Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kimora Lee Simmons Births Baby Boy!

Kimora Lee Simmons has given birth! She and boyfriend Academy-award nominated actor Djimon Hounsou have welcomed their first child together, a baby boy!

She tweeted the experience of going into labor...

At around 9pm Friday night Kimora Twittered the following:

"It's time !! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!!"

Around the same time she posted the photo above to her TwitPic page. Shortly after that she added:

"Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It's like WHOA!"

I love TWITTER and technology man!!

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: His Boys Can Swim

Why? The blog's author Jane is a fellow AllTop Pregnancy site. She's commented before on Bellyitch. She's funny. She's candid and open and provides week by week preggers belly shots! whoa mama! This one is worth the peek! I even started to follow

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ER's Dr. Neela Had a Baby Boy!

ER actress Parminder Nagra has given birth to her first child

Parminder, who made her name in Brit flick Bend It Like Beckham, gave birth to Kai David Singh Stenson Tuesday, May 26. Kai is the first child of husband James Stenson and the 33-year-old actress, who cemented her position in Hollywood after playing Neela Rasgotra in medical drama ER.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GG and her First Doll

I couldn't resist and could not wait any longer! Even though most dolls start for children ages 24 months an up, I felt GG was mature enough to appreciate a doll. I had waited my entire momhood to be able to buy a doll for my baby girl. So I picked up a "starter" doll that didn't seem too heavy from Target. First off, imagine that they have "starter" dolls that don't come with all the peeing crying bells and whistles as the other doll options. Perfect.

I bring it home, call GG over and show her the box. She immediately gets excited and starts to do a little dance and shows excitement as I struggle to untwist the ties binding her tiny doll hands and feet to the box she called home since being packaged and shipped to Target from China. Poor Penelope, my name for her (ha), was probably eager to get out too.

GG figures out quickly that the toy pacifier goes into the hole in the baby's mouth. Too cute. She hugs her new doll and seems interested in it for like 12 whole minutes! ha!

What I did find cute and quite endearing was later that night she and I were hanging out in the basement while her daddy watched the Boob Tube and I pointed out how Penelope was laying on the floor lonely. GG gets up, grabs her doll and then sits it neatly in front of her dad to watch TV with Daddy! She then toddles back to continue playing with me! I thought that was the cutest thing ever!

Tragic Passing of Mike Tyson's daughter


So sad...

Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, died Tuesday after being found hanging from a cord on a treadmill.

Exodus was playing near exercise equipment while her mom was cleaning in a different room. Exodus's 7-year-old brother found his sister on a treadmill with a cable around her neck.

The girl's mother unhooked her daughter, called 911 and attempted to revive her. She was rushed to St. Joe's Hospital.

She was on life support and in"extremely critical condition" yesterday. The police called it a "tragic accident." Tyson was in Las Vegas and flew home to Phoenix immediately.

My prayers are with him and the family. This really messed me up today. So tragic...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative T's for Stopping Folks from Touching your Pregnant Belly

Every pregnant woman can attest to having some stranger come up to her randomly to rub her belly. Many do not mean any harm by it, it's just that many people feel that pregnant women are public domain and everyone owes her a belly rub, some unsolicited advice etc etc. They mean well. I used to tell folks who ask to touch my belly, "well, you see this part right here (rubbing my under belly) that is where my pubic area usually is and I usually need to know you a little longer before I let you stroke me there!" ha. I usually got a shriveled eyebrow, upturn lips and an "ewww, never mind!"

If that doesn't work, you can try the not-so-subtle-but-overt-conversation T-shirt approach. (click the photo to be taken to the site that sells each T)

"Maternity Wardrobe $2,408
Nursery Furniture $1,317
Touching my Belly $5
Some things money can't buy.
For everything else, you need cold hard cash."

Here's a pretty cute blog post on the topic by Pregnancy.etc and another by Stages In Pregnancy.

