Friday, February 29, 2008

by request: my real afro

by request, i had my 5 year old take a pic of my real afro. Um...i think i need to get it professionally twisted because it looks awfully dry in the back. i need to go in for a natural hair care initial consultation and we'll see how long i pull off this look before i go back to my usual braids.


Today, After finishing prepping my taxes for the accountants, FINALLY, I plan to LEAP in the air for joy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

my sideshow bob afro

I removed my hair weave last night and discovered that my baby loves my afro.

She gives me the BIGGEST GUMMY TOOTHLESS GRIN whenever her eyes grace the top of my bushy crown.

Me thinks she likes the Sideshow Bob look.

stroller striders: the class

Isn't this a neat idea? You want to start whittling down on the baby weight, but do not have child care arrangements or are a stay at home mom? So this woman invented this class and franchised it where moms meet up with their strollers and work out with a certified instructor. There's even a division called Luna Moms that sponsors film fests and movie nights, a playgroup, mom's night out and you can bring the Dads or other siblings along. It's a win win situation. I'm excited to have learned about this program which apparently has been in all the parent magazines and the morning shows.

So you can tote the baby to the workout. I have a Bally's membership and I'd be darned if I will hand over my baby to the teeny bopper working the childcare room at Bally's

Wow! Moms come up with the best ideas!

I'm going to my Free First class next week (There are 15 locations in my area alone) and classes are about $50.00 a month for unlimited classes!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

me? sri lankan? no...

after GG's 2 month Pediatrician visit, I ventured down to the department of vital records to get an official birth certificate. We are planning a couple of international trips this year and I want to be sure I get the kids' passports given the backlog at the State Department for passports.

After paying the $23 fee and waiting merely 25 minutes , I get called to pick up the document! Yay! Score one for government office efficiency. Um Not so Fast...

After skimming it, I noticed that my birth place is listed as SRI LANKA!! doh! not!
So, I guess, somebody at the hospital was a little too fast and frisk with the drop down menu.
NOW....I have to call the hospital, make them aware of the mistake and have them resubmit the information, and then venture 30 minutes from my home AGAIN or bring my own birth certificate to prove the mistake so that the office can amend the birth certificate.

I quickly surmised that all of this was the doing of that evil evil man named "Murphy" (of Murphy's Law) reminding me that 25 minutes was entirely TOO QUICK to get something done at a government office. *sigh*

so the report from today's visit is that she is 10 lbs 12 ounces and 21 1/2 inches tall. Her weight is in the 50th percentile and height 25%. So she's short. I'm short. No worries. It's so different to hear that about her b/c the boys were always in the 90+% for height and weight always. But then, it's best that they take after their dad and she take after me in the height department. there goes my plan for her to be a super model! Ha ha!


weightloss wednesday

last week: 158 lbs
this week: 157 lbs

slow and steady. at least i didn't pack back on the water weight loss from being sick last week. yay me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby GG's Blog Video Debut

introducing baby GG at almost 8 weeks old!

Monday, February 25, 2008

the best moisturizing balm for babies dry skin

has got to be Johnson & Johnson's Soothing Naturals Soothe and Protect balm.

It goes on smooth. It smells great. It's all natural and although a little pricey at $5.00 for .5 ounces.

I was so bummed when the sample size that came in a gift basket I'd gotten as a shower gift was done. You should have seen me scraping out the last emollient with my pinky finger.

I'm going to run out and get some more. It's the next best thing to all natural shea butter, I think.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

JLo had her TWINS!

This Friday, February 22, Jennifer Lopez and her husband she gave birth to healthy twins: a girl and a boy.

The actress welcomed the babies - a boy and a girl - into the world in the early hours of the morning in a Long Island hospital outside New York.

The girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz. The boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6lbs.



Friday, February 22, 2008

random thoughts...


1. I'm going to be in deep doo doo when I have to fix baby GGs hair. I have a couple of friends who have volunteered to help me with it. But I can't help but to figure it out on my own or start practicing with my own hair maybe. I just don't have the patience for the high maintenance it will take to care for my own natural hair. Putting it in braids for the past 5 plus years has been an easy cop out. I can barely do my own hair. Today, I have an itching to take out this weave which cost $80 for the hair and another $80 plus $10 tip to pay my braid stylist to put in. *sigh*I swear I look like Howard Stern in the 80s or a Twisted Sister groupie in this ugly weave!

