Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GG drinks out of juice boxes and can use a straw Video

Woo hoo! my little girl's got skills.

by the way, this video was taken with my Blackberry and uploaded instantly onto youtube from my phone with the click of a button and 20 seconds later (well technically 20 seconds and 5 hours, but who's counting. it took me a while to get to the computer), made it onto the blog!


Monday, September 29, 2008

hulk baby!

i had to haul GG out of the bathtub today. I put her in there for the first time without being in an infant tub with waist deep water and she was tossing around like a friggin WWF wrestler. Good thing I had my feet in the tub so I could catch her and stop her from knocking herself out!

She's too wild for a normal bath. Back to the infant tub for old girlie. At least I could control her rambunctious tail!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beautiful Pregnant Mom Belly Pics

My good friend passed on these beautiful Pregnancy Photos she had taken recently. Baby Boy will be joining baby sister in two short months. These are sooo beautiful!


Monday, September 22, 2008

GG claps at Library story time VIDEO!

this was not the first time she's clapped since my mom taught her how, but this is the first time I got it on tape. perfect.

This was also after I realized that people aren't always courteous when it comes to clearing the breathable air space of their kids funky diapers. I honestly saw one woman pick up her smelly kid, sniff her funky bottom, turn up her upper lip, scrunch up her nose and fan her face, THEN, AND THEN, proceed to put the child back down to run around continuing to smell the small room. Thank God we were on the other side of the room. Too whacky!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Organic Food: Good For You, Bad for Your Wallet

You know that age old logic about never going grocery shopping when you are hungry? That rule should doubly apply to organic markets. After my 7.5 mile power run today, I wandered into my local My Organic Market (MOM's) to pick up my favorite low calorie protein snack, Hot and Spicy Shitake Mushroom Jerky. At 108 calories, 0 fat and 6net carb grams per 1 ounce packet, it's the best after work out pick me up snack.

Well...was that a bad idea. I ended up spending $40.00!!!! Yeah, like the equivalent of half a tank of Gas in there on a half of bag of stuff. Granted, it was some wholesome organic stuff, but geeze louise! Now, if I were at my local discount supermarket, I could've walked out with a half a shopping cart...albeit a cart full of crap, but still. So unfair, that being and eating healthy has to cost so much.

I mean, People, after I emptied the bag, I had to look in it again, TWICE, and I even pulled out the receipt cause I swore the clerk MUST HAVE forgotten to pack something.

Here's what I got:

Veggie Chips, 0 trans fat, made with no hydrogenated oil and 140 calories for an ounce. $3.79

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Wings, 12 ounces of meatless goodness, YUM, $3.99

Primal Strips, Shitake Mushroom, Super protein, low fat, $1.19 for4 at $4.74

Fresh Organic Pineapple chunks, 3/4 lb, $3.84

Organic Ruby Red grapefruit, Two, that's right just TWO!!, $7.89 (HOLY JESUS, MARY, JOSEPH)
Natural Honey butter, 12 ounce jar, made with no trans fat, chemicals or preservatives, sweetened with organic honey, cane juice, cane molasses and seasoned with sea salt, $2.99

Vegan sesame beef with rice, 2.45 lbs, $7.69

BE KIND brand Fruit and Nut bars, 1.4 ounces, Macadamia & Appricot and Almond and Appricot (this stuff won an Award at Epicurious.com at $1.59 each

Yeah, THAT'S HOW IT WENT DOWN....$39.59

it's worth it. *sigh*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going Green

So...I finally purchased reusable bags from all of the supermarkets I frequent and lookey, GG, can let everyone know she's gone Green too! I'm gonna get these onsies for her for the Fall from OldNavy.com

No more disposable bibs for her. Um...unfortunately, we're still working on the diaper. I think I'll do my part on that front by trying to potty train her early!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

lessons from the trenches

So...two Fridays ago, we left the boys and GG with my baby sister to go out for a date. We have this terrible habit of laying the baby to sleep for naps on a bed surrounded by pillows. Terrible, as we know good and well the crib is the absolute safest place for her. Well on this evening, we left and my baby sister was upstairs printing something out on the computer really quickly and had intended to jot back downstairs to the room the baby was napping in...

Well, minutes after my husband and I arrived at our event, we get a text from my sister asking if we left the baby on the floor? "huh? nooooo" She said she asked because this is how she found GG, sleeping, quite SOUNDLY and SNORING LOUDLY TO BOOT!
This is the photo text message my sister sent us that night! YIKES!

poor child. Thank God babies these days and ages have pliable bones and apparently Guardian angels to protect them from dimwitted parents and caregivers! Bless the beast and the children indeed! ha!