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: Mama's Secret Pregnancy Blog

Mama's Secret Pregnancy Blog: This blog isn't a current pregnancy blog, but it has a great summary of three pregnancies.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unexpected Pregnant Celebrity Report: Video Vixens, Reality Show Starlets, and Models

This past week has been full of announcements regarding various unplanned pregnancies of starlets, former video vixens, reality show stars and a hodge podge of others...Black Hollywood "It" Actress, the gorgeous and bodacious Lauren London, confirmed recently that she is indeed 5 months pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne's Child. Apparently, according to various inside sources the two weren't initially happy with the baby news, but have agreed to raise the child as parents, not a couple. Sources say Lauren and Lil Wayne have decided not to live together or continue with their five year “on again, off again” relationship at this time.

I'm going to leave out my opinions on this one. I love lil Wayne and I think she is a great actress with much potential. A baby is a blessing no matter how conceived. I'm glad she chose to keep it.

Top Model Contestant Tells Tyra Banks She's Pregnant

Tahlia Brookins, a cycle 12 America's Next Top Model contestant, who was burned when she was 8-years old, told Tyra Banks during her show that she is pregnant.

Two interesting things:
Thing 1:
Thalia was told she could never have children so it is sort of a miracle pregnancy.
Thing 2: Thalia is only 18-years old and some have criticized Tyra, calling her a hypocrite, for not finger wagging Tahlia as she would and have to past teenage moms appearing on her show.

My opinion is the baby is a blessing, maybe unplanned and untimed, but such is life. C'est La Vie. I'm hoping the baby would be loved even though from the show, it appears that she is not still with the baby's father.

What is it with all these out-of-wedlock or out-of-relationship births these days? I guess it is a Sign of the Times! Sheesh! Call me old fashioned!
MySpace and Internet pinup girl turned VH1 Reality Star of "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" hinted on her Twitter Stream that she is pregnant by someone very very famous. My guess is Ray J who she was boasting about being in a very happy relationship with a little while go, but based on her tweet stream, I guess the honeymoon is over.

My opinion is that all of this wreaks of a publicity stunt for both of them to remain relevant, but who knows.
Posh24 is reporting that a Sudanese Model is claiming to be 5 months pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. Shrug! Should be interesting if this is true. I hope not.

In other news, Hitmaker T-Pain has become a father for a third time, welcoming to his family a second son on May 9.T-Pain, real name Faheem Rasheed Najm, had to cancel a scheduled Tuesday, May 12 appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to tend his wife Amber and new child.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pregnancy Blog Spotlight: The Rented Nursery

New Bellyitch Weekly post:

Sunday's Pregnancy Blog Spotlight. I think I'll post a new Pregnancy Blog on here every Sunday for us to monitor.

First up: The Rented Nursery. I spotted this blog while searching to discover if was already a taken domain. The author(s) cited Bellyitch's expensive baby clothes post. I loved all the content on the first page because it was quirky, fun and the author(s) seemed like likeable fun folks that I could relate to and thus....we all get to follow in their adventure to the birth of their little girl!

OT (other topic) It is quite interesting that the tide is turning and I am knowing and learning of more women giving births to baby girls. A couple of years ago, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNEW were birthing boys and it reminded me of the old wives tales that say in times of severe war, more boys are born to replenish the lost supply of boys. Of course, with more girls being in the military and the fact that the US is still, technically, in war, that theory has been disproven, but just thought I'd bring up that Hmmm...moment/thought.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black-BiRacial-Ethnic Baby Hair Products Kinky-Curly Tiny Twirls Daily Moisturizing Styler that I blogged about the other day came in the mail the other day.

I put it on my baby girl's hair yesterday and surprisingly, it managed to keep her hair neat and frizz free all day. It even tamed the frizzy edges of shorter curls that won't fit in the pony tail holder!

After I ordered it online, I discovered that I could've saved shipping and handling costs and gotten it from my local Whole Foods! It's sold at retailers nationwide.

Since then, another blogger TeenDoc has hipped me to Curls.Biz products. She swears by it for her cute little girl ZiZi. I'm going to try it out too and use her Referral Code: REF-ASRDS7GG.

From Kinky-Curl site:

When wash and go is not an option for your toddler, TINY TWIRLS is the perfect product for drop curls, twists, ponytails and braids. A daily grooming aid that will detangle and add necessary moisture to your little ones hair.

TINY TWIRLS contains just a touch of hold factor to help smooth out frizzy hairline edges and flyaways and helps keep that style in place all through naptime.

