Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best Bottle Brush

Walk, don't run and pick up Munchkin's Bottle Brush
Were on our 3rd brush because we love it so much and use it until it's last breath! ha! Why do I love this particular bottle brush so much? Well, it comes complete with a nipple brush. This is a great option and product beyond the years of baby bottles. That tiny nipple brush that is screwed to the back of the bottle brush is great at getting into the tiny crevices of the sippy cup tops.

Who isn't grossed out when they discover deep in a corner somewhere an abandoned sippy cup? This happened to me recently. I found a sippy cup full of milk curd that was left in a basket in the corner of our living room. After washing the thing, rinsing it thru several cycles in the dishwasher and boiling it, nothing could get into the tiny nooks and crannies like that tiny nipple brush attached to our Munchkin bottle brush. What a great invention!!

And lookey here, I discovered that it sells for as little as $2.97 on

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: The Tattoo-ed Belly

Check her out! She is a tattoo artist and got these temporary designs added to her belly after her girth expanded so.... Please do NOT try this one at home!

Here is a safer alternative: Toy R sells temporary pregnant belly tattoos that say cute stuff like, "Kiss me I'm Pregnant" and "Under Construction" and "Bun in the Oven" and "One Hot Mama" and "Miracle In Progress"and "Love at First Kick" and my favorite "God Bless this Child".

do check out this gallery of neat artwork on a variety of pregnant women bellies on this site.

Speaking of Tattoos, TV's "LA Ink" reality star and tattoo artist Kat Von D is preggers, so is the rumor!

and who says a pregnant belly will mess up when stretched out. Check this out,


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Product Review & Giveaway: Gingera Antacid & Heartburn Relief

Man, one thing I TOTALLY disliked about being pregnant was acid indigestion. I think pregnancy triggered my current case of chronic acid reflux, but I digress. While I am not pregnant, I was more than happy when offered to sample this product because I am a prime candidate for any product that involves antacid remedies.

is the first and the only FDA recognized all natural antacid made with pure, natural baking soda and real ginger. More importantly, Gingera contains no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. NICE!!

I like the fact that it is all natural and does not contain calcium. On the first day the box arrived, I overindulged and ate a little too late in the evening. Sure as I would know it, I got that achy burning in my chest. Lucky was I to have this stuff to try out and I popped open a pack of the single packaged dissolvable powder in a glass of cold water. In minutes, the heartburn went away. I usually get that type of instant relief from Tums or Mylanta which do contain medicines.

I love ginger and I was really excited about that and hoped the product would taste gingery at least. I purchase the intense Chinese ginger crystals and was expecting a similar strong gingery taste but did not. It is quite subtle. But that was okay because I have quickly become an addict to this product. Not sure if that is a good thing.

The other night, I couldn't sleep and got up to go grab my usual Mylanta and soy milk cocktail, but first stopped in the upstairs office to check my email and twitter account. (I know. I am an addict). I decided to try the Gingera instead, but expected to have to take the Mylanta anyway. To my surprise, I didn't need to and the Gingera was all I needed. Whoa mama!

The product is also supposed to be great for morning sickness.

So far, this is a great product because,
  • FIRST, it's all natural
  • SECOND, It starts working PRETTY FAST. You don't have to wait for the tablets to dissolve apparently as with products like Alka Seltzer.
  • THIRD, the product is made of tried and true solutions to acid indigestion, heartburn and nausea: Baking soda and ginger.
The makers are giving away a package containing one box of 12 travel packs and one 4 1/2 ounce bottle of the dissolvable crystals to 5 Bellyitch Readers.

Simply Tweet this Giveaway, Leave a comment and or post this giveaway on your blog, but make sure to leave a comment on each way you enter. Contest ends August 6 @ midnight. Winners chosen using the random integer thingy mabob! ha!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Baby Davis Michael

This is such a very classic and very cute pregnancy blog, Baby Davis Michael, because its authors, Jessica and Michael (really I suspect this is just Jessica's perspective), are just the cutest couple. They are NEWLYWEDS!!

From the "about me" section in blogger:

I am married to my absolute best friend, whom I adore! We are expecting our first child in August and while I'm excited, it's completely nerve wrecking to me! This happened pretty quick as we are still very much newly weds. Welcome to my random thoughts, which most of the time, get some pretty odd looks! :)
From reading a few posts, Jessica, seems to have a very upbeat attitude about her pregnancy and looks to be taking a very refreshing approach to the joys, highs, lows and in between of preggers-dome!

