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Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Bellyitch 2 year Anniversary Flashback

To commemorate the 2 year anniversary of Bellyich which is tomorrow, I figured I should spotlight the very first blog post for Sunday's usual Pregnancy Blog Spotlight. After all, what has evolved into a tips, reviews, celebrity, baby and belly show off blog started as a pregnancy blog...

One of my good friends IRL from High School and College, just asked me on Twitter (Krsprof) how I came up with the idea for Bellyitch. Got me to thinking to ask you all to take a stroll back to memory lane with me and take a peek at my blog posts from mym last 4 months of the pregnancy journal leading up to the birth of my little GG: (Click on the month)
September Posts; October Posts; November Posts; and December Posts

I've had a good old laugh re-reading them and got all nostalgic and stuff. I can't believe how funny a writer I am. I say that with all earnestness and modesty. Ha!

FROM AUGUST 31, 2007

week 19, day 3: my belly itches!


well i love this's been smooth sailing so far...

just a few minor glitches so far:

1. i can't control the gas...coming out different orifices of my body, i swear my nose farted the other day!

2. my belly just started to itch...well Good Lord, where is my 50 pound tub of cocoa butter?

3. lately, i've been popping tums and downing spoonfuls of mylanta as if i'm really munching on sushi and sippin' on mai tais! damn damn! damn!

Well anyway, TODAY (um, well actually wednesday, but Blogger lost its mind today and i scrapped that earlier blog and started anew) i launch this blog is to commemorate the pregnancy leading to the birth of my first baby girl after two cute, but mischievous little boys...

like my mom-in-law says, Thank God for all the symptoms cause there are so many people who would love to be in your shoes and cannot...*one eyebrow raised*....i guess....

week 19, day 4:

ew preggers perverts!

i can't believe how many hits on google came up for "hot naked pregnant women" during my search for clip art for this blog headliner...ewwww...

uh oh!!

where did this extra roll in my neck come from?

FIRST, I am losing body ankles back in collar bone two weeks ago....I know I will not be able to see my feet again in a month or two...



in other news, I saw a woman who had two kids within a year (God Bless her Soul) and she was carrying around her two adorable lil girls and I immediately perked up and forgot about my soufle neck!

week 19, day 5:

You’re pregnant? Really?

I know that nekked , I'm a lil roly poly and preggers as ever, but apparently, I'm wearing my maternity wear too well cause of the 3 to 4 people I've seen and announced I was 5 months pregnant EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM LOOKED AT ME IN BEWILDERMENT AND GENUINE SURPRISE.

well God Dangit, they prolly just think I've packed on a pound or 10 or 20!!!....*shriveled brow*

as a matter of fact, I have a doc appointment Tuesday and I swear my Goal is to not believe them if they dare tell me I've gained another 7 lbs...I will so switch to DENIAL mode it's not funny!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

What's GG Up to: GG, my swimmer/acrobat/daredevil

While school shopping this weekend, I was happy to see early permeation of a future shopper.
Something girly in this tomboy's future? Hmmm..

My daughter never ceases to amaze me with all her brave, injury-defying antics.

This week, while on vacation, I discovered that she knows how to swim. Yup. With no classes at all, she kicked her legs with great precision and coordination while I held her in the water. We dunked her head under and it didn't phase her one bit!

Similarly, she also was a gymnast in a past life. While inside our condo, I spyed her on her head about to do a headstand and/or forward roll. Like she's had NO GYMANSTICS CLASS and I wonder if she could have picked that up in class. Interesting...

I also discovered that at nearly 20 months she is more than ready to potty train. Case in point, at some point when she got the urge to #2, she emptied the spare wipes tub I usually fill with her hair accessories and barrettes onto the floor. She then took off her diaper squatted over it and proceeded to take a royal dump in the the middle of the living room! Crazy girl. I heard the groaning in the other room and ran over to discover...ah! That's my GG!

She knows new words: Geese, pool, bridge, bite, no, yes, give me, take this, take that, ice cream, goose, diaper, and more I cant think of...and she can read many more words from the Your baby can read DVDs.

...and I'm working on not calling her "the Destroyer". It might stigmatize her when she learns what that word is...LOL!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: Pregnant in Asia

From a Marie story about pregnant women in India eager to be surrogate for American women...outsourcing going too far?
photo source: Craig Mod, Japan 2005

The second image above is from an article that states:

Although (mostly) restricted to couples with proven fertility problems, there is a fear that upper-income women would choose to "rent a womb" out of convenience rather than necessity, just as they are choosing C-sections. Ultimately, Dr. John Lantos warns, "It raises the factor of baby farms in developing countries."
Interesting commentary. Something to think about...