Well LESSONS LEARNED! From her share of topples and turns, THIS PARTICULAR BABY no longer falls over edges. Instead, if she awakens to find herself surrounded by pillows on a bed, she shouts, "EHHH!! EHHHH!!!" that's baby talk for "IDIOTS! SOMEBODY! COME PICK ME UP!!" haha!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


3 m run + strength
5 m run
45Din tempo
3 m run +
9 m run
60 min
3 m run + strength
6 m run
8 x 800
5-K pace
4 m run +
10 m run
60 min
3 m run + strength
4 m run
30 min tempo
4 m run
1-2 m run

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Guess which "nipple biter" is getting weaned from TODAY??????



Thursday, September 11, 2008

what's new pussycat...

I haven't done an update post on baby girl...

...she now stands up on her own without holding on to anything. I can't believe how fast she is walking

...who needs a shredder with GG around. Baby girl prefers to eat paper...any time, shape or color she can get her tiny mitts on

...she just absolutely BEAMS when she sees her brothers or dad and I am so excited that they fight and clamor just to play with her. She has a 1000 watt smile, that girl.

...I am finally taking the steps to get her a new caregiver. The old one is really making me nervous and I am blaming myself for not doing a thorough enough "vetting" job because while the woman has a very clean home, only cares for my one child, and has a very nurturing family who treats GG like her own, she is a bit too rough when she handles GG, and she doesn't have the same value on my breastfeeding GG still (I think she is disgusted by it and I know that she is annoyed that come 5pm, GG sometimes cries incesstantly until I come to nurse her). I do not think she values the importance of letting GG go outside, play with her toys, watch educational Baby Einstein-like DVDs or reading.

In all honesty, I blame myself for not setting up a standard in the first place and trying to instill certain rules after the fact is difficult because she is resistant and not complying and all the warning signs are there. The woman obviously wants to be doing something other than watching my child. So....I'm cutting loose as I should have looong ago, with or without the support of my spouse who seems complacent and willing to just accept mediocrisy, depite warning signs that all is very much not well! hrmpf!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the politics of colorful dolls

I am loving this wonderful collection of children's clothes because it embraces the "rainbow" of colors that make up the world's children. (also a portion of the proceeds from the T-shirt go to support world charities for children). A central element to the tees, bags and other accessories and clothes by Besitos designs is that each item can be embroidered or somehow imprinted with the face and imagery of a child from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, of a variety of hair colors, skin textures and hues.

Going through the website got me to thinking of some of politics behind such a would-be simple concept of having images of children be so multi-ethnic.

Last Friday, I noticed GG taking an interest in the sitter's daughter' doll. I was giddy and goofy with excitement over getting my baby doll her first doll! Finally! First, she is exhibiting signs of being the ultimate tomboy, having two brothers and all and being quite a rough and tumbly chic and I was beginning to think she'd probably reject the idea of a doll altogether. Second, after two boys, I was/am elated at getting a chance to relive a bit of my childhood. Easy Bake Ovens. Pretend Kitchen. Decorating a dollhouse. Dressing up dolls. Certainly, hubby wasn't keen on letting me engage in his boys in too much pretend play that involved playing dress up, so at last, now I was hoping and looking forward to playing dress up with my little girl trying on funny hats and gloves and big mommy shoes.

I am most excited though about the doll. I am certain to get her dolls of all shades, shapes and sizes, but I will be like my husband's mom and make sure that my daughter has dolls that look like her. My mother told me, in vivid detail, a story of how I rejected a dark skinned doll and called it TOO BLACK!!!! Imagine that?! At such a young age, I was impressionable enough to feel that being black wasn't necessarily a good thing and that a black doll, that probably looked like me would not be good enough.

I was just thinking about this the other day during political discussions over Barack Obama and why it is important for the potentially historic occasion that he could be president. ALSO, last night, I was reading a bedtime story book about astronauts with the boys and I clearly noticed that all three astronauts in the rocket were variations of white. There, also, the thought crossed my mind why indeed it is important for children to see positive images of people in high ranking positions and holding important jobs and that some of those people looked like them. It can do wonders for their self esteem and for them to realize that there skin color would not be a hindrance on what they can achieve. Like adults, children too are bombarded with images, to the contrary, that tell them their hair texture, facial features or something about the way they look is not good enough. I recall growing up watching media, where the black people lived in ghettos and were primarily portrayed as maids, criminals and just overall bad people. Who were the teachers, or police officers? Who lived in the big houses on the hill? No wonder I didn't want a black doll!