2. My mom is coming back from Africa on Saturday. I don't know how I feel about her seeing me in this ugly weave and I do hope GG is over her cold by then. I'm so sure she will be blaming me for the baby having a cold.

3. I think we're gonna pierce GG's ears when she turns 3 months old. I am not comfortable with her getting it done before then or for her being pricked in the middle of the mall where people can stare at her and me wincing in pain at her being pricked. I wonder if that is how the mom who I was staring at last week felt.

4. My 5 year old's passport has expired. This gets me to thinking it's photography time. So after GG gets her ear's pierced, I'll take her and her brothers to get their passport photos taken. Later, I think the kids will get their fashion photos taken at the local Picture People.
I'm thinking it's about that time that I finally purge some of the digital photos and print them out and then put them in frames to adorn the living room with the other family photos.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

weightloss wednesday: flu related loss

last week: 162

total 5lb loss in a week, the only benefit to being holed up in bed and puking my brains out on account of the stomach flu my hubby passed on to me, but i know this rapid weight loss is only water weigh which may come back as soon as i resume to my normal diet. i suppose i should use this opportunity to up my exercise regimen to make sure it doesn't come back.

anyway, with today's number that brings my total loss to 30lbs!!! yikes! in 1 1/2 months! i suppose exercise, breastfeeding and now...getting sick has a lot to do with such dramatic loss. wow!

Pre-pregnancy weight: 140lbs
Weight on delivery day: 189lbs
Total weight gain: 49lbs

Weight Loss Challenge
Weight on delivery day: 189lbs
Week 1 weight: 170lbs - (19 lbs loss due 2 delivery of baby, fluids, placenta, excess blood)
Week 2 Weight: 165 lbs
Week 3 Weight: 164.5lbs
Week 4 weight: 163 lbs
Week 5 weight: 162 lbs
Week 6 weight: 158 lbs
Total pregnancy loss: 31 lbs

short term goal: 140lbs --- 18lbs to go!
long term goal: 125lbs

i have no picture 2 share this week, just the visual image of flannel pjs and mussed up hair! har har!

diagnosis: infant cold

no luck on having the baby escape the many bugs going around our house. pooh! she has developed a cold complete w/ runny nose, watery eyes and nasal/chest congestion.

so the docs say to avoid using the manual suction bulb to siphon mucous out of my baby's nose. he says the bulb will irritate her passages and cause her to produce more.

the US Federal Drug Administration has suggested that parents STOP giving their infant children decongestants and other over the counter meds as a precautionary measure b/c it appears too many ppl have been over medicating their young. Some drug manufacturers have actually voluntarily pulled their products off of shelves in fear of lawsuits. What tha? I'm smart about reading dosing charts. I won't overmedicate my sweet child. How is this a solution? Let the kids suffer through it? Gotta get my herbalist aunties on the phone stat!

so the best solution, pediatrician says, is to put saline drops in her nose and allow the mucous to drain on its own.

poor baby can't blow her nose. i mean, she just discovered that her hands were connected to her body the other day and now she has to deal with having all this snot up her nose! dang it!

Monday, February 18, 2008

gg has discriminating tastes

she loves 2 be carried and held & has a short attention span for my goofy tricks at entertaining her. i have precisely 5 minutoes per dvd, boppy, mobile, infant least she likes hearing me read her stories and books...she enjoys the sound of my voice. :)

and i absolutely love how she is filling out. she's 10lbs already! the dimples on the back of her hands and on her cheek are yummy and i melt when we look at each other in the morning and she returns my gaze with a big toothless grin!, were in trouble b/c i caught a stomach bug/flu and am spending my day sleeping and in bed. i hope she can escape unaffected...

i need 4 more hours in the day

if i had 4 more hours in the day, i think i would use that time to get done all the stuff i cannot do while my children are awake.

