Friday, September 28, 2007


pica ? ice cube....yum

This is a picture of rapper ICE CUBE...but these days, I'm crunching all the time on the other type of ice cubes.

When I was little, I used to love eating dirt. Now as a pregnant woman, I, again like chewing ice.

In fact, me and the 2-year old hover over a cup of ice and share the chips, crunching with joy!

My sister, the nurse, says it is PICA:

The medical term for eating lots and lots of ice is - Pagophagia (pathological consumption of ice).

Pagophagia is a form of a condition called Pica. Pica is an appetite for non-foods (e.g., coal, soil, chalk, paper etc.) or an abnormal appetite for some things that may be considered foods, such as food ingredients (e.g., flour, raw potato, starch). In order for these actions to be considered pica, they must persist for more than one month, at an age where eating such objects is considered developmentally inappropriate. The condition's name comes from the Latin word for the magpie, a bird which is reputed to eat almost anything. Pica is seen in all ages, particularly in pregnant women and small children, especially among children who are developmentally disabled, where it is the most common eating disorder. Geophagia refers specifically to the consumption of dirt and clay.

hmm...there is a medical term for every weird quirk!
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