Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Does this photo of Kandi Burruss' husband Todd give clues of a pregnancy?


Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss was most likely shopping for a friend in Los Angeles this weekend when she snapped her new husband Todd Tucker in the infant section of a shoe store.

Nonetheless, the Facebook share of the photo Tucker captioned "In LA shoe shopping! Hope y'all kickin it today and enjoying something" with his initials sent tongues flapping that the multi-award winning songwriter was expecting her second child.

If it were true, this would be her first with Tucker, a freelance producer who was part of the show's production team  while filming in South Africa when he started dating his new wife.

Burruss, who is 38, reportedly has said she is eager to start trying to have a child and of course several sites have jumped on this potential story and run with it. I suppose here we are too, huh?

Time will tell.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

World's Best Father: 8 Funny Creative photoshop magic Images

In 2010, photographer Jason Lee used photography editing magic to create some really creative photos of his daughter. We blogged about it two years later in 2012. 

That same year in 2012, Dave Engledow followed suit and used his own photoshop and graphic editing skills to create similar awesome memories of his daughter with the "World's Best Father"  mug in each image. 

Here are 8 of our favorite from the series, um that we are sharing again two years after it first went viral! Better late than never, right? ha! 





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Halloween costume ideas: 20 Celebs dressed as other celebrities

Looking for a Halloween costume idea?

Last year, a lot of celebrities dressed as other celebrities including some of our Bellyitch Blog moms.  Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan won the day with their Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get up!

And Good Morning America's Paula Faris also went as Kim Kardashian before giving birth to Nori, when she dressed in a floral Givenchy at the Met Ball while still pregnant.. Co-anchor Sam Champion channeled King Joffrey from ‘Game of Thrones.’

And Good Morning America's Robin Roberts channeled our bumpwatch mom Kerry Washington's character Olivia Pope in the popular TV show Scandal.

Here are some of our other faves:
Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus from the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Hefner as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

Miley Cyrus  as Lil Kim

Ellen as Nicki Minaj

Holly Robinson-Peete as Nicki Minaj

Cindy Crawford and hubby Rande Gerber as Guns N Roses's Slash and Axl Rose

 Kelly Osbourne as MadMen's  Christina Hendricks

Johnny Knockville as Liberace

Carson Daly as Erik Estrada's character from the 1980s TV show Chips.

The Today show did vintage 1980s TV: Matt Lauer as Baywatch  Pamela Anderson with Al Roker as Mr. T.  from the 1980s TV Show, The A-Team. While Willie Geist dressed as David Hasselhoff’s character Mitch Buchannon, Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales went as Laverne and Shirley from the classic 80s sitcom.

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'I am Eleven' movie features stories from children worldwide turning 11-years old

Last week on September 12, the documentary, "I am Eleven" which features several children around the world turning 11 opened in theaters worldwide.  From the creators:
Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey  traveled the world for six years talking with 11-year-olds to compose this insightful, funny and moving portrait of childhood. From an orphanage in India to a single-parent household in inner-city Melbourne, to bathing with elephants in Thailand, this documentary explores the lives and thoughts of children from all around the world. It weaves together deeply personal and at times hilarious portraits of what it means to stand on the cusp between childhood and adolescence, that fleeting moment when childish naiveté has faded, yet teenaged self-consciousness has not yet taken hold. These young minds, still unguarded and remarkably honest, offer a powerful insight into the future of our world.
The documentary had an 8-month theatrical run in Australia, winning several cinema awards, before hitting the US market this month.

Check out  iameleven.com/usa for cinema listings in America to see where it plays near you.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jay Z hints that Beyonce may be pregnant

During a 2-day special performance extension of Jay Z and Beyonce's On-the-run tour at the Stade de France in Paris this weekend, Jay dropped a hint that his wife may be pregnant with the couple's second child.

While performing the song "Beach is Better", he changed up the verse "I replace it with another one" with the lyrics "pregnant with another one."  The switch up created a frenzy on the interwebs among fans of the dynamic married duo.

Hova showed the City of Light mad love when he added during the closing, "We love Paris..It's special to us because we got engaged here and this is where baby Blue was conceived."

Bey returned the love and told her hubby, "I'm your biggest fan. I love you," to which he replied, asking the audience to give it up to the "greatest entertainer in the world. I love her. She's my wife."

So much divorce squelching fodder that we're sure the haters will still dismiss as an act, but forget the haters cause you know? Haters are gonna hate. That's what they do best. 

Anyway, so Beyonce image control crew tried to put the rumors that circulated around Jay's verse switch up by posting a photo of the two celebrating after the show holding champagne in glasses, but as it is a photo and not a video, we really don't know if she drank any or it or if it was Martinelli's which is non-alcoholic! ha! You're not fooling us, doll. (smile)

The two-night headline was filmed for an upcoming HBO special produced in conjunction with Live Nation. These two stay making money, tho, right?

-- Bellyitch staff

photo: Twitter, Facebook

Zoe Saldana's NYC Fashion Week- Get the Look!