Also, her belly bump photos would make one jealous because she looks absolutely ravishing and wears "the bump" quite well. Check this one out quickly as she is 35 weeks preggers this week! Baby's on the way! So far this reads like the classic pregnancy path. So fun!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

My daughter is a TomBoy & I like it

I'm afraid GG is suffering through my fate. She, at a mere 18 months old, climbs higher, farther and on more objects than both of her older brothers combined when they were that age.

She has the war wounds to prove it. Two weeks ago she got a terrible gash on her forehead. Her legs are bruised up from taking so many tumbles. She doesn't mind the grit and will go toe-to-toe with her brothers if they try to take a toy away from her. Did I mention that she is following in the footsteps of the middle boy? My lark. The one who doesn't follow the path led by others but weeds through the brush and creates his own. Yup. I can tell already that I will have quite a tough time when this young lady gets into her Tween years. Aye Dios Mio!

Recently, I've noticed that she is exhibiting some girlier ways. She plays with her first doll I purchased for her a couple months ago, more regularly. She is showing it some empathy. Feeding it leftovers, picking it up off the floor when she notices it laying in a corner, limp and hunched over. That is good. She is also showing a love and interest in clothing. But that isn't necessarily a girly thing at that age as my middle boy did to. Kids love playing dress up.

I guess this obsessive, slightly unatural perhaps push for her to be "girly" is that I might be trying to relive a little bit of my child hood through her. Yes. Sad. True.

I recall vividly how in high school and college I'd admire all the prissy girls with smooth unscathed legs. They had neat lean fingers and they stood tall and gave off an air of confidence. These were the daughters of parents who spared no expense to enroll their daughters in ballet, dance and tap. The moms surely didn't let their daughters frolic wildly outdoors. It was piano and violin lessons INSIDE for these prima donnas. Definitely out of the sun which would surely make them darker and burn their skin.

I used to watch these chics from afar and admire. If I grew up and had a little girl, I'd want a princess and for her to look like them, I used to think.

Then again, it took me decades to finally accept my looks, my body type, my hair and my features as beautiful and God intended. It is too easy to be envious. Years of brainwashing from the media and society make it tough for girls to love themselves much. And I am proud of who I am now, though the journey was much like many other girls in America, full of insecurity, doubt, second-guessing, self-hate. Thanks Goodness for personal growth, maturity and reflection, I think I've come a long way.

And as I come to think of it, I am indeed proud that at a mere 18 months of age, my daughter is fearless. She is comfortable in a room full of strangers. She knows how to charm the pants off of a passerby with a mere bat of her long curly eyelash and a flash of her gorgeous smile. She feels no qualms about breaking up a gathering of all boys on the playground. Boy, don't I wish more young women and adult women would do they same. Wouldnt' that do so much to shatter the glass ceiling if we had confidence in our skin enough to interject ourselves and personalities and command attention?

Tomboys of the world are the young female leaders of tomorrow. They learn how to play in the boys' world and when they grow up....awwww Watch out now!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Postnatal Exercises to Do with Your Infant

After having each of my three children, I couldn't wait to get back into shape, but having had a c-section each time, I was banned from exercising in any form for at least 2 months! Those two months were like agony for me. As soon as I could though, I found it very difficult to go to the gym and was forced to rely on my extensive exercise DVD/Video collection I blogged about in the past.

With my last child, it was even more difficult to get back in the gym because at that point I had two additional children, a household and two businesses to run. Oh and let's not forget two blogs to write. It was very hard to make time. What I found did work was exercising with the baby and while doing everyday household tasks like washing dishes, helping the little ones with homework or even watching the kids play in the backyard.

Standing over my eldest while checking his homework, I'd do deep plies. I'd do calf raises while washing the dishes. I'd practice pilates and yoga stances while watching TV with the hubby in the evenings or use my Susan Sommers thigh squeezy thingamabob. Getting it in any way I could was key to helping me get back in shape.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED using the baby in my routine as well. Having the kids lay on my legs while I did sit ups or holding them out while I squatted, made it fun for them too!

I found this excellent article which I got permission to repost that includes AWESOME tips I've used to incorporate the baby in your work out routine! Enjoy!

