Monday, December 31, 2007


thank God I have my own portable fetal heartbeat monitor to track baby's heart...we got one after we had our first miscarriage with the baby before our first.

since OBs are taking now...30 minutes to call me back! oh and some guy named Dr. Burke from some OTHER practice they share on-call duty with is calling me back!

My sister said I called at the "lazy" time when one doc is going off call and they wait for the next day doc who prolly starts at 7am to take the call. DARN THEM!! I guess they're not scared of risking getting SUED!! hrmph!

just my luck. both my kids were delivered by doctors Other than my regular OB. oh well. nothing like meeting your deliver doctor on the day of delivery. ha!

and why was I so cheap as to NOT get a pedicure on Saturday as planned? Told myself, I'll tell my sister to get me a parrafin wax tub for Christmas instead and save the money. :S

Thank God (so far) my crusty feet won't be in stir ups as I suspect unless this baby comes fast, I'll have a c-section today after all and there is no need for anyone to be all up under my hard toes. I'm going to have to ACQUAPHOR lotion these puppies down.

Or get the hubby to do it.

i've always wanted to know what it felt like to have your water break...

...well now I know. 5:50 am. Woke up and swore I peed the bed...ran to the bathroom and finished the deed cursing myself cause I had just changed those darn sheets....

...well, this pee won't stop and but wait, it's not yellow!


just called the baby sister home from college to come watch my two rugrats and rugrat neice. Thank God College breaks are like weeks long and her lazy ass aint got a job. haha!

waiting for the OBs office to call me back.

Well, last night, I finallly packed away all the toys in the children's play room, cleaned the basement and was set to finalize my paper organizations. I'm not done yet, but am I a freak to take my computer to the hospital so I can finish typing my labels?

er...I think that might be lame and a bit too much....hmm....yeah, I betta just take my bags.

well darn. I just remembered the car seat part I ordered may not come in by Friday or Saturday when we'll be discharged from the hospital. I had it shipped Fedex overnight for Friday delivery. hmmmm. That could be a problem.

and lookey at me was just about to give my dahling sweet hubby a list of things HE must do before the c-section date:

1. set up the baby basinett so the child will have someplace to sleep

2. set up the swing so I can put her someplace when she's awake and cranky and I want to do the dishes or have a bath.

3. set up the pack n go stroller thing (not as important cause we prolly won't be "going" anywhere in the early weeks)

4. throw out the 7 big Ass GARBAGE BAGS full of trash I managed to assemble

come to think of it, this last bout of nesting must've been the kicker.

And my isn't missy being sooo obedient, already? I Heart this kid

I told her whatever you do, just wait until 37 weeks when you're full term to come and she waits until then plus a few hours.


okay, now I'm peeved I cursed out my OBs in my last post, they're taking an awfully LONG ARSE time to call me back and give me the okay to head to the hospital! Grrr....

Friday, December 28, 2007

my OB is on crack!

Why I say this?

Why else will the man say he sees nothing wrong with my weight gain even after taking note that I've GROWN from a tight, svelt and muscular 140lbs at 8 weeks pregnant to a round bulubuous 188lbs at 36 weeks!?!?!?!

That is a 48 lb WEIGHT GAIN!!!....and counting.....ARRRRGH!!!!

What happened to the recommended 15-25lbs normal weight gain? huh?

Early on in this pregnancy, I was so happy that I could monitor my eating, exercise and was netting moderate weight increase each OB visit.

I blame it on the holiday season and the fact that I'm having this baby in the winter when human being's bodies want to retain FAT. *sigh*

At least I've been eating whatever I want, in modest amounts and at reasonable hours to stave off indigestion and acid reflux because after giving birth, I am SO going back on my vegan diet and gonna be back at the gym as soon as the docs give the okey doke!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

fiscal responsibleness in wake of baby number 3 arrival

I really need to change my overly generous giving ways.

I've always been a great gift giver, even in college, when I was a broke student and only had a credit card, I'd go into debt to buy my family great gifts. Like most college kids, my parents did a horrible job of teaching me fiscal responsibility and those credit card companies just prey on kids banking on our parents and future earning potential to dig out of the debt we will inevitably get into with those cards.

Alas, this year again, as is my usual M.O. , I went overboard with the Christmas spending. This was not a good year to do this as business has been not so booming lately. Nonetheless, I tapped into unused credit cards to make sure all the people on my list were happy. And on more than one occasion, I spent more than I should have.

