uniquely packaged quasi-early (got it the same day it launched) sneak peek access to Google's latest product/tool: Sidewiki!

This is a neat social community wiki tool (you have to download it and it appears on your Firefox or IE browser tab options and it is coming shortly to the Chrome browser too). It allows random web surfers to make comments and publish information about ANY WEB PAGE right inside that browser. So while you are viewing a site, you have the option to activate a side tool bar that lists these comments and check out what people have written about the site. It could be very useful for a web surfer reaching a site for a first time. FINALLY, since this is the world of Social Media, you can Blog, Facebook or send a Tweet about the entries of a site to others. NEAT STUFF, EH?

For someone like me... Well me and the other millions of lazy people in the world who don't actually haul their tails to a real library or bookstore to conduct research but rather conduct Web search for information, this tool is excellent. Sad but true, less and less people these days read books, newspapers and magazines, but rather rely on webpages for news and information.

What's most neat about the concept is getting honest and unaffiliated candid reviews and opinions. I think the idea is for there to be dialogue among the commenters as is done with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter comments and commenting options.

Before it can be more useful and ubiquitous like a Wikepedia for example, Google's going to have to get more and more people to use it, rely on it, comment about it and reference it in their own everyday conversation or communication. Isn't that how the word "Google" became a verb, adverb and adjective anyway? You can find my very first comment on THIS Google SideWiki Site itself (somewhere buried in there).

I am anxious to be an active commenter because Lord knows there are so many ghost sites and crappy RSS fed sites out there parading around as quality web content and the not computer- generated traffic generators that they truly are. I think it is a refreshing idea to get third party opinions because not everyone is as slow as I can be sometimes, but I am still pretty sure more people than not would find the tool useful.

My ONLY but yet BIG concern is the potential for abuse. I can easily see hate mongers, advertisers and spammers taking over and make a good thing bad. It didn't take long for them to pollute Twitter, although its overall usefulness and ubiquitous domination is still evident. I am also curious about the fact that as an owner of a site, I have no say in taking down what others write about and link to my site especially if it is inaccurate, or unnecessarily hostile. The control freak in me shudders at the thought. I read somewhere that Google has in place an algorithm of sorts to monitor and moderate comments so they do not get out of control, but still. I am "eeeking" at the possibilities for abuse.

Overall, I'm hopeful that more good than evil comes out of this all.

check it out when you get a chance folks. Download the Tool HERE if you like and join in on the FUN!

and on the "OT"

I am awarded yet another illustrious spot on a TOP PREGNANCY SITE. This time The Daily Reviewer has me listed as a TOP
Pregnancy site. It looks eerily like AllTop's Top Pregnancy website and coincidentally has nearly the same websites listed on it as well.

At first, I used to get all teary eyed and warm and fuzzy over these acknowledgments, but I am slowly but surely realizing that some of these honors are also a quite clever tool to generate traffic to the Award Givers website! AAAah! Fools Rush In. After all, we've done the work to generate traffic to our sites, and they simply need to fashion some fancy algorithm or web geeky magic to generate a site. Granted, I loved the idea of aggregated data sites because they are one-stop-shops for data search and can cut your web surfing time in half.

Anyway, as they say, "beggars can't be choosers." Check out a great listing of The Daily Reviewer's Top pregnancy sites .

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy Birth Stories Week and Celebrity Update

Boy has this been ONE interesting Baby, Birth and Pregnancy Week!
Let's start with the mother of all the stories! An Indonesia woman gave birth to the country's biggest baby of all time. He tips the scales at 19 pounds 2 ounces, 4 pounds shy of the world record. Doctor's say the baby's size is most likely due to gestational diabetes. He was delivered by C-section. Now I had Gestational diabetes for my first child and thank GOODNESS it was caught in time because I can't imagine having to birth such a large child!

The boy is in a healthy condition despite having to initially be given oxygen to overcome
breathing problems, the gynecologist said.

"He's got strong appetite, every minute, it's almost non-stop feeding," he said.

"This baby boy is extraordinary, the way he's crying is not like a usual baby. It's really loud."

The boy's massive size was likely the result of his mother, Ani, 41, having diabetes, doctors said.