I must say that I was quite impressed during our recent vacation though, to see a little blonde haired blue eyed American girl, Kalyn, from Pennsylvania who we met during a children cruise with her mom, dad and two older brothers. She was quite taken with GG...and no wonder she was carrying with her, in her knapsack her favorite doll, a curly haired brown baby doll of GG's complexion called Carmalita! Cute. And so very conscious of her parents too. When you are the predominant race and culture (though this is changing in America), it is so easy to forget about others and you can/could live your life perfectly fine and comfortably without acknowledging others, their color, culture, or their place or contribution to the/your world. Giving the kid a black doll may have the reverse effect as with me and my disdain for a black doll. I guess I am optimistic that Kalyn doesn't/hasn't/won't be negatively influenced by the societal- and media- influenced-cues which could have told her that a brown/black doll isn't good enough.

I certainly hope GG is as fortunate. It's up to me and the family, but gosh darn it, is it not a challenge to compete with the media. *sigh* I'm up for the challenge tho!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Stew for Babies

so GG's caregiver told me that GG LOVES her stew and she feeds it to her for dinner. So...me, not one for really cooking much, tried my hand this week TWICE to make my own homemade brew and surprise surprise! she likes it!


1 cup baby carrots
2 cups baby potatos diced in quarters
2 bouillon cubes ( vegetable stock variety)
4 tablespoons butter
2 ripe plantains (sliced in 4 pieces, removed skin)
2 tomatoes diced in 8 chunks
1/2 onion diced
2 celery stalks diced

1. Boil in a medium saucepan plaintains (with skin on), carrots and potatoes in 5 cups of water
2. Melt butter in large stock pot
3. Add bouillion and mix until crushed and melted with butter
4. Stir in and sautee onions and celery for 2 minutes
5. Add tomatoes, continue to stir
5. Remove plaintains from pot and skin them,
6. Add plaintains and the remaining potatoes and carrots from the pot and water used to boil them into the large stock pot.

Option, if you want, grill meat, chicken, tuna steaks etcs separately and then add after the plaintains.

Boil for 15-20 minutes and add water periodically. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 more minutes and voila! Stew for Baby!

This stuff is so good, I add a seasoning mixture to my bowl and enjoy it too! YUM!! I just made a second pot last night!

Friday, September 5, 2008

GG stands...already!!

i wish she will slow down already....
she doesn't care that I am trying to cherish her very slowly! *sigh*
oh and please excuse the hoarse voice! tee hee! i hate my voice!

35 of The Most Expensive Baby Clothes Makers

This list includes some of the most expensive, high end, Designer and labels that make superior quality and exquisitely designed and constructed BABY clothing. This list is a follow up to Bellyitch's 2007 Most Expensive Baby Clothes which gets thousands of Google hits each month.

As previously hypothesized, those looking for THE MOST EXPENSIVE BABY CLOTHES are doing so for one of several reasons: 1. They are in the market for expensive baby clothes and are of the mind that the more you pay for an item, the better it must be. (not always true, but many times the items are often hand crafted and hand sewn and are made of the best quality materials, with durable stitching); 2. They are the assistant for a celebrity having her first child and was given the assignment to go find out what the other celebrities, preferably A-listers, are outfitting their children in; and 3) Curious. Inquiring minds want to know and many people are enamored with the rich, wealthy, and famous and their lifestyles down to how they outfit their babies.

As for the methodology, in order to be considered for the list, it not needed be an exclusive baby line, but must have options for babies as young as 36 months and of course earlier, preemies up to 3 years. And oh yeah, the line must have at least one item that cost $75.00 retail because that is a benchmark for expensive. I mean if you are going to purchase a little piece of clothes for a 12 lb child that s/he will outgrow within weeks and will pay as much for that item as most people will pay for a full grown adult version of the same item....

Without further ado, here is an update to the 2007 post. As usual, if you click on the designers logo, you will be taken to the brand's online store. The price listed is the retail price for the item shown and below that is a link of the online boutique where you can find it. If you want more, I highly recommend an invaluable source The Dashin Fashion Online site which lists the top designers and online boutique stores in a search able and user friendly format.

The list is not exhaustive and certainly, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of other lines and brands that can fit into this list, but this was an exhausting project putting together and I had my limits. Had to move on with my life! I hope you guys appreciate this! :D Please drop me a comment. I love getting them and get so few.

1.DESIGNER: Album di Famiglia 
Designed by Monica Rusconi, Album di Famiglia is an Italian family affair, and its spirit is based on simple but effective values, on which its reputation has been built: the highest quality materials, chosen by the designer with the baby's comfort in mind, and tailored into cosy and practical clothes. With regard to colours, the palette is worthy of a colourist from Farrow & Ball!

bELLYITCH SAYS: I love this line because it is bright and soft, but durable.