As I was going over the receipts this evening, I noticed that unless I really pinch or do some drastic financing or am able to successfully collect some significant receipts owed to me and my business, I will most likely be paying a hefty fee (in the form of interest charges) for this generosity.

I think what drove it home more was the fact that one particular family who was the beneficiary of my generosity and who is also under their own fiscal strain did the right thing and gave us gifts that look like they cost a modest amount. Hmmmm. I could not be mad at them b/c of the lack of reciprocity in gift value, b/c I understand well their financial position, nor could I be bitter that I've spent a lot of money on them and their kids over the year. It's not like they haven't spent a heaping amount on us in times of greater prosperity.

It was a harsh lesson that I really should listen to my husband who has always said do not spend when you do not really have.

This is especially true this year as we have another kid on the way and are looking to possibly move into a larger home.


lessons learned.

I need to stop being so hard headed. I guess I can take solace in knowing my heart was in the right place, but good intentions will not make me independently wealthy by age 50!

I'd still like to retire and travel after getting this brood out the house in 18 years!

Nesting countdown continues


1. send out holiday cards and thank you cards from the shower

2. wash all the baby clothes, nursing boppy, car seat covers,
snuzzler , swaddling blankets ( THE LAST TWO ARE NEW INVENTIONS)

3. pack a hospital bag I got a great robe, socks and nightie at Old Navy's after Christmas sale!

4. send in my hospital pre-registration forms for the hospital and finalize plans for care of the boys on our C-section delivery date

5. organize nursery: clean out junk in nursery, hang up the mobile and crib toy, change the mattress sheet, put out the sheet saver and dust ruffle and hang up girlie clothes and put her stuff in two drawers in the dresser.


trade in our Sedan (the Passat) for an 8 seater SUV ( Honda Pilot)

2. order a missing piece to the car seat and pray it gets delivered before baby comes

3. purchase missing breast pump parts and then sterilize them

4. sterilize the baby toys and dig up a couple of missing pieces to the old baby monitor

5. finish organizing personal and business files in the office

6. get the carseat bases in each car and get them inspected at the police station.

7. buy new drawer pulls for the dresser and maybe some feminine touches to the nursery. maybe rearrange furniture and get another toddler bed in kids' nursery/room

8. finalize client obligations and organize business files in preparation for accountant and tax filing

If I can get items 1-6 done by c-section due date, I'll be totally happy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Sunday, December 23, 2007

big wide butt

something happens at 36 weeks preggers where your legs disappear into your ass and morphs into your back.

it's official. i have an assback!

From the Urban Dictionary



a woman with a straight back that travels past the buttocks; usually ends in the upper thigh. essentially, a woman with NO ass.


i guess that's what i get for getting too lazy to keep up with my daily squats regimen!


papasan swing part II

So I made my way to the Babies R Us yesterday to order a papasan swing to be delivered.

When I called the store in advance to confirm they had a swing and to put it aside for me, the clerk on the phone told me "according to the computer" they were out of stock, but I could come by to order one to be shipped to the store.

So I venture 20 minutes to the store in the middle of holiday rush traffic (INSANE) cause I hear how having a swing will be a Godsend in those early days. I recall the bouncy seat to be a gem but later like when the is 3 months old or older..

But just before going to the customer service desk, I go to the aisle where the swings were being sold and lo and behold, there is not one but THREE swings on the shelves!!!

okay. what lesson was learned there?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Best Baby Swing

This Fisher Price Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Cradle Swing gets rave reviews from the professionals and parents according to the review on Consumer

apparently and UNFORTUNATELY, this gem is sold out of all the Babies R Us in my part of the country so I have to order it and pray it comes within the promised 14 days to have it shipped to my local Babies R Us. It sells for $129.00 right now.

The Baby Papasan Cradle Swing received the most rave reviews from experts, and it is also a favorite of parents. The shape of this swing's seat offers a lot of support for infants, say parents, and the two-direction movements are soothing. The Papasan swing comes in muted neutral colors. It comes with a mobile and removable toy tray, along with a variety of songs and nature sounds (a volume control is included). The swing uses four D-sized batteries, but it can also be plugged in with the included AC adapter.

I wonder if it is even worth still getting the baby infant papasan seat version of the swing which retails for $59.00 hmmm


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Nursery Makeover

okay...i have no clue how to make over this room slightly to make it more feminine and to be honest, i'm kinda pooped from my other nesting and am creatively drained.