these days, by the time i put GG to bed around 2-3am, i'm too beat to work on my job applications/doing my taxes/ sending out emails and catching up on my other tasks.

by the time i lay my head down to rest, next thing I know it's 7am and the older boy is in my ear telling me "it's morning and demanding his waffles."

i would need a magic fairy dust to put everything else on hold for mewhile I work on my neglected, but must do tasks...

oy vey...must go...anxious baby is squirming!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mommy Owned Business Academy

Mommy Owned Business Academy from the creator/founder of Stroller Striders ---------
Are you a mom who is considering opening your own business? Or do you already have a business and need advice about growth or balance? I am receiving calls all the time from women like you who need advice and support. It is my greatest blessing if I can offer you any assistance to grow your business. But because time is so limited, I am not able to speak to each of you on an individual basis. That is why I created my Open Forum, where I can speak to a group of you and answer any questions that you may have!

Open Forum

Date: Tue, February 19th (focus on Balancing Work With Motherhood)

Time: 11:30 a.m. pacific standard time

Format: This is an online meeting where we can communicate via phone and your computer. It is purely a place to ask your busines questions and to learn from others.

Cost: FREE! This is my small way of helping moms make their dreams come true!

To sign up for my Open Forum, please email me at and put RSVP YES and the date for your session choices in the subject line.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

weightloss wednesday and hair dilemma

last week: 163.5
today: 162
looks like im netting a pound a week.

this is me today in this curly weave i had my braid stylist put in yesterday. it's so hideous looking on me and I refuse to post a picture of the front.

normally, i'd get braids, but that could take between 5 and 12 hours depending on the style. knowing that GG would NOT have the stamina to be cool for that long a time right now, I opted for hair extensions sewn in weave style...only took 2 hours total.

'm going to experiment with hair accessories to see if I can salvage the look. Or, I'm hoping over time, the hair will change textures and look better on me. I'd hate to have to take it out and waste all that time and money! *sigh*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cute and Chic Nursing Covers

So thanks to my loyal readers in my circle of moms, Dee and Fashionista, I discovered a host of sites starting with Hooter Hiders selling cute, chic and stylish nursing covers. So... this means that NEXT WEEK will be the official start of spending cut backs because I just HAVE to get one of these!

even the dreaded Target, which I am trying to cut back on for Lent, has them too.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am a cow, hear me moo

i know technically how breast milk is produced..........

but still, it never ceases to amaze me that I, a little old 5 foot and some change tall woman, could produce like 30 cases of Similac or Enfamil over the course of a little over a year of breastfeeding a child. A- FRICKIN- MAZING!!!

"The breast is a gland that consists primarily of connective and fatty tissues that support and protect the milk producing areas of the breast. The milk is produced in small clusters of cells, called alveoli and travels down milk ducts to the milk sinuses, which act as collecting reservoirs. These sinuses are located behind the areola, the pigmented area around your nipple."

and in other breastfeeding related news

Researchers have discovered that breastfeeding women release odors that act as natural aphrodisiacs. Well!!! That explains my boob sniffing husband as of late! ha!

Friday, February 8, 2008

the mall and my baby diva

Yesterday's first ever shopping trip with Baby GG in tow went off without a hitch!! Thankfully, GG slept thru the entire trip! I usually only shop online and recently haven't been shopping at all much because I've been trying to save money and spend less.

At Old Navy, I picked up 4 long-sleeved shirts at $5.00 each on clearance for my 2-year old. For some reason, he only likes to wear blue all the time. I mean for bed, at school, at the play ground... but unfortunately, they weren't on sale there and I was not interested in paying $17.00 for a pair of jeans he may not wear for too long.

As I walked past the Children's Place store, I remembered that I had a couple of old gift cards in my wallet that people had gifted to he kids. The cards had $62.00 on them total to be exact. I walked in and lucked out. They had jeans on sale 2 for $22.00. Not bad. I got a pair of carpenter and classic jeans to go with middle child's new shirts. Finally, the middle child has the same amount of clothes as his brother. We had just been dressing him in hand me downs but it was summer when his brother was his age and so we had a dearth of winter wear and jeans at size 3. grrrrr.