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celebrity Update: Pregnant Models and more

Brazilian model Adriana Lima shows off her 4-month old Belly Bump. Adriana and NBA star Mark0 Jaric married Valentine's day this year

Czech supermodel Karonlin Kurkova often seen in the front row at Knicks games, is six months pregnant. The father is her fiancé, Archie Drury, a former Marine and Scientologist who made the documentary "Voices of Iraq." A rep at DNA Models said, "The couple have been together for a little over a year. This is the first child for both." Kurkova, 25, who's famous for her missing navel, plays Courtney A. Kreiger (a k a Cover Girl) in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," Kurkova and Drury are engaged to wed.
From New York magazine's fashion section:
Vogue just posted a blog item with this headline: "Expecting In Style: What The Pregnant Jourdan Should Wear This Fall." And that is how they announced to the world the 19-year-old Dunn, who won Best Model at last year's British Fashion Awards, is pregnant. Not just pregnant, but four months along pregnant (she's due in December). Of course, when Vogue announces this news, they use it not as a platform for a discussion of society's attitude toward or the pitfalls inherent in teen pregnancy, but an outlet for Vogue market editor Meredith Melling-Burke to pick out designer maternity clothes for her, yay! (She does the same for allegedly pregnant model Gisele (below) and confirmed pregnant model Karolina Kurkova). It's unclear who the father of Dunn's child is

Idina Menzel and husband Taye Diggs are due later this year with their first child. Seen here at a recent event source

Halle, seen here with 1 year old Nahla, has been seen wearing loose fitting clothes and hence is officially on "bump" watch, so says one of my favorite blogs, Black Celebrity Kids
Black Celebrity Kids has photos of Reality Show TV star Larissa “Bootz” Aurora of VH1's Flavor of Love and Charm School who welcomed her first child in March. Want to know more about Larissa and baby bootz? Then follow Larissa on Twitter!

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Product Review: One Hour Parties

Well lookey here, someone has completely figured out a solution for us lazy overextended moms who want desperately to, but have a difficult time finding the time, plan a themed party. I introduce to Bellyitch readers "One Hour Parties"! This company sells online various themed party kits including party accessories, favors, cooler rentals and even staff!! Neat because really if you are pregnant with your second or third baby and have a young child who totally doesn't get or care that you are going through ligament stretching pains or morning sickness and still expects a well planned party for his/her birthday, you'd be feeling this solution.

Dude, if there ever was a time saving alternative to running around buying party themed stuff from 2-3 different stores while burning gas in this recessionary economy, this is it! When you have 101 stuff on your weekly to do list, it's always a treat when you get to delegate something to someone else. With packages starting at $3.95 per serving/guest for an ice cream party (minimum order for 24) it can end up being cheaper than purchasing an hour or two slots at the roller rink, bowling alley or Chuck E. Cheese's

So this new company, based in Seattle, will totally hook you up with all the stuff you need. If you need more than just the stuff mailed over and are looking for a more hands on solution, you can get a consultation. Like my immigrant parents always say, "America is such a great country. They think of everything here" Like they, I am always impressed when some quick witted person's hair-brained idea comes into fruition and actually works. It's not just kids parties either, they offer consultation for all sorts of parties from Weddings to Bar mitvahs to Corporate Parties to Teen parties. They cater real food too, but I just need them to show me how they plan to ship over the "Fresh Cooked Prawns" and keep a straight face because a day in a UPS truck negates the "fresh" part in my book.

Now as I skim the company WEB SITE, I am also woefully bummed that I can't seem to find the add-on option to send over my address/invite list to someone to send out invitations and write up thank you cards afterwards. Pooh! Yup, at that point I think the company would TRULY be able to call it a "one hour" party, because I am seriously developing a reputation as an ungrateful mom. If you don't believe me, check out my drawer full of un filled thank you cards for several past parties.

Another thing is unless you don't mind schlepping over to the neighborhood park or renting a spot or have a nice friend who will loan you her house to have your party, it looks like you're going to have to host the party in your own house and you're stuck with the clean up, before and after. Ugh! No rest for the mom. Lord knows we don't have people over that much because doing that would require an overhaul of the Toy explosion we call our basement.

