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Borrow one of these Celeb Halloween Costume ideas

Halloween is around the corner and if you are starting to plan what costumes you will outfit yourself and your kids in this year, take a look at some of the creative get-ups celebs and their kids rocked over the years for idea!

Start with the currently separating and reportedly divorcing Mariah CareyNick Cannon and their twins Monroe and Moroccan as The Incredibles. Great for parents of twins.

Take a trip down memory lane at some of our other favorites:

Honor Warren, daughter of Jessica Alba Cash Warren

Kaseem Jr., son of Moshonda and Swizz BeatzAlicia Keys' hubby poses for a shoot for Vibe Vixen


Back to School: 10 Tips for managing digital device access during the school year

It's back to school time for many households around the nation and globe. The transition from summer mode to school work mode can be a challenge. Our friends at Remo MORE, a smart home app for families, offers tips for parents to use smart home technologies to prepare kids for the start of the school year.

1.     Make rules and stick to them. Set time limits on kids’ daily device usage for entertainment, and hold them to it. There are device management solutions that allow you to restrict online time, which can help you enforce the rules.

2.     Make sure kids can handle the device. These days, some kids get smartphones in kindergarten, while other parents make their children wait until middle or high school. You know your kids best, so make the right choice for them.

3.     Password protect all devices. Set up a password for every device, and make sure you create separate profiles for each child who uses them. Different ages may require different restrictions, and this will enable you to manage them all. 

4.     Set restrictions on apps and TV channels. Not all apps or television channels are appropriate for children, and if you have a good device management solution, you can easily block inappropriate content.

5.     Filter web content. To protect kids from inappropriate web content, you can set filters, such as under age 18 content only. You can also block content from sites that contain certain words or themes.

6.     Set blocks on outgoing content. Kids don’t always know what is appropriate to share, such as videos or pictures. One instance of bad judgment can cause endless trouble. You can block specific types of outgoing content to keep kids safe.

7.     Monitor online activities. You can’t be there every minute, but there are tools available that allow you to monitor online activities across all device types. As a parent, you monitor what they do in the real world; it makes sense to keep tabs virtually too.

8.     Talk to children about how to protect themselves online. Kids need to understand that there are real dangers in cyberspace. Talk to them about cyber-bullying, danger from online predators and other hazards.

9.     “Friend” your kids online. If your children are on social media, you can keep an eye on their activities if you “friend” them of Facebook and follow them on Twitter or other platforms. It’s also a good idea to play online games with them and interact via apps.

10.  Don’t be afraid to use parental control tools. Being a parent has never been an easy job, but in some ways, connected devices make it even harder. Luckily, there are parental control solutions you can use to manage it all.
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50+ Celebrities who have had Miscarriages

When news leaks too early that a celebrity woman is pregnant and then she never confirms it, then fails to advance in the pregnancy, there is a high possibility that she might have had a miscarriage.

Since our blog post in 2007 about celebrity miscarriages and the taboo surrounding the topic, many more other sites have reported on celebrity miscarriages and more celebs themselves have been open about discussing a loss that happens in 1 in every 4 pregnancies or among 25% of women.

After TV host and journalist Lisa Ling came out about suffering through one herself, she added a category to her website encouraging women to share their miscarriage stories.

If more women, including celebrities, knew how common miscarriage is and how many have dealt with and suffered through it, but survived, they may be better able to cope if and when it happens to them.

To help that process along, here is a pretty comprehensive listing of all the celebrities we've found quoted to have had at least one miscarriage before going on to have a successful pregnancy, adopting, having a child via surrogacy or not at all.
Feel free to comment or add anyone we've left off

Singing Divas 
1. Beyonce
2. Mariah Carey
3. Celine Dion
4. Whitney Houston
5. Lily Allen
6. Courtney Love
7. Victoria Beckham
8. Liza Minnelli
9. Yoko Ono
10. Jennifer Lopez
11. Courtney Cox
12. Jennifer Aniston
13. Demi Moore
14. Emma Thompson
15. Sharon Stone
16. Pamela Anderson
17. Mary Tyler Moore
18. Valerie Bertinelli
19. Brooke Shields
20. Kirstie Alley
21. JoBeth Williams
22. Linda Hamilton
23. Lucy Lawless
24. Nicole Kidman
25. Katey Sagal
26. Jean Seberg
27. Jane Seymour
28. Suzanne Pleshette
29. Amy Brenneman
30. Nell Carter
31. Gwyneth Paltrow