From Curls.Biz website:

It's A Curl

As gentle as a baby’s bum. As pure as mother’s milk. “It’s A Curl” Organic Baby Curl Care is the first line created especially for baby’s curly tresses. Formulated with only the best in certified organic extracts, botanicals and natural oils proven to calm, soothe and promote healthy hair and skin.

Discriminating mothers demand the best for their angel’s delicate curls, “It’s A Curl” delivers
Me personally, feel like picking up a bottle of this stuff for my own locks! check out what someone said about its product: Curl Gel-les'c (pronounced Curl Jealousy)

  • WOW! I have 4b-type hair, thick, coarse and KINKY!!! This product does more than it claims. It actually allowed more of my length to show by elongating my curls and KEEPING them in place. This product DID NOT make my hair hard or crunchy; just a nice, soft natural hold while providing intense shine with (non-greasy) moisturization to boot! PLUS, my hair dried faster than usual! I am so glad I tried this. I would not have believed this product would have worked so well on my 4b hair!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

After Baby Body Idol

Ladies, can you believe this woman had a baby a year and some change ago? Hmm. I know she is Hollywood and gets paid to look like this, but hmmm..

She is Mel B, formerly of the Spice Girls and she has a fitness video out, Totally Fit Mel B

I can't believe she has a child my age! I'm going to cop this and I'll tell you guys if I come out looking like this months from now doing this video twice a week!

you can Catch some previews of the Video

Marion Jones is Pregnant with her 3rd Child

i'm always late...*sigh* saw this on Black

Former Olympic sprinter Marion Jones has a new beginning: she is pregnant with her third child. In 2008, the Olympic track star spent six months in jail for perjury concerning her involvement in a check fraud scam and her use of performance enhancing drugs.

Marion Jones is already a mom to two younger sons.

and while I was on that site, I also peeped this photo of mom Mel B and her SICK BODY! *JJ puts Dr. 90210 on speed dial* Har har!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maya Rudolph is Preggers with Baby #2

from BabyCenter

News has slipped out that SNL alum Maya Rudolph is pregnant with her second child! In a new interview the 36-year-old says, “I wasn’t planning on sharing it, but yes I am pregnant!”

Maya and partner, director Paul Thomas Anderson, are already parents to 3-year-old daughter Pearl.

As for being pregnant the second time Maya says, “The first time you are like wide-eyed: ‘What are we doing?, Who’s coming?, How do we take care of them?’ But this time, I’m like I have to sit down, I’m pregnant.’

She continues, “When you have a three-and-a-half-year-old, you don’t have time to rest and nap and do all the those sweet pampering type things you did for yourself the first time. You are like, ‘I got to get to bed!’

Congatulations to Maya, and best wishes for an easy pregnancy!

Source:, Photo: PR Photos


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

From Bellyitch

Check out this Beautiful Shower Cake from one of Ebonymom's Showers


I hope all the moms have a wonderful day celebrating and being pampered by their loved ones!

Ciao Bellas!


Congrats Bellyitch Supporter on Birth: Yay Tanyetta!

Congrats to Tanyetta and her hubby Darrin on the birth of their

Baby Girl!!!

I guessed it!! yay me!
Gracen Ahlia McKoy, born 6 pounds 3 ozs17.5
Gracen joins her brother DJ and sister Danyelle


Bellyitch Contest Winners Announced

Winners of the "Your Best Birth" book give-away are:

1. Casique

2. Natalie

3. Weslynne

4. Tanyetta (congrats)

5. Anya (LC)

Congrats Ladies!

Jill Scott Gave Birth to Baby Boy

I know I'm late, but R&B singer Jill Scott gave birth to a baby boy named Jett Hamilton Roberts, on Monday, April 20. He weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces.

Congrats Jill and Lil John!

Seal and Heidi are Expecting a Girl

ccording to Celebrity Baby Blog

In an appearance on Oprah on Friday, May 8 Seal confirmed that he and Heidi Klum are expecting a daughter! The couple announced last month that they were expecting baby no. 4, due in October. Baby girl will join siblings Johan, 2, Henry, 3 ½ and Leni, 5.

Although Heidi said they’d be “happy with either,” she explained that “it would be a lie if I said we all weren’t hoping for a little girl — especially Leni because she would love to have a little sister.”