I am taking suggestions and otherwise I am TOTALLY open to just accept the fact that mschiefmaker #3, as a baby, won't have any clue that she has a sports and cars themed nursery. :D I'm thinking there is a high probability she may be a tomboy like how I was! notice that there is not one but EIGHT drawer pulls missing. J-boy managed to unscrew every soccer ball, truck and car drawer pull that once were on this Pali dresser we got from Great Beginnings nearly 6 years ago

My mom totally blamed me for encouraging the kids to write on her wall because we chose to paint the bottom half of the boys' room in blackboard paint. HA!! Notice too the books have overflown the bookshelf and we'll probably have to get a bigger bookshelf soon. *sigh*
This Pali crib had to be assembled inside the room cause it is too big to fit thru the tiny doors of the room! eek! It's a great piece of furniture.
No one sleeps in this car bed for too long. They find their way out of it and into our bed without fail each night. Good thing I have this book to make me NOT feel bad about having a Family bed. The Dutailier glider and ottoman is also very very durable. I can't believe how much I paid for nursery furniture, but I sure think they're worth it b/c these are great pieces that I would keep in some capacity even after the kids are big...well not the crib of course. I think I'll give that away or sell it on Ebay.

Behind the door is our excess toy graveyard. I think another trip to Goodwill is in the making. Gotta make room in the closet for Ms. Chiclet's pink, purple and frilly stuff. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


i'm not sure if my previous do-not-call MY HOUSE registration has expired,

but as I work from home, I swear I get A DOZEN CALLS a day from telemarketers!!!



I can just see myself losing sleep with a phone waking up my baby early! yikes!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ice-triggered contractions????

everytime i suck on a cup of ice, i end up getting braxton hicks contractions.

i wonder if they trigger them. i'm getting at least 4-5 contractions per day these days and they're getting more painful. i've finally started taking the iron supplements and as a result indeed eat less ice.

I just can't stomach even the slow release iron pills. yuck! This kid is draining all my iron stores. No wonder I'm so tired!

in any event, me thinks this kid may not make it to January. who knows.

my favorite cutesy outfits

All four of these outfitts (two jumper dresses and two sweat suits) are all 0-3months size, so little mini me will be styling from JUMPSTREET! HAHAHA!

Monday, December 17, 2007

baby shower pics

Hubby and I had a wonderful co-ed baby shower Saturday.

My girlfriends AND my sister did an excellent job!!! oTHER Longtime friends chipped in BIG TIME on a moment's notice!!

The food was yummy! What a spread!The atmosphere was low key and chill, even with the gobs of little kids running around. There were fun shower games, that unfortunately all of the guys chose not to partake in but to "lime" upstairs in the kitchen. Oh well. :P

We got great some great gifts and some uber cute girly oufits and even some in pink and brown, my favorite color combo these days...

And in the end, the DJ, a good friend from college spun tunes until well after midnight!

I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the women I met thru an online blog turned private internet chat community that started with fans of the popular Trinidad Carnival Diary. blog dedicated to all things related to the carnival that takes place in Trinidad and Tobago each year. She was with another longtime friend who coincidentally belongs to the same community and who jumped in last minute to chip in at the shower.

Anyway, so the wonderful ladies from that community (which my Hubby affectionately calls "the cult" because of all of our near-obsessive addiction to it) got together and purchased a combo bassinet/pack and play in CHOCOLATE BROWN AND PINK! :D

Special Thanks to my Blogerette (our name for each other) family of mostly Trini and Caribbean women who took in this wanna-be African girl from suburban Maryland via West Africa!! Thanks to: Trini Wifey, Prima Donna, SKI, Mo, Squeezle, TOG - Tantie Ruut, Wajang, CeeBee, Afro Chic, DC Trini, Sommer, South Trini Reds, Megs, Lovechile, Darkie, Saundra Q, Tru, Tacaricaqua Gyal, Saucy Diva, Nikki Ann, Allison Ann and Trini Jam
The final bounty when unpacked in our living room: Some diapers, loads of clothes, towels, receiving blankets, bottle warmers, microwave sterilizer, a snap and go and the bassinet/play pen. We're set. We're gonna use the gift cards Hubby's office gave us to buy a swing and one of the shower hosts promised us a high chair later. We still have most of the basics left over from the boys (like the car seat, baby monitors etc), but we had loaned most of our larger baby equipment to my mom's day care, and after 2 years in her business, that stuff is way too worn out for repeat use so we are very happy to have been helped out this way!



Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby at 35 weeks

How your baby's growing:Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

IN OTHER NEWS....I HAD A FABULOUS SHOWER YESTERDAY. Will post pics when I get home tomorrow. The heavy winds made us lose power and I fled to my sister's house for the night. Of course, the hubby called to say the power is back on and asked if I planned to come home. Errrr that would require me to pack up my stuff, take kids out 0f bed, put them into clothes thicker than their pjs and hustle in gusty winds to repack the truck!

UM..NO...he's prolly happy to not have my nagging behind doing what I do best these days...nag and be a pain in the ass! Ha!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Secrets to a Chic Pregnancy

look what Pregnancy Fashion Designer Isabella Oliver says about its secrets to a chic pregnancy...well it's a bit too late for me on this one, but i do think i "tried" to abide by many of these principles. The maternity Do's and Don'ts can be found here.


Designer Maternity Clothes

Here are our secrets for a chic pregnancy. Successful style tips that we've applied during our 5 pregnancies and which we have lived by whilst dressing the world's most style conscious pregnant women in Isabella Oliver. Hope they work for you too, Vanessa & Baukjen ------>>> designers of this line

Play your curves

For many of us, pregnancy creates amazing cleavage. Maximise this asset by drawing attention to your curves with plunging necklines, scoop or V.

Select your fabric

Stretchy and drapey fabrics like jersey fit seamlessly into every wardrobe. Style up or dress down, versatile and flattering with a smooth silhouette that grows with you and always fits.

Keep it simple

The world's most stylish women choose clean lines and quality fabrics. Work your look around sleek shapes, good cuts, pregnancy friendly fabrics like jersey and solid colors for that polished finish.

Perfect fit

Choose clothes for a body flattering fit. Too big, too small, too bad. Reveal your pregnant shape with wrap styles that follow your curves and adjust at every stage.

Reveal your beauty

Clever maternity designs enhance your best features; that elegant neck, delicate shoulders and fulsome cleavage accented with a low V neck, halter shape or sleek bandeau.

Mix new accessories

Create different moods for one outfit by playing with the latest accessories. Add a slouchy bag and wide cuff one day, a sparkly necklace and upswept hair the next. Invent a new look every day.

Look amazing naturally

You have never looked better. Your healthy lifestyle shines through in glowing skin, glossy hair and sexy cleavage. Maximise it with simple hair and make-up.

Fixate on footwear

Take that iconic look from work day to party night by swapping boots for sexy heels. Take along your softest ballerinas for blissful comfort on the way home. It's that simple.

Pamper and polish

Try to find time to treat yourself to a really good haircut, pedicure and manicure - you deserve it.

Be true to size

If you're tempted to buy bigger, don't succumb. The extra fabric in non-maternity wear may cover your bump, but it will swamp all your body's sexy new curves.

Polished in patent

Add gloss to this season's dark palette with patent leather accessories which are all the rage now. Invest in a gorgeous bag, sexy shoes or a shiny wide cuff.

Style with know-how

Wear this season's voluminous pants by balancing with a fitted top or crop jacket - just add patent platform heels to make your legs look sky high.

Lift your hemline

Hemlines are rising - for a maternity take on the leggy look that means you don't have to bare too much, just layer over leggings or opaque tights and platform heels.

Glamorise your outerwear

Add a glamorous edge to coat dressing by slipping on this season's long black leather gloves. Twist the trend with gloves in a deep jewel accent colour worn with black.

Grab a bag

Transform your day outfit by trading your slouchy tote for a jewel-encrusted clutch. Sweep your hair into a sleek chignon for iconic evening chic.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

showered with gifts

My hubby's office showered him at the office Holiday luncheon with a cute outfit for baby G, which is now a true contender for the "going home outfit"

and several gift cards for Babies R Us!!!

We also got an early shower gift from a friend who probably won't be able to make it to Saturday's baby shower!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

skeletons in my closet

so i have this bizarre pet peeve which is probably pregnancy related. for reference, we live in a cape code and have small closet with doors opposite of each other

i can't stand that my husband leaves his closet door open all the time. i am constantly getting annoyed when i see it open and have to close it.

i know i have my own annoying quirks and bad habits which he has let me know about REPEATEDLY...LIKE...

