Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy #Halloween! Paint your pregnant belly like a pumpkin in 6 easy steps!

It's a seasonal thing that some pregnant women like to try if they happen their third trimester happen to all around Halloween time: Paint their bellies like a pumpkin or Jack-O-Lantern.

Here are 6 easy steps to painting your belly from

1. First you will want to select a safe paint to use on your belly. The easiest and cheapest choice is face paint, which this time of year is very easy to find at any discount store such as Walmart. The water should be water-based. Proud Body also sells a pregnant belly painting kit, which includes everything you need.

2. If you have not purchased a complete kit, you will want to buy paint brushes, a sponge and stencils. The sponge allows you to easily cover a large area with paint. You may or may not need a stencil to paint a pumpkin, depending on how artistic you are!

3. Find a real pumpkin or a photo to use as your guide. Unless you are confident in your ability to paint your own belly using a mirror, find an "artist" to do the painting. If you want your pumpkin to look good, you might enlist an adult. If you want it to look cute, you can ask your kids to do it, just be ready for a mess!

4. Start by painting a large round circle of orange on your belly and fill it in. If you want to make it look more realistic, blend some red and brown into the orange at the bottom of the pumpkin and blend, working your way up. Use a bit of yellow to add highlights.

5. Use brown paint to smudge in lines where the grooves of the pumpkin will be. Blend a little to shade. Go back over the lines with a thin line of black paint.

6. Use the black paint to draw and fill in the eyes and mouth. Use the black to draw the stem and leaves, then fill them in with green paint. You can add a few curly lines for vines if you wish.

When you're done, don't forget to take pictures!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Celeb wellness expert's 3 Last-minute Healthy #Halloween Tricks

Halloween is tomorrow and if your child is one of the 6 million affected with a food allergy or other restriction, the festivities could end up on a sour note.
To make Halloween a safe and fun experience for everyone, safe and healthy from wellness expert Shanna Israel offers 3 go-to tips families: 

Trick #1: Outfit your Kids & Paint your Pumpkins

The best way to keep your kids safe is to take precautions, making sure that others know your child, or your house, is a gluten or peanut-free environment.

  • Take part in the Teal Pumpkin Project and paint a teal pumpkin for your stoop. This is becoming 2014’s universal sign that your house is “safe” for those with a dietary restriction.
  • Outfit your child in a medical ID bracelet to highlight their medical conditions upfront. Companies like Hope Paige design some really cute ones for kids

 Trick #2: Update your candy bowl

The candy bowl can be a nightmare for parents with kids suffering from an allergy. Some simple tricks to help those with allergies stay safe are:

  • Create two candy bowls, clearly marked which candy has specific ingredients, such as peanuts or tree nuts, and which is safe for kids. Make sure you ask about allergies before you let them dig in
  • Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you need to provide unhealthy treats! Sticking to dark chocolate is a simple swap, or try to incorporate healthier treats like KIND bars or small packages of trail mix. Still tasty treats kids will like and parents will thank you!

Trick #3: Health-ify your Halloween dishes

Halloween parties or get-togethers are quite common this weekend, so come prepared with a tasty treat that’s both healthy & delicious! Some tips for those with dietary restrictions to successfully navigate the Halloween parties:
Celeb wellness expert Shanna Israel

  • Bring your own dish: Not only will it ensure you have something to eat, but it’s a great way to provide the host with a gift and demonstrate to party goers that healthy can be delicious, too!
  • Expand your recipe book: Especially around Halloween, you can experiment with fun, spooky dishes that incorporate veggies, superfoods like pumpkin and candies without the sugar, calories or other artificial sweeteners.

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History of that ubiquitous infant ward blanket all babies are wrapped in

Quartz writer, Lisa Selin Davis wanted to know why every newborn she saw posted in Facebook and other social media were wrapped in the same blanket in the hospital.

So she did some research and wrote a piece about it.

In short, in the 1950s, most receiving blankets that most hospitals used were dull beige. That was until Arkansas inventor A.L. Mills, with consultation of the women who worked in his Illinois-based healthcare supply company, Medline, came up with a white blanket with a blue-and pink-striped trim and starting selling them to hospital maternity wards.

They were a hit!

Eventually, 99% of all newborns were wrapped in the identical blanket that was good enough for boy or girl. It was part of the Kuddle-Up line, and though  it sold other patterns, the Candy Stripe variation gets the most orders every year. 