Exercises For Mom And Baby
Author: Alien

Most women will benefit from exercising with their baby. Not only does this help keep baby calm and content, you have the added benefit of carrying around a few extra pounds of weight which will improve your muscle endurance.

1. Baby Lifts

This exercise will help tone your arms. It is easy to perform and you can do it anytime anywhere! It comes in handy particularly when you aren’t supposed to be lifting anything heavier than your newborn! Be careful you always pay attention to your baby’s comfort. This exercise should be done when your baby has some head control.

* Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
* Place the baby face down on your chest.
* Hold your baby firmly under the arms to anchor them safely.
* Slowly and very gently raise the baby off your chest.
* Gently lower your baby back onto your chest.
* Repeat.

2. Baby Squats

Many women gain weight in their lower body, particularly in the legs during pregnancy. This exercise will help tone your lower quadrant.

* Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
* Place your toes facing slightly out.
* Hold baby against your body or in an infant carrier.
* Slowly squat half way down to the floor.
* Slowly raise back up.
* Repeat.

Be sure when doing Baby squats that you do not lock your knees and keep your abdomen tight and tucked in at all times. You can gradually increase the number of squats that you do as you get stronger.

3. Baby Bends

This is another great exercise for toning your lower body.

* Stand with a chair placed in front of you for balance.
* Hold your baby.
* Slowly raise one knee at a time, while balancing your baby on your thighs.
* Repeat as you can, slowly increasing the number of knee raises as you get stronger and acquire more balance.

4. Baby Crunches

This one is a fun exercise for toning the abdomen. It is simply a twist on the traditional crunch!

* Lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat.
* Place baby comfortably in a lying or sitting position across your tummy or chest.
* Slowly and gently lift your body upwards toward the ceiling.
* Repeat.

Remember to take abdominal exercises slowly. Also avoid using your neck and concentrate on using your abdominals when raising your body to the ceiling.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be holding your baby to benefit from exercising together. Many babies will enjoy simply being close to mom as she works out. For this reason it may make sense for you to invest in a work out video or two that you can do while watching your little one.

5. Baby Lunges

Baby lunges will also help tone your lower body. You can do these while in front of the television or while dancing to some music.

* Place your baby against your chest while standing up straight, preferably in an infant carrier.
* Stand with your feet three to four inches apart, and you hands on your hips.
* Keep abdomen tight to support your back.
* Starting with the right leg, take a large step forward. Your toes and your knee should be pointed directly in front of your body.
* Bend the right knee slightly with your foot on the floor. Your left heel should raise slightly.
* Lower your body straight down from this position. Your front knee should be over the ankle.
* Lower your body until your pelvis is in line with your front knee.
* Raise your body again and bring your left leg in to return to the standing position.
* Repeat with opposite leg.

Another great way to exercise is to strap baby in an infant carrier and go for a walk. Even better, pop in your favorite CD and dance around the house a little bit (be very careful about dancing however if your baby has a full tummy, she is likely to spit up on you)!

Alien writes for Pregnancy information . He also writes for eye stye and herbal medicines

Article Source:


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bellyitch Bump Day: A Very Flickr Belly

I spotted this gem from photographer Loving Earth's Flickr page. She is radiant and simply beautiful. I'd say she is about 35 weeks preggers here. What do you think?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Celeb Baby Bump Watch & Celeb Baby Blogs

Tina Campbell of gospel group Mary Mary and her husband, drummer Teddy Campbell, are expecting their first son later this year. They are parents to girls Laiah,5, Meela,1, and Cierra,15. photo sourceJennifer Hudson backstage with Usher during the Michael Jackson memorial. And later on stage. Photo source.
Kendra Wilkinson, well known for her role on the E! reality-television show The Girls Next Door, on which her life as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends was documented and her own reality series Kendra which recently debuted in June 2009, is engaged to Hank Baskett, an NFL wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.
The couple plan wed on June 27 at the Playboy Mansion. They are expecting their first child on Christmas Day.
Spookey! She had sex with Hugh Heffner and he let her marry some other dude at the Bunny Ranch Playboy Mansion? Cruddy! photo sourceA pregnant Heidi Klum out with kids. source
Nicole Richie out and about with the fam recently.
Another photo of 5 months pregnant Lauren London from Diddy's Independence Day all white gala. Seen with Khloe Kardashian photo source
Singer Nivea (in black and white) who is also 5 months pregnant by rapper Lil Wayne. photo source.