Retail Price: $180.00

2. DESIGNER: Aletta
Aletta Italy Designer Children's Clothing 30 years of unique precious garments. Superbly manufactured and with very special fabrics too. Aletta fabrics are exclusively made in Tuscany where every single item is the result of expert hands of those who have manufactured them with care and love, with experience and skilled craftmanship.
BELLYITCH SAYS: This design is making a second appearance on the most expensive list and is often searched. Many visitors click off to the site. I think they are digging the European design and light but quality fabric.

Retail price: $221.60

Get it at: Children Salon

3. DESIGNER: Alice & Olivia
Just because they are too young to go to the hip parties their mommas used to frequent doesn't mean they can't dress like it. Fashion darling Alice + Olivia is expanding its line of children's wear to include a handful of beautiful organic cotton and voile party dresses. Awaiting the birth of her daughter, Eloise, in November, designer Stacey Bendet found herself sketching little girl dresses at a maddening pace. She decided to make those sketches into reality by expanding her children's offering from six items last year toabout two dozen for Spring. Inspired by Suri Cruise and Kingston Rossdale, the rich dresses include floral prints, ruffled skirts, and sequin tanks. While the prices may keep you from dressing your tot in the beautiful duds for the playground, if you have a wedding or a special party on your calendar, they may be worth a splurge. Source

BELLYITCH SAYS: The clothes in this line are so cute that I could easily see myself rocking them. But that is because it is an adult line of party clothes that the likes of Paris Hilton are seen often in. If you're concerned about your little baby looking like a mini party girl, maybe you want to stay away. But for nearly $300, only the Suri Cruise types would be parading their kid in this anyway.


4. DESIGNER: Anne Kuris
Anne Kurris Canada Children's Wear Kids Clothing Boy Girl Baby Designer Fashion Born in Belgium, Anne Kurris designed for the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier & Dries Van Notten before starting the kids line that bears her name. Anne Kurris' designer children's clothing collection truly exemplifies cool kids clothes, a true artist, Anne Kurris designs her own fabrics and her prints are always sophisticated and unique. As an artist, Anne Kurris sets the trend in luxury kids clothing. The Anne Kurris boys & girls collection - ages 6 months to 18 years - is optimistic with a touch of humor and uses only natural fabrics: cotton, linen, silk and wool.

bELLYITCH SAYS: These are non pretentious but I am very certain any child or baby outfitted in this is sure to be propped up inside of an Orbit travel system or a Silver Cross Balmoral stroller. Exquisite!!

Retail Price: $140

5. DESIGNER: Appaman

Appaman Designer Children's Clothes from The USA Appaman is inspired by and named after the childhood companion of founder and designer Harald Husum. While growing up in Norway, Husum befriended a corduroy ape named Appaman. Together they traveled the fields and fjords of their native land, sharing many fantastic adventures. Appaman reflects the whimsical spirit of those youthful times and celebrates the unbreakable bond between a boy and his ape. Celeb mommies such as Gwenyth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts choose Appaman for their little ones

BELLYITCH SAYS: These clothes look so playful that you'd see a celebrity child frolicking on the playground in one of the popular T-shirts for example and you wouldn't even think the t-shirt was like $60 or anything! That is how cool the clothes is in this tres expensive line. Tee hee!


Get it at: Small Concept Online Store

6. DESIGNER: Armani Baby
Armani Junior Designer Children's Clothing Italy Armani Jr. presents a contemporary look that combines elegance and comfort and follows the latest trends in a tasteful and refined manner. Giorgio Armani has created an award winning designer collection for children from Italy. The Armani Junior Collection, created by one of the world's leading designer houses, are created with outstanding and fresh elegance. Armani Junior is designed with ultra-luxurious fabrics making it a top selling children's clothing brand worldwide.

Retail Price: $130.00

Bellyitch Says: Is there any more to say, Aramani. The brand screams, no softly mumbles in your ear, A-list couture designs. Yeah...

Get it At: Children Salon

7. DESIGNER: Baby Dior
Baby Dior France Children's Clothing France's Baby dior is perhaps the best known line of designer luxury wear for kids created from Christian Dior. Dubbed Baby Dior, this luxury designer baby and children's line includes items like the sweet 100% cotton Dior baby body suit with pink or blue snaps, the Dior teddy bear logo on the chest and the Dior baby bottle in blue or pink. If you are looking for a perfect luxury baby gift fit for a little prince or princess France's Baby Dior is the perfect choice! For the blingiest of baby bling, head to Baby Dior. The shop looks like a 1950s couture salon and was launched when Christian Dior started designing baby clothes for Princess Caroline of Monaco's children, and found her loved it.This is where fashion conscious mums can snap up Dior cashmere cardigans, trackie bottoms, t-shirts and waistcoats. Also on sale are Dior baby bottles and dummies.