Friday, May 8, 2009

My Wife And Kids Actress Jennifer Freemen is Preggers

so says Natasha of the YBF for yourself:

Do we have another shot gun wedding on our hands? Not quite. A while back YBF reported that 23 year old YBF actress Jennifer Freeman was engaged to 30 year old NBA baller Earl Watson. Now YBF snitches exclusively confirm to us that Jennifer is indeed getting married to Mr. Watson. And they’ve also rushed their wedding up to 3 weeks from now. Why? Because they’re preggers of course.

Said snitch tells that Jennifer is 4 months pregnant. We’re told the couple told their family and friends–including Jennifer’s BFF Kyla Pratt–their new plans over the weekend. And for the most part, everyone’s happy for them. Ms. Freeman is officially on Preggers Watch. Congrats to the couple.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Must Have in Your Baby's Library

According to my local library system:

Baby Dance by Ann TaylorI Love My Mommy by Sebastian Braun
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
Moo, Baa, La La La by Sandra Boynton

I Love Animals by Flora McDonnell
Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker

Pretty Brown Face by Andrea Davis Pinkney

Black on White by Tana HobanThe Bear Went over The Mountain by Rosemary Wells
Where is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jennifer Hudson Rumored to be Pregnant

FAME BABY is reporting

Rumor: Jennifer Hudson is pregnant?

Jennifer HudsonIt’s rumored that Jennifer Hudson is going to make a big announcement this week. Janet Charlton’s Hollywood reports that Jennifer is pregnant!

The former American Idol contestant is engaged to David Otunga, also known as Punk from the reality show I Love New York. No wedding date is set yet.

Currently she’s on tour with Robin Thicke, while Otunga is in Florida training to become a professional wrestler.

Let’s see if this turns out to be true!

Via Janet Charlton’s Hollywood


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Halle and Baby Nahla; Kimora's Baby Shower

Halle was spotted out with her gorgeous daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry recently. Also, recent reports indicated that she had to yell at papparazzi for stalking her too closely and scaring little Nahla! Shame. I feel almost too ashamed to feeding the frenzy that creates such behavior...yeah...almost. Ha!

Who knows what jogging stroller that is she's pushing? I know in this photo taken months ago when she took Nahla out to the LA zoo a while back, she's pushing an Orbit stroller system. Look at that woman's body so close after giving birth! Sick!!
and Okay magazine did a spread on Kimora Lee and her boyfriend actor Djimon Honsou (45)'s baby shower. The Former model (34) is expecting her first child with this June. The shower was held at her New Jersey home on April 19 and among the 50 guests in attendance were Stevie Wonder and his wife, Kai, actress Holly Robinson Peete, Carolyn Banks, mother of former supermodel Tyra Banks, and Kimora’s daughters, Ming Lee, 9, and Aoki Lee, 6.

So...the fact that they are all wearing BLUE do ya think she's having a boy and letting it all know that way? Ha!

What's GG Up to Now?

This is GG, exploring the green pastures, at Maryland Day 2009 two weeks ago.

GG is a happy climber. She climbs everything and loves climbing on top of high rockers and chairs and going for a ride. I can't wait to get the opportunity to design and decorate her own baby girl princess room. Right now, she shares a room with the boys, but since none of them sleep in that room, this entire portion of this post is pretty pointless and I digress.

She is still a pretty good eater. Thank Goodness, although she is not always interested in sitting down in one spot and consuming a meal. Well, I'm not good at that. I believe the women at her new day care center do a much better job. I am a push over.

Which brings me to the next update. I finally ditched her old child care provider who wasn't too great at stimulating the baby much or getting her outside or abiding by any of my wishes. She was bitter about the job, didn't feel I paid her enough and was too demanding and didn't care about inconveniencing me. In the end, she said I abruptly pulled GG out of her care, which is so not the case because she urged me to find another provider many times. Eventually, she offered to watch GG in the day and to find a night time job, but I don't think I like the idea of having to rush to come pick up the baby so she could rush to her next job. Also, what kind of care would I expect her to give my child if she exhausted from working all evening and night at a second job?