Mom-to-be Zoe Saldana looked like a BOSS in a super cute black shirt dress, toting a white clutch, accessorized with black and white low-heeled sandals while attending the Hugo Boss fashion show last week during the  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week  in New York City.

Now you can get the Look at a much lower price point in this Vince Camuto dress, Chois clutch and Michael Kors sandals.

And in an under $100 price point:

Does your kids' school have these 5 Safety Elements?

As students world wide return to school, some parents, administrators and community members may also have their mind towards safety and the rash of violence that affect some schools each year. Did you know there are some elements of architectural design that makes some schools more safe than others?

 Brian P. Whitmore, AIA, LEED® AP, Vice President of Design at BCA Architects, provides these 5 elements to consider:

1.       Engage the Community – Nobody knows better the safety or security of a particular environment than that community. By engaging the stakeholders in conceptualization, a design team can learn a tremendous amount about what that community needs to protect itself, and what level of security is appropriate for its design. Additionally, by involving the community in the design effort, that design becomes more valuable to the community, hopefully raising the awareness to preserve that value long term.

2.       Position Administration Front and Center – If a building or campus design houses an administration component, it’s important to locate that administration element adjacent to the primary entrance and with good visual access to that entrance. More than likely, an administrator will be occupying that space at all times so as to have eyes on the entrance.

 3.       Provide Door and Window Hardware with the ability to “Lock Down” – In an emergency, it’s important that occupants in a building have the ability to escape. On the other hand, the ability to protect occupants inside a building may also be a strategy for safety. Providing door and window hardware that has the ability to remain open, or be automatically or manually locked from the inside is of particular importance when a lock down scenario occurs.

4.       Consider the overall placement of Security Systems – Nobody wants a building or campus to look like an institution, unless that is the intent of the design. Careful consideration of the placement of lighting, fencing, gates and camera systems can complement the architectural design and also maintain security. Buildings, other structures and landscape can provide good “barriers” to access and provide safety and refuge where necessary. They can also create blind spots and dark corners when not designed properly.

5.       Develop an “inward focus” design – Access to natural light is critical to the design of educational, corporate and residential spaces, but can also weaken the line of defense. Consider the placement of glazing facing inward, or toward a safe environment. If glazing must be placed adjacent to the exterior or public way, consider locating it above reach, or with enough strength and the ability to be obscured in case of an unsafe situation.

Is your kids' schools designed with these tips in mind? If not, these are things to consider and think about and perhaps bring up if there is an opportunity to redesign or retrofit the school.

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Celeb Social Media Round Up

On this lazy hazy Sunday, why not check out what your fave preggers celeb were up to by gawking some of the photos they've shared in social media and recently.

We stalk them so you don't have to, like Ciara who was in New York city with her new baby Zahir who she gave birth to this past May.

And Vanessa Carleton taking a selfie of her bump. "Is it still a selfie if it's just an enormous soft egg with a chick that used to be your stomach?" she asked on Instagram.

Alicia Keys promoting her new song by creating a viral hashtag and encouraging her celeb friends and others to tell the world why they are here with the hashtag #WeAreHere. "I am here for you!! What you are here for? Tell me & pass it on... My love @THEREALSWIZZZ, What are you here for? ;-)," she captioned this Twitter pic.

Zoe Saldana said Jason Wu "killed" his presentation at the Hugo Boss runway show last week.

And Eva Marcille who was showing off pics of her daughter Marley.

And Jenni "JWoww" Farley's fiance Roger Matthews fell asleep feeding their new daughter, Meilani who they welcomed this July.

And  new mom Kelly Clarkson with alum Hillary Scott and Kacey Musgraves after performing at ACM Honors this month. "Got 2 sing with 2 amazing ladies tonight, @HillaryScottLA & @KaceyMusgraves :) Congrats @shanemcanally #ACMhonors," Clarkson wrote on Twitter.

Kerry Washington promoting her fall show Scandal with our past feature subject actress Viola Davis and Belllyitch alum Ellen Pompeo, who all have shows on ABC this fall.

Kourtney Kardashian was "all black everything" and the bump too in this Instagram share.

Savannah Brinson James is craving grapeleaves and Greek food while waiting for the newest member of the LeBron James clan. 

"Pregnancy craving #6387. Steamed grape leave stuffed w/ rice and ground turkey and a lemon greek yogurt sauce. Sooooo yummy!!! #CouldBeWorse #ChefV, " she captioned this Instagram pic.

Vanessa Simmons had her daughter Ava on the runway supporting her sister Angela Simmons' New York Fashion Week runway show.

Celebrating her husband Swizz Beatz' birthday, Alicia Keys captioned this Twitter share"You make me happier than I have ever been in my LIFE!!! May this year continue to be full of all the things that matter!! I wish you only happiness and meaning and I promise to be the one that brings it to you everyday!!! Happy Birthday my love @therealswizzz!!!! The most magnificent man I know!! To many many many more!!!"

Evelyn Lozada got some pampering and TLC recently and shared the final look on Instagram.

"I love how he looks at me,"  Kim Zolciak Biermann captioned this pre-date night Instagram  selfie.