Retail Price: $319.07

BELLYITCH SAYS: If you are going to be spending over $300 for a tiny coat that a child will outgrow in one season, will you adopt me? No seriously, this is a posh and extravagant line so would you expect anything less of its baby line? ha!

Get it At: Children Salon

8. DESIGNER: Berlingot
This line is a classic and detail-oriented brand from France. The designer offers wonderful quality clothing for boys and girls in sizes for babies, toddlers and children up to age 10 years.
Retail Price: $104.00

BELLYITCH SAYS: This is very popular line and can be found sold for resale or bottom basement prices in various boutiques world wide. Fans flock to the playful but classic designs.

Get it At: Smug Baby

9. DESIGNER: Blumarine
Miss Blumarine Italy Designer Children's Clothing Blufin S.p.A is an Italian fashion house founded by Anna Molinari and her late husband Gianpaolo Tarabini. The core brand is Blumarine, which they started in 1977, followed by Miss Blumarine (1987, 8-14 year old girls), Blugirl (1995, for teenagers) and Anna Molinari (1995), which is being repositioned as their luxury brand.[2] Blumarine has been described as catering "for that brand of Italian miss for whom no dress is too small nor any diamond too big".

Retail Price: $120
BELLYITCH SAYS: These very frilly prissy twirly girls dresses are to die for. Lots of pastels and pinks. Very feminine. Not sure if its me, but if you're into Victorian prissy styling, this is up your alley.

Get it at: Children Salon

10. DESIGNER: Bonpoint
France's designer children's clothing brand Bonpoint for over 30 years has been dressing children with luxurious and understated, traditional and modern, artistic and fashionable clothing with excellent quality and creativity. In 1975 Marie-France Cohen was inspired by her family to create Paris' first children's clothing house. Today, with over 80 stores worldwide, Bonpoint has evolved into a designer children's clothing label worldwide that is very popular with holywood celebrities, babies and kids. Bonpoint's smart chic and glamorous looks come through in subtle colors, beautiful materials and perfect cuts.
Perhaps no other country does baby clothes as well as the French (really, have you ever seen a poorly dressed French baby?) Bonpoint, with locations in New York and London, is for parents who don't want to dress their kids in a mini Juicy Couture tracksuit, and prefer something a bit more understated and classic. The boutique is famous for its party frocks and boiled wool cardigans. Suri Cruise wore a Bonpoint dress in her Vanity Fair debut, and moms like Angelina Jolie, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Gwen Stefani have scooped up other Bonpoint creations.
BELLYITCH SAYS: Celebrities flock to this line's clothes, so if that is your thing, outfitting your child like wealthy or rich celebs, run don't walk to Bonpoint! Good luck!

Retail Price: $72.00

11. DESIGNER: Burberry
Burberry Designer Children's Clothes from the UK Founded in England in 1856, Burberry is a luxury brand with a distinctive British sensibility, strong international recognition and differentiating brand values that resonate across a multi-generational and dual-gender audience.

Retail Price: $220.00
BELLYITCH SAYS: This is on the top of the food chain so there really isn't much to say, but if you carry your child out in a $220 coat expect people to stop and point and stare and say, "ooh! look at that baby in that Burberry coat!" Yes, the signature plaid is the ultimate most identifiable brand!

Get it At: Children Salon

12. DESIGNER: Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli Designer Children's Clothing Italy Roberto Cavalli first showed his collection in 1972 in the historic White Room of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy. Cavalli has been recognized as a fashion designer who created trends instead of following them, which is shown throughout his collections. To continue his eccentric tradition, he took the Roberto Cavalli catwalk to MilanoCollezioni. Over the years Roberto Cavalli has expanded his line of fashion to include Roberto Cavalli Angels and Devils for children ages 4 years to 14 years old.

Retail Price: $125.00

BELLYITCH SAYS: Going out for tea or need to show off your rich baby at a country club event or for the family Christmas card, here's your line. This very high end well name brand is tops!