She is thriving and doing well in her new child care setting. This is her third week there and for two days in a row she went with her primary teacher willingly and waved bye bye to me, so I think it's a good fit for now. It's still a little out of the way and we have her on the waitlist for the premiere recently accredited day care where her older brother went from age 2-4.

She's great at following basic instructions and knows how to communicate her likes and dislikes in verbal grunts and intonations of speech.

I'm still struggling to figure out how to do her hair. One of my twitter friends, Curlista recommended Kinky-Kurl. I'm going to order a bottle and see how it works out.

She still has just one earring in her ear because homegirl is a fighter and I am always forgetting to try to refasten the other earring in her ear while sleeping. When awake, its an all out work out to get her to stay still long enough for me to put in her earring. She's gone through 10 pairs already and the tiny hoops we picked up during our Christmas vacation to Trinidad last year are the only things that have stayed put for longer than TWO DAYS!!

I think that's it for now...until next time!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Placenta for Lunch Anyone?

I peeped this story about a mom who ate her placenta after giving birth from

She ate her placenta and it was good

So says Chrissy Schilling, a new mom who recently feasted on placenta pasta and placenta sandwiches two days after giving birth to a baby girl. 

“The energy levels I had before and after the [placenta] consumption were immediately noticeable to me,” Chrissy told Momlogic in this post. “The first 24 hours after my daughter’s birth, I would nurse on the move around the apartment, showing her around, but would have to take frequent breaks to sit because of how light-headed I felt. But after that second night, with a belly full of placenta, those dizzy spells completely vanished….”

Chrissy’s twin sister, Kathy, was the chef who gleaned placenta-eating inspiration and recipe ideas from this scatological blog (which I find disgusting and creepy). She told Momlogic she had “fun” preparing the heavy, beefy organ that is rich in feel-good hormones.

“First, I washed off any clots and snipped/tore away the membrane,” Kathy said. “…The umbilical cord required a pair of scissors to cut through and I had to marvel at how incredible tough that piece was. After it was pretty clean, I sliced it into bite-sized chunks, and cooked it….The taste of the meat itself was surprisingly tasteful (I thought it’d be bland, but it absorbed the flavors of the ingredients very well). It wasn’t tough, but not sloppy either. Just the right kind of texture I like.”

In some cultures, women eat their nutrient-rich placentas to restore postpartum hormone levels, thereby warding off depression, according to this and other reports; however, no scientific studies have proven that human-placenta ingestion prevents the baby blues.
But Kathy told Momlogic she felt “pretty giddy” after eating her sister’s afterbirth.
Yeah, I’d feel giddy, too, because I’d have to be stupid-drunk to eat placenta. And even then, I’m pretty sure I’d puke and faint.

First off, I’m a vegetarian (except when pregnant). Secondly, I’m a unadventurous eater. I’m still traumatized from two Saturdays ago, when I attended a pre-wedding dinner party at a fancy, expensive, trendy restaurant. One of the menu items was fried pig’s head, which just makes me sad.

There’s no way I’d even consider eating placenta. What about you? What do you think about the practice? And if you’ve tried it, please tell us what it’s like.
(If you’re interested, placenta-based recipes can be found here, here and here).


Friday, May 1, 2009

Pregnancy Book Review & Contest Give Away: Your Best Birth


(Let's do a take II shall we? Since my first give-a-away effort was a horrible FLOP! *snicker*)

I got my hands on an advanced copy of Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein's book

Your Best Birth: Know All Your Options, Discover the Natural Choices and Take Back the Birth Experience.

First Impressions:
I must say at a first skim through the preface and various chapters of this book, I immediately got turned off. At first blush, the book seemingly has a heavy focus on Natural Vaginal Births and that is a very sour subject for me, a woman who delivered each of her THREE children via C-SECTIONS. For a long time, I used to feel inadequate about not having given birth the "natural" way as God intended, if you will. I even used to get a rush of jealousy when I would hear of a friend who had a birth without medical surgical intervention. For some reason, I feel and have felt less than a mom having not gone through that "right of passage" all mothers have gone through. I've since come to embrace the reality as I do not intend to have any more children and will most likely never experience a vaginal birth. I belabor the point, but I did not think I'd come away from the book feeling good at all.

