Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Celeb Bump Watch Round up

What's the latest in bump watch and new mommy-hood news? Here's what's buzzing:

Isla Fisher and  Sacha Baron Cohen are expecting their third child together. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Alicia Keys shared her baby's due date during an appearance on The View. (US Weekly)

Alyssa Milano is leaving  her hit ABC television show Mistresses to focus on raising her children.(People)

Country singer Holly Williams welcomed her first child,  Stella June. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

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Fall Look Book: 3 Maternity Inspiration Looks

It's fall! That means boots, outerwear, jackets, scarves and hats as the temperature starts to drop in many parts of the country. We channeled some of the fab looks from one of our favorite fashion vloggers, The Chic Natural, and curated maternity versions for busy moms-to-be who are in search of style inspiration for the new season.

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Chelsea Clinton-Kate Middleton hospital release comparisons are drivingsome crazy

So you guys know, three days after welcoming her first childChelsea Clinton left the hospital yesterday, Monday, September 29 in a Columbia blue and white patterned mini dress, cradling her daughter in swaddled blankets, flanked by her husband Marc Mezvinsky.

Media sites immediately started comparing the optics to Kate Middleton's hospital release after giving birth to Prince George in 2013. Middleton wore a blue polka dot dress with Prince William at her side in a blue shirt and black slacks.  

The royal fans in the comment sections of these pieces and people who dislike the Clintons went beserk over the comparison! Aye!

Won't share the toxicity here but we find the similar looks endearing. Most likely, it was unintentional. Chelsea recently gave up her $600,000 a year cushy job at NBC as a special correspondence to focus on her new role as a mom and her existing job working for her dad's Clinton Global Initiative and Foundation. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Now that those FAQs about Ebola in the US are Outdated, here's what you should know for your family

This is not to guilt-trip anyone in the US but so far, many have been able to not pay much attention to the fact Ebola victims' children left to be orphans are shunned in their community and left to fiend for themselves, and face death. 

The disease, also called hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF), is  contagious and life-threatening and was first spotted in Africa in 1976, and is named for the Ebola river in the Congo. It broke out in recent months in my native Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea (with one case in Nigeria and another in Senegal).

As with many epidemics and pandemics, when they are not affecting us directly or are at our shores, it is quite easy for us in the US and the West, generally, to go about our daily lives aloof, in a way, to global suffering, which occurs daily worldwide.

However, the first verified and confirmed case of ebola was diagnosed in Dallas, Texas today.

And now we know that recent Centers for Disease Control information (spotted in Time in August 2014) is already outdated:
Are we safe in the United States?
Yes. There have been no reported cases of Ebola spreading to the U.S. The two American aid workers who recently became infected with Ebola in West Africa were flown back to the U.S. and hospitalized immediately. While Ebola is contagious, it is not as contagious as the flu. Special medical planes and vehicles were used to transport the infected patients to prevent the disease from spreading. 
Can the Ebola outbreak be stopped?
Yes. Experts know how to control Ebola. They are now working to stop the outbreak in West Africa, which is the best way to protect people in the U.S. and around the world. Once Ebola is brought under control in the infected countries, there will be no new cases and the virus will stop spreading. However, experts are unsure of how long it will take to end the current Ebola outbreak.
However, notwithstanding, now that it has landed in the US, it is probably safe to assume all slow-moving efforts to get clinical trials done on human patients to advance the discovery of a vaccine and treatment for patients will be accelerated. 

The one case we have here now is from a man who traveled from Liberia but showed no symptoms when he arrived, although he had been in contact with family members who had the disease while he was in Liberia. The CDC is tracking those he had been in contact with since then to notify them and make sure they are being monitored. 

Here is to hoping it is discovered soon. Until then, for those of you who may be concerned, and may have come in contact with someone that patient encountered and not know it, all you can do is wash your hands  frequently and stay sterile.

"One of the most important measures for preventing the spread of pathogens is effective hand washing," the CDC states. "This hygienic behavior has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of child deaths from diarrhea (the second leading cause of child deaths) by almost half and from pneumonia (the leading cause of child deaths) by one-quarter which together are responsible for approximately 3.5 million child deaths every year.”

Beyond Ebola, with regular hand washing hands with soap, families and communities can help reduce child morbidity rates from diarrheal diseases by almost 50 per cent.”

Stay safe!

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Molly Sims is expecting her 2nd child at 41

Add ex model Molly Sims to the extensive celebrity who had a baby after 40 club!

The gorgeous 41-year old blonde announced on her website today that she  and her husband Scott Stuber are expecting their second child. 

The couple are parents to 2-year Brooks.
"Scott, Brooks, and I are welcoming a fourth member to our little family – our second child!" she wrote as the title of her entry along with this cute announcement graphic. 

Halloween Nail Art Designs Ideas

Bellyitch Rewind

We're sure you've seen the Halloween displays out at your local Wal-Mart, Target or other super store. So you might as well start thinking of creative nail art. Here are some eye-catching ones that Modonika has curated for you to consider decorating your own nails with to make them pop in the scary night. 

One can match them with their Halloween fashion costumes and mask.  Change up your traditioanl ho-hum polish this Halloween 2013 with frightening faces of skull, mask, blood, deadly pumpkin and spiders etc


UPDATE: RHOA's Kandi Burruss speaks on pregnancy rumors (AUDIO)

During a radio interview last week, BravoTV's Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Buruss addressed rumors (um including some fueled by our blog post) that she was expecting.  The reports started after she canceled her musical theater production, " A Mother's Love". 