Expecting Two, but Not Twins

Before that, this story broke:

Julia Grovenburg shocked her doctor when she got pregnant while already carrying a baby girl. The Grovenburgs reportedly conceived their son a full two-and-a-half weeks after the first pregnancy was initiated. The babies have different due dates. Apparently, the babies are growing at different rates. Too interesting. I wonder if this is actually common in fraternal twins but not caught because they grow closely in size.
And before that, this story came out yesterday on AP:

An Ohio woman is carrying another couple's child after she says a fertility clinic implanted her with the wrong embryo.Similar cases have degenerated into custody battles and ugly lawsuits. But 40-year-old Carolyn Savage, of Sylvania, says she knew right away that she and her husband would give the baby to the biological parents. She is due to give birth within the next two weeks. The biological parents live in Michigan. The Savages say a fertility clinic outside Ohio transferred the wrong frozen embryo in February. They got a call 10 days later from a doctor saying she was pregnant with someone else's child. The Savages say they have hired attorneys who are working to make sure the clinic accepts responsibility. Source: AP, John Seewer.


Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are officially parents. Over the weekend, Gellar gave birth to a baby girl named Charlotte Grace Prinze. In a statement to People, her rep said that Gellar and Prinze "welcomed their daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze on Saturday, Sept. 19. The family is over the moon."

A pregnant Heidi Klum was joined by her husband Seal as she arrived at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The couple, dressed in all black, posed on the Emmy’s red carpet for several shots and even stopped to get some candids of their own. Source

Actress Golden Brook looks glowing in a PSA for the campaign Until There’s A Cure to help bring awareness for orphaned children in Africa. Her baby is due this month ( September). source

Pregnant British Model Jourdan Dunn (pictured with a friend),19, was photographed at a London Fashion Week

It’s a girl for former American Idol contestant LaKisha Jones! LaKisha , who finished fourth on season 6 of American Idol, announced the birth of her baby via twitter.

“Baby Ava LaRynn has been born !! She was late but so worth the wait. At home getting back into baby mode, it’s been 6yrs.”

This will be the first child for Lakisha and her husband Larry Davis. Ava LaRynn joins her 6 ½-year-old sister Brionne, Lakisha’s daughter from a previous relationship.


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 10 Things Not to Say to Someone After They Reveal Their Unborn Baby's Name to You

No matter what names you and/or your partner have narrowed down to possibly name your child, at some point you will inevitably be greeted with a frown, shriveled brow, upturn lip and nose possibly followed by the following words: "you're going to name him/her that?"

Save yourself the heartache, stress and need to "read" someone the riot act about how you don't care if s/he like the name you've chosen because after all it is YOUR CHILD and not theirs...DON'T EVEN BOTHER SHARING IT.

If someone considers it rude that you politely say, "we've narrowed it down, but have decided not to share until we make up our mind," then Eff em, right?

Once the baby is here and you announce his/her name, at that point it is too late for the Peanut Gallery to offer any unsolicited advice.

Most people are ashamed to utter the words, "You should've called him/her ______" because at that point the interloper should just be mesmerized by a beautiful bundle of joy snuggled in your arms and not be concerned with whether the baby will be teased for his/her name, if the initials are all wrong, or that it doesn't look good on a resume and the child won't get a job.

Good people of the world, we know your intentions are good, but a simple smile and nod is more than an adequate response even if you don't like the name. But of course if you do, please speak up and say so! Cheers!


10. You're going to name him that? This passive aggressive retort is just plain rude.

9. Why didn't you select a name that means something? You mean the fact that I took my time to come up with the name isn't meaningful enough?

8. You know she's not going to get a job if an employer sees that name on a resume? I guess that is the risk s/he's going to have to take 15 years from now. Who knows maybe people will realize that bizarre names like oh..Obama and Oprah and Barack can do a decent job. I was at an event yesterday and this woman named "Singleton" was getting an award for being the best executive VP in some company. Now if a woman with that name can get somewhere...I say employers are starting to look past the uncommon names. Ha. I jest.

7. You should've named him after your mom/dad? Um I don't think people are naming their kids Agnes, Merle, Herbert and Dottie any more, but thanks for your suggestion

6. Did you consider a Biblical Name? One shouldn't assume that the parents would feel comfortable picking a name after the bible if they don't even go to church regularly, or are oh I don't know...Buddhists!