Once you factor in prep,clean up, invitation and thank you notes, writing that 1 hour turns into 3 or 4. Yikes!

But this is a decent start! I'm hopeful the idea will take off! I for one, would definitely take advantage of this economical option in the future.

And I don't know about you, but I have PLENTY, yes with all caps, of overworked friends who've been promising their kids parties for years. Seriously, I know this one couple who is still planning the 4th birthday for their son who's about to turn 5 in a couple months. I'm thinking they should just give it up. But instead, I'm going to turn them on to this company. And if I didn't already have 10,000 things on my plate, I could even purchase a franchise.

Yeah, what good is a young enterprising upstart company if it didn't sell replicating opportunities? Yeah, you too, bright eyed cash strapped mom eager to find some cash on the side to fund your Fendi purse habit. Go to the company site and check out its franchising opportunities. The company has just been named Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot New Franchise” and the founders were just named the “Top 25 Innovators and Entrepreneurs” by Seattle Business Magazine.

Check them out online at or link directly to their franchise page at

But BUYER BEWARE, if you live in any one of the following states, you're out of luck, they don't offer FRANCHISING OPPS in your state: Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

Well SHOOT! I'M OUT OF LUCK TOO! Guess I'm going have to find another way to purchase that new Ballenciaga tote! ha!

ps. I am a day behind on my weekly posts. Tomorrow will be Celebrity update combined with Bump day, unless some earth shattering news or birth happens today. hmm...I should check in on past pregnancy blog spotlighters and celebs to see who's given birth...

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Tifi Mom

gorgeous, beautiful and glowing, Tifimom

Technically, Tifi, a mom of 3, aspiring photographer, excellent knitter, book worm, writer, blogger and all around wonderful person doesn't have a pregnancy blog. But with her recent pregnancy, she is treating her readers with periodic updates of pregnancy belly shots like this one above. We're able to keep up with her plans. So far, everything seems to be going smoothly. She's gotten the kids ready for school and is seemingly sailing smoothly through her last pregnancy.

Everyone should take a peek at Tifi's pregnancy journey because she is witty, an excellent writer and is very creative. I almost always leave her blog with a smile on my face or feeling contemplative, if she tackled a complex topic that day. I just hope she doesn't kill me for putting her in the spotlight like this!

oh yeah! and she is having a girl!! woo hoo!!

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Confessions and Plea

A few words to share this afternoon. I don't have much time because I have to do ONE LAST thing before I can really and completely be done with this monster project that has consumed my life for a year, but intensely so for the past few weeks (I mean I had to sleep in the office overnight working 2 days straight one night for goodness sake). In any event, I am on vacation this week although I have at least two deliverables for other clients. *sigh* Never a free woman.

So here's what's on my mind.

1. I am late posting my weekly pregnancy spotlight. I have a couple in mind, but was really looking to spotlight a foreign pregnancy blog this week...I think I have a candidate, but need some time to go through posts to make sure it is worthy.

2. I have at least 4 book reviews to post from books recently published. I promised the author's PR folks a fair review and will do next week when I get back from vacay! Next Monday and Thursday. If I put this here, maybe I will be guilted into actually complying with my own self-imposed deadline. We'll see. At least I hope all my outstanding deliverables will be off my plate. The kids will be back in school full time so...We'll see

3. I was going to do a week of give-a-aways for my readers to celebrate the TWO YEAR anniversary of the BELLYITCH BLOG, but in all honesty, my past contests have not had great participation from non-IRL friends. And even those entries, I had to beg, plead and harrass folks'm thinking of not doing that unless I am assured that there are readers out here who may enter. Otherwise, I have a full plate and could use that time for something else...maybe clean up the blog or reach out to the various companies that I have spotlighted to let them know of my various unsolicited reviews and comments.

4. That's it for now. I need a vacation from this vacation and it is day one. Grrr...

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Use Your Belly and Baby For Perks

I had to get my wireless phone replaced and did not want to get into a hassle and I did the total girly girl non-feminist thing. Having been make-up free the whole day up until that point, before going into the Verizon Wireless store I put on a fresh coat of make up and walked in the store hoping to find a clerk who'd let a prettier fresh-faced me trade in the phone I spilled coffee on for a brand new one without asking me too many questions. It worked!

It's no secret that a pretty and well put together face gets treated better in retail stores. I've experimented unwillingly this theory before and know by now that a better looking me goes farther than the tired sweatpants haggard looking me, especially when I am having to deal with a live person who has to get me a service.