The Health Alliance Hospital in Kingston, NY, for example,  purchased over 2,000 last year and uses up to 5 on each newborn. 

Read more and see other Social Media pics of newborns swaddled in the blankets over at 
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The New Normal: 41, Single and Pregnant writer Rachel Sklar is 41, single and pregnant.

And she is quite aware of all the social stigma and is talking about it in this very candid piece that goes into how when life doesn't go according to plan, sometimes you have to switch to Plan C, D and E.

Read it HERE!
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Alyssa Milano's breastfeeding Instagram photo is awesome, stirs usual commentary online

Sometimes I feel it's like the movie Groundhog Day each time a celebrity posts a photo of herself breastfeeding a child on social media. The celebs say they are doing it to share, to lessen the stigma, and to support other women and encourage them to breastfeed their babies. 

Nonetheless, a good chunk of society is still not cool with seeing exposed breast in public and definitely not on their social media stream. Plenty believe it should be kept private and then there are those (many among the 3K+ and counting commenters on this Yahoo! story about the photo) that will call the celeb a "fame whore" only sharing the imagery for glory and attention and not true altruistic purposes.

Even when wary graduating college students do it out of convenience to hush a crying baby and share in social media, they're getting flak. 

Alyssa Milano, who just welcomed daughter Elizabella with husband David Bugliari, is the latest. Milano, who also has a 3-year old son, Milo, with Bugliari, shared a photo on her Instagram account this past Monday, October 27  with a quote from Milan Kundera’s “Life of Elsewhere". 

Very cool just don't read some of the comments in the various articles about the photo.


We know who you are and where your heart is Alyssa. Kudos to you for being an advocate!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So an "Uber for Kids" car service is here

A San Francisco start up has created what is being called "Uber for Kids". 

Essentially, the app Shuddle enables ride sharing where a fleet of all women drivers (currently) picks up kids who need rides to sporting games, practices and other extracurricular activities and takes them to their destination.

As with Uber and Lyft, a booking (which must be done by 10 am the day before with Shuddle) sends the image and name of the driver. The parents provide a password which the driver must repeat and the kid knows.

And also like with the popular ride share apps like SideCar, there is a GPS transmission of the vehicle and route that the parents can monitor to track the vehicle their precious kids are in as it travels to the destination. Also, no kids who require car seats are allowed. 

Shuddle's Nick Allen founder told The Huffington Post that it is a mere coincidence that all its drivers are female but chalks it up to them getting all the women who don't feel comfortable being Uber drivers. 

The added requirements for Shuddle drivers beyond criminal histories, DMV records, and employer reference. All drivers must either have kids of their own or have the experience of having worked with kids at some point. 

"Think of your driver as a neighbor who you can count on," Allen said.

The 11 person company has faised $2.6 million in funding  from various angel- and institutional investors, and plans to expand beyond San Francisco, where it is currently only available. 

photo: Facebook
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Which Celeb Family does Halloween Best?

Each year, several celebrity families dress up in themed Halloween costumes, outfitting up themselves and their kids to match the theme.  

Jessica Simpson, NFL's Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell went as a Swedish Family, Niecy Nash and fam did the Little Red Riding Hood storybook, Tori Spelling  and Dean McDermott rocked Wolverine and other superheros theme, while Brook Shields and fam went at members of The Addams Family. Last year, Snooki went as Dorothy form The Wizard of Oz with son Lorenso dressed as the lion and fiance Jionni LaValle as the scarecrow. 

All very creative. 

But a few are great at being consistently creative, year after year and we'd give the best Celeb Halloween family award to Neil Patrick Harris  and fam, Alyson Hannigan and fam' amd  Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. 

Who do you think tops the celeb family Halloween look?

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Stay-at-home moms, you are supposed to be paid this annually

Saw this infographic from which itemizes the would-be pay for stay at home moms over a 5 year period from 2008 to 2012.

It estimates that in 2012, a SAHM would earn $112,916 if she were paid in cash for her labor

That does not include overtime hours.

This is great to keep around for the next time someone tries to devalue all the work SAHMs do in the home!

Ha! What do you think? Agree? Think it's too low or high?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

HURRY: Download's new Apps for Charity today!

There is only a few days left for you to download one of's pregnancy apps for iPhone and Android for its "Bump it Forward" in October campaign.