5. You want her to be Teased at school naming her that? Why do we assume the worst in children? We use our adult brains to find the meanest taunt that the nastiest child could use hypothetically use to tease another child, failing to realize children are not as mean as we remember and there are loads more different names floating around schools these days than before. Children may just be used to the "off the beaten path" names being heard on the play grounds.

4. Those initials when strung together spell ____. Good thing these days, most people don't really do monogrammed towels or cuff links for our children for that to be a problem. I don't recall how many occasions people are judged by what the initials of their names spell out.

3. How do your parents feel about that name? Again, since this is not THEIR child, people don't really take that much stock in whether their parents approve or not, unless there are some deep rooted, unearthed approval issues and at that point, do you really want to trigger those skeletons?

2. How long did it take to come up with that? Why ask? Was it a competition? Do people get a prize for taking months to whittle down a name. I really don't get that question at all.

1. Boy is that an Ugly name. No explanation needed.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Preview Tuesday

Nope. You probably noticed that that Pregnancy Blog spotlight was a day behind and alas bumped Monday's review out. So I present, Preview Tuesday! (today only)

On deck is an interesting August 2009 released book, making babies, about conception and maximizing your fertility. I am reading it and will review it next week. So far is a good read. I'm going to see if I can get a few copies to give away.

Also, a pharmaceutical company sent me a stretch mark removal cream that I am currently sampling and so far am achieving good results with...we'll see how this turns out. Look for the official review when I'm done with my sample. I know inquiring minds want to know what REALLY WORKS!


Next up, Celebrity Tuesday posting...coming up later tonight.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Nine Months to Life

Sarah Caitlin's NINE MONTHS TO LIFE blog drew me in with it's black and white layout and the intro page photo (right) which looked tres avant garde which I am eerily more attracted to these days especially after watching Lady Gaga's MTV VMAs performance and catching up on Project Runway this weekend. The title alone is very creative and memorable. Also, I think she is pretty. I love dark eyelined eyes. She is still early in her pregnancy so there's much to catch up on.

And here we have a mother on the younger side of the spectrum compared to past Bellyitch Pregnancy Spotlight Blogs. Because she is a younger first time mom-to-be, I am particularly drawn to her perspective and reaction to common pregnancy symptoms and reactions from family and friends to her and her growing belly bump. It is so different, but yet not out of the ordinary, just different from the mothers who have planned, read and have studied all about babies before venturing to start a family. I liked reading about her hanging out with friends who are way far from thinking about having a baby and her feelings about being that first one among her friends, these same ones who are in a different place in their respective lives; going to concerts and gigs of her wanna-be country star fiance; reflecting on her childhood, her mom and what kind of mom she would be; not digging the thought of wearing maternity clothes; having to party with friends who eventually get drunk and say things that she has to listen to from the perspective of having to be one of the sober one in the party. Fun stuff like that! Sounds like great fodder for a Television show if you ask me! She is a good writer as well. Her prose is easy to read and follow. She is a great storyteller.

Sarah's intro "about me" reads:

"June 17th, 2009. Four beers in when I realize that, hey, maybe a pregnancy test is in order.
Estimated due date is February 13, 2010.

I'm Sarah Caitlin. I'm 23 years old, engaged, excited, confused, and sort of scared out of my mind.

I never really wanted kids, and now I'm the first out of anyone I know who's actually gonna have one. I've never even held a child.

This is gonna be fun."

Too bad she's starting off with a common symptoms that many suffered through for months: Morning Sickness! Blech! Hope it gets better. Anyhoo, "Nine Months to Life" looks like it will be a very good adventure to track! Check it out!

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Winners of Sarah Mangsamen Story Books Are...

Winners of the two Sarah Mangsamen Story Books are...


Congrats Ladies!! I will be contacting you for info on getting you your prizes!!
Boy was that easy to win, only got 6 correctly entered entries for a giveaway for 5 prizes! See folks, you should enter my contests more often!ha!

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What's GG up to?

being Bossy that is what!

