Friday, November 21, 2014

Rosie Pope attends Project Nursery co-founder's fab suprise baby shower

You missed this because we forgot to share with you these adorable pics of maternity-wear designer and past blog feature Rosie Pope attending the  New York city surprise baby shower for "Project Nursery" co-founder Melissa Fluhr

Totally adorbs! Flugh and her pal, Pam Ginocchio—post-college roommates and interior design enthusiasts, both founded the company while tackling their own nurseries— and since then, the website has been THE go-to for kid friendly and nursery design.

Congrats Melisa!

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REVIEW: Get thru holidays with Dr. Ross' Defy Vitamins

Women often lose themselves caring for their family and others that they often forget to nurture & care for themselves. 

This cold and flu season, women, including pregnant, nursing and new mothers, need to make sure they stay healthy all around.

One way to do that is to take a daily multi-vitamin & if possible essential oils and oral supplements. 

I tried out Dr Ross's new DEFy multivitamin complex tablets and the Omega 3 Fish oil ($58 bottle) for a few weeks and could immediately notice the difference in my energy level. 

Amazing to rediscover the importance of a daily multivitamins because, again, I make my kids' take their daily chewable, yet I don't normally take one myself.

Now I do.  

The 30-day supply package comes with a chewable tablet & oil soft gel pill. The chewable is a bit chalky & I take it with water to erase the taste which is otherwise still decent. 

I love that they come in convenient pre-packaging so you can just chuck it in your bag or pocket before you head out.

The supplement is suitable for pregnant and Breastfeeding moms and with each purchase of a bottle, Defy, sends one to a bottle to a woman in need

Very nice! Social Good is Good.

Defy Vitamins  rocks! Get it at the company's website or from our Amazon affiliate HERE!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian covers Fit Pregnancy

Kourtney Kardashian covers the December 2014/January 2015 edition of Fit Pregnancy. Inside the magazine, the boutique chain owner and reality TV star reveals that her baby is due on Christmas Eve December 24. 

This will be the third child for Kim Kardashian's big sister and her boyfriend Scott Disick. The couple are parents to 4-year old Mason and 2-year old Penelope.

Looking good!

photo: Fit Pregnancy
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Black Friday: 5 Tips for Surviving it Safely

We are counting down the days until Black Friday, and each year local and national reports indicate that consumers and customers get harmed during some of the mad rush to get into doors to grab  limited-quantity "door-buster" deals.  Everyone has to exercise caution and be safe.  Self-Defense expert Jarrett Arthur offers some tips for the Black Friday season. Jarrett, a high-ranking Krav Maga black belt instructor and Program Director at the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center has taught hundreds of men, women and children self defense,  has these 5 tips:

1)         Pay attention to your surroundings, not the Tickle Me Elmo in aisle 3.  I doubt it’s caused by the overconsumption of Tryptophan, but Black Friday tends to bring out the crazy in people. From shoppers pepper-spraying other shoppers to armed robberies, fistfights to all out stampedes, there is an undeniable spike in the crime rate. People lose their freakin’ minds on this particular day of the year, and shoppers are so focused and intent on snagging the item they want that they miss important cues around them that may signal danger early on. Avoid chatting, texting, or running price comparisons on your smart phone, and instead opt to use your eyes, ears, and gut instinct as you shop. Frequently check the space and people around you, open your field of vision by occasionally scanning the entire store or parking lot. Don’t ignore someone who is behaving oddly, utilize one of the many armed guards that major stores will be hiring and let them know what you saw and where you saw it.

2)         Check your ego at the door. Seriously.  Did you see it first? Where you first in the line? Was it in your cart? Probably. While I’m all for standing your ground and not letting anyone hassle you or take advantage, I’m also for remaining intact and alive. Without a doubt, the number one culprit of crime on Black Friday is out of control ego and the bewildering life or death urgency that people put on the purchase of material possessions. And argument can quickly escalate into a shoving match, which can easily escalate into strikes being thrown, and potentially a weapon being brandished. If the threat of escalation becomes real, your best option is to walk away, particularly if your kids are in tow.

3)         Have an escape plan and a pre-determined meeting place with family.  Violence has a ripple effect. Especially in crowded places, a confrontation in one section of a store can spread to chaos throughout with unbelievable speed. Take a few moment upon entering a building, store, or shop to identify less-obvious exits (read: the ones in the back), which will be easier to navigate in an emergency since the majority of shoppers will immediately flock to main entrances. Determine a quick emergency escape route with your family, and choose an easily identifiable location outside the building to use as a safe meeting place in case of separation.

4)         Crowds are dangerous.  Any competent self-defense instructor will agree that the key to staying safe in a confrontation is to create as much space as possible by any means necessary. Super tricky to do when you and a couple hundred strangers are packed in front of a sliding glass door like sardines counting down the seconds until you can get your hands on a brand new _____. Here’s where vigilance and listening to your gut are extra important. Small scuffles can rapidly turn into chaotic and very dangerous situations. If something doesn’t feel right, throw in the towel and head home. Merchandise X is definitely not worth your safety and wellbeing. Additionally, pickpockets love lines and crowds because you’re forced into close quarters. Keep wallets, purses, and bags tightly zipped (a small luggage lock is added protection) and on the front of your body. Standing sideways in lines also gives you a little bit more space.

