Thursday, April 16, 2009

Which Celebrities are Due Soon

Jill Scott was told she could never have a child, but the 36 year old soul singer is due this April 25 with her first child with fiance Lil John Roberts. Jill’s new series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, airs Sundays at 8pm EST.

Wife of Actor Taye Diggs and Tony Award winning actress IDINA MENZEL are expecting their first child later this year, probably due in the fall.
Nicole Richie is due with her second child in late summer/early fall with hubby Joel Madden. They have a daughter Harlow Winter Kate born last year.

Spanish actress PAZ VEGA is due with her second child in August.

Life Star SARAH SHAHI is due with her first child in July. My hubby is missing her character dearly as that is his favorite show, but we're both happy to see Gabrielle Union doing a great job replacing her. Now he's gonna have a cow if they cancel that show as threatened!

Ugly Betty Actress Ana Ortiz is pregnant with her first child, a baby girl, due soon.

Hip Hop Crooner Kelis is due with her first child, a boy , this July, with hubby Nas, who has a daughter Destiny, 15, from a previous relationship.

KIMORA LEE SIMMONS and actor Djimon Hounsou are due in late May, making it baby number 3 for Kimora Lee and the first for Djimon.

ER's PARMINDER NAGRA is due in late May/early June with her first child.


Heidi Klum is Preggers with Baby #4

People Magazine is reporting that Heidi Klum and Seal are pregnant with their Fourth Child!
Seen here with her 2-year-old son Johan during a stroll Wednesday in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. Heidi and Seal have an almost 5-year-old daughter Leni and son Henry, 3 (both not pictured).


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Celeb Baby Roundup: Pregnancy Denials

So many celebs recently rumored to be preggers are denying being pregnant or seeking fertility treatment as is the case with Mariah Carey

The rumors started after Maria Carey was photographed in a tight, Peach Dress (ab0ve)with husband Nick Cannon. The media soon began speculating that she was pregnant. Mariah has, however, responded to the rumors via Twitter:

I don’t know what was worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress just to be festive (we had fun!) Or the b.s. commentary/blogs… B.S story and some pics I
could've definitely lived w/out(Nick looked cute tho: ) Just so the fans who care know..those pics were taken outside Nick’s Aunts house after a really nice day,just “for the record” And also..that dress and hair were not “red carpet” attire!

Rumors also were circulating that Nicole Ari Parker and her fine hunk of a hubby and my celebrity crush Boris Kodjoe were preggers with their third child. The couple's publicist cleared the rumor in a statement released to denying they are pregnant. Apparently, the rumors began to circulate upon news that the two would take part in the ”R Baby Mother’s Day Run / Walk in Central Park”:

The Kodjoes are looking forward to spending Mother’s Day together this year in Central Park at the R Baby Run/Walk, which aims to ensure that every baby receives the best health care possible.”

Gabrielle Union was once again rumored to be preggers. According to, The rumors commenced after The Chicago SunTimes made a declaration on April 7th saying, “NBA star Dwyane Wade is telling pals he and girlfriend Gabrielle Union are expecting their first child together.” They then retracted their statement yesterday(April 8th) and said, “Maybe a few of Dwyane Wade’s teammates were pulling a belated April’s Fool joke on him, but Wade’s Chicago-based sports agent Henry I. Thomas insists there’s no truth to stories circulating about the NBA star telling people Gabrielle Union is expecting his baby.” Responding to the rumor, Union told a radio personality named Egypt

“Hey E!..Girl I love margaritas and my career too much for babies at this time”….”the Chicago Sun Times has been asked to print a retraction but clearly the truth didn’t make it as far as the lie”. Gabby also says “I’m not 37…let’s get the real deal out there. ” She’s actually 36 and in the best shape of her life. Gabby laughed the rumor off and said to me, “why would I get knocked up AND why would a bunch of ball players sit around talking about whose got mothering skills…the rumor was stupid and made no sense and your the first person to bother to fact check so thanks girl. I’m not ready for babies at this time. It’ll be years before I am! But big ups to all the women out there holding it down!”

But you know who is Recently announced to be preggers?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another Pregnancy Side Effect: Hemorrhoids!