The little divette has mastered the following commands:

Sit Down!
Get Up!
Lay Down!
I want Some!
Come Here!
I don't want any more!
Gimme Some!
Let's Go!
I'm Finished! hmmm *gesturing you to take the tray*

But she is quite still polite, gives the biggest brightest Smile and says "Thank You" when anyone does her a favor and will say "Bless You!" when she hears someone sneeze. (Some of the foods she knows how to say: Pizza, Apple, Banana, Doritos, Cookies, etc I hope this is not a negative commentary on my food offerings)

She took her 1st individual photo at her new day care and thank Goodness she is the new favorite of most of the teachers in the school because one of them had pity on me and took her time to do her hair over so she looks half way decent for the photos. I'll share when the photos come out. I am crossing my fingers that she still has a shot at a professional toddler model career notwithstanding my HORRIBLE little-girl hair-doing skills. But voila! I have discovered there are classes for these things (ALBEIT at a crazy high price)!! Or You can learn on YouTube HERE or HERE or HERE or HERE

Gotta love YouTube!

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So...Halle Berry Denied she Was Pregnant Last night..


Thursday, September 17, 2009

50 Useful iPhone Applications for Your Pregnancy

For those of you who have an iPhone (me personally am adverse to "touch" and "shake" phones and am sticking with my Blackberry), check out 50 Useful iPhone Applications for Your Pregnancy ! I must admit that there are some pretty neat applications in there that I, personally, would have LOVED to have had access to when I was pregnant. e

for Conception monitoring:

Fertility’s Menstrual CalendarThis free iPhone app is a light version of the calendar available at Fertility You enter in your last period and cycle length and the calendar displays your predicted period start days as well as your expected ovulation and most fertile days in color.

For Due Date monitoring:

’til Baby Provides you with a live countdown of the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your baby arrives. Your data is saved, so each time you run the application you are quickly provided with the remaining time.

For picking a baby name:

Baby Names – The full list Unlike other applications, you can search for names under other similar names such as Sam, Samantha, and Sampson. There are also origins of the names like Hebrew, Indian, Greek and more.

and 47 other wonderful apps! "Yup, There's an App for that!" Man, who ever invented that slogan, wasn't kidding! ha!

Very Neat!!! Check it out if you have an iPhone!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Tennis Baby Bump


who is the


this Belly Bump Day celebrates and presents

KIM CLIJSTER's Belly Bump photo
(she gave birth in 2008*)

Clijsters made a historic run as the first unseeded player and wildcard to win the tournament!


Before Belgian Clijsters, Australian Evonne Fay Goolagong Cawley made a surprise victory of her own, defeating the then favored player Chris Evert at Wimbledon in 1980 at age 29 (Before Goolagong won Wimbledon that year, 66 years had passed since the last mom won the Wimbledon English woman Dorothea Lambert-Chambers in 1914.)

On a side note, my husband pointed out what this article confirms that studies say women become amazingly stronger performers after giving birth on account of a rise in hormones and increase in their heart size! Whatever! Nothing like the pregnancy and birthing process to make you realize you've got some real stamina, endurance and tolerance for pain! ha!

Here's the precious output of all that labor of love; Kim Clijsters with her 18 month old daughter, Jada Elli Lynch, after winning the U.S. Open in New York.

(*Trivia: Kim’s mother, Els Vandecaetsbeek (44), also had a baby boy, Zeth, 3 months after (Kim gave birth to Jada) in May 2008 to her third child, which was the first child for Els's partner Jan Goossens, a golf teacher. I know my head is spinning too. Ha)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrity Update: Births, Bumps & Pregnancy Announcements

Congratulations to starlet Lauren London and Rapper Lil Wayne on the birth of their son on 09-09-09! Lucky baby!. The baby boy is reported to have been born at the Ceder Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and at the time of birth, weighed a healthy 7 pounds and 12 oz. source

Meanwhile, a pregnant Nivea(who is rumored to be engaged to London's baby daddy) is still quite pregnant. She is seen here posing with Antonia “Toya” Carter (the ex-wife of Lil Wayne) at a performance event for the OMG Girlz recently. source

That Lil Wayne sure gets around doesn't he?