Jarrett Arthur, Self-Defense Expert

5)         Parking lots and vehicles are prime territory for bad guys (and gals). Think about it. It’s dark outside, hundreds of shoppers are flooding parking lots at odd hours of the morning and night, parking way far away from entrances, wandering back to their isolated cars distracted by post-purchase reveling, most likely on their phones, with tons of brand new, expensive loot. Two words: prime pickings. Park as close to entrances as possible. Utilize security guards as escorts if you have to park in remote areas of the lot or garage. If you can’t easily carry your purchases in one hand or one one arm you should get a shopping cart. Get your keys (and pepper spray or stun gun if you choose to carry one) out before you even leave the store. Get off your phone, take out your earbuds. Check your surroundings frequently and check your vehicle (back seat, both sides, underneath) before approaching. Load items quickly.  Stay put until automatic sliding doors, hatch backs, or lift gates shut completely before you get in, lock the doors, and drive away. Don’t spend time idling in the car organizing receipts and planning the next stop. Get in and go.
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UK Star Billie Faiers does IG Maternity biz promo best

Many celebrities use their massive followings in social media like Twitter and Instagram to promote products and services they sell as part of an endorsement deal or their own brand or label.

To date, I am yet to see any celeb do a good a job promoting their own maternity wear line they sell than British actress Billie Faiers who is on the hit UK show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE).

Faiers and her 23-year old TV personality sister Sam Faiers had launched an online boutique, Minnies, in 2011. So when the young star and her boyfriend George found out they were expecting, she made sure she featured clothes from Minnies in her IG often with a link back to the boutique's IG page.  She needed to mix up the pose a bit, but whatevs!

Very clever and the looks are fab, even though all these below are not from her boutique! 

Baby Nelly arrived in July and Billie miraculously bounced back into shape in no time flat. ugh! luky girl. 

Anyway, check out her fab maternity looks:







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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

25 sites to help you pick your Baby's Name

There is a lot of hand-wringing that goes on when parents pick the name for their baby.  
A  2010 study in the UK revealed that 1 in 5 parents regret the name they chose for their child. Your kid's name can have consequences beyond the playground and onto jobs mostly due to no fault of his or her own. For example, another study found that boys whose parents gave them “girlish” sounding names like Ashley or Shannon were more likely to have behavioral problems in class. Also, it’s been found that people have preconceived notions about which names sound like they’re from lower socio-economic status and treat people with these names differently, especially in school. 

One study listed the top 10 "bad boy" names.  Another found that people react negatively to odd sounding names. On the other end, there have been some reports have addressed whether a bay name can help it succeed.

Before you go for a tech sounding name or a name inspired by Winter, the season your baby is due in, check out these 25 websites and blogs that offered suggestions, tips and insights into baby naming. 

Unique Names
It’s not uncommon to want a name that is different than all the others for your child.  Few want their child to be one of several kids with the same name at school. 

Biblical Those parents with a deep faith may lean towards a biblical name.  There are many kids out there with names like Jacob, Elijah, and Luke whose names come from the Bible. 

Historical Figures Naming your child after a great leader or a historical figure you really admire is a creative way to choose a name and the process has a story behind it.  

Unisex Names -Parents may want to avoid all gender associations from their kids and opt for a unisex name

After Cities Many couples like naming their kids after the place where they were conceived.  This may not work well for some people, but it does for others. 


Thanksgiving: 5 Healthy Snacks to make with the kids

Thanksgiving is synonymous with family, friends and an overload of food. So, when it comes to dessert this holiday, skip the pie and substitute with these 5 healthier alternatives. Jenna Fernandes, CEO of, the only FREE “Open Table” of family and pet care services, offers lighter desserts that are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth without any guilt this Thanksgiving.

From holiday staples to fall favorites with creative twists, here are five great recipes to try with your family:

1.       The Caramel Apple Bar: This is an activity the whole family can participate in making. Start an assembly line by cutting apples into slices and inserting a candy stick for easier decorating. Once the prep is complete, dip the apples in chocolate or caramel and arrange the family’s favorite toppings such as sprinkles, coconut or crushed candy pieces to top this sweet treat.

2.       Turkey Muffin: Another great dessert to get kids creative with this fun treat for Thanksgiving. First, bake your favorite pumpkin muffin recipe and prep the decorating ingredients. Create the turkey feathers with sliced red and green apples, cut a small beak from a thin slice of carrot and finish off with squeezable icing for eyes. This simple recipe will turn this dessert into an art project.

3.       Yogurt-dipped strawberries: Yogurt-dipped strawberries are a favorite, guilt free dessert that includes healthy Greek yogurt and strawberries. Greek yogurt is high in protein and offers a thicker consistency perfect for dipping. Dip the strawberries in Greek yogurt, set on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and allow them to set in the freezer for one hour before enjoying with friends and family.