Walking past Motherhood Maternity, I remembered I needed to get a nursing cover for nursing GG out in public. They didn't have any. Guess I'll have to order something online or improvise with a blanket later. *shrug* Maybe, I'll find time to dig thru the clothes storage bins in the basement and find my old one.

While paying for the jeans, I noticed a gift card for a small purse size of aromatherapy sleep hand cream that Bath and Body Works sent to me. I tried my best to make a bee line for the register where I knew I would find the lotion and avoid buying anything else at the store. Maybe, I should have tried harder because I remembered that my Burt's Bees bath was almost done and I knew the Bigelow product line sold at that store was a similar product. Of course, because I am a total sucker, I let the sales associate talk me into two other new Bigelow products that I did NOT need. Well, I ended up spending a little over $20.00 which qualified me to purchase this really cute huge tote bag for just $15.00 as part of this special! This will be my new diaper bag. I already test drove it this afternoon and i love it for being so spacious, lightweight and easy to clean. So, I went there for a free gift and left $40.00 poorer!!

I got to the food court at 3pm, and ordered a late lunch: Fissh, rice and veggies plater from the seafood joint in the food court.

I ended up at Target where I spent $200.00!!! Yikes. Granted $100.00 of that was for a gift card to send to my hubby's cousin in Florida who just gave birth to TWINS!!! I got GG's a Fisher Price pretty pink bouncer which cost $30.00. The Baby Einstein DVD I got for GG to entertain her during the day was $16.00. I found some black sweatpants on clearance for $10.00. A case of 100 diapers was $30.00 and then I got some groceries that rounded up the bill.

*sigh* this is exactly why i try to stay away from Target. I got a cheese pizza for the eldest to eat for dinner and ran frantically to pick up the two boys from school.

And GG has 'gas brain' where she has to be moving all the time because as soon as all the movement stopped and she was at home in the car seat not moving, she woke up!

Today, It tested my luck and I stopped at Old Navy once again, to pick up a pencil skirt to wear with a jacket I bought a couple of months ago that is 3 sizes larger than I normally wear. I had and am going on job interviews and needed a skirt to wear with the blazer. This time, instead of the sling, I snapped her car seat in the snap and go stroller because I knew I'd want to try on clothes. Well GG definitely has gas brain because she would cry when the stroller stopped. So I had to rush through trying on stuff while she screamed and wailed. As soon as I would pick her up, she would stop crying. :( this is not good.

Anyway, I discovered they had these crisp collared shirts that retail for $24-26 on sale for $11.00 each and so I hesistated over the decision but in the end I ended up purchasing 5 shirts in varying sizes and colors from large to extra small to accommodate the fact that I am losing weight on my quest to get back to pre-baby weight. I don't know when else, I'll get a good deal on such nice shirts and did not know if they'd still be there when I came back later or if the online site would have the same colors and sizes.

I got this long empire tie shirt for $19.00 though when i went to make this post, I noticed Old sold it for $15.00!! So, it's true online is sometimes cheaper!'

I got a couple of scarves, a cute burnt sienna sweatshirt and the pencil skirt (in a size 8 because Old Navy is known for notoriously sizing their clothes smaller than most places. I think in actuality, I am a size 10 in skirts right now.) In the end, I think I made out pretty well and got a lot for the money. I am ready for work!

Actually, I have no reason right now to have new office clothes because I am not really doing active client work while on "maternity leave" but I am being optimistic because I hope to be working in an office in another month or two or three or four....and I am using the principles of The Secret by purchasing clothes for working outside the house while looking for a part time or full time job outside the home.

I don't have a job yet, but I'm shopping as I do. hmmm.