In Other Celebrity Blog news....

Joining Celebrity, which has been around for years, I'm just now noticing a crop of other celebrity baby/pregnancy blogs/websites

Among this list, my favorites are Celebrity Baby Scoop and Knocked up Celebs

Others include

There's even a Blog Dedicated to showing "Celebrity Baby Clothes". Of course, they don't cover as many celebs from the rainbow of options as Bellyitch, so we're always relevant! Ha!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Baby Number 8

Ever wonder what would go through the mind of a woman who learns she is having her EIGHTH child? Well, yeah, me too. That is why I was drawn in by Allison who has decided to blog, Baby Number 8, about the experience of being pregnant for the 8th TIME. It's a no frills blog. Just Allison, telling it like it is. In her own words. Nice.
So far, I could tell the author has a great sense of humor about it all because according to her first post last month, she and her husband were in complete surprise about their latest blessing. She has belly shots already posted of her 8 week tummy. Looks great! I think she has a professional photographer who is helping her document the process. I think it would be neat to monitor her journey. So far so GooD! Go baby number 8!

ALSO...For those of you in Spokane, Washington, The Bloom Spokane is an exciting recently launched blog and website choc full of information.

From its author, Tine Reese:

It is a personal project I began after the birth of our second son, Andre, in February of this year. While doing online research for local midwives and doulas in preparation for his birth, I realized Spokane, WA was in need of a central online resource that would bring together information about natural birth and provide a comprehensive list of local resources. Bloom is the realization of my interest in natural birth advocacy, community building and bringing good design to the places it is needed most.The Bloom website features:

  • General information about natural birth
  • Birth stories—both home and hospital births
  • Profiles of local midwives and doulas
  • A list of classes and support groups of interest to expectant parents

Give it a gander, even if you aren't from the Spokane area as it has resources beyond those local borders.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bellyitch Reviews 28 Stretch Mark Removal Products

Listen up, First time pregnant women of the WORLD!

Forget whatever or whoever told you that rubbing cocoa butter on your belly daily would PREVENT stretch marks from appearing! He/She/It/They Lied! Well, if it is any consolation, I was duped too. We all were. Sold a bag of horse bull! While it is true that a moisturized tummy may reduce the stress on the skin and help the skin more supple and perhaps less prone to getting as many stretchmarks. The creams may even delay by a couple months when the marks appear. BUT! and that is a big BUT inevitably, unless you are genetically blessed to be one of those women (like my mother) to have wonderful superelastic skin, YOU WILL GET STRETCH MARKS!

That is a fact. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has got to give it to you straight.
There have been loads of products released that do help the "Belly itch" (pun intended) and also help to keep your growing belly moist, soft and supple as it stretches and as the baby grows. What about after delivery and the stretched out skin goes back to normal? Eventually, you'll go back to exercising, and maybe do some tummy exercises that will work to put some "stuff" back where it was before. It may work for some and not for others. For those extremely vain (*cough *) like me, you may consider a tummy tuck or alternatives like Thermage treatment. But despite all of those efforts, the raised, or flat, blue, pink, dark or light striations on the tummy, thigh, arms, buttocks and other stretched out areas most likely will remain. Our bab(ies) are worth it though no?

Nonetheless, thank goodness about a decade ago, product and beauty manufacturers and labs started creating creams, salves, balms and oils to try to reduce drastically or erase the marks. The big marketing push which catapulted many copy cats was Stivectin-D which was an anti-wrinkle cream that was discovered to reduces stretch marks. Thank Goodness for free market economy and capitalism because competition meant diverse products and cheaper prices. Today, the market is flooded with various makers of products making claims to reduce, lighten and in some cases "erase" your stretch marks!!

I start this review with a piggy back of a commercial site's review of what that site claims are the top three products. I found that many of the sites claiming to "review" the stretch mark cream come off a bit phony and fabricated. So even this "so called" Top Three is "suspect" in my book.

*Shrug* What to do?

I then go on to review 25 other products I discovered via an online research effort. I culled a lot of products from conducting a simple search on which offers comparisons of online stores that sell various products. I looked for user reviews to guide my comments but rarely found any, which is very not a good thing because of the reviews I did find, they too read too much like they were written by the manufacturers themselves.

