Sunday, November 23, 2014

These fans 'aint loyal: On Kate Middleton's declining popularity

Kate Middleton's second pregnancy is not as popular as her first. Perhaps the luster and glory of a new royal British baby has worn off.

Forbes Life notes that recent reports and polls  reveal that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is not as popular; has dropped to fourth in the list of favorite Royal behind Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and her husband Prince William; and is no longer considered a style icon as much as before.

The report also revealed that compared to a year ago only 6% of men surveyed would want to date her and another found that 89% of women do not want to be her. 

Rationalized, some have said women realize the intense scrutiny of her every move, every food choice, every clothing decision is too intense and not really something they'd want for their own lives. 

It's not necessarily a personal condemnation of Middleton or sign of her declining popularity but more the fact the public if falling out of love with the awe of life as a Royal. 

Read more at Forbes Life. 
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Holiday Guests are Coming: Your Housewares Checklist

As the holiday season fast approaches, many families will find themselves hosting relatives and friends inside their homes. Doing so may require them to do a inventory of their household items and stock up, where necessary, to make sure they aren't handing out raggedy towels and setting up their guests to sleep on stained linen.

Home and Garden TV (HGTV) personality Carley Knobloch offered the 6 checklist items on The Fashion Spot.

Check out the full post here

Here are some tips from our partners at Rue La La:

And the folks at Healthy Sole have something for you germaphobes who usually ask people to remove their shoes before coming into your light carpeted for freshly waxed floors.  Their HealthySole device is an elegant “first to market” device that leaves up to 99% of infectious germs at the door – not on the soles of shoes.  Step on this sleek, innovative mechanism (looks similar to a bathroom scale) that uses green UVC technology to disinfect shoes from bacteria and viruses in a little as 7 to 10 seconds. Interesting!

Good luck and Happy Shopping!

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What else 'broke the Internet' this week: Hayden Panettiere's 8-month pregnant bikini-bod

Kim Kardashian's attempt to "break the internet" was not without competition from pics from Solange Knowles wedding and paparazzi pics of an 8-months pregnant Hayden Panettiere baby-mooning in Hawaii on the beach.

The latter too set the Internet ablaze with criticism of her quite large and bulbous tummy. 

The  Nashville star and her and her fiance since October 2013, athelete Wladimier Klitschko, are expecting their first child together.  The Heroes alum announced the pregnancy this August on the Emmy Awards red carpet. 

Panettiere told Hello!  magazine that she gained 40 pounds this pregnancy and at 5 feet tall, one could see why she would appear to be overwhelmed by her growing belly. 

All the asinine "she looks like she's about to pop" caliber of jokes makes me regret a bit our new societal glorification of the baby bump because the general public may not truly be ready for he reality that is pregnancy.

But alas, those who know of the miracle of life, are striving to one day become a mother and who genuinely adore the human body in pregnant form have to have thicker skin when encountering our fellow man making insensitive remarks in social media.

Rise above it all. Yes, let's be bumpwatch snobs! ha!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving: 5 Tips to save you thousands of calories


Granted Thanksgiving is a time to really tear down on some really good food, but the Holiday is the start of a series of Holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter) of non-stop eating that have the average person packing on pounds that they don't shed later. 

A typical Thanksgiving dinner plate can be 2,900 or more.  People think it's the turkey that makes them so sleepy and tired after Thanksgiving meal, but in reality, it is all the carbohydrates that are part of the average Thanksgiving meal: cornbread, stuffing, rice, macaroni pie, rolls, casseroles, pasta, etc.

There are simple ways to save some of those calories. Here are five tips:

1. Say no to the gravy. 

2.  Put only two portions of carbs on your plate instead of three.

3. Fill up with veggies, salads, cabbage, green beans. Have those items take up most of your plate. 

4. Drink a full glass of water before you eat to trick your body into getting fuller faster.

5. If there is a salad served, eat that first before eating the hot foods. This move will also help trick your body into getting fuller faster on less high calorie, high carbs foods.

The most important of which is portion control. If you must sample all the goodies, opt for one tablespoon of each verses a full portion size. 