....i don't pack the dishwasher properly...

...i leave my tea bags in my cup and they end up in the sink among the dishes...

i don't park the cars to the left and top of the driveway so he can drag the trashcans up and down the driveway on trash days...

i leave my shoes all over the house (and these days my bras. I CANNOT stand the constraint of bra straps around my breastbone when I already have a 5 lb kid)...

...i don't fill the ice trays to the top (but that is because I have pregnancy-induced pica and love to crunch bite sized chunks of ice and these days i don't fill them all the way on purpose)

i had a mini bitch fest last week and he accused me of leaving my doors open too all the time. after that we had a challenge with one another as to who could keep their doors closed.

so that lasted 2 days. no open closet doors. but alas, all good things must come to an end.

for the past 3 days, he's gone back to his old ways...

...i wonder if i have a boogey man fear! HA!!


Monday, December 10, 2007

i forgot that fatigue would return

lookey, confirmed it, it's not just me...

By this week, fatigue has probably set in again, though maybe not with the same coma-like intensity of your first trimester. Your tiredness is perfectly understandable, given the physical strain you're under and the restless nights of frequent pee breaks and tossing and turning, while trying to get comfortable. Now's the time to slow down and save up your energy for labor day (and beyond)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

most googled

i CANNOT believe the amount of traffic that generates to this blog from people searching for variations of the term, "THE MOST EXPENSIVE BABY STROLLERS" which I posted on last month HERE

my word!!!

i guess the people searching are either (1) nosy people like me. inquiring minds want to know or (2) people who really do want to purchase the most expensive stroller for whatever reason (keeping up with or surpassing the "Joneses", impressing people in the malls and the park, or are real celebrities or moneyed people who may actually think that the best must cost the most money) interesting!

EDITED TO ADD: since making a couple of posts about professional pregnancy photos HERE and HERE, that topic is quickly becoming the most googled

America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 marathon

for some bizarre reason, I like to watch this series "marathon style" rather than episode by episode on the day of the week it comes on during the regular season.

maybe i don't like the suspense thing. the same reason i don't really do "soap operas".

anyway, i taped 6 hours worth and hubby who has 67% of the Digital Video Recorder filled with his taped shows has the NERVE to ask me if I need all those episodes!!! HMPRH!!!

i watched up to the final 6 that set off for China last night before falling asleep.

so the plan tonight is to watch the last 4 hours while walking on the treadmill and doing some pregnancy pilates and yoga postures

burn out setting in

i don't know why i even bother to book more than two events per weekend day.

last week, i planned to attend (1) my Goddaughter's cheerleading competition; (2) a photo shoot; and (3) a boutique opening and (4) a 50th birthday party for a good friend...i made it to half of these.

this weekend, i downgraded and planned to attend just two events: (1) a baby shower; and (2) a birthday party for a college friend. by the time i shopped for the shower gift and did a little grocery shopping after the shower, i was EXHAUSTED...took a nap and totally woke up at midnight, 5 HOURS after the party started!!! yikes!

i have to narrow my social events to one per weekend day.

i have a holiday house tour this Friday the 14th, my own shower this coming Saturday the 15th, and one other party the 23rd and a post Christmas part on the 28th (which I just learned about recently and edited this post to add) and i'm thinking after that, i'm not leaving my house for anything.

it's getting down to the wire. ..i'm getting more braxton hicks contractions...feeling tired all the time... getting more heartburn and really need to slow down.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

my relatives

Anas platyrhynchos - the domestic duck.



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

professional maternity photo pics

Compliments of award-winning photographer Gideyon Kilfe


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

bloody gums! another pg symptom

yup. this week, I became an official casualty of another common preggers symptom: soft gums. every toothbrushing, my gums bleed

tonight, i broke out the old unopened pack of sucus brushes sitting in my medicine cabinet and will begin a nightly ritual of treating my gumline with a gentle brush massage of a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mix...a trick I learned from my dental hygenist to keep the gumline strong.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Veteran Baby Registry Advice

Since this will be the 5th baby shower* that we have been fortunate and blessed to have thrown for us, I have become such a baby registry much so that I didn't even need hubby's input or participation this time around.