They read too scripted to be real product endorsement from real women! *sigh*

So...what that means is you're on your own as I've tested absolutely NONE of these products, but one. Sorry. All you've got is my personal cynical perspective based on the info that is out there in the Universe! HA!! Good luck!!

*note to product manufacturers if you wish to have your product tested by Bellyitch, I welcome the opportunity to check it out and will give an honest opinion. Right now, I plan to purchase one product in particular to check out and review later.

1.Cosmetyn stretch mark removal cream contains a unique blend of peptides and a patented Dermaplex-12 formula which consists of natural extracts and vitamins that work to fade and repair stretch marks. The makers say the product is very high in moisturizers and antioxidants which work to improve your skin's complexion by fading away skin discolorations, age spots, and scars. Instead of just treating the surface of the skin like most creams, Cosmetyn works at the epidermis layer, where the most of the skin damage occurred, the makers state.

This is supposed to be THE BEST CREAM!

2. Striation, is number 2, and it contains a patented SNaP complex which contains super antioxidants and anti-aging peptides such as Acai Extract and Elastonyl. The makers say that one of the key ingredients (Elastone) has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, increase collagen production, and decrease the enzymes that actually cause stretch marks. The makers also claim that this stretch mark product is designed to help heal your skin and prevent future stretch marks from occuring by protecting your skin against diet, pregnancy, trauma, and hormonal influences.

According to reviewers on of products on the web, the negatives of this product is that (1) it doesn't have t a Long Track Record Yet (It's A Relatively New Stretch Mark Product. (2) It takes A Little Longer To Work When Compared To Cosmety and (3) It is Not Available In Stores but can be accessed on the company website here!

My take: The creators have done a stand up job marketing this product. Online, it's everywhere, but I don't buy the independent product testers and reviewers one bit! An unfortunate consequence of Hard sell promotions is one is quicker to think the product is a scam! Not that it is...

3. Revitol. According to the review site I looked at, Revitol is its #3 rated cream out of the 14 products examined the site says it examined. Revitol is slightly different than Cosmetyn and Striation because Revitol is more designed for "preventing" stretch marks. Revitol's ingredients are still capable of treating existing stretch marks, but just not as effective when compared to the two products above.

The Revitol stretch mark product works to strengthen and deeply condition your skin to increase your skin's elasticity. Revitol is a great option for women looking for a product to prevent stretch marks from occurring during pregnancy. According to Revitol's web site, this product is best for treating existing stretch marks when the new scars are still red and elevated. On older stretch marks and scars, you'd probably be better off with Striation or Cosmetyn.
At $40.00 a bottle, THIS PRODUCT is dirt cheap compared to the previous two. You get NO FREE Trial and the product Works Best For Repairing Existing Stretch Marks Only If They Are Still New.

Apparently, the company that makes this product has a very good reputation, and its skin care line has been successful for years.

Now that we've discussed the so-called BEST Stretch mark removal Options, here are others I found on the site in no particular order. My there are lots of options out there. I'm thinking the cost may have something to do with effectiveness, but really do not know. I am one of those folks that get suckered into thinking the more expensive, the better.

I should know that is not the case and that many times, the higher price may be the price you pay for the pretty fancy packaging and marketing that brainwashes me and others like me into thinking this way. *sigh*

4. Revitagen Fx Stretch Mark Fading Cream $65.95

Revitagen-FX's patented peptide combination of Palmitoyl oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 targets major problem areas like wrinkles, sagging skin, skin discoloration, dryness and rough skin; not just stretch marks. The makers promise skin to feel softer in as little as four-six weeks. Revitagen products contain other skin care ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, sesame oil, citric acid, coneflower extract and aloe vera

5. Striae Stretch Mark Creme 8 oz$63 - $69
Striae Stretch Mark cream makers say the product was developed to stimulate collagen and to produce polyprotein to work in the different skin layers. Like so many of these miracle Stretch mark reducer claims, the makers say the product helps regenerate your skin to become thicker in order to return to its former look. It is formulated to lessen all the different kinds of skin pigmentation that is caused by stretch marks. According to one reviewing site, which the cynic in me believes was paid for its review:

Some users of this product have found out that using an exfoliating scrub while taking a bath helps the deep penetration of the cream into their skin. Others found out too that leaving the cream on their skin for five minutes before rubbing it gained quicker results. The results of Striae cream vary from individual to individual. Some says they have seen the result after six weeks and others have seen the result in just a few days of use.