Good luck and Bon Appetite!

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6 celebrity couples who split up before baby was born

Bellyitch Rewind

I saw this smokin' hawt photo of Christina Milian today and thought boy is her ex singer/ mega producer The Dream missing out. The couple was one of several celebrity pairs to split in the middle of a pregnancy and BEFORE the baby was born.

Christina Milian was 8 months pregnant when she filed for divorce from The Dream  in 2010.
Personally, I know of a few friends who wound up splitting with their boyfriend or spouse before having their baby and each of them say it was very challenging being pregnant and not at least having someone to help them through those challenging months. A few have said, in hindsight, they would've waited it out until baby was born. Oy! Here are four other celebrities who split before their child was born:
In 2004, four months before delivering her 1st child, son Leni, whose dad is billionaire Flavio Briatore, Heidi Klum started dated Seal, who she later married and had 3 kids with before they too split in 2012.

Rapper Nas and singer Kelis were in the middle of filming their MTV reality TV show when they split while she was 7 months pregnant with their first child together in 2009. 

Alexis Knapp had to get Ryan Phillippe to submit to a paternity test to prove that the child she was carrying was his.  The two split before Knapp confirmed she was pregnant in 2010. 

Ex Spice Girl Melanie Brown too had to force comedian/actor Eddie Murphy to submit to a paternity test to prove he was the father to her then-soon-to-be born daughter Angel Iris born ironically on Murphy's 47th birthday, April 3, 2007.  The couple had split in 2006 and back then there was no way of proving paternity until the baby was born. 

No one knows for sure who the dad is to Mad Men star January Jones' first child, son Xander, but she announced she was pregnant in May 2011, five months after splitting with her boyfriend Saturday Night Live's  Jason Sudeikis. Rumors swirled that Ashton Kutcher may have been the dad. The two are good  friends.

Edited to Add: I found this post of 12 Celebrities that broke up before the baby was born that Crushable did a year ago which also includes Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan, Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup and Tiki and Ginny Barber which I so would have added to this list had I remembered about them too!
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Black Friday: 5 Websites that track The Deals

Thanksgiving is this week, but that also means so is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving annually has represented a time for retailers to offer deep discounts on electronics, toys, appliances and other high ticket items. It's a great time to get a deal on an item you may have been keeping your eye on for a while. If you are expecting a new arrival in the new year, this may be a great time to seek out deals on high price baby items like monitors, breast pumps, high chairs, bedding and nursery furniture.

It is also the busiest shopping day of the year and a time for retailers to recoup losses they may have had in other quarters throughout the year. Various websites have cropped up to educate shoppers in advance on which online and brick and mortar stores are having door-buster sales. Here are a few to get you started and help you plan if you are interested in scoping out and possibly getting a great deal this year.
  1. Black Friday Ads
  3. Black Friday GottaDeal
  4. Fat Wallet Black Friday Deals
  5. Slick Friday Black Friday Deals

Get out there and SAVE! Good Luck!

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Who Rocked Balmain Award Show best: Alessandra Ambrosio or Kim Kardashian?

Enquiring minds want to know who rocked Balmain Resort 2015 top and skirt best:

Alessandra Ambrosio at the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena  in Las Vegas this week or Kim Kardashian at the 2014 MTV VMA earlier this year?

Personally, I love the black pumps pairing compared toe the fringe gladiators Kardashian's rocking though I love the  curvy fit on Kim better, yet Ambrosio's legs are amazingly lean, toned and super sexy. But then again, what would one expect from a Brazilian Super model, huh?

It's a battle of our Bellyitch BumpWatch alums. 

Back stage, Ambrosio looked radiant in an Azzaro Spring 2014 couture dress.

Photo: Getty


Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Travel: Flying With an Infant: How to Avoid Disaster

With Thanksgiving around the corner and some people opting to fly to visit family during the holidays, our blogger Marc Courtiol, is sharing tips on dealing with flying with an infant:

Having a newborn can be stressful enough without leaving the house, so it is easy to understand why so many new parents are reluctant to travel. Babies need constant care, they are unpredictable, and their crying is sometimes difficult to stop. All of these things work against travel, which requires as much predictability as possible. The good news is that many infants fall right to sleep as soon as the plane starts moving, but you just cannot know beforehand. Plus, nobody wants to be those poor parents stuck on an airplane with a baby who refuses to be quiet. That is no one’s idea of a fun vacation.