I remember having a conversation with a very beautiful friend of mine who went off unprovoked on the fact that overweight people who lose weight are praised, applauded and encouraged.

"What about us skinny girls who have to work hard to stay thin? Don't we get any recognition? Where is our "kudos" and "a job well done" she argued? I knew my friend was vain and a bit disconnected from reality but what she was saying took the cake.

I had to remind her of the many perks she enjoyed in life on account of her being very attractive. Several studies have verified that beautiful people get more "not guilty" convictions despite overwhelming evidence that would have had an uglier defendant in jail for life. I remember watching a 20/20 or 60 minutes or Dateline special a while back where they actually experimented and showed clear examples of (1) a gorgeous stranded woman getting 10 x as much help than an average looking woman; (2) a good looking job candidate getting offered a job on the spot while moments earlier an okay looking dude was told they'd get back to him even though their credentials were virtually identical; (3) and it goes on and on...

Well, that brought me to thinking about all the wonderful perks pregnant and new moms get to have when they traverse the streets with their protruding bellies or strolling about with their cherubic little babies. In case you were wondering, here they are in 10 ten list format of course:

10. At the bathroom in a long line. This one is obvious. Who wants to go between a preggers woman and her bladder?

9. On the way to catch an elevator. No need to run. Folks get that you are a waddling duck these days and will patiently wait. Yup, to the courier fubbling in his bag for the package he's to deliver, people are yelling all sorts of "hurry up and get in here!" obscentities. You sweet waddling duck get to take your sweet time.

8. At the airport security gate. Late for your flight? Horrified by the tremendous line at security check in and fearful you'll miss your plane? Worry not. Simply stroll junior to the front of the security stand and show them your boarding pass and voila! Instant-cut-a -line Perks!

7. At the airport boarding gate. Traveling with your kid guarantees you the chance to get in the plane first when they board "passengers carrying small children who need extra time getting in their seats." Sweet!

6. If you arrive at a check out or ordering line at the same time as another person, they're gonna let the glowing pregnant woman looking to nourish her unborn child go in front of them. That's a natural gimme!

5. At the parking lots to some mega stores that cater to children. Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Buy Buy Baby, some Walmart and other stores have special parking spots right next to the handicap ones up front reserved for pregnant women and woman with children. I used to smile everytime I'd see one of these signs and was feeling extra lazy that day.

4. Visiting someone who you'd rather not spend that much time with...You can always hit them with the line, "It's time for Amelia's nap. It's been nice, but we've go to go."

3. At a social event. You can always pat your belly and gesture towards the restroom to wiggle your way out of hearing another boring story about that party guests trip to the Outer Banks.

2. At the buffet line while on your second or third helping. Because everyone believes that line "you're eating for two" and you're uber eeked at getting to be a glutton and not be chastised for it!

1. On public transportation. While it is true in many major urban cities, people don't have the manners to let a pregnant woman have their seat, still several people are fine about getting up and putting you out of the danger of possibly losing your balance falling and hurting yourself and your unborn child. I'm a fan of humanity although I am scared of people 86% of the time! LOL!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Carnival Belly

This week, I registered to play "mas" in one of the most popular carnival bands in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a huge feat which required me to wait at a certain time by my computer and quickly input data (size, credit card info, etc) in the online registration system because the band usually sells out in the most popular sections within minutes of registration opening.

As an ode to undergoing that process, I present the Carnival Belly (two Samba women in Brazil, not Trinidad's Carnival)! Not even an expanding girth will stop some carnival revellers from glowing and masquerading on Carnival Day! Gorgeous!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Celebrity Update: Celine Dion, Tisha Campbell, Jennifer Freeman and more

People is reporting that Celine Dion, age 41, is pregnant with her second child with husband 67 year old René Angélil. Whoa! Congrats!Kourtney Kardashian, oldest sister of Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and reality celeb on E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" confirmed she is pregnant with her first child. Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
From Colored Girls Speak

Tisha Campbell and husband Duane Martin, held a baby shower for the impending arrival of their second son. The Martin’s have an older son, named Xen.Also in attendance was Tisha’s TV daughter, Jennifer Freeman (who recently married) and Lauren London-both of whom are pregnant. Lauren’s kept a low profile as of late-not surprising since becoming impregnated by a gargoyle, Lil Wayne (who also impregnated baby mama, Nivea simultaneously). source
In the news from the world:

A Tunisian woman is reported to be about to eclipse the octuplets of the American mother Nadia Suleman after becoming pregnant with 12 babies. source

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: A Virtual Pregnancy Blog

This virutal blog (a la Second Life) is quite interesting. Is it real? Is it make believe? Find out...This one is worth taking a peek (especially if you are a fan of SIMS)...Sai Pennell is due TODAY!