6. Dermarest Stretch Mark Repair Cream 2 Boxes 3 Oz Each $12.99
One of the cheaper products, The maker of this product specializes in skin defects like psoriasis and eczema, so I want to believe this product may indeed reduce stretch marks in little as 6 weeks as it says has been proven. *sigh* there goes the cynic in me, proven by whom the same 4 out of 5 doctors that say chewing Dentyne may reduce cavities. Alas, I couldn't find a review from this product from an actual user online.

7. Biovergetures Stretch Marks Prevention And Reduction Cream Gel One of the more expensive creams on the market. I've seen sparse reviews of the product. The only substantive remark came from a reviewer that said the concentrate took a while for them to start seeing some results. The jury is still out on this one...

8. Avon ANEW CLINICAL Professional Stretch Mark Smoother $12 - $25
I actually have tried this product for at least a month, but I cannot tell if the marks got lighter or faded at all. I suppose I would need more time to tell. I got it from an authorized Avon dealer for $30.00 cause I had to pay shipping and I suppose her commission, but apparently you can get it from online stores for as cheap as $12.00!!

9. Hydropeptide Body Full Body Anti Aging Moisturizer with Stretch Mark Repair Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle 6 oz $103 - $105

Another pricey product that comes from the line of "surprise" side effect additional benefits as Strivectin-D (the original product made for wrinkles but found to help reduce stretch marks) This product has included the new find in its product name. I was only able to find reviews that again, read, too perfect and clinical as if they were totally made up by the manufacturers. Another hung jury.

10. Rodial Stretch Mark Eraser $92 - $95
In 8 short weeks, this product promises to "erase" your stretch marks. Whoa! There's a strong claim if I ever heard one! Well the 90% of women in its clinical trials, according to the company marketing materials, saw such great results. I'm intrigued. I'd hope they'd offer a money back guarantee since the product is sold in tiny 4.8 ounce dispenser bottles for a $100 US.

11. Dr. Yermianee Stretch Marks $110
Doctors love to hawk products under their name don't they? I am usually willing to try a product simply because they are backed by a doctor. Heck, the profession is a credible one. What can I say?

12. Mama Mio Goodbye Stretch Marks $70
This product was one that has loads of viewer reviews that was positive. It is worth a second look for that mere fact, I suppose! $70

13. Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex 177ml $149.10
Dermactin-TS Stretch Mark Complex claims to significantly diminishes the length, depth and severity of stretch marks. Okay, this was one of those companies that seemingly packaged their products similar to Stivectin-D, the original clinical forumalted product that was all the rage a decade ago. Again, marketing at its best. Obviously, the marketing department was hoping to capitalize on the millions of consumers that are too dumb to READ and realize the product name is different. But then again, isn't that what the Generic products at drug stores do? Package themselves much like the Brand?

14. Lierac Phytolastil Solute #L92 1 2.5 oz $50
A special body care product Composed of retexturizing plant extracts (alchemilla, Ivy, Horsetail) Effectively reactivate the synthesis of collagen and strengthen the elasticity of skin The product says it helps to diminish stretch marks on the breasts, stomach, hips and thighs. Love the all over body claim, because boy do some of "us" need all over treatment. The name of this product reads like a science experiement no? ha! Love the mid price range, even though you're only getting like 4 ounces of a product for that $50 bucks!

15. Prevention Dr Irena Eris Pharmaceris Foliacti Stretch Mark Cream $30
Yet another doctor is endorsing her stretch mark serum. I'm sold. Sign me up. The price of this product for the amount of emolient you get, puts this one on the top of the list in my book.

16. Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream $28
This Stretch Mark Cream is supposed to incorporate the healing aspects of erbaviva, whatever that is...someone look it up, will ya? This lotion version is the answer to the oil version of this product. I really like all the essential oils in the ingredients and the other very natural ingredients include Fever Few, Shea Butter, and Sea buckthorn OOOh! Neat stuff!