Get it at: Children Salon

13. DESIGNER: Catimini
Catimini France Children's Clothing France's designer children's clothing label Catimini is a brand apart with its determinedly creative upmarket garments for children in exclusive fabrics in trendy and refined colors. Part of the world leading Group Zannier, Catimini exalts the imagination of young and old alike. Catimini's “Atelier” collection adopts all the specific values of the line and develops an elitist, designer couture spirit for babywear and irresistible little girls and boys. Catimini is one of the best loved European lines from France. The creative Catimini Collection has exclusive fabrics within sophisticated style characterized by its affective spirit and colors. The Catimini Collection is always enhanced by embroidery and application. We just love every piece Catimini has to offer each season. Welcome to the world of Catimini.
BELLYITCH SAYS: I love the girls clothes in this line because they are ecclectic and funky and remind me of Betsey Johnson in all the color and variety of lines and patterns. Love it!
Retail Price: $96.00

Get it at: Forest & Zoe

14. DESIGNER: Marie Chantal
Marie Chantal France Designer Kids Apparel Marie-Chantal is the home of the luxurious childrens clothing and accessories collection from Marie-Chantal of Greece. The Marie-Chantal collection focuses on classic, timeless designs made from the finest quality materials whilst capturing the beauty and innocence of childhood. Since Marie-Chantal is a celeb herself, it's no surprise that her boutiques attract other celebs (she is, after all, married to Prince Pavlos ofGreece). One third of the fabulous Miller sisters triumverate, Marie- Chantal is also the mother of four young children. She has boutiques inLondon, New York, Athens and Thessaloniki, and Bergdorf Goodman and Selfridges also carry her line. The Marie-Chantal look is classic, regal and beautiful, with plenty of Liberty prints, smocked dresses and cashmere and silk. Source
BELLYITCH SAYS: The clothes in this bonafide real life princess' line looks just like the clothes Prince Henry and William used to run around the palace in and so...pretty stuffy looking to me, but very proper.

Retail Price: $135

15. DESIGNER: Chloe
Chloe Designer Children's Clothing France Chloe was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptain born Parisiene with a dark beauty and bohemian spirit. Rejecting the stiff formality of the 50s fashion, she creates soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics and called them "luxury pret-a-porter". Unique for their time, they are beautifully made clothes available off the rack.

Retail Price: $105.80

BELLYITCH SAYS: It is wonderful that Chloe's clothes is off the rack, but that only means something if you have $1500 minimum for a one time shopping spree for little Anna or Phillip. This institutional designer only makes gorgeous clothes.

Get it At: Dashin Fashion

16. DESIGNER: Coccoli

Coccoli Canada Baby Kids Clothes

Since it's first creation in 1994, Montreal label Coccoli has stood out both in Canada and in the United States, offering the finest essential clothing essentials for newborns, their brothers and sisters and for moms-to-be.
Meaning pampered babies in Italian, Coccoli creates comfortable, delightful clothing in easy care fabrics that are soft and cozy.
BELLYITCH SAYS: I happened to get my hands on a couple of Colloli baby clothes and their softness is unmatched. The stitching was tops as well.
Retail Price: $75.00

Get it at: JaxChild.com
17. DESIGNER: Dolce & Gabanna
D&G Junior follows the ethos of D&G and embodies youth and fun with the styles of its clothes. Each season follows a set-named trend and is named separately for boys and girls.

Retail Price: $158
BELLYITCH SAYS: Trendy, fun clothes for babies and young children.

Get it at: Children Salon
18. DESIGNER: Emile et Rose
Emile et Rose Designer Children's Clothing UK Great Britian England Boy Girl Baby An exclusive range of quality babywear for girls, boys or unisex, specially designed for infants up to 12 months. Ideal as a special present for newborn babies and presented in lovely gift boxes.

BELLYITCH SAYS: What a well loved and admired line. It is commonly searched and Bellyitch visitors follow this line which is making its second appearance also on the list.
Retail Price: $69.00

Get it at: TrendyChic.com

19. DESIGNER: Estella

if you think Baby Gap is so, well, common rather than cute, head to Estella in New York. Owned by Chike Chukwulozie and Jean Polsky (a former buyer for Bergdorf Goodman), the shop will appeal to parents who don't want anything too frilly or cute. Estella stocks streamlined Oeuf cribs, delicate party dresses and Bugaboo strollers, all for kids 0-6 years old. Source

Retail Price: $60.00

20. DESIGNER: Eyespy
eyeSpy Baby Cashmere Baby Girl Boy Clothing USA Designer Kids Fashion eyeSpy Baby is a contemporary collection of cashmere clothing for babies and toddlers. It combines a refreshingly modern approach to color, with an uncomplicated style and a luxurious soft touch.

BELLYITCH SAYS: It's nice to see an American company on the list. You can see this brand in many high end department stores in the states. Nice modern clothes. I love this dress here even if it costs more than several dresses in my closet right now!