Reality TV Stars

32. Bethenny Frankel
33. Tiny
34. Michelle Duggar
35. Giuliana Rancic

Recording Industry/Singers
36. Tori Ames
37. Kara DuoGuardi

TV Personalities
38. Oprah Winfrey
39. Lisa Ling
40. Amber Rose
41. Vanna White


42. Christie Brinkley
43. Katie Price

Golden Film Age Stars
44. Joanne Woodward
45. Joan Chen
46. Marilyn Monroe
47. Sophia Loren
48. Joan Crawford
49. Audrey Hepburn
50. Vivien Leigh

51. Jackie Kennedy Onasis
52. Nancy Kerrigan
53. Jane Pratt, publisher of Jane Magazine
54. Barbara Walters

R&B & Hip Hop (Unconfirmed):
55. Kelly Rowland
56. Ashanti
57. Foxy Brown 


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The Working Mom's Coffee Break: How I Transitioned from Motherhood Back to the Workplace

Some moms can’t take it to leave the baby behind at home so they stay as active and full-time nursing mothers. On the opposite end, other moms desire to enter back into the workplace to have a sense of fulfillment in advancing their career. If you’re the second type, let this article guide you on how to transition from motherhood to a career woman.

1. Find a Lactating Room

Moms who have just given birth would have to breastfeed the newborns. Breastfeeding milk should be pumped out and the milk should be stored in a refrigerator to keep it fresh for the baby. In the case of a working place, you should be able to ask workmates if there is a lactating room where you would not be put in a vulnerable position. Feel comfortable in pumping without being bothered by others in the office. If the workplace does not have one available, the only option is to breastfeed the baby at night or during weekends.

2. Keep Hydrated

Now that you’re not pregnant, expect that your appetite will change. It’s still best to have high-protein snacks and drink water regularly. Being hydrated will make you stay healthy for your baby. Also, eating enough will keep your blood sugar normal and in check. Being an unhealthy mom will produce negative effects on the breastfeeding milk. Hence, make sure that you acquire the right nutrition you and your baby need.

3. Get Employed with a Family-friendly Company

Consider that not all companies and not all positions are family-friendly. A family-friendly company is one that will allow you to have rest time for yourself, work at home as necessary and accrue credits for leaves as you might have to go to the hospital and see your baby’s doctor for vaccinations and checkups. Look for a company that allows flexibility and encourages work and life balance. You may ask the employees you know to get a glimpse of the company culture so you would not be shocked about the company philosophy once you become an official worker. Also, it will be helpful to learn about the benefits given by the company to working mothers.

4. Practice Time Management

There is no doubt that half or more of your time in one day will be devoted to your job in the office. With proper time management, you can still accomplish chores at home and take care of your baby. Lay out every task that you need to achieve the day or the week before so you would be able to plan ahead which ones should be prioritized. A mom is not superhuman after all.

5. Think About Yourself

First-time moms especially think more about their babies than themselves. It is important to see that the baby is doing well, but it is also critical to think and care about your own well-being. If you feel much stressed at work and at home, take the time out and relax in spa centers or in any sanctuary. Have a warm bath before going to bed at night and exercise regularly. The last thing you want to happen is to lie down on a hospital bed after passing out because of stress.


Mothers do not necessarily have to be perfect all the time. It is enough to be sufficient as a concerned mother for the baby at home and an efficient employee in the workplace. If you feel that the company is putting much pressure on you, it is time to leave and look for another one which can suit your needs.

Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in Brisbane, Australia. She is a wedding planner, event coordinator and a mother of a 3 year old toddler. Connect with her on Twitter.

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8 Home Decor Celeb Style Tips on a shoestring budget

Bellyitch Rewind

What sets a celebrity’s home apart? Is it the millions of dollars worth of stuff that they contain? No, it is simply the execution of a plan, meticulous detail and a whole load of imagination. Your home too could look like that of a celebrity, and what’s more, it won’t cost you the world! 

Here are 8 tips for updating your home, celeb style!

1) Let’s talk theme: A little known fact is that most celebrities have a common theme running throughout their home. That theme could be the Wild West, as in Mel Gibson’s ranch or lilac and peach, in Halle Berry’s Paris flat. Either way, the benefit of a theme is dual fold, one it is easier to know what kind of home furnishing, accessories and general home decor pieces to go with. And secondly it keeps cost down. How so? Read on…

2) Elegant yet inexpensive: Many celebrities are fixated on a particular color, texture or print. Do the same, when painting your walls, use subtle variants of the same shade to bring about the semblance of a theme throughout the home. One trick to break from the monotony is combining artifacts with the wall paint to create a signature space. 