Overall, my two real shopping days were successful!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

the plan: Get Up and Get Out!

so THE PLAN today is to go to the mall for THE FIRST TIME with the baby. I plan to use my baby sling and NOT the stroller.

park near the Target, pick up a latte from Starbucks
  • walk down the long hall to the Old Navy on the other end of the mall and pick up some jeans for middle child
  • get some lunch at the food court
  • go to Target and pick up a case of diapers for GG, a Baby Einstein DVD (i think my baby sister has absconded with my entire Baby Einstein collection and never returned them b/c I can't find a tape or DVD anywhere in the house) and the a bouncy chair for her to sit in and watch her DVD. Sooo yup, she's gonna start watching tv, already! She is spending more time awake and after we play with toys and I give her some stretching exercises, I think she needs some other type of stimulation since she still isn't "feeling" the mobile in her crib or in her swing. I think the classical music and vivid imagery in those DVDS would be a nice change and break in our usual day.
Also, it today is the FIRST SUNNY day in weeks, so I have to get out! I can't wait until she is alert enough to sign her up and take her to the library story hours for baby. She is such a winter baby because I am not even hesitating about strapping her in a stroller/buggy and walking down to the library with her at all. I think I have baby Cabin fever.

I have to get Out!

THE PLAN: Get Up and Get out

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

weightloss wednesday

last week: 164.5 lbs
this week: 163 lbs

i am so slacking on the pics.

thankfully, it is Lenten season and though i cannot fast two days a week during Lent as i normally do, i can abstain from something: this year it will be chicken and junk food (cookies, cakes, pizza, candy, but not including gum and baked crackers)

my baby, the bloodhound

If GG is asleep and I wander more than 5 feet away from her, she awakes even if in a deep slumber and resting peacefully in her co-sleeper, crib or bassinet. hmm. okay.

I discovered this week, if I lay her close to me, let's say on the basement futon while i walk the treadmill, she will sleep longer and deeper. It's like she has a sixth sense when I am near or far. I know they say babies can recognize their mom's scent, but this is taking it too far! LOL!!

Also, [MILESTONE FLASH] On Sunday night, when I discovered this phenomenon, she turned her head for the first time. I try to alternate sides I lay her on so her hair doesn't rub off on just one side. When I went to check on her, she had turned to the other side. Her neck muscles are getting strong because she is on her way to holding her head steady on its own for prolonged periods of time. I guess her daily tummy time hour is working!!!


btw: this is my favorite pic of her these days, wearing her fly pink and brown sweatsuit.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tried and true diaper rash prevention formula

I just remembered that good old petroleum jelly is the best rash prevention serum!!

GG had been suffering from chronic diaper rash b/c as a breastfed baby she poops more regularly than formula fed babies and her stool is often times loose and watery, leaving her with an irritated bum.

After continued use of the best over-the counter creams, Desitin and Balmex, the abrasive and active ingredient in those cream, zinc oxide, started to make her develop little sores.

*sigh* I switched to A& D formula, a petroleum based ointment, which did the trick and also reminded me of petroleum jelly which has preexisted Desitin and all the fancy diaper formulas.

The jelly forms a protective barrier that protects her bottom during prolonged periods of diaper wear like during outings and at night. Since I began rubbing it on her bottom after every diaper change, she has yet to develop a rash!!

Yay! problem solved...for now.
in other GG News, she has been a hit this week so far out and about...

Sunday, at her first Super Bowl Party, she was the darling of the party with all the families and their kids oohing and awwing over her. :D.

Monday, at traffic court (I had to appeal a traffic ticket), everyone was cooing at her and straining their necks to get a peek at my bundle of joy. I forget all the attention you get when you have a newborn as I felt all eyes on me and GG as we walked the halls of the courthouse...or they coulda been thinking...geesh, she couldn't get a sitter for court! haha! :)

Anyway, her whirlwhind week of outings included Today, Tuesday, when she accompanied to my OB/GyN for my 6 week postpartum appointment and then to Starbucks, the post office and finally to the Dentist getting compliments and friendly smiles all over.

She shocked and amazed my dentist and his staff for sleeping thru my entire appointment. i wish I could have slept thru that drilling!!! I got a big old cavity filled. aye aye! my teeth still hurt and i cannot eat solids 3 hours later!!!

*sigh* well that is one way to make sure tomorrow's weight loss check in will show lower numbers!!! haha!! I think I'll make a big old pot of soup or better yet seafood gumbo (yum) for dinner tonight! When life deals you lemons....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

guess who's already one month old?

ms. GG!!!

(seen here with my baby sister)
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