There's so many icky yucky stuff about being pregnant and going through childbirth that first time mothers never hear about until it's too late. You know, like about the vericose veins and stretch marks that miraculously appear on parts of your body other than your tummy. I got them on my upper arms from my first pregnancy and three children later, they are still there!

Then there's the internal tearing that can happen through vaginal births. I know for me the concept of episiotomies (the intentionally cutting of the perineum area to make room for a baby) totally weirded me out!

And also, going to the child birth class and learning about hemorrhoids, the tiny lesion like sores that grow in your bottom nether regions also made me wonder how come the fore-mommies never warned me about that aspect of pregnancy and child birth. It really didn't have to be this "right of passage" sort of discovery. I think I would've been better off preparing mentally for all the gross untold part of pregnancy if forewarned.

You know, ignorance isn't always any event. I digress.

Hemorrhoids, for one, are not dinnertime conversation, but unfortunately, they are a fact of life and are a real reality for many pregnant women.

Hemorrhoids affect 70% of women before, during and after delivery. It’s important to seek medical care because if hemorrhoids are left untreated, they can lead to larger health problems.

Right now, there are a few treatment options available for hemorrhoids. These include creams, suppositories, home remedies or drastic invasive procedures. Creams and suppositories are only marginally effective as well as inconvenient, and invasive procedures can be costly and carry risks.

There’s a new treatment for hemorrhoids called the HemAway Seat ( According to the makers, the device, it is FDA-cleared, convenient and effective. You don’t need to use creams, suppositories or even undergo an invasive procedure. The HemAway Seat fills a void in the available treatment options for hemorrhoids that allows sufferers to avoid surgery but is more effective than the home remedies currently out on the market. The Seat only works for internal hemorrhoids so make sure you consult your doctor to see what type of hemorrhoids you have.

Intriguing no?

How the HemAway Seat works:

  • The HemAway Seat discreetly attaches (home model) or rests (travel model) on a toilet seat. Sufferers sit on the seat, which allows the hemorrhoid to retract into the body for instant relief.
  • Hemorrhoid sufferers can use the device in the privacy of their own home.
  • The HemAway Seat naturally uses one’s body weight to allow the prolapsing internal hemorrhoid to gently withdraw into the body for immediate relief of pain, discomfort and irritation.

Some facts about hemorrhoids:
  • Hemorrhoids are one of the most wide-spread medical conditions in America, affecting more of the U.S. population each year than asthma and even obesity.
  • One in two Americans experience hemorrhoids by the age of 50.
  • 70 percent of women suffer from hemorrhoids at some point during pregnancy of after delivery. Thirty percent of them are still bothered by hemorrhoids one month after the baby’s birth, and 11 percent still have a problem after 6 months.
  • According to one clinical study performed to test a new and highly effective surgical procedure, only 41 percent of advanced-stage hemorrhoid sufferers were satisfied with the results of surgical removal.
The makers of this device called The Hemway Seat are letting me give away one travel seat valued at $129.00!! to a Bellyitch Reader!

I will keep this post open until I get 10 entries. Email me

Put in the Subject line: Hemway Seat Giveaway.

Thanks for participating and Good luck!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's GG up to Now?

These days GG's happy as a clam and plump as a ripe vine cherry tomatoe!

It's official, GG is destined to be a dancer. I can't wait to enroll her in Ballet class. She dances whenever she hears music, whether it's coming from a toy, the television, the ice cream truck outside, a humming mom, a funky ringtone on someone's telephone. She sways back and forward, bobs her head and hums along! It's the cutest little thing!

She nods her head yes and seemingly and definitively appears as if she is answering questions you pose to her. She has the word "da da or dad or daddy" down pack! We're working on other words, but we've been monitoring the developmental charts, books and sites and she is right on track or slightly above for her stage.

She eats everything and is still quite a hearty eater. I love a chubby baby and a happy eater, especially after having two non eaters

She is looking jacked up a little in the hair category. Blame this one on me for trying different experiments trying to get a mangeagble, low stress and easy style I can do with her hair daily. The baby sitter trained her to sleep on her back and so she's lost all her hair back there! pooh! And now she's set to start school Monday and I have to figure out how to make her not look crazy everyday. Challenge!

Otherwise, she's thriving and very happy...bubbly tiny terror that she is and all! HA!
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