Retail Price: $78.00

Get it at: JaxChild.com

21. DESIGNER: il gulfo
Il Gufo was found in 1980 by a mother of 3 children under the age of 5 who amused herself by creating her own bibs and clothing. From season to season sales grew and today Il Gufo has stores throughout Italy and has distributors worldwide. Il Gufo takes pride in producing unique hand made, high quality articles made almost exclusively from natural fibers and carefully selected fabrics.

BELLYITCH SAYS: This is definitely one of the pricier lines, but is that coat not to die for! Yes, nearly $500!! wow! I can so see Zahra Jolie-Pitt or P Diddy's twins in this coat though.
Retail Price: $425.00

22. DESIGNER: I Pinco
I Pinco Pallino was created in 1980 by Imelde and Stefano Cavalleri. Today company has over 28 stores in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Taiwan, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait. The brand can also be found in over 400 specialty shops worldwide.

Retail Price: $289.00

BELLYITCH SAYS: Very high end and international. Loved worldwide.

Get it at: Children Salon

23.DESIGNER: Jacadi
Jacadi's beginnings are in the passion for childhood. Jacadi's merchandise is a European style which adapts the latest trends to classic design and allows the customer to "mix and match'' the various styles and color groups. Jacadi is a chidrenswear retail company whose collections include clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture and nursery items in newborn thru size 12 years for both boys and girls.

Retail Price:$92.00

BELLYITCH SAYS: This line has lots of greys and conservative clothes. More like for formal occasions.

24. DESIGNER: Jottum
Jottum Designer Children's Clothes from The Netherlands Designed by Anky Groothof, a mother of 6, Jottum is the imaginative brand of clothing made in Edam. It owes its fame to Dutch quality and boundless originality.

Retail Price: $169
BELLYITCH SAYS: This is a very popular and well liked. The clothes are very DESIGNER. like I can see what the designer was going for when they created each piece. When I see the models wearing the clothes on the company website, they look so pretty and mode like, like little people. Reminds me of Renaissance paintings of children when they are dressed like full grown adults...yeah, that's the feel I get. The clothes is HEAVENLY!!
Get it At: Moppet Frocks

25. DESIGNER: Missoni
Missoni designer children's clothing kids fashion italy baby girl Missoni is one of those Italian fashion companies that have and keep a powerful tradition when creating new products. The huge luxury empire that it now represents started business in 1953 as a small fashion studio in the basement of Rosita and Ottavio's house in Sumirago, a little town near Milan.

Retail Price: $119

BELLYITCH SAYS: The baby clothes in this line have to be one of the more creative and quirky. I love the geometric shapes and exotic patterns.

Get it at: Children Salon
26. DESIGNER: Monalissa Monalissa Designer Kids Fashion Italy The Monnalisa brand name was established in 1968 and has grown into The Monnalisa group that today distributes its brands to over 50 countries worldwide through a large network of prestigious Boutiques and Department Stores, with corners and shop-in-shop, and in Monnalisa Flagship Shops.
Retail Price: $168
BELLYITCH SAYS: A lot of the clothes in this line for girls look quite Victorian which is not my thing, but it is very unique and stands out in a crowd. Very unexpected.

Get it At: MoppetFrocks.com

27. DESIGNER: Mor Mor
100% organic cotton, the collection is a feast for those who have an appreciation of subtle colors, quality fabrics, yarns and beautiful craftmanship. Simple shapes that allow little ones to move with ease, the collection is modern and thoughtfully designed with a touch of poetic detail. Every piece is bound to grab your affection. Available for girls and boys up to 8 years
BELLYITCH SAYS: Very proper and conservative, but still contemporary. Beautiful.
Retail Price: $90.00
28. DESIGNER: Paper Wings
Paper Wings Paperwings Australia Children's Wear Kids Clothing Boy Girl Baby Designer Fashion Paper Wings was launched to create sophisticated and inspiring clothing for children that mix past, present and future design ideas. Design influences are wonderfully eclectic, with strong links to historical shapes, traditional crafts, and to both vintage and contemporary graphics.Paper Wings is a creative mix of past, present and future ideas in children product design. Paper Wings focuses on enhancing the lives of children by creating products that positively influence the way they look, feel, play and experience their environment. All pieces are designed to be every day favorites; lovingly worm out rather than outgrown.

BELLYITCH SAYS: For the rock star's kid. The designs in this line rock, literally! yeah baby! LOL!