Savannah Guthrie outfitted her daughter in Eagles gear, "ur little good luck charm!! RT @feldmike: And we're up! #Eagles" she wrote in the Twitter share.

Instagram queen Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi took a selfie after moving stuff in her and fiance Jionni LaValle's new home.

Love is Teresa Palmer's hubby with their baby daughter while vacationing in Tahiti this month - Instagram.

Danielle Jonas's mom was matching with her new baby with hubby Kevin Jonas.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Self Improvement Month: 6 Ways to be a Better Parent

With September being Self-Improvement Month,  parents can use the opportunity to work on being better at parenting and working on themselves too.

Given all the different things that we have to do each week, schedules and other obligations, we sometimes move on auto pilot.

Take this month to learn some valuable tips about how you can simplify your life and become the best parent and role model possible. Gregg Murset, a busy CEO of MyJobChart and father of six, offers 6 tips to help you accomplish that:

1. Make The Time - Sure it’s a busy world and we all have commitments as adults but your kids need you too. Make the time each day to hear about what’s going on with them, what’s new in their world or what struggles they are having. They also don’t mind hearing about what’s going on in your world either.

2. Keep Your Word - Kids need to know that they can count on their parents. If you promise something to your child or make a comitment, do everything you can to keep it.

3. Don’t Bribe Your Kids - A recent survey showed that 61% of parents bride their children in order to achieve good behavior on a regular basis. While bribes could solve the problem at that moment, long-term bribing could develop a child who will only do something for certain payback or incentives.

4. Try Saying "No" More Often… You don’t need to crush every dream your child has for spending money, but the next time your child wants another Lego, video game, ice cream cone or piece of candy from the rack at the store check-out, try saying no. In the long run, you both will be better off for doing so.

5. Talk To Your Kids - No topic should ever be uncomfortable for a parent to discuss with their child. Not money, not drugs, not sex, not what they do on the Internet, not religion and certainly not what’s happening in their lives. However, study after study and survey after survey reveal that parents have issues discussing these topics (any more) with their kids.

6. Get Involved In Community - Show your kids that you are willing to be active in the community to help others. Any time you get the chance to demonstrate the willingness to help others without something in return, you have earned a gold star.

Good luck, parents!

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How to Hide a Pregnancy better than Celebrities

When celebrity women are pregnant but have not yet announced it publicly, they try to wear clothing to conceal their bump. They are not always successful, however. 

 Eva Mendes who was spotted cupping her belly during the launch of her line with New York and Company the Los Cerritos Center on March 19, 2014 in Cerritos, California  amidst rumors she was knocked up with then boyfriend Ryan Gossling's baby. 

Also, a normally scantily clad Shakira raised eyebrows when she had her signature abs covered while performing during the closing of this year's World Cup in Brazil.  

And Zoe Saldana had no one fooled while wearing an odd attachment to her skirt she wore with a sheer print Louis Vuitton blouse while promoting  Guardians of the Galaxy at the Dolby Theatre on July 21, 2014 in Hollywood, California. 

Luckily, non-celebrity women have other options and don't have to be so...um creative. 

 Here are 5 tips for hiding a pregnancy:

1. Hiding morning sickness. You  may have one challenge to not be caught by a co-worker throwing up in the bathroom. If you work in a multi-level office environment, use the bathroom on another floor. Chances are the people from those other floors won't know who you are or won't recognize the shoes to the woman losing her lunch in the stall next door.

2. Shielding alcohol avoidance. You may be known to NOT skip a drink offer. So if it would be uncharacteristic of you to say no to booze,  take the glass when offered and pretend to sip it. Then replace the liquid with alcohol-free version when no one is looking. If it's white wine, replace it with apple juice if convenient. If it's pure vodka, water works. If it's rum and coke, get just the coke.

3. Covering up the Early Pregnancy Look. There is a certain look that women who are suffering from morning sickness get: glazed eye, red nose, puffy cheeks are indications of vomiting and dealing with nausea. It'll be hard, but just try. Also, don't look too dumpy because that is a dead give-away that something is up. Keep your hair coiffed and keep wearing make up even if you're feeling queezie and not up to it. If you have to heave, reapply your make up so you don't look so green coming out of the restroom.

4. Disguising the hand on the tummy posture. You may feel the uncanny urge to rest your hand on your tummy. It's an unexplainable phenomenon. Try to be conscious where your hands are and make an effort to keep them at your hips or another natural place OTHER than resting on your tummy...LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN! A couple of years ago, when Mariah Carey was pregnant and before suffering her miscarriage, many outlets, including this blog, reported that she MUST have been pregnant based on that photograph alone! (see right)

5. Dressing to Hide a growing bump. Finally, dress in chunky but hip sweaters or A-line or empire waist tops or dresses to take the focus away from your tummy. Keep it fresh and trendy so it appears that you are wearing those tummy hiding outfits for style, not for the convenience of hiding a pregnancy you don't want someone to know about.

Examples of  A-Line Tops and Dresses

Examples of Empire Waist tops and Dresses

Good luck!!

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