The star of the short  Bravo series Kandi's Wedding confirmed that she and her new husband Todd Tucker have been "working diligently" on getting pregnant 

“I have all this stuff going on. Once things happen and I’m blessed with the situation, I’ll figure it out. Don’t we all?” she  told on the “Russ Parr Morning Show", adding "as far as I know, we haven’t had any luck. I’ve been seeing people tweeting…but I haven’t confirmed that."

She said the traveling show was canceled because the promoter handling  the tour of the show quit because he wasn't equipped to do it. 

So there you have it. She is working on getting pregnant but no baby yet!

It's always great when you can get these bump watch speculation cleared up straight from the source!

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Pediatricians: IUD now preferred teen birth control

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended updates to what contraceptive methods are suggested to teens in an effort to prevent teen pregnancy.

According to the academy, "In 2011, 47 percent of high school students reported ever having sex, and 34 percent reported having had sex in the previous three months." Data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention notes "a total of 305,388 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years" in 2012, which continues to trend lower when compared to figures as far back as 1991.

In the academy's newly released technical report, the AAP has now added "long acting reversible contraceptive" to their list of suggested options for adolescents who opt not to remain abstinent from sexual activity while providing teens "appropriate screening and/or education about safe and effective contraceptive methods."

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Heidi Klum won Milan Fashion Week

So it appears our Bellyitch BumpWatch alum Hedi Klum won Milan Fashion Week!

She hit up the amFar 2014 Milano event in an Atelier Versace gown from the Fall 2014 collection

She scored big at Versace in a sleek cut out LBD by Versace and leather ornate thigh high leather boots topped with a structure motorcycle jacket.

A Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014 black and white jumpsuit was only appropriate for the Cavalli show. 

Werk it mama!

Also spotted were some of the hottest celebrity fashion bloggers:

Blogger Gresy Daniilidis at Simonetta Ravizza.

Blogger Chiara Ferragni at Fay.

The Blonde Salad blogger Chiara again at Fendi.

Photos: Getty, starcast 

How to socialize with drinking friends while pregnant

Pregnant women may feel less of a desire to socialize with their friends at bars when alcohol is present. But there is a way to have a good time without a glass of wine in your hand.

Yahoo! Food editor Julia Bainbridge sat down with Lifestyle and Fashion blogger Pippa Lorde of Sous Style who is almost done with her Sober September challenge and has gone dry all month.. Lorde has   tips on how to socialize when everyone around you is drinking. 

Here are a couple of tidbits from the piece that can be relevant to you preggers moms out there:
What do you drink when you’re out with friends? 
I love having soda and bitters. You end up kind of rating the best bitters—I love Jerry Thomas Bitters from The Bitter Truth. I’ll also put a bit of orange in it. Then what I’ve found is really helpful is drinking peppermint tea with your dinner. There’s such a ritual around coffee and tea, so I feel like I’m having a ritualistic drink like those at my table drinking wine are.
So what about when you’re not drinking and everyone else is? Can conversation be more challenging? 
Making small talk is much more difficult. I naturally find people very interesting and I try and be very curious about them, but you have to work even harder. Alcohol can take the edge off just a little bit—you feel more relaxed—so when you don’t have that oil of alcohol, you have to work to find those interesting moments with people.
Interesting perspective, no?

For you veteran moms, how have you managed socializing around alcohol while preggers? For you new moms-to-be, what have been your greatest challenges? Are you avoiding friends? 
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Global Citizen Festival: Pregnant Carrie Underwood and Alicia Keys; and moms Beyonce and Gwen Stefani rock the summit concert

Bellyitch Bumpwatch moms and alums rocked the Central Park concert which wrapped the 3rd  annual Global Citizen Summit Festival to end Poverty by 2030 yesterday, Saturday, September 27.  

The event,  is the part of  the Global Citizen initiative, and put on by the Global Poverty Project, an international education and advocacy organization whose mission is to grow the number and effectiveness of Global Citizens to achieve the public, business and political commitment and action to end extreme poverty by 2030. 

On Friday, first time mom-to-be Carrie Underwood looked radiant in a navy while performing a 35 minute set! Wow! Pregnant ladies rock.

That performance was followed by the new The Voice coach and recently turned mom to three boys Gwen Stefani  who reunited with her band No Doubt on some old and newer hits.

Another preggers mom, Alicia Keys, crooned and played the piano in a soul-wretching set at the event that focused on global poverty problems.

Finally, Jay Z headlined today's concert and brought out his wife Beyonce Knowles Carter on a few tracks in the end in a surprise performance.

Bravo ladies (and gent) on doing your part to help fight global poverty!

photo: MSNBC, Getty, Starcast


First Bar for Pregnant women to open in NYC

So there is a new bar in NYC's East Village set to open called Gestations that touts itself to be the first bar for pregnant women.  

When one hears that one may think: mock tails, fresh juices and healthy blended smoothies and drinks.

After all, a city rep told the New York Post that the owners have not applied for a liquor license as of yet. 

But the image of a pregnant woman popping a bottle of champagne on a billboard sized sign on the front of the venue makes one quickly realize it may not be a healthy bar after all. 

"All you mothers-to-be should come check out our trimester specials and our 9-month happy hour because now you’re drinking for two!" the sign at the bar, slated to open in late October states


Also, the venue's Facebook and Twitter accounts talk about real liquor!

#gestationsny will have free pregnancy test kits when you buy a pitcher. Check out our profile on#BARTRENDr to see what else we’ll carry,” the Facebook page states. 

Say what?!

Are we being trolled? Is Jimmy Kimmel behind this?

It may just be a  publicity stunt or gimmick!

We'll see. 

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