...oh. As you may notice, this spotlight is a day late. This project I am working for my firm is killing me and my time! I can't tweet, Facebook or blog like I used to and my kids are dying for a trip to the beach!

At this rate, I will be forced to do advance blog posting like a real professional full time blogger or something. EEK!

It'll be over soon...

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Countdown to School Year Eve

In 15 days, in a nation wide event, communities around the nation will be partying it up, celebrating and getting together to ring in the new school year for all school children. The campaign reminds me of the very popular National Night out campaign where communities nationwide host evening and nighttime events centered around the theme of working together to fight crime.

This idea is a fun one and right on time, because I was just saying to myself the other day that I would love to throw a block party in my neigborhood. I haven't been to one in a while though I did visit a snooty gentrified-er friend who opted to pass on the block party the historical "locals" were throwing because she is snobby but I digress. It looked so fun and got me all nostalgic over the block parties I used to go to when I was a kid growing up in DC.

The last time I got that feeling was a couple weeks ago actually when I peeped one of our neighbors on the the next block to my rear hosting their annual block party but I've never had the cohones to crash it even though our next door neighbor's ex wife lives on that block. It wouldn't be kosher.

So I write all that to say finally a chance to host a party.

The National PTA is teaming up with Cookie Magazine to host and promote "School Year's Eve". They are actually pushing to make it a national holiday I hear. If you go to this campaign's website, there's downloadable music, party checklists, party food recipes, instructions and downloadable templates for decorations, place cards, napkin rings and menu templates. The site offers activities to do during the party. There's also some coupons though not all necessarily relevant to the party. Perhaps they are sponsors.

If you needed some more incentive to host your own party, if you take a photo and submit it, you can win $15o0 for your local school or PTA. Nice!

This is a very neat idea and a great PR move because the photos will certainly help with the effort to make it a national holiday. I like the idea of having an excuse to combine neighbors that way. If I wasn't knee deep in work for a pending project deadline...oh and had some more advanced notice, I would TOTALLY have organized a larger event for the kids on my block or among my very large social circle.

Since I'm a member of the newly formed "Word-of-Mom" Blogger Panel, I was fortunate enough to score a sample of the back to school block party starter kit that will become available to community and party leaders. A starter tool kit that includes many elements of the stuff you can download off the campaign's website.

My favorite part of the kit is the stack of School Year Resolutions sheets, just like a New Year's Resolution, Get it? ha! Such a great idea because it challenges the kids and the parents (yup there are sheets for us too) to plan and challenge ourselves for the school year. And boy does my family, of all families, need something like that...

On my 4 and 7 year old boys list:
Do homework after school before going outside to play
Not whine and make excuses to not do aforementioned homework
Read one book for fun a week.
Fight less
Get Dressed on their own each Day
Eat all of their breakfast each morning.
Don't give the teacher any excuse to contact me for something bad.

Ours is simple and basic, among other items, the most important would be:

You would think that because we live 3 minutes from the boys' school we'd be able to get them to school before the first bell rings. You would think wouldn't you? hrmphf!

GG's Vocabulary

photo of GG last Christmas time

Speaking of language and verbiage skills, I came home the other day and discovered GG knows the word "bag" so of course, I did the impulsive mom thing and tried to jot down all the words she knows (including how to say them and the concept). She's such a fast learner, if you ask me, the doting mom... oh and I should be ashamed that she knows some of these words (e.g. remote control) but I'm not. Ha!

mommy, daddy, bag, cat, hi, bye, uh-oh, thank you, shoe, socks, leg, ear, hair, head, eyes, nose, feet, toes, arms up, arms down, mosquito, eat, drink, cup, juice, ball, doll, book, baby, cheese, poo poo, please, spoon, milk, nice, purple, yellow, waffle, kiss, up, down, apple, grapes, mess, car, swing, up, pick me up, dance, sing, cracker, hot dog, pizza, mouse, computer, tv, remote control and she knows loads more...{I'll add as I remember them}

She's quite vocal and great at mimicking songs, words and concepts. My friends who have girls say that girls have a good command of language and are chatty. Stuff I've read over the years confirm that and true to form, GG is falling right in line with that theory...

that's my GG!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calling All Fashionista Moms: Win a Designer Fendi Baby Bag


The creators of launched this very fun online shop which allows you to browse over 5,000 of the hottest, most-wanted, designer and must have items including strollers and funky trendy diaper bags.