But you do not have to be scared to travel with your infant. Sure, things may not go perfectly, but the trip does not have to be a disaster. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

The right attitude
Start preparing by getting in the right mindset for traveling with an infant. Especially if this is your first child, this may require you to alter your view of the world to some extent. For starters, while it is important to be considerate of others, you simply cannot get hung up on what strangers think about you. There are always going to be curmudgeonly people who bellyache when a crying baby is in their vicinity, and there is nothing we can do about them. So just forget about them and focus on your family.

Also, try to approach the whole thing with a sense of calm. The best way to do this is to take it slow. Give yourself plenty of extra time for everything. If you usually leave for the airport two hours early, give yourself two and a half to three hours this time. Move slowly through the trip, and stop to attend to the baby whenever he or she needs anything. If you can cultivate this sort of attitude, your baby will pick up on it and will likely be more calm.

Plan early
Plan your trip as early as possible so you can reserve seats in an optimal row. Exit-row seats are great because they give you extra room to maneuver with the baby. Also, if you have never traveled with an infant before, you might want to call the airline and talk to a real person about their policies. Your baby should be able to fly for free, but many parents choose to buy a seat for their infant anyway for the extra room. Airplanes are generally a tight fit, but a full three-seater in an exit row can be a cozy little temporary home for mommy, daddy, and baby.

Knowing what to bring 

When flying with a newborn, the key is to bring as few things as possible while having everything you need to take care of your baby. It can be difficult to find this balance. Here are some things that you definitely need:


Rosie Pope attends Project Nursery co-founder's fab suprise baby shower

You missed this because we forgot to share with you these adorable pics of maternity-wear designer and past blog feature Rosie Pope attending the  New York city surprise baby shower for "Project Nursery" co-founder Melissa Fluhr

Totally adorbs! Flugh and her pal, Pam Ginocchio—post-college roommates and interior design enthusiasts, both founded the company while tackling their own nurseries— and since then, the website has been THE go-to for kid friendly and nursery design.

Congrats Melisa!

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REVIEW: Get thru holidays with Dr. Ross' Defy Vitamins

Women often lose themselves caring for their family and others that they often forget to nurture & care for themselves. 

This cold and flu season, women, including pregnant, nursing and new mothers, need to make sure they stay healthy all around.

One way to do that is to take a daily multi-vitamin & if possible essential oils and oral supplements. 

I tried out Dr Ross's new DEFy multivitamin complex tablets and the Omega 3 Fish oil ($58 bottle) for a few weeks and could immediately notice the difference in my energy level. 

Amazing to rediscover the importance of a daily multivitamins because, again, I make my kids' take their daily chewable, yet I don't normally take one myself.

Now I do.  

The 30-day supply package comes with a chewable tablet & oil soft gel pill. The chewable is a bit chalky & I take it with water to erase the taste which is otherwise still decent. 

I love that they come in convenient pre-packaging so you can just chuck it in your bag or pocket before you head out.

The supplement is suitable for pregnant and Breastfeeding moms and with each purchase of a bottle, Defy, sends one to a bottle to a woman in need

Very nice! Social Good is Good.

Defy Vitamins  rocks! Get it at the company's website or from our Amazon affiliate HERE!
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian covers Fit Pregnancy

Kourtney Kardashian covers the December 2014/January 2015 edition of Fit Pregnancy. Inside the magazine, the boutique chain owner and reality TV star reveals that her baby is due on Christmas Eve December 24. 

This will be the third child for Kim Kardashian's big sister and her boyfriend Scott Disick. The couple are parents to 4-year old Mason and 2-year old Penelope.