Model Gisele Bundchen's unconfirmed pregnancy is looking more and more confirmed wouldn't you say? source Though her husband Tom Brady confirmed it in an interview with ESPN, announcing she is due in December. He also said that he would attend Lamaze classes under one condition.
“I told her no Sundays,” he joked. “It couldn’t be harder than training camp, so I’ll be prepared.”

Ellen Pompeo who is expecting a little girl next month is sooo cute pregnant! This will be the first child for the actress and husband Chris Ivery. source

Halle Berry, who is reportedly three months pregnant with her second child, was seen out and about in Los Angeles, California recently (September 10, 2009). Halle has neither confirmed nor denied that she is expecting, but the loose fitting dresses she has been wearing lately seem to be a silent confirmation! source

British model Jourdan Dunn, who is now five-and-a-half months pregnant, feels more comfortable in her body now than ever before. Pregnancy, it appears, has boosted Jourdan’s self-esteem as well as added curves to her “skinny” body.
“I’m starting to feel more secure in who I am now. Being from an Afro-Caribbean family, being black, skinny, isn’t really acceptable in that community; it’s all about having curves and stuff,” Dunn tells British fashion magazine I-D.
“That’s why I’ve never been comfortable with my body until now, when I realize I can say this is who I am, I’m healthy, I’ve always liked to eat, and I’m now happy enough in my own skin to not give a f@#$ what anyone says about me any more. Growing up, being told I was skinny, felt like teasing. Everyone was always telling me about being a model, and it used to really piss me off. Then I got scouted. It might seem like I got big jobs right away, but I can still remember going on the Storm website and seeing these other girls’ amazing editorial work next to my same old test shot and Polaroids. Back then, I wondered if I would ever get a job.”
Jourdan and her boyfriend of three years are expecting a baby boy this December.
photo source

Television personality and British model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price 29 who recently split from her husband pop singer Peter Andre is rumored to be pregnant. If true, it would be Katie's 4th child. Her first child Harvey Daniel (who is partially sighted) she had with Trinidad and Tobago soccer star Dwight York. She had two children with Andre including Junior Savva and Princess TiĆ”amii. In this May 2009 article, she was going on about trying to get pregnant this year. The question is now is Andre the father or her new beau?
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Product Review: Best SUV for the Hip Mom Not Yet Ready for the Minivan

I'm going to go out on a limb here and declare the Honda Pilot the SUV for the hip mom who is not yet ready to succumb to the minivan Gods.

My husband I purchased the 2008 model of this vehicle in December 2007 in preparation for our family growing from 4 to 5 as we anticipated the arrival of our third child. It has been a great purchase and we are glad we invested in it.

Granted with all three rows in full use there is clearly not enough trunk space to fit our B.O.B. jogging stroller, yet alone two full sized suitcases (one obvious flaw) but the 2008 version which we have is quite roomy. My 6 foot 3 inch tall husband can sit comfortably behind the steering wheel and even behind the driver's seat when my 5 foot 3 behind is driving and have the seat pulled up! ha! It has great legroom.

The cabin is also spacious and we can fit three car seats (a convertible infants seat, a child booster and an older child's booster seat) and still have room for 4 other adult passengers besides the driver. With family that stay with us 6 months out of the year, we couldn't afford to get a SUV just for us and our kids. It is not always practical and easy to have to travel with a caravan to mini shopping trips if our guests want to come with on a mini excursion with us.

While it is not an ultra luxury vehicle like the BMW X5 and the Mercedes GL-Class SUVs or the Lexus LX 570, or the Volvo xc90 or the Land Rover, it has much more space than those vehicles. Few of those SUVs can comfortably fit 8 adults like the Pilot can. Still, it's frame and body is sleek looking and it fits in well in a parking lot with those upscale vehicles. It also has all the upgrades and fancy bells and whistles as those other makes. For example, we love to show off the voice activated command system. New passengers in our car are always geeked to here us ask "What Time is It?" and here the pleasant woman robot or whatever she is reply "It is 9:55 am" Or when we ask it to turn the fan speed up, change the radio station, adjust the heat etc. She confirms the request out loud and then obliges. That's a good girl.

Also with me not being the best parallel parker out there either, I've been batting 100 with the built in rear view camera helping me out since getting this vehicle. No more do I fear hitting the bumpers of cars to my rear because I simply have to look at the video screen on my dashboard for a very clear gauge of how close I am to the other car. It also comes with XM Satellite radio receiver installed and we got 6 months free service when we leased the car new in December 2008 as we anticipated the growth of our family from 4 to 5.