For each download of The Bump Pregnancy App on iPhone and Android and newly launched The Bump Baby app for iPhone, The Bump will give a donation to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

The Bump is also launching a Charity Registry Program featuring Every Mother Counts. Nice!

Good stuff! Go support!

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Celebrity Fall Maternity Styling Tutorial

This fall, if you aspire to look chic, trendy and stylish like some of our past Bellyitch Bumpwatch celebs, here are some tips to help you along.

1. Stick with basic solids. Black, White, Steel Gray, Red, Maroon, Pink, Beige are your go tos

2. Layer, layer, layer. You will be in various stages of feeling warm or cold anyway, so don't put on too heavy clothes. Rather, start with a maternity tank, add a thin longsleeve jersey top over that, then top it with a sweater or blazer. Tights are good under skirts too. 

3. Accessories are your friend. Update or make trendy any basic style palette by adding whimsical scarves in fun patterns like leopard print or pucci to add a spark of color to your look. Malin Akerman above does it well while shopping.

4. Big bag. Will Travel. Carry a tote for several reasons. Not only because they can fit a lot of your junk but also, a tote in a structure style is a great fall look.

5. Oh what a Booty! Go with booties in low heel styles to give you a little lift but help you stay stylish. The ones Kristin Cavallari, Gwen Stefani and Kim Kardashian are wearing in the graphic above are great funky options.

6. It's a Wrap.  Finally, instead of a thick overcoat or jacket, get a warm pashmina  or other oversized scarf to drape over your look. It will polish it off perfectly!

Good luck styling ladies!

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New Study links C-Section births to Autism

Babies born through Caesarean section are more likely to develop autism, a new study says.

Academics warn the increasingly popular C-section deliveries heighten the risk of the disorder by 23 per cent.

However, they urge caution on the findings and have stressed more research is needed.

Professor Louise Kenny, one of the authors and a practising obstetrician, said the link between C-sections and children developing Autism Spectrum Disorder also remains unclear.

"Parents should be reassured that the overall risk of a child developing ASD is very small and that Caesarean section is largely a very safe procedure and when medically indicated, it can be lifesaving," she said.

The study was carried out by University College Cork and was been published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry on Monday.

It reviewed existing findings from studies on C-section and ASD in a number of countries including Australia, the United States, Canada and Sweden.

They also looked for any links between the surgical delivery of a baby and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

But there were only two studies to review and their findings were unclear.

Continue reading 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Which Celeb Mom Does Halloween Best? Heidi Klum, Kelly Ripa, XTina, Fergie, Kim K or Bethenny?

Some celebrity moms are known for their annual elaborate Halloween costumes. We thought we'd share with you our faves and ask which of the following celebrity mom which we've featured and "bump watched" in the past does the best Halloween costumes.

Heidi Klum hosts an annual costume gala and succeeds in out besting every person there in her very over-the-top get ups. When she and Seal were married, they did couple costuming with the matching gorillas topping it for me.

Kim Kardashian West usually goes with a sexy version of whatever costume she's surprise there.  Her Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, Mermaid and Cat Woman costumes were saucy.

When married to ex Jordan Bratman, the diva with powerful pipes Christina Aguilera dressed in sexy get ups and went as a sexy nurse, sexy cop, and sexy pirate wench. Once she did spooky with a ghost bride and groom.

Meanwhile, annually on her daytime talk show Live! with Kelly and Michael, and before that Live! with Regis and Kelly funny host Kelly Ripa goes as other celebrities. Most famously, she's dressed as Sarah Palin, Honey BooBoo, Snooki, Cher, Duck Dynasty boys and more recently with her co-host Michael Strahan or Nick Lachey she's gone as the most talked about couples: Beyonce and Jay Z, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Fergie also goes way over the top and went as a Toddler in a Tiara one year, Cleopatra another then recently she and hubby Josh Duhamel have done spooky going as Elvira and RiffRaff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Day of the Dead figurines. 

No one super pink and elaborate hot and girly like Bethenny Frankel who dressed as candy one year, Marilyn Monroe another, a sexy roller girl from the 70s and a sexy Hello Kitty! grrrrrr!

Love them all! I don't know who is the best! You tell us! 

Okay! Who rocks Halloween the best!???
photos: Getty, Starcast, Facebook, Instagram,
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