Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guess Who's 5 Months old Today?


Homing in on sounds

Your baby now realizes where sounds come from, and he'll turn quickly toward a new one. One of the easiest ways to engage him is to jingle a set of keys. Wind chimes are great attention-getters, too.

Your baby may now be able to recognize his own name and understand that you're speaking to him when you say it. You may notice that your little one turns his head when you call him or talk about him with others.

If you want to engage and entertain your baby, all you need to do is talk to him. At this age, babies don't learn language from the television or radio, so turn them off and use real dialogue instead.

A growing range of emotions

Your baby can't express his emotions in the same complex way that you can. Although he can let you know in clear ways when he's angry, bored, or happy, his ability to show love and humor are just developing.

Your baby also shows a strong attachment to you by raising his arms when he wants to be picked up and by crying when you leave the room. He may also give you hugs and kisses.

And he's beginning to get the joke — he'll laugh at funny expressions and try to make you laugh, too. Keep the laughter flowing with your silly faces!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

somebody stop me, really!

i am having too much fun with these cute little girl clothes. lookey, they even sell them with matching barrettes, socks and shoes nowadays! this was a Christening gift from one of her Godmother's mom. too cute!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

r.i.p. baby xhibit

I was watching E! last night and read in the crawl that rapper Xhibit (of MTV's Pimp My Ride) lost his premature baby , named Xavier, 11 days after birth. My prayers are with him, the mom and his family.

weightloss wednesday

last week: 155 lbs
this week: 150 lbs
weight at start/last day of pregnancy: 189
total loss to date: 39lbs

who knew a week of stress could net such dramatic loss!?A :) me=not complaining! The challenge will be to use this momentum to step up my cardio game and break into the 140s.

after a holiday off of my vegan/detox, i got back on the program yesterday. i stopped at an organic market and picked up a bunch of vegan and macro delicacies to last a couple more weeks. yum!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

testing watermark

i know this isn't technically watermarking but i wanted to test it on this foine specimen i took a picture of at a friend's album launch. :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

not on the list

um, how come i didn't even make it on this list?

that's it, i'm going back to eating meat!

jessica alba got hitched

OMG is reporting they had a secret wedding last Monday
guess she won't be a Baby Mama after all. :D She looks absolutely radiant and glowing here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

T & T had another baby boy!

I'm a bit late, but I just read that rapper/gun toter TI and his girlfriend Tiny from the loooong since defunct group Xscape had a baby girl who they named "Major". Good for them. I remember that she had a still birth girl born at 4 or 5 months gestation and miraculously was photographed backstage at one of his concerts like the same week! EEK!! Talk about stand by your man.

They have another three year old boy Clifford "King" Harris III. She has a daughter named Zonnique from a previous relationship. I'm not going to even say anything about these names.

photo credit: celeb. (i tief borrow it from them. don't know who they eh hem "borrowed" it from)

THIS is all wrong!!!

You cannot be a hot Brazillian model, Ms. Camila Alves, and then get knocked up and walk out the house like THIS!!! Halle Berry really has gotten me spoiled and expecting preggers celebs to look Fabu 24/7! Am I wrong for that? No I'm just an innocent victim to the fabulousity that is Ms. Berry. Hmmm I haven't seen pics of the bun bun around...Better get to digging.

photo credit: Belle Pictures/ via BabyBlog (yup, i'm thiefingborrowing pics all over the place)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the best all natural teething formula

...can be found in the teeny tiny pills found in this bottle


I mean, I'd feed GG a couple of pellets and chicky is licking my fingers and staring at the bottle for more! HILARIOUS!

All it is is chamomile, a homeopathic serum for soothing the aches and pains of teething. This stuff works man! Three kids to date and not a fussy baby due to teething in sight! ha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

weightloss wednesday

i don't remember the last time I posted/weighed, but i think it was 153
i've gone up! dang it! Vegan diet and all.
Well, i feel lighter. Have cut out late night eating. But the increased weight training has gotten me stuck at 155lbs! grrrr

and look at this heffer, 4 months after giving birth??? WTF?

my doll baby

i'm going to learn how to watermark my photos. i wouldn't want someone hawking a picture of my baby girl on a website for Dolls! hahahaha!