Retail Price: $175

Get it at: Forest & Zoe

29. DESIGNER: Petit Bateu
Petit Bateau Children's Clothing France Petit Bateau is a classic French brand offering adorable clothing for babies, boys, girls and even moms! For over 100 years, Petit Bateau has been creating quality clothes for children and women of all ages, to bring them softness, well-being, and freedom of movement. Founded and headquartered in France, Petit Bateau was established in 1893. Petit Bateau is a kids and women's clothing company widely known for their specialization in underwear and undergarments. Petit Bateau is renown for their Milleraies (a thousand stripes per meter) and the Marinière stripes. Style yourself and your kids in this classic French brand. TrendyChic brings you the latest collections in underwear, outfits, and the famous Petit Bateau tees for women.

BELLYITCH SAYS: What can I say about a brand that is featured in all the parenting and fashion magazines next to a photo of [insert A list Celebrity child] in one of its signature pieces? Nothing more. ha!

Retail Price: $76.00

30. DESIGNER: Petit Tresor
When Madonna came back to LA with baby David Banda in tow, she reportedly dropped $28,000 at Hollywood hotspot Petit Tresor to decorate his nursery. This A-list baby boutique stocks exquisite baby clothes like cashmere hoodies (from $210) and Petit Bateau onesies. Everyone from Kate Hudson, to Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, and even Larry Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith's former lover and baby daddy) has been spotted here.

BELLYITCH SAYS: Cushy stuff. These clothes look just like the stuff in Baby Gap or Gymboree, but cost like 150 x more so I would guess the materials are better quality and better constructed and will last through many more washes. This is not a slam, just an observation. I didn't say overhype anything. The store stocks all the top lines so if you happen to pass through, you may bump into a preggers celebrity. I think the papparazzi stationed outside will be your clue.

Retail Price: $98.00

Get it at: Petit Tresor

31. DESIGNER: Room Seven
Room Seven Children's Clothing from The Netherlands When Brecht Olsthoorn was just a little girl twirling around in dresses her mom made, she had no idea that she had her Mother's talent. Brecht's mom was the founder and creative force behind OILILY. In 1994, Brecht realized her talents and created her own whimsical path to Room Seven.
BELLYITCH SAYS: I love the colors and the whimsical stylings of the clothes in this line! Yummy!
Retail Price: $135

Get it at: Forest & Zoe

32. DESIGNER: Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise Designer Children's Clothing UK Great Britian England Boy Girl Baby Established in 1969 by Leonard and Diane Given in their livingroom in Liverpool, England, Sarah Louise has now developed into an international organization. This range of clothes, created with the style concious child in mind, includes fashion for girls and boys, baby wear, coats, dresses, outdoor clothes and everything for special occasions.

Retail Price: $147.50
BELLYITCH SAYS: Cute formal clothes. Great for Christenings, Baptisms, formal photos, but to be taken off dry cleaned and rehung promptly afterwards. Wait...unless you get the layette pieces then washing is probably appropriate! LOL!

Get it At: Children Salon

33. DESIGNER: Tammy Donohoe
Founded in 1999, by Tammy Donohoe, and orginally commited to the creation of layettes and knitted clothes, the Tammy Donohoe’s Brand now produces some of the finest and most endearing baby & newborn pieces on the Market today. All pieces are handmade, using soft cottons and cashmere, but at the same time being practical and wearable. Tammy started work as a freelance designer at Burberry Spain, followed by spells of modelling at pre-a-porter Paris and also assisting with VIP publicity at the Barcelona Olympics. Currently the Brand sells in some of the most desirable stores and locations in Europe. Y
Retail Price: $220
34. DESIGNER: tartine et chocolat Tartine et Chocolat children's clothes baby clothes girls clothes boys clothes Tartine et Chocolat, is above all a style. Simple and refined, modern and yet close to tradition, at Tartine et Chocolat, children stay little children and babies are real babies. Refreshing styles, an eye for detail, exclusive fabrics and patterns, harmonious colours the Tartine et Chocolat style is inimitable. Tartine is the purveyor of exquisite clothing for children and stands alone in its representation of luxurious purity. Distinguished designs, impeccable detail and the finest of fabrics are used in creating this unforgettable collection of clothing.
Retail Price: $129.00
BELLYITCH SAYS: This clothes are tres preppy. Lots of browns, natural tones and greys. Nice and conservative pretty collection. Lots of stuff for boys.

Get it at: Forest & Zoe

35. DESIGNER: Brand Wowo
Wowo children's clothing Kids fashion france WOWO, designer clothing for children from 3 months to 12 years in a very pop, a mixture successful retro-minded, ethnic and graphics.

Retail Price: $154.00

BELLYITCH SAYS: Now what an innovative designer. Very retro looking stuff. Your really have to check out the high fashion bikinis in this line...for babies and kids! Imagine! And if your little man is going to be in a $200 suit, he better be earning his keep by, I don't know, performing in diaper commercials or something! Yes indeedy!

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