Coolest thing about the site is the fact that it consolidates various designer maternity brands from top stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and A Pea in Pod on one site!

Very neat. You can scroll through and find hot maternity brands like Juicy Couture Maternity, Liz Lange, Isabella Oliver, Elle Macpherson and Chaiken.

It's been a long while since I was in a "maternity" anything, but I must say I was eeked to see the above dress which I purchased to wear to my husband's cousin's wedding and in my Maternity photo session a couple of years ago.

I also love love Japanese Weekend Maternity. I lost my mind when I discovered there was a San Francisco store while on vacation there a while back but unfortunately that was when I was IN BETWEEN preganancies! Grrr...

I suppose if you are interested in getting deep discount deals on fashionable maternity clothes and want to keep tabs on sales as they come up, you may want to sign up for a neat option on the site that lets you sign up to receive electronic info blasts on the best finds!

DesignerMaternity wants BELLYITCH READERS to sign up to get a
So....I totally missed Belly Bump Wednesday on account of being holed up in my office until the wee hours of the morning working on a deadline that "wouldn't you know it" got EXTENDED this morning!!! Grrr I heart the Government!! <----insert sarcasm tone here.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebrity Update: Jennifer Hudson has her Baby! & Kimora, Molly, Roger Share Newborn Pics

Oscar winner and her fiance David Otunga welcomed David Daniel Otunga Jr. late Monday, E! News confirmed. Little David weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces. According to a family friend, it was a complete surprise that they had a baby boy because the couple purchased both pink and blue items and wanted to not know the sex in advance.

Celebrity Baby Blog reports that Scrubs star Judy Reyes is "breezing into her third trimester" and told Celebrity Baby Blog "she is feeling 'wonderful' and enjoying a complication-free pregnancy. 'I had a little morning sickness in the first trimester but other than that I’m enjoying it,' she says. They also reported.
Sporting a pair of Pea in the Pod’s Secret Fit Belly pants at the launch party for Nicole Richie’s new maternity line ‘Nicole,’ Judy went on to reveal that her maternal instincts are looking sharp as well! Baby-on-the-way is a girl, which Judy said she suspected all along.
“My twin sister and my younger sister have boys, and they had strong hopes to have boys because we’re a family of all girls. My nieces who are 20 and 22 are girls. Everyone was praying for boys and I just had a feeling that it was a girl, and it is!”
Her role on Scrubs is in transition, but Judy confirmed that she will be making guest appearances throughout the show’s ninth season. “I walked away from it with an open mind ready to try new things, and this [pregnancy] is going to be a new thing,” she says. “So I’m more than cool with it.”
Of course, less time on set means more time to prepare for baby and from the sound of things, Judy and boyfriend George Valencia need all that they can get! When asked about baby girl’s nursery, Judy replied, “Nothing yet…We’re going to get into that in the next month.”
Judy, 41, expects her daughter in November.

Molly Ringwald also introduced her twins, Adele and Roman, in the latest issue of People magazine. She's seen here with her daughter, 5 12 year old Mathilda Ereni and her husband Panio Gianopoulos, 34, a writer.

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka are also showing off their twins! 
According to Celebrity Baby Blog, Photos of the Federers and their two-week twins Myla Rose and Charlene Riva Federer,taken by grandpa were seen on Roger Federer's Facebook page.
The tennis ace, who celebrates his 28th birthday on August 8th wrote:
“Mirka, Myla and Charlene are all doing really well. The baby girls are doing new things every day and are a lot of fun. … Here is a family picture that my dad took. He thinks he’s becoming a professional photographer. It was very funny as both girls had the hiccups while we were trying to take a decent picture. The girls and mom are doing great. Thanks for all your warm wishes.”

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou introduced their 9-week-old bundle Kenzo Lee Hounsou in the latest issue of OK!, on newsstands now.
Shot at the Hawk Nest estate in the Saddle River area of New Jersey, the Baby Phat CEO and her actor husband (yes, the rumor that they married in Africa was true!), along with big sisters Aoki Lee, 6 ½, and Ming Lee, 9, show off their “very calm, very happy” baby boy.

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