Monday, May 19, 2008

et tu Angelina? Twins!?

so she confirmed itwow! what a baby making factory over there in Bradgelina world. God Bless em. And these two will be born in France! It's like the United Nations over in their house boy and not one kid would be born on US soil. Love it.

so I've decided that Jessica Alba is no Halle

So far, no one has been able to rock the preggers mama look like Halle.

I had high hopes for my girl Jessica Alba. I mean, the two of them (Halle and Jessica) were constantly swapping the top spot for the best celeb body (with Beyonce in the mix soon. can' t wait to see her knocked up too), but by the looks of this...snatched from Celebrity Baby, I'm thinking she's dragging behind some other fab preggers moms of late. Oh boo. Not the stringy hair. Maybe just a bad day, but shame on me and the world for having such high expectations on celeb moms. Tsk. Tsk. I'm so bad. tee hee.

as the world turns...GG Style

Update on my baby girl:

  • Stretching in the morning.
  • Smiling faces. If you smile at her, these days, she'll give you a bigger and brighter one back.
  • Stretching out her legs, in general. You have to watch her or she'll hop right out of your hands
  • Laughing. Big belly laughs. Such fun sounds from such a tiny person.
  • Teletubbies, Booh Bah and Baby Einstein baby TV. There is something hypnotic about those shows the way they capture young one's attention. Only 1/2 hour a day tho for that. She won't be a TV hound like her brothers....yet. (ha!)
  • Talking baby talk. It's the cutest thing and she squeals and squeaks when she talks
  • Purreed peas and carrots, Baby cereal,
  • the car seat when she's not in the mood to be in it
  • apples and sweet potato baby food.

Here she is looking cute in her new cornrows/plaits/braids that her nanny put in her head last Friday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

First Foods

So, yesterday GG tried out peas for the first time and the verdict is....drumroll....


We're on a roll. I was concerned a bit that she wouldn't like it because we had given her sweet things like fructose containing Gripe water and feared her pallet would prefer sweets and she would reject vegetables.

However, I suppose that peas are a bit on the sweet side for a vegetable. Anyway, in a couple of days we'll try green beans. We have to watch what and how we introduce new foods so we can monitor what, if any, foods she has a negative or allergic reaction to...

I think I may finally have that child who is an eater and stays an eater, unlike the boys who started out consuming whatever I prepared and put before them and ended up the pickiest eaters around!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008


Since opening up a yahoo account for this blog, I've gotten at least 10 daily Nigerian/African "opportunity" spam mail and dozens of Fake Lottery Scam Spam-mail. During my fury and haste to delete and mark those annoying emails as spam, I discovered a wonderful piece of "non spam" buried in there. It was an invitation from Steve Kissing, a dad of two little girls and budding poet who started this blog, Prego Poems, dedicated to poetry about pregnancy and mother/fatherhood.

Budding poets can submit their stuff to

Cool stuff!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So Mariah is Ready to be a Mom

Mariah Carey told the New York Daily News that part of her entire reason for getting married was to raise a family and have children. Why else after a six week whirlwind romance, you marry a man so many years your junior? I'm not mad at her. Grrrrr Cougar!!
I wonder if Nick Cannon was like Katie Holmes who has said she always fantisized about growing up and marrying Tom Cruise. Didn't all boys' Cannon's age have the same fantasy about Mariah when they were younguns? I think they'll make beautiful babies! And the two of them can afford therapy for any messed up ones. *cough* Bobbi Cristina *cough*!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

weightloss wednesday

i'm at my sister's house this week while the painters paint my home and alas, her skinny, high metabolism having good thin genes self does NOT have a scale.

i'm a pleasantly bummed that I can't get on a scale today.

Monday, May 5, 2008

GG in the Garden

taken Saturday, May 2, 2008


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Guess Who's Four Months old Today??

eh hem and still has a healthy head of curls. Thank God as I think at this stage her big brothers' hair had dwindled down to a mini fro with a tiny mullet
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