3) Go antique: Remember, vintage never goes out of fashion. To give your home a serious face lift, invest in antiques. Now we don’t mean you break the bank pursuing a statue or painting at auction, we simply mean visit websites for online home accessories. Most such websites have home decoration pieces that look antiquated, but are relatively inexpensive. 

4) In the bathroom: Go looking for faucets and fixtures that are vintage. Unlike accessories, you could find these old fixtures rather cheaply at a plumbing supplies store. Make sure they are in a good condition, and aren’t rusted or weathered in any way. 

5) Get online for great pieces of art: If you’d like to hang a renowned artwork like the Mona Lisa on your walls, there is a way to do it, for absolutely free. Download a high resolution image of the art from the internet, print it out, and frame it. There, a world famous art work and it didn’t cost you a thing! 

6) Make your bath, your Nirvana room: Your bathroom, either big or small can be your oasis of serenity in the maddening world you live in. Invest in small pieces of art work like a Buddha statue, votive scented candles and incense, to make your bathroom, a tranquil oasis of peace, not unlike many celebrities. 

7) Fill your bookshelves with rare tomes: If you have a study in your home, ensure that you have some rare books in them. Make the room a regal one where you can escape and enjoy reading a rare book. A coffee table, a nice lush carpet and a curio or two, and you’re sorted. 

8) Reupholster/Reuse/Recycle: If you have an old couch, bring it up to speed with a reupholstering, instead of purchasing a new one. Reuse some of your tees, once you’ve sewn them together as pillowcases or comforters. Recycle old milk bottles and tinted beer bottles as ashtrays or flower vases. Put your own unique spin on things. In truth that’s what makes a celeb’s home stand out. 

Noureen Almeida, is a trendy indoor stylist who loves consulting with clients about avenues of purchasing home decoration online. She also designs spaces for clients with home furnishing bought exclusively online

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Over 20 Stylists looks for your weekend and Week

Nowadays, you don't have to be celebrity to have a personal shopper or stylist. More and more companies and private stylists are offering affordable options so women who would like help putting together a fab look for a wedding, class reunion or other event when they have to look amazing. 

For example, Prep 101 offers packages starting at $60 for would-be fashionista or moministas who wants a kick start or would like to get their hands on some of their these:


Check them out;


6 tips for helping baby sleep through the night

Every baby is different, so it’s only natural for some to have a more difficult time with nighttime sleep than others. Some babies take to it very well and at a very young age are able to sleep through the night with only the occasional wakeup. Others, however, require a lot of patience and guidance in order to get to point where they can sleep all night. But in every case, there are things parents can do to make things easier for the baby as well as for themselves.

If your baby has trouble sleeping through the night and you are ready to move to the next stage, here are a few tips that may help.

1. Have a routine: To ease your little one into sleep, establish a nighttime routine that you follow without exception. This might include a bath, reading time, and the last feeding of the day. Do whatever works best for your family. Just make it consistent, and make sure it differs from other routines you have through the day.

2. Discourage nighttime feeding: Very early on, it is perfectly natural for an infant to require several feedings during the night, and this can continue for many months if it is not too much trouble for the parents. But if are ready for better nighttime sleep and your child is old enough, you can begin phasing out these feedings. Keep track of how much your baby eats and how much she requires, and make sure she gets enough during the daytime hours while gradually lessening the nighttime feedings.

3. Position the baby well: To minimize the risk of SIDS, most medical authorities recommend placing the baby on her back at bedtime for the first nine months of life (some recommend longer), and this advice is worth heeding. But when the baby gets old enough to move around at will, there is little you can do to control her position. The good news is that she will naturally find the position in which she is most comfortable and in which she will sleep best. So when your baby is old enough, give her the freedom to find her preferred positions.

4. Try different outfits: If your baby seems to wake up a lot, this could be a sign of discomfort resulting from his sleep outfit. Try different things, and make sure you experiment with each item enough nights to draw a conclusion about whether your baby likes it or not.

5. Control room conditions: Also try different conditions in the room where your baby sleeps. Perhaps he does well with a little bit of noise, in which case you can use a fan or a radio to make some gentle white noise. Also make sure you try different temperatures. Childcare experts generally recommend dressing babies a little more warmly than you would dress yourself, but this is not a blanket rule, and some babies tend to get hot in normal room-temperature conditions.