17. Phytomer Seatonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream 5 fl oz $40 - $57
I'm drawn in by products that have the terms "phyto" and "sea" in their name. Don't ask me why, I think, subconsciously, I probably like that chemistry and nature got together and created something good. Again, very little to no customer reviews can be found about this product which is in the mid-price range and comes from a quality well known brand line.

18. Galenic Elancyl Stretch Mark Preventive & Reducing Cream $34 - $35
This product is formulated of concentrated safflower oil & marine extracts. Ooh I don't know about you, but I love the idea of bringing home some of the beach even if it has to come in the form of "marine extracts" in my stretch mark cream!

19. Isomers Stretch Mark Cream $20
From the makers, they say, "As part of the Isomers problem solvers philosophy, we introduce a new formulation to leave your skin feeling like silk and help address the appearance of skin stretch marks." See, right there they have their priorities all wrong. I'm not interested in feeling like silk, I want the topographical map on my tummy gone! This tells me that removing stretch marks is and was not a prime least when the marketing or PR department got its mitts on the copy for the promos. It gives credence to my theory that cheaper isn't good!

20. Phytomer Sea Tonic Stretch Mark Reducing Cream $45 - $57
This is a body gel for stretch marks. This highly active gel is suppose to "help" reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers. "Help?" Exsqueeze me? Did you say "help"? I want it to actually Do the job, not "help" do the job! NEXT!!

21. Strivectin Sd Wrinkle and Stretch Mark Cream 6 oz $100 - $135
Well this is the product that started it all I believe. It was originally tested and created for reducing wrinkles, but eventually (so it is said) was discovered to diminsh and eliminate stretch marks. I haven't personally come across anyone who swears by this product, but I do recall after it was released about a decade ago, it spawned a series of copy cat products down to the packaging. I am yet to fork over the $100+ bucks this thing costs, but plan to soon!

22. Trilastin Sr Stretch Mark Removal Cream $80
This company claims to have a groundbreaking formula and was featured on the Tyra Banks show. I was annoyed that when I went to its manufacturer's site, I kept getting this bizarre pop upthat refused to go away, so I can't add any more.

23. Dead Sea Premier Premier Stretch Mark Removal Cream $69 - $90
This product has got to win the contest for "most unique angle" for selling a product. Man, if I don't dig a "dead sea" product any day! It's from Italy too. Aren't all Italian beauty products created superior and sealed with a Mona Lisa kiss!? Ha

24. Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Fading Cream $14 - $25
I admit, I included this item because I love "Burt's Bees" Products and I was childishly attracted to the bee in the packaging. However, upon search for customer reviews, I discovered that this is one of the more liked belly salves for relieving the itch and moisturzing the Pregnant Belly. I'm thinking, it's not going to do much to remove existing stretch marks, but it may make a dent in preventing some. Who knows?

25. Clinique Cx Stretch Mark Cream, 6.7 oz/200 ml $189
CX Stretch Mark Cream contains what the package says is a unique formula that stimulates skin own collagen production. While the Brand is well known, again, we find a very expensive product and hardly any user reviews online to back it up. I like the fact it says its for all skin types. Perhaps the company needs to spend money on giving away its products to encouarge user feedback. It may drive sales. Who knows.

26. Belli Cosmetics Stretch Mark Minimizing Cream $52
Belli Stretch mark Minimizing Cream is a multi-enriched treatment specially formulated for stretch marks. The cream features Darutoside, a healing plant molecule shown in research to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. I'm all about botanical healing products. I'm going to look this one up later. "Darutoside, you say?" Hmmm....

27. Rilastil Intensive Stretch Mark Cream $98Um, okay, so nearly $100 for a 2.5 ounce tube? EEK! I know the makers of this cream are well known for their anti-aging remedies and products, but I couldn't find anyone to vouch to the madness! I'd have to ration this puppy out by using as much as I could pull out with a safety pin to make it stretch! LOL! Someone send me a sample please! I have to check this one out!

28. Decleor Perfect Sculpt Stretch Mark Restructuring Gel Cream Salon Size $70 - $82
This cream is non-greasy and supposedly contains 8 Essential Oils & Phyto-Firm Complex which fights the effects of skin sagging and provides restructuring action. Alas, yet another product promising to restructure the skin. I must admit, I am attracted to the prefix "phyto" and have a bizarre pull to products with that prefix in their name. Again, Don't ask me why. Just one of those things.

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