Second Chance:
Well, I decided to give the book a chance anyway and thus in between client obligations, doing loads of laundry and hauling children to sports activities and music lessons, I took in bits and pieces. A chapter here and there. At the end, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I actually liked it and would recommend it!

Ricki and Abby use a very conversational, down to earth tone and language to provide a matter of fact, real perspective of their personal experiences and the experiences of other women. They explain, without too much medical terminology and jargon, what a mother-to-be can expect during the birthing process. In any event, Your Best Birth is all about knowing your options and decoding the language of the hospital. The authors take the time to interpret some of the reasons hospitals give mothers for making their decisions. It is a useful resource even for that discussion alone, because it is a very stressful time during labor and who has time to psychoanalyze what's being said at that very moment? Getting educated on some of these issues in advance is crucial.

Demystifying the "Hollywood" portrayal of Birth
I could instantly relate to the foreword by Dr. Jacquis Moritz who talks about the "Hollywood" idealized portrayal of the pregnancy OB experience where you get to interview and select from among many doctors. She references the movie "Knocked Up." Certainly, many women who have gone through the process, if they are not part of a HMO, know that group practices are common and that many times you do not even deliver your baby with the doctor you saw throughout your pregnancy. Dr. Moritz gives a great overview about what to expect and the topics to be discussed within the rest of the book: the focus is on empowering women to get educated and knowledgeable and to make decisions for themselves and not get pressured into doing the expected as is common in hospital births.

The book opens with summaries of Ricki and Abby's birthing experiences with their children. They both had their first child in hospitals and Abby had a C-section. Through the experience, though none really too traumatic, they got interested in learning more and looking for alternatives to the hospital birthing process. They explored and later learned about home births, midwives, birthing centers and the value of Doulas. The remainder of the book attempts to address the stigma associated with "home births" by providing matter of fact and straight forward explanation of what they are like and what women considering these options can expect.

Mothers-to-be Giving in...
I do wish I had that type of book 7 years ago when I was about to deliver my first child, because I would have been more empowered and would not have succumb to pressure from my doctor to deliver via C section. One thing they point out in the book is that women are very eager to please and a too quick to not want to offend. We, as women, are often guilty of wanting to accommodate a doctor who has had a long night with you and may be eager to go home, or a nurse who insists you should get the epidural even though you feel you may be able to bear with the pain a little longer. For my first child, he simply was progressing slow and the doctor said she felt the labor was going to be too long for his poor little heart. I could have asked for medical or natural options to progress my labor and kept at it, but I gave in to the surgery because she said I could have my baby by noon that day! After 24+ hours of inactive and active labor, who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to know the exact time you'd be getting your baby?

What's inside
The book is full of "checklists" as you see in many books, but for the alternative: What to expect of your birthing center; questions for your doula, how to put together a birthing team, interviewing your physician.

And because Americans idolize celebrities so much, they even include side bars with the experiences of Laila Ali, Cindy Crawford, Kellie Martin and Melissa Joan Hart. Each of these women had unique experiences that the average American woman having gone through the birthing process can appreciate. They also mention those celebrities who elect for C-Sections, for vain reasons, if you ask me, though they make no judgment of those celebrities. Well enough, because smart women can take away from it as they see it. No need to spell it out in BIG RED LETTERS. I know I got the point.

Another plus about the book, one I felt there should have been more of, was the "red flag" side bars. For example, one side bar talked about factor about a midwife's practice you should consider as a clear sign to not hire her.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the authors address sexual abuse victims and how the birthing process could affect them and cause to resurface old feelings about their abusive past. Like Ricki, 30% of women in America are victims of abuse and I, for one, could appreciate finally a pregnancy book that took a thoughtful approach to addressing a sad reality that so many women have faced and gone through. It is indeed refreshing and I appreciated the effort.

One negative aspect:
At times, their answers weren't all the time helpful for me because they didn't seem backed by enough statistics or researched facts. At one point, they argued that deceleration of the baby's heart is not necessarily a clear sign of distress, and that a cord wrapped around a baby's neck is not clear evidence that a baby would be born still. While I do understand that often times the fear of litigation and that the baby and maternal heart rate charts do end up in courts during malpractice law suits, it seemed a little reckless to me to suggest that the risks may be worth it. I wouldn't want to be the mother who read this book and ignores medical advice that the baby may be in fetal distress and end up delivering a baby that later suffers from cerebral palsy. The authors didn't back up some of their assertions with researched facts to make me comfortable on some discussions.