6. Learn baby’s back-to-sleep habits: Watch your baby for several nights to see how she typically reacts when waking up in the middle of the night. If she wakes, fusses for a moment, and then goes back to sleep, make sure you allow her to do this instead of interrupting her natural process. On the other hand, if you can learn to recognize when she is unlikely to get herself back to sleep, you can get to her early and minimize the amount of time she is awake.

Jamell Williams 


Bump News: Shakira confirms pregnancy; Jennifer Aniston confirms she is not

In around the bump news, Shakira confirmed that she and beau Spanish soccer strar Gerard Pique are expecting their second child in this month 's edition of Cosmopolitan in Spanish. 

Meanwhile, amidst revelations that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married last weekend at their French chatteau in France, Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston shot down rumors that she and fiancĂ© Justin Theroux are expecting. 

Images (above) of Aniston with a bubble in the center of the sequined mini dress she wore during Wednesday's LA premiere of her latest project, the dark comedy Life of Crimesparked rumors that she was pregnant. 

She shot down the rumors sharply on TODAY, telling Carson Daly, "I'm not pregnant!" and adding that her "value as a woman" is not defined by motherhood. 

She also expressed frustration about being constantly asked if she was pregnant. 

I bet!

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Kelly Rowland stays fit even in third trimester

Not that it has to be but Kelly Rowland is not letting pregnancy slow her down. Definitely, the singer is not letting it stop her from doing lunges while in her last trimester of pregnancy as seen in an Instagram pic she shared with her fans and followers lately. 

Early on, the Destiny's Child alum faced a lot of criticism for working out while pregnant after she posted a series of intense workout sessions. 

We came to her defense of course. 

Keep it tight, mama!

h/t Kay Hacks on IG

Eco-Friday: End of Summer Eco-Fun Tips

I'm digging the wonderful eco-friendly tips that HuffPo recently shared. I'm constantly struggling to find fun environmentally-friendly activities to do with the kids in the summer. It is a HUGE challenge to keep them entertained and their brains stimulated all summer. That's why I loved seeing these eco-summer tips and ideas:

1) Grow a garden

Sunflower Playhouses & Mazes
Sunflowers are inexpensive and easy to grow. Certain varieties like "Sunzilla," "Mammoth," and "California Greystripe" can grow between 12-20 feet tall which makes them a great plant to use to make an outdoor playhouse or maze. All it takes is a couple packages of seeds and a little watering and in 8 weeks you will have a bright and cheerful "nature made" play area.

Pizza Garden
If space is an issue or you have older children, a pizza garden is a lot fun and keeps them really engaged. In a small bed or pots, plant a few tomato plants, basil and oregano -- all of the garden ingredients that you need for a pizza. After you harvest at the end of the summer, make pizza sauce with the ingredients from your garden.

2) Use Nature's Art Box

Go on a stroll in your yard, neighborhood or nearest park and collect leaves, small twigs, and flowers to use as materials in a translucent garden window or mobile. All you need are the materials that you have collected, translucent contact paper and string.

For older kids, it is fun to collect rocks and pebbles from your yard or neighborhood and paint them. It is great to show your child pictures of ancient cave art for inspirations. You can even try making your own natural pigment paints using egg white and ochre (blush) for reds and charcoal for black.

3) Recycled Box Crafts

Boxes are by far the best item to let the imagination nation run wild. Refrigerator and wardrobe boxes make a great playhouse or puppet theaters. You can take them outside and let your child color or paint them. You can help them cut windows and doors into them. One way to make the decorating easy and fun is to use a paper cup to hold the paint and tape it to the outside of the box right at your child's arm level.

Medium-size boxes that may be gathering dust in the attic or garage are great for toy train tunnels and matchbox car tracks/highways. Help your child cut the tunnel hole in the box and then help them put tape highways across the tops and sides, then take a marker and add the line for the road.

You can also combine several medium size boxes with multi-colored masking tape to make a fun play tunnel for your child to crawl though. Another option would be to have your child color or paint the tunnel to look like a caterpillar.

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Celeb Mom Instagram Selfie Showdown

It had been a celebrity selfie "celebration" on the social media site Instagram this week and a few before. 

Check out some of the self-loving self-portraits some of our current & past Bellyitch BumpWatch moms shared with their fans & followers on the populate image-sharing site. 

Who has the best selfie?

Gisele Bundchen
Evelyn Lozada

Milla Jovovich
Eva Pigford Marcille
Vanessa Lachey
Garcelle Beauvais
Hilary Duff
Lily Aldridge
Savannah Brinson James
Alessandra Ambrosio

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