[ *For our 1st kid, my law school bff threw a shower for our school friends. Then, hubby's family in Brooklyn and my BFF who lives in NY threw us a NY shower. Finally, my sister and a good friend of my hubby and mine threw us a "surprise" shower where we live. We were given one for the second boy (which I didn't expect and I think protocol says should be expected for a second child of the same gender born within a few years of one another) and now friends are throwing one for the first girl.]

Anyway, so I rolled around Target last weekend all by myself and then registered with Babies R Us online with the hubby totally oblivious as to what we requested. Thank God, you can now register for stuff online without having to walk around stores these days, it saved us tremendous amount of time given our very hectic schedules.

Here are my TOP TEN TIPS for registering for a baby shower, from a self-proclaimed vet! ha!

10. Keep it simple. As with your wedding registry, do not register for stuff you think is cute but do not know if you'd necessarily need (like a 10 cassette set of lullabys). Why? Someone would get the unnecessary "frivolous" for you and in the end there will be critical essentials like bottles and diapers still left on the registry list that you will have to purchase yourself. You'll kick yourself everytime you scan the stack of cds collecting dust on the bookshelf.

9. Do your research. It is so easy to get caught up in the various "must have" baby nursery and layette needs you see on the net, on the registry sites, but those lists are full of items that you may not use, especially if it's not in your nature. For example, I've found the two biggest items that are total waste of money items: (1)The baby organizer thing for storing your diapers and diaper changing essentials; and (2) the baby warmer. We found we could just use the top shelf of our combination dresser/changing station to store diapers and a basket on top housed diaper cremes, lotions, baby oil, Q-tips etc. All the reviews from friends and those on the web said the diaper warmer dried out the wipes and turned them brown. Most of my friends unplugged their warmers and chucked them within months of using them.

8. Don't be afraid register for large ticket items. Sometimes co-workers will chip in money to purchase one large item off your list. So go ahead and register for those expensive comforter sets, the double stroller, the glider and ottoman. Who knows, you might get lucky.

7. Make sure you do put low priced items. Don't want folks on the budget to feel obligated to break their bank buying you a gift. Gotta keep the students, family members on fixed income and budgets in mind.

6. Put Diapers on the list. Yeah, it may seem like a practical gift that isn't going to draw the same "ooohs and aaahs" as say a cute outfit or soft frilly blanket, but given the cost of diapers and the fact you'll be paying for them for at least three years on your own, it will be a relief to not have to start the investment until the child is like 3 months old. Remember babies grown out of the newborn diapers pretty quickly and so there may not be a need to even put those on the registry list. You'll get plenty of starters from the hospital probably to last you the first month.

5. If you register for clothes, vary the sizes. Babies do not last long in the 0-3 month clothes, be sure to add 3-6 months, 6-9months, and 12 + months on the list.

4. Keep Gift receipts. Not everyone takes the registry list and number to the cashier when they check out and so it is very likely you may end up with two of one item. Also, again, you never know which items you may never use. Neither of our two boys liked our Baby Bjorn infant Carrier AT ALL. Back then, the thing cost $99.00 and had I kept the receipt, I would have traded it in for a store credit. I was thinking of giving it away or selling in on Ebay and thought if I had another kid s/he may like the carrier, so I kept it.

3. Be prepared to throw away stuff that doesn't work with your lifestyle or you can't get into. I've had a couple of friends, who like me, found the very famous Diaper Genie to be (a) a pain to operate; and (b) lose its odor retaining abilities too quickly. Within 6 months of use, you could smell poopie diapers all over the house cause that thing just quit on us. Also, the refills were a bit on the costly side and it just became an expensive nuisance. Don't feel wedded to keep an item just because someone gave it to you. You've got to be ready to cut the strings and send the thing off to the big dumpster in the sky.

2. Register at more than one store, if possible. With our first kid, we registered at the shop all our shi-shi friends registered at, Buy Buy Baby. However, the store didn't have branches all over and none in New York City where a majority of hubby's family lived. We added Babies R US/Toys R Us to accommodate them. In this day and age, Babies R Us and Target are the top choice and they are online.

1. Appreciate any and all gifts as blessings. It can be easy to get caught up in wanting to get most or all your items off the list, but the reality is you probably won't. There are people who won't even get you items on your list and may surprise you with nice personal items like a hand knitted cap or a birth certificate holder. Items your wouldn't put on your registry but would much appreciate. It should always be about the fact that your family and friends have gotten together and decided to help defray the financial burden of welcoming your new child in the world. No channeling Bridezilla tendencies into Momzilla -dome! ha!
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