4.       Baked Apples: Apples are always a fall favorite and this baked apple recipe will become an instant hit on any family dinner table or dessert party tray this season. After preheating the oven to 350 degrees, slice apples and place in a baking dish. Finish off with a dusting of brown sugar and cinnamon for added fall flavor and bake for 15 minutes.

5.       “Cocoa-Nut” Bananas: This healthy treat is a perfect alternative to the traditional fall flavors. Start with slicing bananas down the middle. Roll each slice in cocoa powder and shake off the excess. Finish these healthy treats by rolling the slices in unsweetened coconut flakes and arrange on a fun tray.

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This Week in Celebrity bump selfies: Kimberly Wyatt, Liv Tyler, Tila Tequila and Jacqueline Jossa

Clockwise: Kimberly Wyatt, Liv Tyler, Jacqueline Joss and Tila Tequila show off belly progression selifies

PussyCat Dolls, Kimberly Wyatt posted a social media photo of her bare bump this week.  (Reveal)

Liv Tyler shared her bare bump too recently.  (People)

As did former YouTube star turned VH1 dating show bachelorette Tila Tequila right before giving birth to a daughter  this week (Wet Paint)

British actor and star of The Eastenders  TV show Jacqueline Jossa shared her progression photo too (OK!)

source: Instagram
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

STYLE: How to wear your hair to complement your body type

Whether you're preggers or not, it's always important to consider your body type when you get a new hairstyle. As a person who changes her hair often, I am always mindful to make sure a style works with my face too.

Over at "A Mom in Red Heels,"  style blogger Tammy Gibson's personal stylist Angela Bethanie offered some great advice for what type of hair works best depending on  your body type.

I have an hour glass and the advice Betanie dispenses about hair best for my body type is accurate and makes sense:
Hourglass Body Type: facial shape is usually rounded- either oval, long oval or round 
Long hair: Deep side parting with longer fringe. Layers and texture are your best friend! If tucking hair behind the ear leave a little hair in front for a more tousled look. 
Short hair- always make sure to leave a fringe (think lots of texture). Product you must have: Spray wax works best, hour glass body shapes need balance from top to bottom and a spray wax can give you instant texture whenever and wherever needed!

Check out the rest of the post HERE for those of you who don't have an hour glass figuresout there. 
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Celebrity Worship Fail: VH1 asks readers what celebrity moments they are 'thankful for'

I thought Thanksgiving was about being thankful for family, health, safety, security, overcoming odds, beating challenges, friends and all positive things in our lives that we may take for granted. 

So to see VH1's Gossip Table's post ask people what celebrity moments are us regular folks most thankful for, I literally dropped my mouth. 

Have we all turned into such a celebrity worship society and culture that we now count events in the lives of celebrities among OUR blessings?

Please say this isn't so! Am I overreacting or is this a shallow superficial Thanksgiving post fail? 

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The Yoga Pant: 10 Reasons They're Great for Pregnant women

There is no article of clothing a pregnant woman loves more than her Yoga or Pilates pants. It quickly becomes a staple and often worn item in a woman's wardrobe from the moment her tiny bump starts to outgrow her regular pants and jeans.  Some women find themselves even going through several pairs of pants by the time they ultimately deliver their babies. There are so many reasons women love their Yoga pants. Here are ten of them:

10. It is usually made of a comfortable, stretchable and forgiving material.
9.  It can easily be worn under a growing belly.

8. Some merchants sell it in the maternity styles and it can fit over the belly and it still fit comfortably.

7. It can fit easily under a casual top and worn with ballet flats or boots...

Hilary Duff does maternity casual
6. It can fit over a nicer dressier top and worn with heels or maryjanes or accessorized with a nice blazer or scarf.
Elizabeth Berkley dressed up her yoga pants while out lunching
5. It has multifunctional uses and is versatile.

4. If you stick with black, navy or dark gray, it doesn't make our expanding hips look that  big.

3. You can totally just go to bed in it at the end of the day if you have no energy left to take them off at the end of the day. They could double as PJs!

2. You can usually find a pair at all price points and affordable level.

These Bella pants are just $17!

But if you are serious about your yoga wear, you can splurge and get these bootcut organic Gaiam pants for $68!

1. And you can use them to actually do Yoga! This set sells for about 50 bucks!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Actor Lance Gross is wickedly awesome maternity portrait photographer

 Actor Lance Gross  says he thinks pregnancy is beautiful and the House of Payne star certainly has an eye for capturing it.
The budding photographer took some stunning images of his girlfriend since 2011 Rebecca Jefferson recently. 

Gross, who starred in a TV remake of Steel Magnoliasannounced in July that they were expecting their first child this fall.

In addition to his radiant partner, Gross has also captured the beauty of friend Kelly Rowland, TV personality Zena Foster's recent pregnancies. 

Check out his work shared on Instagram:
Kelly Rowland - photo by Lance Gross

Kelly Rowland - photo by Lance Gross

Kelly Rowland - photo by Lance Gross

Zena Foster - photo by Lance Gross

Rebecca Jefferson -  photo by Lance Gross

Zena Foster - photo by Lance Gross

A photo posted by lancegross (@lancegross) on

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