Nonetheless, because I am a big advocate for going with the flow and not being too rudimentary or having too high an expectations that your delivery would go as planned, I am well aware of what to expect. For my first kid, I got duped into a C-Section. I attempted a VBAC with my second. I learned very early on that my doctor who practiced at my OB Practice (one of those with patients that included Washington DC's richest and most connected) was not happy of my decision to attempt the VBAC. He tried to talk me out of it many times, and in the end when I insisted, shoved the consent form in the back of my chart without fully going over what it meant to be going for a VBAC and offered no support whatsoever. I came close to delivering VBAC but for my son's rapid heart deceleration on account of the cord being wrapped around his neck. Without much discussion and warning, I was whisked away to surgery dosed up on extra anesthesia that I didn't need and delivered another C-section baby. Though I take the risk of cerebral palsy seriously, I do think in hindsight that that kid DEFINITELY WOULD HAVE MADE it because he came out fighting the nurses and hasn't stopped fighting since! Ha! I jest

My last labor was the easiest. After my water bag broke with a trickle, I made a calm trip to the doctor. Even had a chance to blog about it on this very Blog and had very little pain even until I reached the advanced stages. I had already had c-sections no doctor would permit me to have a VBAC. I was forced to deliver her C-section, though I do know had I had a Doula or bothered to find a midwife center adjacent to a hospital, I could have had a safe vaginal delivery. Too late for me!

Indeed, this book is a good read because it empowers women with options. A more natural birthing experience either at home, at a midwife birthing center or with the assistance of a Doula trained to keep you calm and mediate your wishes with the hospital staff is and can always be possible and a very real alternative.

Lord knows all my plans of walking around, using a birthing ball to advance labor and breathing exercise went out the window the moment, my water was broken and I was strapped up on a table on my back with monitors taped to my tummy, a catheter inserted in my urethra (I know TMI) and an IV strapped on my arms!!

Aaaah! the beauty of hospital birthing! Thank Goodness for this very empowering book! It is indeed a worthwhile and quick read and helpful resource and I highly recommend it!

hey and you can...


THE Editors of the book are giving TWO BELLYITCH READERS a FREE COPY OF THE BOOK

You can enter more than one way:

1. twit this giveaway to your mom and pregnancy friends on twitter and include my twit name in the twit @jjghatt so I will know you tweeted it.
2. leave a comment with your name and some way of getting in contact with you in case you win. like an email or your own blog or website
3. post this giveaway to a mom or pregnancy message board, or some other online community for pregnant women and new mothers and leave a comment pointing me to that post
4. Post this give-a-way on your own blog and link back here. Leave a comment letting me know you made the post

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I couldn't believe it...


Los Angeles, May 1: Seven month old Pregnant R&B singer Kelis yesterday, April 30, filed for divorce from rapper Nas, who is the father of her yet-to-be-born child, according to several media reports doing the rounds all over the Internet. Her rep says Kelis has asked the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time. "

According to, the 29-year-old songtress filed the divorce petition Thursday (April 30) in L.A. County Superior Court through attorney Laura Wasser.

In the petition, Kelis cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. In addition to seeking spousal support and child support, the singer is also asking for joint legal and physical custody of their unborn child.

The pair met in 2002 at an MTV Video Music Awards after-party thrown by rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, and dated for two years.

While rumors of Kelis and Nas splitting began surfacing on the Internet in March 2008, the news still took many by surprise because Kelis’ divorce petition comes merely a week after Nas (full name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones) told MTV News excitedly about his wife’s pregnancy and the unborn child.

“She’s great, man. She’s doing good,” the 35-year-old hip hop star said of his pregnant wife early last month in an interview with the MTV News.

During the interview, he did not hint on their upcoming split, rather said they were working on coming up with names for their first child together.

“Yeah [We are deciding between] a few baby names,” he had told MTV News. “It's kinda hard. I've been thinking about kinda putting something online: 'Choose his name.' You get a couple stacks for that. We take care of you for that. You win something real. But we're thinking now."

The couple’s unborn child, a son, is due July 21. Nas has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous


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