It also has individual climate control for each passenger and rear climate control as well. I am always too cold in the winter and my husband too hot so we don't have to fight over the controls. Another neat feature with our vehicle is that is has several plug in chargers with two in the front, and one in each row which is great with the sign of the times where there are families where everyone has a mobile phone and would like to charge it in the car during travel.

The car is top in its class for fuel efficiency. Sometimes, I fill it up at the beginning of the week and don't have to visit the pump again until the end of the week. Granted I work from home and my outdoor romps include me 1. dropping off the kids 5 minutes from my home 2. going to the gym, bank, grocer's or Starbucks also 5 minutes from my home. and 3. picking them back up and schlepping them to nearby activities, parks or the local McD's so...not much mileage there. However, we did travel with it to Williamsburg, Virginia this summer for vacation and got there 3 hours later on a 1/2 tank of gas.

And all that described above are the features I can think of off the top of my head.

We went to the Auto Show when it came into DC and did loads of research and comparison shopping before settling on the Pilot. I have heard great things about the Toyota line of SUVs as well, the Highlander, 4 Runner and Land Cruiser, but I am still very happy with our choice.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: OMG! We're Pregnant

For a moment now, I have been enjoying catching up with and reading about the exploits of Mr and Mrs. over at OMG! We're Pregnant! Yes, I am a lurker!

They are across the pond in the British Isles and after an unexpected positive pregnancy test sign are blogging about the experience, together, Mr. & Mrs. Oops!! I haven't seen a photo of these two as they are anonymous and they do a great job of not showing clear and obvious photos of themselves, but from the writing style and posts, they strike me as a hipster-like couple, albeit a bit older than the average hipster at ages 30 and 31 respectively.

Mrs. is having a fairly easy pregnancy with very few bumps and not too many of the worst types of symptoms that could be had. Good for her! They are quite popular and have done a bang up job promoting their dear blog. I see it everywhere along the blogsphere (Facebook, Twitter, Top Pregnancy Blogs) and am glad I decided to follow them on Twitter. It's been an interesting ride. They have a matter-of-fact practical and tell-it-like-it is writing style. Love it! I think I even replied a couple of times or two to their tweets. It has been refreshing to get the British point of view on the same or similar topics that American moms deal with: picking a name, going through the typical OB visit, trying to convert belly girth into the metric system! Ha! I jest!

And! Unlike many of the past couple pregnancy blog, Mr. actually posts quite a bit and it is great to get a male point of view!

Mrs. is going into her 32nd week so here's to wishing a smooth final weeks! Check out OMG! We're pregnant when and if you can!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching up with the Bellyitch Spotlight Babies!

We caught up with some past Bellyitch Pregnancy Spotlights and how they are doing with their newly delivered babies!

Natalie Jane McMahon was born at 9:04 AM on Sunday the 23rd of August. She came in at 10lbs 8oz, and was 21.5 inches!

Read the Birth Story Here

A very long Birth story and postpartum post from His Boys Can Swim can be found HERE.

Tarzan and Jane are dealing with and openly blogging about some of the not so Happy stuff about having a baby: Postpartum Depression, difficulty producing milk and the high cost of having a baby for the uninsured. I can relate as I had a case of Baby Blues with first boy and each of my c-sections cost an average of $11,000US!! Now for some reason, we've gotten bills that the insurance company refused to cover and the hospital can't collect, so imagine our surprise to be getting bills 2 years after the baby.

In any event, it's tough going over there, but I suggest reading and adding supporting word, encouragement and suggestions, if you have any, to help her and her hubby out during this difficult time that is supposed to be all happy like in all the movies! More people are talking about depression and the struggles of uninsured now! So is the case for HEALTH CARE REFORM! Doing nothing and politics as usual and mudslinging are not going to help the thousands or millions of Americans without adequate or with no insurance in this country!

Baby Michael Davis

I knew these two would make a gorgeous baby. Baby Davis is three weeks old and mom is doing well and is soooo in love with her little boy. Catch up on the exploits HERE!

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