Looking good!

photo: Fit Pregnancy
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Black Friday: 5 Tips for Surviving it Safely

We are counting down the days until Black Friday, and each year local and national reports indicate that consumers and customers get harmed during some of the mad rush to get into doors to grab  limited-quantity "door-buster" deals.  Everyone has to exercise caution and be safe.  Self-Defense expert Jarrett Arthur offers some tips for the Black Friday season. Jarrett, a high-ranking Krav Maga black belt instructor and Program Director at the Krav Maga Worldwide National Training Center has taught hundreds of men, women and children self defense,  has these 5 tips:

1)         Pay attention to your surroundings, not the Tickle Me Elmo in aisle 3.  I doubt it’s caused by the overconsumption of Tryptophan, but Black Friday tends to bring out the crazy in people. From shoppers pepper-spraying other shoppers to armed robberies, fistfights to all out stampedes, there is an undeniable spike in the crime rate. People lose their freakin’ minds on this particular day of the year, and shoppers are so focused and intent on snagging the item they want that they miss important cues around them that may signal danger early on. Avoid chatting, texting, or running price comparisons on your smart phone, and instead opt to use your eyes, ears, and gut instinct as you shop. Frequently check the space and people around you, open your field of vision by occasionally scanning the entire store or parking lot. Don’t ignore someone who is behaving oddly, utilize one of the many armed guards that major stores will be hiring and let them know what you saw and where you saw it.

2)         Check your ego at the door. Seriously.  Did you see it first? Where you first in the line? Was it in your cart? Probably. While I’m all for standing your ground and not letting anyone hassle you or take advantage, I’m also for remaining intact and alive. Without a doubt, the number one culprit of crime on Black Friday is out of control ego and the bewildering life or death urgency that people put on the purchase of material possessions. And argument can quickly escalate into a shoving match, which can easily escalate into strikes being thrown, and potentially a weapon being brandished. If the threat of escalation becomes real, your best option is to walk away, particularly if your kids are in tow.

3)         Have an escape plan and a pre-determined meeting place with family.  Violence has a ripple effect. Especially in crowded places, a confrontation in one section of a store can spread to chaos throughout with unbelievable speed. Take a few moment upon entering a building, store, or shop to identify less-obvious exits (read: the ones in the back), which will be easier to navigate in an emergency since the majority of shoppers will immediately flock to main entrances. Determine a quick emergency escape route with your family, and choose an easily identifiable location outside the building to use as a safe meeting place in case of separation.

4)         Crowds are dangerous.  Any competent self-defense instructor will agree that the key to staying safe in a confrontation is to create as much space as possible by any means necessary. Super tricky to do when you and a couple hundred strangers are packed in front of a sliding glass door like sardines counting down the seconds until you can get your hands on a brand new _____. Here’s where vigilance and listening to your gut are extra important. Small scuffles can rapidly turn into chaotic and very dangerous situations. If something doesn’t feel right, throw in the towel and head home. Merchandise X is definitely not worth your safety and wellbeing. Additionally, pickpockets love lines and crowds because you’re forced into close quarters. Keep wallets, purses, and bags tightly zipped (a small luggage lock is added protection) and on the front of your body. Standing sideways in lines also gives you a little bit more space.

Jarrett Arthur, Self-Defense Expert

5)         Parking lots and vehicles are prime territory for bad guys (and gals). Think about it. It’s dark outside, hundreds of shoppers are flooding parking lots at odd hours of the morning and night, parking way far away from entrances, wandering back to their isolated cars distracted by post-purchase reveling, most likely on their phones, with tons of brand new, expensive loot. Two words: prime pickings. Park as close to entrances as possible. Utilize security guards as escorts if you have to park in remote areas of the lot or garage. If you can’t easily carry your purchases in one hand or one one arm you should get a shopping cart. Get your keys (and pepper spray or stun gun if you choose to carry one) out before you even leave the store. Get off your phone, take out your earbuds. Check your surroundings frequently and check your vehicle (back seat, both sides, underneath) before approaching. Load items quickly.  Stay put until automatic sliding doors, hatch backs, or lift gates shut completely before you get in, lock the doors, and drive away. Don’t spend time idling in the car organizing receipts and planning the next stop. Get in and go.
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